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YGO: with Someone we KNOWN before?!? (reboot...AGAIN)

Date: 04/13/14 8:54 PM
From: Kats24

Me: NUUUUUUU!!! *gibberish* WHY?!
Ookami: :c You posted an update...and then the next episode...WHAT DID WE DO WRONG!? D:
Me: Moooooods, what did I do wrooong? ;n;
Me: ;n;
Ookami: Oh well... ;-;
Me: ...OKAY. Then I guess I'll post the update again on HERE and then post the next episode when it is confirmed..
Ookami: ;~; B-B-B-But....
Me: Sorry, Okami-san, but it was deleted.
Ookami: ;n;
Me: Okay, so I guess I'll retype the update...
@Everyone especially Renibee
Okay...I have a lot to explain...
Me: I forgot I didn't have internet on my school laptop...I asked my parents if they knew the password to the internet but they forgot and only Glen (my older brother) knew but, he's always out of the house... -_-
Ookami: AND...?
Me: AND I wasn't having the best week...
Ookami: D: What happened?!
Me: School drama...I was ignored by all the guys...Except for Daniel, but still...
Ookami: ONU! ;n;
Me: But anyways...I learned to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens.
Ookami: ;u; Good~
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Date: 08/13/14 4:19 PM
From: PikaPata

I'm keeping this here!!

*_Forever Electric_*


Date: 07/31/14 7:39 PM
From: zorua108


me:yup i have the bar too but they said they haven't updated the boards yet IN MY POST!
Nightshade:they literally responded to Zorua's post IN HER POST to say that its not updated

~"how did they do that?!"
~"They're mods they can do anything"


Date: 07/30/14 6:58 PM
From: LunaDiana

Do you also have an orange bar across your screen when you go on the message boards??



Date: 07/28/14 9:59 PM
From: zorua108


Nightshade:geez Zorua,don't yell...
me:sorry,its just ya know with the fanfics being deleted and all...but HURRRRRRYYYY! you need to copy your fanfic onto a flashdrive or something before its too late!
Nightshade:OR WE WILL SEND BILL CYPHER....he knows allllll!
me:no he doesn't...
Bill Cypher:*appears in the room*or do i?!

~"stop trying to summon Bill Cypher!"


Date: 07/26/14 1:20 PM
From: Renibee

KATS!!!!! COPY ALL OF THIS NOW!!! I DONT WANT YOU TO HAVE TO MAKE YGOWSWKB REBOOT...AGAIN...AGAIN!!! sorry for all caps, its for a urgency because you NEED to do this soon copy it to Microsoft words AND one of the flash drives and keep it safe and DO NOT LOSE IT!

Date: 07/09/14 11:49 PM
From: renibee

i seem to have grown a affection for messing with the world so... *cast a spell to turn the world into a game cartridge in a Nintendo 64 and then i slightly tilt it to cause glitches and THEN i cast a spell to make a cheat code to randomly swap either personality of the characters including Kats24/the like FIFTY other pseudonyms made OR swap aspects of personality of both random characters in TGOwswKb YGO the abridged series season zero marik ishtar from the abridged series and finally melvin* i also grew a affinity for magic

Date: 07/09/14 12:18 AM
From: Kats24

As you can see...
Me: I am back~ ^.^ For right now! I won't be leaving again 'til probably next summer break which would be... Eh... Next year. ;-;
Karkat: TOO BAD.
Me: Oh stop it. ;__;
Ookami: Welcome back~I missed you. ; - ;
Me: I know, Okami. I missed you too, mon ami.
Me: BWAH STORMS DX *hides behind Sollux*
Sollux: . . .
Ookami: You've been reading Homestuck?
Me: YES. I'm already on Act 4. :3 I somehow can't continue though, it's being weird. >n< Oh well.
Ookami: Why not you post a part of the fanfiction now before you go to bed??
Me: Because my mom took my flash drive and she THOUGHT she put it beside the computer on the desk but she didn't and now it's lost. ;_;
Ookami: Ra, AGAIN?!
Me: YES, I SOWY! ;~;
Me: YEP, I'm going to bed now. Nights, Kats and non-Kats! :D
"Where kats are spelled with K!"

