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Date: 12/25/13 11:03 PM
From: PikaPata

Hi,as you can see,I'm PikaPata. I wanted to make this because I'm new to the boards,but I've read almost everybody's fanfics. Kats24's fanfic,Zorua's,and AvatarDei's old fanfic. I felt left out,so I wanted to make,my own.You guys can tell me what ya think of 'em and we can talk about random Yu-Gi-Oh stuff too! I will add your characters if ya want,just ask.I'll post Arimica's info next.P.S,she DATES Yugi,so he's off limits! Mica(Arimica):NO SPOILERZ!!!*takes out her whip* Me(just call me Gigi or PikaPata) more spoilerz.*sighs* Mica:I'm going to go be with my guy,okay? Okay! *skips happily out door* "Why CAN'T I borrow the whip"~PikaPata/Gigi
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Date: 04/22/14 6:38 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: My school doesn't take our laptops until May....about, the 15th.
Mica: She still doesn't remember.
Pika: The worst part is I've been on break since the 18th, and I haven't remembered! AND I'm really supposed to be working on 12 chapters of a book as a school project! (12 chapters is the WHOLE book! I'm supposed to this writing process thing, where I summarize the story, get the theme, and all that stuff!)
Mica: It's all due on her birthday....
Pika: I'll probably post on my birthday, so everybody knows! I'm also REALLY deep in the Blue Exorcist manga. I forget which chapter I'm on, but I think it's "Those Who Are Deceived Are Fools".
Mica: She's been reading at every second she can!
Pika: I even stayed up one night (on my break, of course) reading the manga. I got sleepy (because it was, like, 4:00am) and closed my eyes, when I woke up it was 9:00am.
Mica: Then she went back to sleep.
Pika: -_- Whatever...

Date: 04/21/14 9:59 PM
From: Kats24

I SO know what you're going through.
Me: I typed all to Part 41 on my school laptop, and they took ours up.
Ookami: ALL of the parts are gone.
Me: UNLESS I remember to bring my flash drive and in Math Class I secretly put them on there.
Ookami: But she has Dino...?
"I think we have ALL been there! And yay, Blue Excorcist! :D"

Date: 04/18/14 11:49 PM
From: LunaDiana

OhMyRa. I understand that catastrophe: The accidental deletion of a fanfic chapter. xD Post as soon as you can.



Date: 04/18/14 5:16 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Sorry about not posting the next episode!
Mica: She typed it up a week ago....but, then it got deleted before she posted it! And she didn't remember how the episode went, when she tried to write it down.
Pika: Then I got very busy at school, I had another school dance yesterday, and I just started reading the Blue Exorcist manga.(I just downloaded a manga app yesterday. I'm on chapter 9: Tag!)
Mica: She's still trying to remember the episode, since it was so good when she typed it....
Pika: I'll probably do it at 12:00am tonight, or sometime late like that. I wanna watch the Monster High movie tonight, so I can't do it at the time it comes on. I also have to remember the next episode, so I can post it.

"Sumimasen, Pichus....~-~"~PikaPata


Date: 04/13/14 9:05 PM
From: Kats24

Me: I only get a half day every once nine weeks...or if it's going to be bad weather.
Ookami: Hm...
Ookami: YOW! (falls on the ground) Ouch....That was loud, Mai-kohai!
Mai: ....Sumimasen, Ookami-senpai. And cool! I've been on Ash's journey since the start!
Me: Actually no...Ya haven't! You met him probably WAY later back in the Kanto Region, and then you had to go when he went to the Hoenn Region...THEN ya came back when he went to the Unova Region...OH, and then you left later.... AND THEN YA CAME BACK IN DA KALOS REGION, AND WE'RE HERE NOW!!!! :D
Mai: ....I was EXAGGERATING!!
Me: Oh... o.o
"Sorry for the random and possibly weird comment... O3O"

Date: 04/11/14 11:38 AM
From: PikaPata

@Life Update
Pika: I'm home from school early, because there was a half day!
Mica: What'd you do?
Pika: I watched 3 episodes of Blue Exorcist on my school computer!

