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The Marik and Bakura show!!!

Date: 08/27/13 2:02 PM
From: CosbyRock

Random announcer: Welcome one, welcome all to the Marik and Bakura show! We welcome, Marik Ishtar!
Marik: *walks on stage, dragging Bakura behind him* and the fangirls...
Fangirls: EEK!!! ^^
Bakura: *scowling* Why did I agree to do this again...?
Marik: *sits down in a chair like a talk show host* Now, today we will be talking about clothes. Fancy clothes!!!
Bakura: Yes, let me go and get some--
Marik: Sit down, Fluffy!
Bakura: Don't call me that!!
Marik: *ignoring him* Today, anyways, we will be talking about FANCY CLOTHES!!! Like mine.
Bakura: Marik, those aren't fancy--
Marik: You're just jealous! But you want to know what kind of clothes I really like?
Bakura: *face palming* What?
Audience: What?!
Marik: LEATHER clothes!!! But, the sad thing is, I have no money to buy it with...
Bakura: GET A JOB!!!
Marik: Fluffy, do we need to have another talk? Anyways, I don't have any leather clothes, or even shoes! So, if the audience doesn't mind, you can donate me some, so I can make a fangirl army, and destroy Yugi!!! I mean...look nicer....hehe...


Atem: Oh no!!! He doesn't have any leather shoes?! I should donate mine!!
Yugi: Um, Atem? He's trying to get YOUR leather shoes...

Back to the plot:

Marik: *an hour later* Fluffy! No one has donated!!
Bakura: *sighs* Maybe it's because they realized you were a doofus.
Marik: I'll just wait...
Joey: *runs in as crowd cheers for him* Marik! Bakura! I heard you saying about your leather problem! I stole--I mean, I asked Tristan if I could take his two leather jackets...
Bakura: *puts one on* I could get used to this...
Marik: Haha!!! Take that, Pharah!!! I now hold your power! Your screen time!! YOUR FANGIRLS!!!!
Atem: *gasp* Oh no! I was just about to give you my leather shoes, too!!
Marik: Wh-what?! *Thinking* Wait, the shoes are his power...
Bakura: UGH!! *walks away* You're all a bunch of idiots...
Atem: Ha! You'll have to try harder next time, MALIK!
Marik: IT'S MARIK!!! *Runs after Atem*, what the heck?! *Runs after the rest*

*Camera fuzzes*

I will only write more if you want me to! :3

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Date: 04/10/14 6:06 PM
From: kitty22200

Bakari: yes I did swallow it!!! *swallows another steak in one bite in less than a nano second*
Riko: sorry.
Marina:*breaks free* hey guys!
Madison: I'm so proud...
Bakari: you taught her to get how to get out?
Madison: yes.
Bakari: there goes my peaceful hour of the day.
Riko: wait you actually se--- *mouth is covered*
Bakari: *takes hand off Riko's mouth* yes.

Date: 04/10/14 9:59 AM
From: LunaDiana

Marik: *sends Marina to the Shadow Realm*
Melvin: Even I think all that crying is ridiculous.
Bakura: But did you SWALLOW? No. So I still win! :D
Ryou: ........



Date: 04/09/14 5:28 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko:*crying in corner*
Marina: Believe what you want! Leather is MY thing!!!
((wearing leather boots, mini skirt, shirt, and jacket))
Bakari:*eats steak in one bite in less than a nano second*
Madison: *jaw drop* dang girl!
Riko: *crying*
Marina: *doing something*
Bakari: beat that!

Date: 04/08/14 7:07 PM
From: LunaDiana

Marik: It is NOT! It is MY thing!
Melvin: Good going Florence.. I TOLD you that you had terrible aim.
Bakura: I bet I can eat my steak faster than you *stuffs steak in mouth, swallows impossibly*
Ryou: Eww... Sorry 'bout him.. and the bomb...



Date: 04/08/14 5:39 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko: Ow!
Bakari: Riko you okay?
Riko: Yeah! *goes into bomb shelter*
Marina: Leather is MY thing.
Madison: I'm gonna go take a shower.
Bakari: *eats steak number 1000

Date: 04/08/14 10:28 AM
From: LunaDiana

Ryou: My twin sister Mika left bombs everywhere, and they might- *bomb explodes, gets covered in confetti and glue* -_- -do that.. They might explode and do that...
Marik: -_- Hurray, you are such a copy cat *sarcastic*
Melvin: Blast, my plan is ruined.. *throws lit bombs at Madison, they explode, they cover her with slime and cheese* Ha ha ha! *continues laughing*
Bakura: Good throw...
Yami: Hello-
Bakura: *throws bomb at Yami, misses and hits Riko* Oops....