Date: 07/09/14 12:11 AM
From: Kats24

Atem: MY SHOES D:<
Me: Oh Ra...
Ookami: BWAAH! *spazzes* IT'S GONE IT'S GONE IT'S GONE IT'S GONE IT'S GONE. WAAAH! *spazzes more*
Me: Oh Ra...
Aki: *SOON face*
Ookami: *stops spazing* Yea, how are you here?
Aki: Nunya, Sunya.
Ookami: :O
Me: Oh my Ra, no. Okami, no.
Ookami: WHY WOULD YOU-?!
Atem: MY SHOES! D:<
Atem: MY SHOE- *manly screams*
Madeleine: Oh no my stone~! D':
DJ: -.- Oh look-a, Heka is-a gone... I'm not-a surprised.
Heka: D:< 'Well that was just plain rude!'
Me: Guys, calm down. I'm sure he'll give them back later. X)
Everyone else: Okei.
"Where kats are spelled with K!"

Date: 07/07/14 12:32 AM
From: renibee

i wounder what would happen if someone wears all of the millenium items and holds the others at the same time... i know! *takes all of the millenium items while people are sleeping and uses there magic to take the mark too and puts them all in bakuras room* also hikari still has his even though bakura has it! how? the power of me making him i guess. also *sets off bakuras alarm AND gives him the pharaohs leather shoes!*



Date: 06/29/14 12:54 PM
From: Kats24

Me: I will be leaving AGAIN! Back to the beach. ;_;
Ookami: Oh GREAT how long?
Me: I'll be gone July 1 (CANADA DAY, YEEEY~) through July 7.
Ookami: Are you a Canadian? :o
Me: NO. ;~; I wish though. After all, that's what everybody calls me because I act a lot like one. I even know some Canadian French... WHY COULDN'T I BE ONE?! JE NE COMPRENDS PAS!! ;_;
Ookami: Oh great, now poor Alex feels bad.
Me: Well... ;_; Today is a day where I go to my dad's so I'll be seeing you guys later. ^_~ Probably in a week...
Ookami: Okay, MATA ASHITA! ^_~
"Mata ashita, Kats! I'll be gone for only a week."

Date: 06/23/14 9:01 PM
From: Kats24

HEYOES! I ish back and...
Ookami: What day?
Me: June 28... Right in Mobile, Alabama... THAT WOULD TAKE FOREVER TO GET THERE. OMR. NOOOOO! ;~;
Ookami: Aw... ;~;
Ookami: Ask Marik if he obtained the pharaoh's leather shoes... XDDDD
Me: xP I think someone already has that question stored in their mind.
Ookami: Yea...
Ookami: D:
Atem: ._. Hello, Okami.
Ookami: D:
Me: Oh my Ra... Wait where's Yugi?
Yugi: I'M ON FIRE!!! (rolls to the living room)
Aki: ~Heheheh... :P~
"I am back in Alabama... Finally~! ^_^"

Date: 06/20/14 2:10 PM
From: renibee

hi! im back
hikari:me and kurai are back too! well i was here in the fan fiction but still, have you ever wondered what if aki and atem switched hosts hmm (does just that)
Me:hikari... well nevermind it would answer my question on what happens if the yami is the opposite gender of the host so yeah...*immagines the results of what hikari did*