Pika: Kon'nichiwa Mai!
Mica: Are you going to show them YOUR Pokémon OC?
Pika: Hai, meet Terisa!
Rissy: I like being called Rissy.
Arcanine: *growls*
Rissy: I'm from Kanto, just like Ash! My Growlithe evolved into Arcanine during my journey.
Mica: Shouldn't you be on your journey?
Rissy: Oh, right! Bye! *runs out*
Pika: I guess I'm like Ash's Pikachu....I know all the moves that he does.
Mica: What are the moves again?
Pika: Thunder, Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Volt Tackle, Agility, Tackle, Iron Tail, and Quick Attack!
Mica: Oh, yeah....


Date: 04/08/14 8:52 PM
From: Kats24

Uwaa. o_o ((Uwaa = Yikes in Japanese))
Ookami: Uwaa!! ._.
Me: D:
Ookami: Wait... YES! IRON TAIL!!! >w<
Me: I wonder if she's just like Ash's Pikachu.
Ash: Hiya!
Me: ...I give 10 minutes to get here...
Aki: Ha! I give 2 seco-!
Mai: HAYO!
Ash: Wha?
Mai: I dunno...CHANGE!
Change: Eevee?
Mai: Hi. :3
Change: ... (changes into Flareon and flamethrows Ash)
Ash: ... O.O Okay then...
Me: Pika! This is my OC for Pokémon...I dunno if you guys met...
Mai: Hi!
Change: (changes into Glaceon and sits on Mai's hat) Glace~!
"I dunno why my comments always get off topic...and too random... O_O"

Date: 04/08/14 8:01 PM
From: PikaPata

"Pokémon Strength" Part 36

Pika: We don't have to climb the mountain, Mike.
Ookami: I can see a door! *points to a well hidden door*
Mica: *under breath* I saw it FIRST....
Pika: *changes to a Pikachu* TACKLE!!! *uses Tackle on the door*
*the door falls over*
Mica: Kaiba, we know you're in there!!!
Yugi: Give back Atem!
Kaiba: *walks out* There's no way I'll give him back!
Ryou: Why did you TAKE him in the first place?
Kaiba: Simple. Without your spirit, you can't beat me in a duel.
Mica: Wait! You did this so you can feel good about yourself?!
Pika: That's what I heard. *changes to a girl*
Theia: Stop being mean, and just give him back!
Kaiba: Only if Yugi duels me.
Pika: FORGET THE DUEL! AGILITY!!! *uses Agility*
Kaiba: Huh? Where'd she go?!
*in a room where Atem is*
Mokuba: Sorry I have to keep you prisoner....
Pika: *appears in front of him* I'm here to save Atem! Surrender?
Mokuba: He's right there. *points to a containment unit*
Pika: Oh, cool. IRON TAIL!!! *uses Iron Tail*


Date: 04/07/14 9:43 PM
From: Kats24

Oh wow. o__o (<~ Cry's face)
Ookami: DANG. She really knocked out BOTH of them?!
Ookami: Yes. REALLY. .-.
Me: Wait...O MA RA.
Ookami: What?
Me: They gotta climb a mountain?
Me: .-. (~*No comment to what Ookami just said*~)
Ookami: ANYWHO, can't wait to see la next part~!
"....wut. ._."

Date: 04/07/14 6:14 PM
From: PikaPata

"Powerful Pika" Part 35

Danny: Sorry....
Yugi: Could you take us to Atem?
Mike: Does she even know who he is?
Pika: Yeah, I pretty much know everything.....can't tell you HOW.
Tristan: What's a Pikachu doing here, anyways?
Pika: Ugh! Do you guys ALWAYS ask so many questions?
Mica: I think Kaiba knows we're looking for him....
*two guards show up*
Guard 1: Mr. Kaiba wants all of you to leave!
Guard 2: I suggest you do as he wants....
Pika: What if we don't?
Both guards: We use force.
Ookami: What are we gonna do?
Mica: I've got--
Pika: QUICK ATTACK!!! Pika pika pika pika! *uses Quick Attack*
Guard 1: *gets knocked out*
Pika: THUNDERBOLT! PikaCHUU!!! *uses Thunderbolt*
Guard 2: *falls over*
Ryou: That was AMAZING, Pika!
Joey: Those guards didn't know what hit 'em!
Pika: *walking towards the mountain, waving her tail* You guys comin' or what?
Theia: I think I'll stick with her. *runs ahead*
*at the base of the mountain*
Mike: *looks up* Are we gonna have to CLIMB that, because I'm tired?