Date: 04/07/14 11:36 PM
From: kitty22200

Will you answer our questions from the previous post???

Date: 04/03/14 6:41 PM
From: kitty22200

Madison: I will not hug you, it could have catastrophic results.
Riko: Bomb shelter? Why? *clueless*
Marina: Leather is MY thing!!!! Just ask my older brother Isac.
Bakari: I won't even try anymore. So, Riko did you get MY STEAK!!!?
Riko: I didn't know which kind to get so I got like a truckload.
Bakari: good work my minion
Yami: It's time to duel you tomb robber!
Bakari: *throws rock* um...NO!
Yami: *unconscious*
Bakari: Riko if there's anything I've learned from being a thief/un-aliver it's leave no evidence.
Riko: okay...*drags Yami away*
Bakari: serves you right BAKA PHARAOH!
Marina: I like pancakes!!!
Riko & Co.

Date: 04/03/14 4:17 PM
From: LunaDiana

Theia: Yeah..
Me: Lol I made almost everybody in that episode meanish. xD Except Ookami and Theia.
Mika: -_- You made it so they kept blaming things on me! Not cool!
Me: I'm glad you like the episode!



Date: 04/03/14 4:14 PM
From: LunaDiana

@Riko and Co.
Marik: Leather is MY thing!
Ryou: Hello again!
Bakura: *laughs* Even though that's ME, that WAS pretty funny.
Melvin: Madison, would you like a hug?
Ryou: *whispers* Do you think she'd fall for-
Marik: PANCAKES! She would fall for PANCAKES!!
Bakura: *facepalm* YES YOU ARE AN IMPOSTER! You are not girlie me!
Ryou: *gives Riko a bomb shelter* You might need that...



Date: 04/02/14 8:14 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko;*reading a world record book* Maddy?
Madison; What is it?
Riko; Will they ever answer our questions?
Madison: I don't know...but there's a lot of leather on that Marik guy... so probably not soon.... *sweat drop*
Marina: Leather is MY thing.
Bakari: oh bloody Ra why did we mention leather to her! *facewall*
Marina:*runs off to do something* HIYA!
Bakari: Does he still think I'm a imposter!!!?
Yuri: Why are you guys making a web-show?
Bakari: who invited the midget? Was it YOU Riko?
Riko:*whimper* y-yes B-Bakari
Yuri: YAMI!
Yami: (taller than Yuri and more mature) Hello YamiMarina, Riko, Tomb robber, and Marina
Marina: Fluffy, Fluffy, Poor stupid little Fluffy...
Bakari:*boiling with rage*

Date: 04/02/14 6:13 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: That was a REALLY funny episode!!!
Mica: I can't BELIEVE Danny did that to me! HE KNOWS BETTER THAN THAT!!!
Pika: You pretty much got Mica right. She would go crazy over a prank....
Pika: 'Kay, he DID have that coming, since he pranked YOU....

Date: 04/01/14 11:11 PM
From: LunaDiana

[Continuation of the April Fool's Special!]
Theia: Oh Ra why me? ... MICA! Calm down!!
Mica: *continues to chase Danny*
Theia: -_- Plan B... MIKA!!!
Mika: I'm not helping!!
Theia: -_- Fine... Plan C? *turns into Harmonie*
Harmonie: *lights her staff*
*screenshot of room: equipment smashed everywhere, everything STILL covered in confetti, slime, and cheese, Danny running from vampy Mica, Mika destroying everything, and PB rampaging the room*
Harmonie: *sighs* It pays to be a priestess.. but now it just sucks... *makes Maestroke appear* Restrain Mica please, while I take care of everything else...
Maestroke: *runs over to Mica, grabs her*
Mica: *hisses*
Danny: O_O Thank you?
Harmonie: *walks over to Mika* MIKA!!!!
Mika: *still destroying things*
Harmonie: *sighs, says words in Ancient Egyptian*
Mika: *is trapped to wall with steel bars* HEY! Let go!!
Harmonie: No. *flies up to PB*
PB monster: *growls*
Harmonie: -_- I always hated dogs... *says more words in Ancient Egyptian, taps PB with staff*
PB: *turns back to normal, barks*
Harmonie: *finds the emergency lights, flips switch, lights come on*
Mica: *trying to escape*
Mika: -_-
Harmonie: *taps the steel bars*
Mika: *falls* -_-
Harmonie: *goes over to Maestroke* Release the vampire.
Maestroke: *releases Mica*
Mica: *rushes to attack Danny*
Danny: Ahh!
Maestroke: *hits Mica with his staff*
Mica: *goes flying a few feet* OW!
Harmonie: Dismissed.
Maestroke: *disappears*
Harmonie: *turns back into Theia*
Theia: NO more pranks! Or I will banish ALL of you to the Shadow Realm!
Danny: *gulps* Yes ma'am.
Mika: Yes sir! *salutes*
Theia: -_-
Mica: But I-
Theia: Save it.
Ookami: *comes back in* Theia! You did it! All by yourself!
Theia: Yay... I won't be coming back here for a while. *leaves*
Mika: Hope... you all liked the episode...
Announcer: *comes on stage* The next episode will be delayed due to damages to the studio. Hope you enjoyed!

