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The Marik and Bakura show!!!

Date: 08/27/13 2:02 PM
From: CosbyRock

Random announcer: Welcome one, welcome all to the Marik and Bakura show! We welcome, Marik Ishtar!
Marik: *walks on stage, dragging Bakura behind him* and the fangirls...
Fangirls: EEK!!! ^^
Bakura: *scowling* Why did I agree to do this again...?
Marik: *sits down in a chair like a talk show host* Now, today we will be talking about clothes. Fancy clothes!!!
Bakura: Yes, let me go and get some--
Marik: Sit down, Fluffy!
Bakura: Don't call me that!!
Marik: *ignoring him* Today, anyways, we will be talking about FANCY CLOTHES!!! Like mine.
Bakura: Marik, those aren't fancy--
Marik: You're just jealous! But you want to know what kind of clothes I really like?
Bakura: *face palming* What?
Audience: What?!
Marik: LEATHER clothes!!! But, the sad thing is, I have no money to buy it with...
Bakura: GET A JOB!!!
Marik: Fluffy, do we need to have another talk? Anyways, I don't have any leather clothes, or even shoes! So, if the audience doesn't mind, you can donate me some, so I can make a fangirl army, and destroy Yugi!!! I mean...look nicer....hehe...


Atem: Oh no!!! He doesn't have any leather shoes?! I should donate mine!!
Yugi: Um, Atem? He's trying to get YOUR leather shoes...

Back to the plot:

Marik: *an hour later* Fluffy! No one has donated!!
Bakura: *sighs* Maybe it's because they realized you were a doofus.
Marik: I'll just wait...
Joey: *runs in as crowd cheers for him* Marik! Bakura! I heard you saying about your leather problem! I stole--I mean, I asked Tristan if I could take his two leather jackets...
Bakura: *puts one on* I could get used to this...
Marik: Haha!!! Take that, Pharah!!! I now hold your power! Your screen time!! YOUR FANGIRLS!!!!
Atem: *gasp* Oh no! I was just about to give you my leather shoes, too!!
Marik: Wh-what?! *Thinking* Wait, the shoes are his power...
Bakura: UGH!! *walks away* You're all a bunch of idiots...
Atem: Ha! You'll have to try harder next time, MALIK!
Marik: IT'S MARIK!!! *Runs after Atem*, what the heck?! *Runs after the rest*

*Camera fuzzes*

I will only write more if you want me to! :3

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Date: 03/16/14 12:50 AM
From: LunaDiana

Melvin: Thanks for the weapons!! *shoots cannonball at Madison*
Marik: 0.0
Bakura: *attacks Bakuri with sword and shield* You people are weird!!
Marik: *snorts* Nice battle cry.
Ryou: Riko, the Shadow Realm is a place where you experience your worst fears while being picked apart by the Shadows. Hence the name Shadow Realm. It's a scary place.
Marik: *smirks* Ok, I want in the battle! *mind controls Marina to turn Serena Kaiba into a pickle*
Pickle: NO!!!
Monique Kaiba: YES!!! I now have more screen time! And I like pickles!
Monique: *eats Pickle*
Marik: HA! Ha ha ha!
Ryou: Uh..



Date: 03/15/14 12:58 PM
From: kitty22200

Bakari:*gets out* Okay, that's it! HE IS EVIL!!!
Riko: But, Bakari-chan you send people there all the time...
Bakari: That's it MARINA!
Marina:What?*playing DS*
Bakari: can I borrow your rod...?
Marina: Hmm...let me think about it.....NO!
Bakari/Marina:*walk off arguing*
Madison: Well that was an interesting trip back to my homeland....
Riko: Maddy......what's Shadow realm?
Madison: Uh.....(sweat drop)
Bakari:*walks in* STOP SCARRING RIKO!!!!
Riko: And who's the pharaoh? Why do you all hate Yuri Mutou? Why does Isac always talk about fate? And why does Tim always want friendship? It's to much.....
Madison: I'll tell you when your Bakari's age....
Riko:*looks at Bakari* how old are you?
Bakari:*sighs* 3,000 in counting.
Riko: :O
Madison: yeah...
Riko: *hands Ryou a Tank* You'll need this if Maddy is mad...

Date: 03/15/14 1:38 AM
From: LunaDiana

Here's Mika's basic bio if anyone wants it...