Date: 04/06/14 8:54 PM
From: zorua108


Nightshade:oh we go again...
me:if there are Pikachus in this i'm throwing in a Zoroark!
Nightshade:*facepalm*i'm surprised you didn't react like this before...
me:*jumps on Zoroark's back*TO SPAAAAAAACE!!!
Zoroark:*turns into a Ferrothorn*
me:OW!*jumps off*bad Zoroark!
Zoroark:never do that again
Nightshade:its not talking,its using telepathy
Zoroark:*facepalm*first day here and weird stuff is already happening...
Nightshade:welcome to my world....

(geez,the randomness made me go a bit off topic!)



Date: 04/06/14 2:19 AM
From: LunaDiana

Theia: *raises eyebrow* And your theory is?
Mika: You REALLY want to hear her theory?
Theia: Mika, the worst that could happen is her saying that-
Mika: Theia, it's OOKAMI. There IS no worst theory. -_-
Theia: Be nice!

Theia: O_O; Oh dear..



Date: 04/05/14 10:27 PM
From: PikaPata

"That Girl's A Pikachu!" Part 34

Aki: I guess I'll teleport us there....*teleports everyone*
*little way from where Kaiba is*
Mica: *casually* What took you guys so long?
Danny: How'd you get here so fast?!
Mica: Speed.
Ookami: I flew again!
Theia: *looks at a bush* Did that bush move?
Joey: You're seein' things.
*the bush moves*
Mike: Yeah, I totally saw that bush move....
*a Pikachu jumps out \(^0^)/*
Everyone: *looks at Ookami*
Ookami: I swear, it's not me this time!
Pika: Pika pi! Are you guys looking for Kaiba?
Ookami: *screams* Everybody else saw that, right?
Mica: I saw it....
Pika: I'm Pika, the only girl to be part Pikachu!
Aki: PART?
Pika: *changes to a girl* Yes, PART. I happen to know where he is.
Yugi: Where?
Pika: *points to a mountain* That mountain is where he hid a base!
Danny: *snickering* Do you have a Pokéball to put yourself in?
Pika: You see this? *points to her red cheeks*
Danny: Yeah...
Pika: I can shock you if I want....
Ookami: Don't mess with Electric types.


Date: 04/05/14 10:03 PM
From: PikaPata

*I am NOT an OC, so you can't use me!*
Name: Pika
Age: 14 (almost 15)
Height: Normally: 5 ft I guess.... Pikachu form: The size of a Pikachu
Eyes: Brown, small eyelashes, black Japan-style glasses
Hair: Brown, in a ponytail, a bang over the right eye
Clothes: Blue jean shorts, a pink shirt with a lightning bolt on it, a pink version of Ash's hat
Friends: *I feel like doin' this! =3* Kats24, LunaDiana, Zorua
Personality: Kept to myself (sometimes), friendly, talkative, thoughtful, focused (most of the time)
Likes: Anime, Pikachus, Pokémon (the series and the actual ones), cake
Dislikes: Rudeness, being tired, homework, missing anime shows
Extras: Has Pikachu ears and tail, can do every KNOWN move that Pikachu can, can switch between Pikachu and normal form, sometimes talks like Pikachu

P.S: All of this is who I am, except for the clothes and the Pikachu stuff! I wish I was a Pikachu....


Date: 04/05/14 9:34 PM
From: PikaPata

@Fanfic News
Pika: Pichus, I'm VERY excited to announce an idea of mine!
Mica: U_U *nods head* This is important, so listen up!
Pika: I'm going to feature myself in a couple episodes! I'll create my info based on me being a Pikachu, and how I look! Also, my personality and, of course, my black Japan-style glasses!
Mica: She's going to help us deal with Kaiba.
Pika: =3 Hai! I just can't wait! And feel free to use the idea of putting yourself in your own fanfic....

P.S: I'll post the info and the part 34 next!


