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A new legend from anant time

Date: 11/26/13 6:04 PM
From: TashaH

Ok here I go, I am going the tire my hand at a story.
15 thousand years ago a young pharaoh named Nineales
how step up agents a evil sorcerer when no other pharaoh would now in present time ninea's grandmother gives her the demined puzzle the at no one has been able to solve for many years with the help from Yugi and friends she learns what happened when Yugi solved the Millennium puzzle, soon when ninea solves the Demined Puzzle she is then infused white a anent spirit...
To Be Contend...
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Date: 04/09/14 4:40 PM
From: Kats24

Me: Applause to that part~! >w<
Ookami: This is getting very interesting! :D
"Can't wait to see what happens next!"

Date: 04/05/14 6:21 PM
From: TashaH

Thanks to Kats24 I have the next part.
so Ninea and Nineales dull marik all the way until night fall the dull end at about 10:00 pm as according to the tournament rules marik gave Ninea the winged Dragon of Ra he was not happy about it at all so he challenged Ninea to a rematch but Ninea refuses to and runs off back home. the next day at school Ninea goes to yugi and says ' so if you have not heard last night I defeated marik and then he tried to challenged me to a rematch but I refused to except' yugi said ' so you now have Ra' Ninea said ' yes and I wont to see Pharaoh Yami later so I can give him a gift now see you later Yugi' Yugi just smiled and after school Yugi went to Nines house and Ninea gave Yami a box and he opened it and he found the 2ed to last card he needed to have.

Date: 03/30/14 8:14 PM
From: Kats24

Ixel(Me): *in thinking mode* Hmmm...
Ookami: We're honestly not good with giving ideas...
Me: That's kind of why I didn't comment. I'm not good with ANY kind of ideas... I mean, I'm stuck on my own fanfiction. :/
Ookami: OH! I got one! Okay! So why not she win the duel, and Marik is now trying to challenge her to a rematch, but she refuses. So, she goes back to school the next day, and tells Yugi about Marik and her duel?
Me: Like I said, me and Ookami aren't good with ideas, but is this a good one? :/
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Date: 03/04/14 5:37 PM
From: TashaH

Ok I do not like to say this but I need an idea for the next part now can some one step up and help me out pleas. Remember to read all the parts before you give me an idea.

Date: 02/01/14 1:25 PM
From: TashaH

Parts 4/5 of A New Legend in Ancient time for all of you sad thingies were getting interesting read this.
Nineales and yami defeated the rare hunters and got school back in sashine after that Nineales and yami went back into the puzzles Ninea and yugi left for class and sad "meet you by the tree at reassess" later at reassess Yugi meet Ninea at the tree. At the Domino pare marik was now not only after yugi but now ninea he know that ninea had solved the Demined puzzle not long ago so she was still getting to the power from the puzzle, marik came up with a plan to get his revenge agents' Ninea and the Demined pharaoh. Yugi and Ninea separate after a short talk about how strong there bonds had became. Not long later marik set his plan in actin. Yugi left to watch joey and tea duel in the classroom, Ninea started to read under the tree. About 5 to 10 minutes later marik challenged Ninea to a duel of cores Ninea accepted the challenge.

Date: 01/05/14 2:18 AM
From: PikaPata

It's getting better!!!
Mica:'s getting more interesting!
PiPa: And MY fanfic's doing good too.
Mica:'s REALLY taken off in SUCH a little time! I'm SO proud of you, PiPa!!! *hugs me*
PiPa: YOU'RE the star...I just write what ya do!!! *hugs her back*
Mica: We're proud of YOU too! You're doing GREAT! I'd hug you...but YOU'RE there...and I'M here.
PiPa(me/Mica: AIR HUGS!!!!! *gives you air hugs*

P.S: You should see how well I'm doing!


Date: 01/03/14 5:17 PM
From: TashaH

this is the next part I hope Kats24 likes it.
that same day the word gets out that Ninea solved the Demined Puzzle and she is surrounded by kids and gets angry then Nineales steps in and gets all the kids to go away and goes back in to the puzzle soon yugi comes around the corner and tells Ninea about the new artifacts that just arrived from Demined and are at the Domino museum Ninea goes silent and then all the lights go of and the only word seed is what is going on all of a sudden both puzzles glow and Nineales and Yime meet for the first time and scenes that they are both pharaohs and soon they discoverer that the rare hunters had snuck in to the school in search of the pharaoh...
that's all for parte 3

Date: 12/26/13 11:15 PM
From: PikaPata

Thanks about that.
I saw yours and I think it's better than mine will be.
Mica:She REALLY needs the encouragement. :-p
PiPa:Shouldn't you be with Yugi??? Leave.Now.
Mica:Fine. *leaves*
Anyways....thanks TashaH.

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Date: 11/30/13 12:15 AM
From: Kats24

Me) OOOOOH, this sounds like a cool story!
Ookami) Yeah! Yeah! ;D
Me) Can't wait for another part! :D
Me/Ookami/Aki/Madeleine) 8 THUMBS UP FOR APROVAL! :DDD
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"This sounds cool!"
"Can't wait for the next part!"

Date: 11/29/13 11:59 AM
From: TashaH

Hear is the cotises of a new legend from ancient time.
Later Ninea finds out the spirit is the ancient demined pharaoh. The next day at Domino High school Ninea tells Yugi that last night she had solved the demined puzzle. Yugi sad "lets go tell Joey and the others this grate news Ninea" Ninea sad" ok les go Yugi " wen Joey fond out that Ninea had solved the demined puzzle he was amazed at how quick Ninea solved it the others were the same way.
ninea also fond out the at the spirits name was nineales.