Date: 06/09/14 7:47 PM
From: Kats24

Now all of my OC's!
Now Okami and Aki!
Full Name: Ookami Sunya (in Japanese it's: Okami Sonyu or Okami Haru)
Gender: Girl
Age: (whatever Yugi's age in this fanfiction, because Ookami and Yugi were born on the same day, same month, and same year [June 4th])
Eyes: Light Blue and just like Yugi's but female version
Hair: Light Brown straight, and shoulder-lengthed
Clothes: Dark and Light Blue T-Shirt, Khaki Capri's, and Adventure Boots
Millennium Item?: Yes, she has the Millennium Mark (I think it's already clear but, she wears black palm gloves)
Nature: Childish, Shy (Only at School), Creative, Good at Problem-Solving, Fun-Loving, Scared Easily, has a HUGE imagination (#SukiMojo), crazy...AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HER WITH COFFEE!!!
Nick Name(s)?: Mimi (by Mica, not like that!) and Dragon Elf Duelist/Queen of Games (you don't have to make her the queen of games if you don't want to, it's only my fanfiction xD BUT NO! NOT LIKE THAT, MICA!!)
Deck Type?: She doesn't really have one, though, she has a lot of dragons and magicians.
Ace Card(s)?: Dark Magician Girl/Lava the Lava Dragon/Silent Magician Girl
Pet(s)?: 5 dogs, 2 hamster, 1 rabbit, 3 lizards, 2 cats, 2 fish, 1 horse, and 1 dragon (<---Lava the Dragon)
Yami?: Princess Aki
Host?: She is the host.
Crush: I really dunno, I guess you could say she likes Danny (Ookami: EY!!)
Family: A mom, Kumo (older brother; 2 years older than Okami), Kitsune (younger sister, 13 years younger than Okami)
Full Name: Princess Aki (Purinsesu Aki)
Gender: Girl
Age: However old Okami is... but add 5000 with it XD [Same day as Atem's]
Eyes: Dark Purple and like Atem
Hair: Just like Ookami's but black
Clothes: Egyptian Dress, Egyptian Boots, Egyptian Gloves (enough to cover her mark as well), a purple string wrapped around her neck
Millennium Item?: Millennium Mark (her's is black and doesn't poke out of her skin, unlike where Ookami's is golden and pokes out of her skin a bit)
Nature: Easily Annoyed, REALLY hard to please her, stubborn, clever (I have to say), MAGICAL [:D], and HATES ATEM.
Nick Name(s)?: The Wolf Princess (it's kind of obvious because of how many times she revealed her wolf side [thanks for the spoilers, Aki.])
Deck Type?: Just like Ookami's Deck.
Ace Card?: Same as Ookami's though, she uses Lava the Lava Dragon most of the time
Pets?: Well, back in her time she had Lava the Lava Dragon as her pet dragon, she also grew up with wolves (no, she still had a father and a palace, it's just she always was outside; ADVENTURING! xD)
Yami?: She is the Yami.
Host?: Ookami Sunya
Crush: Absolutely no one. xP
Family?: A foster dad...That's it.
That is all for now! ^-^
"Where kats are spelled with K!"

Date: 06/09/14 7:43 PM
From: Kats24

Me: Alright, so SINCE I have me, Okami, and Aki's BIO done, I will go ahead and post them now before I go to the beach and I'll be gone for about a week and a half.
Ookami: OYA, didn't you go to HAMAcon yesterday and the two days before?
Me: YES, I was Japan the two last days.
Ookami: Who were you on the first day?
Me: You. :3
Ookami: YAY!
Me: It took a while to get there, but you know.
Ookami: WAIT, you're going to a beach???
Me: Oh! Yes.
Ookami: Which one?
Me: O3O I dunno. But we're going to Louisiana first.
Ookami: T3T I WANNA GO!!!!
Me: I sowy, Okami!!
Me: SOOOO here's mine first:
((I did me just for fun. xP))
Full Name: (The internet is serious business so I'll put my inisials) Alexandra (Lexi) Gabrielle B.
Gender: Girl
Age: 12 {B-Day is March 19}
Eyes: They're blue but I have a yellowish greenish ring around the pupil and a dark green outline
Hair: Light brownish red ({It's actually goldish brown} I originally died it reddish brown but it's kind of fading now so it looks like I'm a ginger. I always wanted to be a ginger~! x3)
Clothes: {What I NORMALLY wear is optional: Boyish black and blue clothes or anime shirts and jeans with some black sneakers}
Nature: To be honest, I CAN be a tsundere (a person who can act meanly but really they care a lot) at times, I'm really ADHD and OCD and I have a bit too much of a random and imaginative mind
Nick Names(s)?: Kats (by almost EVERYONE from the internets ^_^), Ixel (called by my best friends at school, most of the time from Kennedy, one of my guy friends), Alex (from different websites), Lexi (family members), and Axela (a country name I made up. xP NO JUDGE!)
Facial Features: Black glasses
Pet(s)?: I don't have any, I used to have a sugarglider.
(ANIME) Crush: Alphonse Elric, Soul Eater Evans, Japan//Kiku Honda, Egypt//Gupta Muhammad Hassan, Italy//Feliciano Vargas, Canada//Matthew Williams, Rin Okumura
Family: My mom, my stepdad, my brother Glen and dat it.
Hobbies: I like learning about Egyptian and Japanese culture, learning the languages Arabic and Japanese (French, Spanish, and Italian too), Drawing, Singing, Voice-Acting, Playin' videogames, watching Anime, reading Manga (OMR I LOVE WOLF CHILDREN)
Favorite Anime(s): Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball z (any season except for GT kinda), Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan (JUST started watching this along with BE), Hetalia, Black Butler