Name: Mika Hikari Beifong
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: light grey eyes with hints of brown, shoulder length straight white hair with white spiky bangs (like Yugi's (not Yami Yugi), but white), Caucasian, thin, 5' 11"
Clothes: white sleeveless shirt that stops above her navel, loose black pants, golden leather collar with the Eye of Anubis sewn in black thread, golden circlet with the eye
of Anubis charm, and a charm for each of the elements (Millennium Circlet)
Personality: Headstrong, funny, blunt, protective of her twin Ryou
Yami? :  No
Family: Ryou
Friends: Miki (my OC), Danni (another OC), Mica, Yugi, Tea, Joey, Ookami, annoys Danny, Nightshade, Theia, Harmonie
Crush: N/A (but Tristan has a crush on her)
Extras: Really dislikes Florence, is not afraid of Aki, Millennium Circlet connects her spirit to Danni's (yet Danni is not part of Yugioh universe), is the Avatar



Date: 03/15/14 1:36 AM
From: LunaDiana

Bakura: -_- *sends Madison and Bakuri to the Shadow Realm. Permanently.*
Ryou: You're the weak ones.
Marik: Agreed.



Date: 03/09/14 9:33 PM
From: kitty22200

Madison:*sticks tongue out at Mevlin* Chicken? Heheh...
Madison:time out. Yeah Riko?
Riko: where do people go when you hug them?
Madison: Interesting question, well they---
Bakari:*covers Madison's mouth* stop scarring my host.
Madison:*fake shocked*what?! I would never---
Bakari: just shut it. *gets bored and takes Marina's pen*
Marina: !?
Bakari:*waving it above Marina's head* ha ha...!
Marina:Stop it's messing my mind!!!
Bakari: this messes with your mind?
Marina: NO!
Riko: please your breaking Marina's delicate balance!*still quiet*
Marina: yet i can still hit you.
Riko: yeah...wait WHAT?
Madison: Why Mevlin no hug me?
Marina: dunno.
Bakari: he weak.


Date: 03/09/14 4:09 PM
From: LunaDiana

Ryou: *makes cave of all the shields, hides in it*
Melvin: Everyone knows I have the best hugs! Even you! But yet, I will NOT hug you.



Date: 03/07/14 10:18 AM
From: kitty22200

Riko:(shy whisper) Madison, now they all think we're strange...
Madison: Then I'll just hug Mevlin........*evil laugh*
Marina:*looking at everyone* ???
Bakari: wait.....don't your hugs make-----
Madison: *covbers her mouth* shh...!
Marina: Hey Kitty?
Bakari: what is it Marina.
Marina: Who's Mevlin???!
Bakari:*face-palm* The cause of this problem!
Riko:*hands Ryou more sheilds and the millennium scale for protection* Here.... you NEED this.(whispering shyly)

Date: 03/05/14 6:31 PM
From: LunaDiana

Ryou: WHAT?! *takes sword and shield*
Melvin: You all are... WEIRD!

Things at school are REALLY busy. I have to write an essay by Friday, and Friday-Sunday I will be gone, so the next episode will be MAYBE next week at the earliest.

And if any of you want Mika or Theia in a fanfic, you are free to do so. But I will have to post their bios later. :D



Date: 02/28/14 8:23 PM
From: kitty22200

Madison: He ignored me there for I must call upon my---

Riko: *gives her a really shiny card*
Madison: Thank you, Fluffy marshmallow weakling!
Riko: ???
Madison: It means you...
Riko: .........oh..............
Marina: Why did he run? I thought he was the somewhat not stupid one....
Bakari: Yes, upsetting Madison is asking to go to the shadow realm or worse..... HEY!!!? Where's my ring?
Marina: I have no idea...
Riko: Ryou you might need this if Madison is angry......
*hands him a sword and sheild* ;)

Date: 02/28/14 6:20 PM
From: LunaDiana

Mika: I do not-
Theia: Yes. You do.
Mika: But pranking people... Umm...never done that before...
Me: She the Avatar. A very WEIRD Avatar. Who just happens to know how to dimension jump.
Theia: P-pranking people? I dunno..-
Bakura: *makes a firework explode in Theia's face*
All but Bakura: O_O
Theia: *turns into Harmonie*
Harmonie: *makes a bomb appear next to Bakura, gets everybody else away*
Bomb: *explodes*
Bakura: *is blasted to... Antartica! * I.... h-hate.... Th-theia....
Me: Whoa... just like you Mika! You made a bomb explode on Bakura on Ryou's birthday!
Mika: ^-^ The bomb. Can't beat the classics..