[He he... Too long? And mods PLEASE post this part soon! Thank you!]


Date: 04/01/14 11:08 PM
From: LunaDiana

[Okay, the episode was too long? so now it is a 2 part episode! X3 Hope you like episode!]
Announcer: *comes on stage* This is the-
Balloons: *pop, letters that say APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL!!! fall*
Announcer: Oh COME ON!! *leaves*
Marik: *skips on stage* Hello...
Fans: O.o *cheers*
Bakura: *walks on stage* HELLO!
Fans: O.O *cheers*
Mika: *comes on stage* Are they acting or are their brains swapped? Either way, Bakura's... creepy...
*screen shot of Bakura*: Bakura is dancing around, throwing flowers
Theia: *walks on stage, sees Bakura* O.O
Bakura: *runs to Theia, kisses her*
Theia: O_O Bleh! *wipes her face* Eww...
Mika: O__O Ehh....
Mica: *sees Bakura* O_O WHAT?!
*still meanwhile*
Ookami: *sees the same thing* O_O Aki!
*still meanwhile*
Danny: *sees Marik* O_O Too. Much. Skipping...
Ryou: O_o Ehh... *leaves*
Melvin: *laughs*
*back on stage*
Mika: BAKURA!!
Bakura: *stops dancing* Yes, purple pants?
Mika: O_o Dear Ra... Come here... Bakura...
Bakura: *cartwheels over*
Mika: O_O How did you... Never mind... here... *gives Bakura a box full of lit bombs*
Bakura: Thank you, purple pants! *opens it* Oh joy! A present!
Theia: Mika?
Mika: DUCK!
All but Marik and Bakura: *ducks*
Marik: Where?!
Bakura: *bombs explode*
Mika: *laughs* APRIL FOOLS BAKURA! *continues laughing*
Bakura: That was mean...
Anna: *runs in* BAKURA!!
Theia: Anna, no!
Bombs: *explode again*
Anna: *is covered in green slime* HEY!
Theia: I warned you!
Marik: *running in circles*
Theia: *sighs*
Danny: What's going- WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE?!
*screenshot of stage covered in slime, confetti, and cheese*
Mika: *still laughing* It... was... me...
Ookami: *runs on stage* THEIA! I saw Bakura- OH MY VARIOUS GODS! Was that the bomb?!
Theia: -_- Yes...
Mica: *runs in* WHOA! It looks like TEN bombs went off in here instead of two!
Melvin: *sneaks on stage, puts a firework landmine by Theia, sneaks off unnoticed*
Theia: I know, Mika set it off... Why?!
Mika: It was prank! They're allowed!
Theia: -_- *walks towards Anna* Anna, are you o-
Fireworks: *go off in Theia's face*
Theia: MIKA!
Mika: Ok, I SWEAR it wasn't me!
Ryou: *runs on stage* Where's Melvin?
Theia: -_- MELVIN!!!
Melvin: *comes on stage* Would anyone like a hug?
Babda: *switches place with Danny* ME!
Mika: O_O I wouldn't do that if I were-
Babda: *hugs Melvin*
Melvin: *does whatever he does when he hugs people*
Ookami: O_O
Babda: *turns back*
Danny: OW!
Theia: *turns into Harmonie*
Harmonie: Happy Melvin's a Fool Day!
Audience: *laughs*
Mika: -_- It's April Fool's Day.
Harmonie: I like my version better! *sends Melvin to Shadow Realm, turns back into Theia*
Danny: These pranks are... mean.
Ryou: *immediately points at Mika* She did it.
Mika: WHAT?! I did NOT!
Mika: *pushes Marik off her* Get off of me!
Mika: I DO NOT OWN ANY LEATHER! Leather is YOUR thing, not mine!
Marik: Then where is- Ryou, where's my leather?
Ryou: Uh... *runs off stage*
Marik: *runs after him*
Mica: Well... *screams, jumps back into door*
Bakura: *removes mask* Ha ha ha!
Mica: *sighs* Will this day get any- *water, glue, and confetti rain down from the bucket on top of the door*
Danny: Oops...
Mica: Oops? What do you MEAN, oops? You mean YOU did that?
Danny: Yes?
Ookami: Uh oh... *runs out*
Danny: OOKAMI!
Mica: *turns into her vampy self* RAWR!
Danny: Oh dear Ra... *runs, screaming*
Mica: *chases after Danny* AHH!!
Danny: AAAAAHHHH! Help me!!
PB: *runs in*
PB: *turns into giant monster dog, starts destroying all the equipment*
Audience: *screams*
Mika: ALL RIGHT!! Destroying stuff!!! *bends rocks into the walls, bends metal to crash into the lights, lights go out*
Audience: *screams*
Mica: Rawr!!
Mika: YEAH!!!
PB monster: *growls*
Bakura: Oh Zorc... *runs out*
Theia: Oh Ra why me? ... MICA! Calm down!!
[space limit?. Part 2 coming! Mods PLEASE post soon. Thank you!]