Date: 06/09/14 4:29 PM
From: Kats24

@PikaPata and Zorua108
Aki: Shukran.
Me: o.o Arabic, right?
Aki: (nods head)
Yugi: SANKS YOU!!!
Ookami: YAY! (hops on Pegasus) PEGASUSU
Me: OKAMI! For Ra's sake, it's a P-E-G-A-S-U-S.
Ookami: ...
Me: Kinda like Pegasus. Maximillion PEGASUS?
Ookami: ... PEGASUSU!!!
Me: (sigh) Fine.
Ookami: Rapidash! Tepig! I choose you guys... Please?
Rapidash: (comes out of pokeball) Rapidash!
Tepig: (comes out of pokeball) ...Te!
Ookami: Kumo, I want you to meet my new Rapidash and Tepig!
Kumo: O____O"
Ookami: ^.^ See? He likes them! (Flareon comes out automatically)
Flareon: FLARE! >..>(flamethrows Ookami)
Ookami: MEEK! I didn't mean to! I'm SOWY!
Flareon: -_-
Aki: I do thank you for a charm bracelet though...
Ookami: PIGI! (hugs toy pig)
Yugi: CARDS!
Me: O__O YuGiOh Abridged quote... "Without Yugi" hehe, I love that song. ^^
"Where kats are spelled with K!"
"I am now 17!!"
"Oh no..."
"And I'm now 5017."
"Actually more than that! xP"

Date: 06/06/14 4:43 PM
From: zorua108


me:its their BIRTHDAY!? OMG I FORGOT TO BUY GIFTS!!!!!*Runs out the door*
Nightshade:*clicks a stopwatch*wow new record for running out the door....also unlike her I BOUGHT GIFTS! for Ookami; i got her a pokemon(it was all i could think of)a Rapidash,which i had to put in a fireproof box...and for Aki;i wasn't sure what to get her so i got her gold necklace with an ankh on it(and i also bought Yugi a bunch of cards,which i'll give him later)
me:*runs back inside panting heavily* I...BOUGHT...A....CAKE.....IT...WAS...ALL...I...COULD...GET...ugh*passes out*
Nightshade:why are there senzu beans on the cake?
me:i stole them from Krillen on the way back....*passes out again*
Sil:i actually got a for them gift too....a toy pig i stole from GIR and a hunter-destroyer drone(i think you can guess who gets what)
Nightshade:ummm ok?

~".....uhh happy birthday...?"
~"enjoy your gifts puny humans..."
-Invader Sil


Date: 06/05/14 9:16 PM
From: PikaPata

Mica: Happy birthday, guys.
Pika: Time for da presents! >0< I got Ookami one of my specialties....A POKÉMON! A Tepig to be exact! And for Aki...a charm bracelet!
Mica: My turn. Ookami, I have for you....a billion multicolored bows for you, or the pegasus! Aki, I have for you, a bat charm to remind you of me! It's for the bracelet.
Pika: Oh yeah, I like these last few parts!
Mica: Me too!!! :3