Me: O_O Definite prank! ^-^ And you yourself is awesome, but Bakura...
Mika: It is WAY too obvious that you don't like him..
Me: ^-^ "

-Ideas are coming to me. Just need the time to write them! Remind me Tuesday if nothing has posted as I'm gonna be gone Friday-Sunday next week!-


Date: 02/27/14 10:03 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Hmm....
Mica: What are you doing?
Pika: Thinkin' of an episode idea for Luna.
Mica: Make an episode where Marik and Bakura play pranks on the others! *starry eyed* *u*
Pika: She doesn't want to ask, but she wants to guest star again.
Mica: I'll bring my whip! *holds up whip*
Pika: You can make it so that they prank Mica last, and it goes horribly wrong, leading to Mica's vampire side taking over. She tries to hurt them, Mika joins in just because she likes destroying things, and everyone else is trying to calm them down.
Mica: OH MY RA!!! That's a good idea.
Pika: *pushes up glasses* Yeah, I know. I'm talented...

"I'm a Pikachu! I'm SOO adorably cute!"~PikaPata
"Nobody can stop me! Except Jinzo, that guy SCARES me."~Mica


Date: 02/27/14 4:37 PM
From: bakura123

ok 1 marik i stole your leathr shoes and 2 im awsome

Date: 02/27/14 1:05 AM
From: LunaDiana

Melvi: *runs away*
Ryou: Hi...

Ok. Gonna be blunt. I need ideas. I can't seem to generate any right now when usually I can get one from comments.

How about this! You people give me an idea for an episode, I will do my best to incorperate it with my ideas!

Any number of people can give me ideas. Hmm... I should go and try to think of some now...

Oh and the ideas cannot just be guest star requests. It can be an idea AND a guest star request.

-Seriously, I need ideas! You guys give me 5, and I'll try my best..-


Date: 02/26/14 7:48 PM
From: kitty22200

Madison: Hi guys, YamiMarina Here!
Marina: We call her Madison!
Bakari: (in that kitty costume)
Marina: good kitty!(tries to pet)
Bakari: (growl)
Madison: Marik, say hi to Mevlin for me!!!

Date: 02/25/14 8:28 PM
From: LunaDiana

Marik/Bakura: O_O AAHHH!! *run out*
Rest of us: O.o



Date: 02/25/14 5:39 PM
From: kitty22200

Bakari: Everyday it's kitty this kitty that! Ra knows what's next!!!!
Marina: More kitty costumes?
Bakari: plz help me!:(
Marina: Now kitty....
Bakari: what now?!
Marina: will you wear this? *holding kitty costume* ;)
Bakari: where is Madison when i need her!!!!? And where is my ring? And my host? And my---
Marina: *tackles trying to put kitty costume on*

Date: 02/22/14 6:04 PM
From: LunaDiana

Marik: O_O
Bakura: 0_0
Theia: O.o Uh...
Mika: XD Ha ha ha! This is funny!
Me: Uh... it's freaky..
Joey: Nyeh!!



Date: 02/22/14 5:01 PM
From: kitty22200

Me: *puts kitty costume on Bakari*
Marina: KITTY!!!
Bakari: Not a kitty---*sees comstume* never mind.
Me: Lol!
Marina: don't I get a costume?
Me:*gives leather everything* Here Marina.
Marina: (spaz moment)
Bakari: oh brother....
~stil 2 laz 4 quots

Date: 02/19/14 6:06 PM
From: LunaDiana

Theia: AHH!
Mika: AAHH!
Me: NYEEEH!!!!

- Isn't ANYone gonna try to win the contest?


Date: 02/19/14 2:51 PM
From: kitty22200

Sora: It's Gender-bender dimension time!!!

Marik) Marina Ishtar: Hi!
Seto) Sara Kaiba: Whatever.
Ryou) Riko Bakari: ...hi.....
Bakura) Bakari: hello!
Odion) Odina Ishtar: yes mistress Marina...
Marik) Marina: is that all you ever say?
Ishizu) Isac Ishtar: FATE!!!!!
~no quotes 4 2da