Date: 04/04/14 5:33 PM
From: Kats24

Ookami: You're RIGHT! OMR! Okay, SO-
Me: No. No more theories.
Ookami: :c Okay.
Me: Okami, you're not going to crash RIGHT?
Ookami: Well... if I don't crash in the comments, then it must mean there's a 50 percent chance I won't! (puts on a glider suit and crashes her face into the screen)
Me: ...
Aki: Ookami, for the last time, you leave the protal opening to me.
Ookami: No no no! I got this! (crashes again) Why can't I go??
Heka: *squeak*
Ookami: D: I SO SOWY!
Me: Yea...Let's just hope that Okami doesn't crash in this.
Ookami: Nah, I only do that if I'm trying to prove my point.
Me: Oh...Then that explains it.
"Again...We keep taking it TOO far in these comments. >..<"

Date: 04/03/14 9:17 PM
From: PikaPata

"Makin'' It Happen" Part 33

Ookami: YAY! Now that we've figured THAT out....
Mica: RIGHT! Time to focus....*10 VERY tense seconds later* He's East of here! *points East*
Ookami: You mean "Weast"? (Spongebob reference)
Theia: Ookami, for the LAST time, it's WEST not "WEAST"!!!
Danny: Why do you keep saying that made-up word?
Ookami: I watch a lot of Spongebob....
*Fourth Wall tips over and breaks*
Marik: *scoots away from the broken wall*
Joey: *acts like a tattletale, points at the wall* Ookami broke the fourth wall again!
Nightshade: I saw THAT coming....
Mica: Aki, please take us to Kaiba.
Aki: -_- FINE....
Ookami: I wanted to fly....
Mike: *wearing a glider suit* Just wear my glider suit. *hands her one*
Ookami: *eyes get WAY bigger* I GET TO FLY AGAIN!!!
Danny: *whispers to Mica* You better keep an eye on her....
Mica: Yeah....Let's go, Ookami! *flies away*
Ookami: Yes, your Royalness! *salutes, glides away*
Mike: HEY, wait for me!!! *glides away*


Date: 04/03/14 4:31 PM
From: LunaDiana

@Kats24 (a.k.a. Ookami)

Theia: Excuse me, but MARIK isn't evil. It was MELVIN! Melvin's evil. Not Marik.



Date: 04/02/14 6:10 PM
From: Kats24

Ookami: Mica's a vampire, SO she can sense things far away, sorta like dog senses - dog senses like myself! Aaaand, Aki has spirit magic-y kind of magic-
Aki: Heka.
Ookami: -HEKA and my friend over here DJ--
Ookami: (ignores what she said) --has a yami named Heka, which am I going off topic??
Me: o_o Yes...
Ookami: (does the Ryan thingy) WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT!!!! Aki can use her teleporting powers, BUT! If she somehow changes her mind on helping out THEN Babda can help out since he can use portals and teleportation! AHA! I FOUND OUT WHAT ALL THESE MILLENNIUM ITEMS WERE MEANT FOR!
Me: 0_0 And what is that, Ookami?
Ookami: They were meant to protect us from all the evil things like Marik and Bakura--
Aki/Merit/Adelfa/Heka: (laughs hysterically)
Heka: Only my Millennium Item was meant to protect every single one of them.
Ookami: O.O But then...
Heka: That MEANS, every single Millennium Item has a different meaning of it's existence!
Ookami: :c MY HYPOTHESIS IS RUINED!!!!! (runs away)
Me: .-. What was the point of this comment??? ANYWHO! I can't wait for the next episode! :D
"Where kats are spelled with K!"

Date: 03/30/14 9:08 PM
From: PikaPata

"Need A Little Help?" Part 32

Mica: So I guess my dog's a monster....
P.B: *turns normal, barks*
Mica: You can change form?! Hmm....a little better, I guess.
Mike: *runs over to Mica* What happened?! Are you okay?! Is anybody hurt?!
Ookami: We're fine.
Yugi: I'M not! Atem is gone!
Mike: Uh, maybe that rich dude took him.
Danny: Kaiba?
Mike: Yeah, him! You said he hates you, right? He probably took that spirit dude, just to make you mad.
Mica: You're a genius, Mike!
Mike: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me! *holds his arms out*
Mica: Hey, I just started being nice to you, don't push it! *picks P.B. up*
Danny: If you're so smart, how do we find Kaiba?!
Mike: *points to Mica* Mica's vampire sense.
Ookami: How do we get there?
Mike: You're spirit princess's magic.
Ookami: *separates with Aki*
Aki: Why would I help get Atem back?
Ookami: 'Cause it would make me sad if you didn't.
Aki: Whatever....
Ookami: *starry eyed* Pleeeeezzzzeeee......?
Aki: *sighs* OKAY!!! Just stop that!