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On Our Way (MvA Crossover fan fic)

Date: 05/04/14 1:54 PM
From: agentnikki

"Nikki!Hey kid!"Link shouted and poked Nikki's wing before yanking off her headphones. "What is it Link?" she asked and grabbed her headphones back and paused the music that could be heard from he headphones. "Stop day dreaming for bit and come on. Director Maria H
is here..she has some news on SHIELD." he said and started to walk off towards the meeting room. He didnt need to say anymore, because Nikki jumped to her feet grabbed her stuff and ran off before flying off towards the meeting room, beating Link and landed at the door and folded her wings before running in. "Whats going on?" She asked and glanced around hoping to see Director Fury then stopped when she recalled Link saying Director Maria Hill. " might want to sit down.." Susan started and walked towards her and put a hand on her arm. "Its gonna be alot to take in...." She started as she avoided looking in Nikki"s eyes. "Wh-where is Fury...." Nikki asked weakly and got a sicking silence instead of a answer.
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Date: 07/29/14 9:42 PM
From: bloomfun7

mine is

greanal monger:here she is
bob:hi there
swepp:i think she is not here
link :rain yay come on
greanel m:oh no
susan:come onn
in the base .........
dr.c:noooooooooooo not that aaaahhhhhhhhhh
stabi:what punny roach
dr.c:fire gril


Date: 07/20/14 5:34 AM
From: marcy1123


Date: 07/12/14 3:01 PM
From: Kunoichi12

I like it, Keep going!!!
Kunoichi12 out!!!! :)

Date: 07/11/14 7:25 AM
From: Gamerzlol1


Date: 06/30/14 2:59 PM
From: agentnikki

Later after Nikki was told everything she kept far away from everyone and couldn't be found until Sqweep found her in the training area, sitting on a railing high above the ground, using her wings to balance herself. "Nikki? You okay?" Sqweep asked carefully as she approached her. Nikki wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and avoided eye contact with Sqweep."I-im fine Sqweep...I just want to be alone."Nikki replied and got off the rail and stood next to Sqweep. Nikki was about to head back to her room only to be stopped by Sta'abi. "I do not know why you are mourning over your friend, by how I heard it, he went out in honor."She said and placed her hands on her hips and got a scowl from Nikki in response. "Like you would understand...besides he wasn't just a friend, he was like family, and Im sure it makes you happy to see me like this." Nikki growled referring to how Sta'abi treated Nikki when she first came here and chose to be on the monster's side.

Date: 06/14/14 10:15 AM
From: Gamerzlol1

Mine is

This is james Miranda reporting live that there is a boy drowning in cold water infact it is winter.

Stranger:I saw thata kid like skating and then the ice cracked and he just fell in there
James:JUST ONE QUESTOIN! how long has he been down there
Stranger:About well u know 10 min
James:ok but were is he down there........
(a huge ice monster came out)
then in the morning
tyler:were im i and u are you guys and why im i in well u know.... here!!??
Bob:hey guy your gonna be on are team now
Link: yeah we can play and stuff
Doc.c:and experiment
Susan: look kid i know your confused but we are monsters and so are u
tyler:impossible! if i were a monster...... i...... would.....
wahhhhhhhhh!!!! why am i getting conshumed by my ice???/
Genaral monger:relax kid all we need to do is practice your powers
and i will show u your teamates
this is Susan
this is Link
this is Bob
and this is
(tyler fainted)
Bob: what should we do now
Susan: i have no idea


Date: 06/10/14 8:20 AM
From: Flamo234k

Part 2 of mine..
Susan:So Flamo?.... what do you do for fun?
Flamo:Me? well nothing really i play soccer
Bob:me i read books
Link: But Bob you don't have a brain..
Doc.c:yeah and you do recently some epic fails
Susan:No guys i help him read i just tell him.
Flamo:Know that's a true answer LOL.
doc.c:so Flamo what kind do you have like you know powers its like i wan't to experiment you .
Link:sorry Flamo he is kinda a mad scientist
Bob:Yeah and he does that... mwuhuhuahhha!!!! thing.
Flamo:Ok my powers is a nined tailed fox an evil monster who has terroriesd homes and villages its a very strong monsters its pretty hard controlling it it comes out using anger.. no wonder i have anger issue's.
Monsters:HAHAHA we really like the part witha anger issue"s lol

Date: 06/05/14 12:53 PM
From: agentnikki

"H-hes...ho-how?...."She asked and her eyes started to well up with tears. "SHIELD has been compromised Nikki." Maria started before she was interrupted "By who?" Susan asked as she handed Nikki a tissue while Nikki was wiping her tears with it and Doctor Cockroach was patting her on the back, trying to calm her down.

Date: 05/07/14 9:32 AM
From: Flamo234k

mine is

general monger:welcome to area fifty something meet your new team the monsters
monsters:ahhhh human!!!!!????
general monger:actually a monster half human
monsters exept for susan:just like susan!!???
flamo:yup and why are u guys shocked
monsters exept susan:hahahahahahaha!!!!!! becuase your a kid!!!!!!
docter.c:yes a ten year old boy hahahahah!!
general monger: do not mock him monsters he may look nice but inside there is a deamon inside he is called the nine tailed fox!! well good luck working for each other please get along well he is an orphan
susan: you got it general!