Date: 03/23/14 4:29 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko: Mevlin......
Amano: HI!
Riko: m-my little brother? But, he's gone.....
Amano: XD
Madison: Mevlin hurt Riko!!!*seriously angry*

Date: 03/22/14 10:23 PM
From: LunaDiana


Mika: Marik, Bakura, Melvin, and Ryou are on vacation right now. Sorry, but they will answer your questions soon, Riko. Btw, who's shooting cannonballs at you?
Theia: O_O Mika.. You're freaking me out..
Me: Get used to it... -_-



Date: 03/22/14 6:04 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko:i don't think they're gonna answer our questions....

Date: 03/18/14 5:35 PM
From: kitty22200

Bakari: imposter? I'm reading thing so Marina wears herself out.....
Madison: Why does he hate me?
Bakari: Riko why couldn't you just calm down look where they're coming from and use the ring to stop them?
Riko: Because I'm not EVIL!!! I'm just a teenager with strangely colored white hair... My dad's hair is blue, so, that must account for something...hmm.....
Bakari: Nvm. *raises Ring and canon balls disappear*
Marina: *running in circles around Madison*
Madison:*grabs her by the shoulders* It's okay, Yuri was lying, leather is still legal in this country....
Marina:*jumps up and down* YA!
Riko:*eyes spinning* How did the canon ball---?
Bakari: They're in the shadow realm......
Riko: Oh.......HOW???
All(not Riko): Uh...
Riko: And my next question, who is the Pharaoh?
All(not Riko): Uh.......


Date: 03/16/14 2:54 PM
From: LunaDiana

Ryou: You're welcome..
Melvin: Darn it. Sorry, I was aiming for MADISON. Not your house...
Bakura: Genderbender me would NEVER just sit down and read a graphic novel. IMPOSTER!!!
Marik: And the rod is MINE. Not Marina's. *snatches rod back*
Ryou: *facepalm* Well... bye then...



Date: 03/16/14 1:30 PM
From: kitty22200

Riko: Thanks for telling me!
Marina:*reverses spell* Why are they fighting us?
Bakari: Because of Maddy.....
Riko: Where is Maddy?
Madison: I'm right here....Why are they mad at us?
Marina: *gets bored and goes of to play with 'the rod'*
Bakari:*reads a graphic novel*
Riko:*crying* he's scary....*points to Mevlin*
Madison: Poor Riko!*pats Riko's head*
Bakari: Has it ever occurred to you that they don't like us?
Madison: I know....maybe we should just go back to making our web show......
Riko: That cannon ball hit my house......why do these things happen to me?
Bakari: Now Riko, we're not coming back to this place.
Riko: Oh.....Bye? I'm confused....
Madison: We might stay...
Riko: okay...
Madison: They hate us??? WHY???!