Date: 06/05/14 12:08 AM
From: Kats24

Adelfa: EVERYONE! SHH! (turns off lights and hides like everyone else)
Yugi/Ookami: (walks in)
Everyone but them: SURPRISE!!!
Yugi/Ookami: BWAHH! (jumps back)
Me: ^~^" Sorry we scared ya! But heeeyyy~
Yugi: Ko'nichwa...!
Me: Okay, SOOO... We gotz you guys presents!
Yugi/Ookami: YAY!!
Aki: ...
Aki: ... -_- Thanks ...
Yugi: (opens his present box) OMG CARDS!! :D
Okami: (opens her present box that had a hole in it for the animal to breathe) :O PANDAAA!
Me: ^_^ They always liked stuffs like that~!
Atem: o___o
Me: And Aki! You get a present too! (reaches in closet and gives her something)
Aki: (opens it and gasps) IT'S... IT'S... (takes it out and it's an old clock) ...IT'S ONE OF THOSE OLD CLOCKS! THANK YOU!!! >w<
Me: ^_^ De rien~
"I would be typing a skit for their birthdays but I dunno when I'd be able to post it. -~-"

Date: 06/02/14 9:10 PM
From: Kats24

Part 41 "Meet: Mica" (Me: Yay! Another character has joined! >w<
Ookami: I think there's only 2 left, not including one of their yamis.
Me: OH YEA! DJ! And...? OYA my friend asked to put her and her brother in here.
Ookami: I thought you said no spoilers...?
Me: Oops. Well they already knew about DJ anyways. x3)
Everyone: (stares at shadows)
Ookami: (comes out) Why is everyone staring???
Everyone but Ookami: ...
????: (sigh) Anyways, I'm Arimica Angela Kami, you guys are...?
Yugi: I'm Yugi.
Joey: Joey. Joey Wheeler the awesomeness that is.
Yugi: ...Really??
Joey: Yup! {Writer: NO. You are NOT awesomer than Prussia!}
Tristian: And I'm Tristian.
Suki: I'm Suki!
Soul: I'm Soul!
Hikari: I'm Hikari, nice to meet you.
Himeko: I'm Himeko. {I forgot how to spell her last name, I hope I spelled it right. :/}
Shizuka: 'I-I'm Sh-Shizuka.' (bows)
Madeleine: Bonjour! Je ma'pelle Madeleine. ...E', I'm francais. ^-^
Danny: Oh, and I'm Danny! Pleased to meet you, Mica!
Ookami: And I'M Okami! ^-^
Mica: I already know who half of you guys are! xD
????: 'I bet you guys don't know me...' (comes out from behind a bush with dramatic music playing)
Mica: ... Okay, hi Ryou.
Ryou: O_O 'How did you-?'
Mica: FIRST, let me take the evil outta you... (takes Theif King Bakura's spirit and traps it in the bottle on her necklace) Now you were saying?
Ryou: 'U-Umm...' O//_//O
~In La Bottle~
Melvin: We were defeated, Bakura... DEFEATED.
Bakura: (sigh) What will we do now?
Melvin: Let's try to get the Pharoah's leath pants!
Bakura: -.- No, and besides it's his leather SHOES.
Melvin: Oh yea, why not we make Joey do his Brooklyn rage?
Bakura: ... I do believe we're trapped here for eternity.
Melvin: >..< Alright alright... GO FISH! (has cards)
Bakura: ... I guess I have nothing better to do for the next 6 million years, why not?
~back with them~
Mica: Soooo, you and Yugi are NOT dating?
Danny: (Anime Angry Sign with Joey and Tristian holding him back)
Ookami: Naw, we're just friends! ^-^
Mica: Oh. ^-^
Danny: (calms) ~That's what I thought!~
Babda: ~Dude, just chill out. Y'know they're not dating so why get angry 'bout it?~
Danny: (shrugs)
Babda: ~ExACTly!!~
ALRIGHTY NOW, I'm off to do Part 42. I gotz some time before I go to bed! ^-^
"Where kats are spelled with K!"
((Tis the day... I posted another one from when I first typed it on my school laptop~))

Date: 05/28/14 1:24 AM
From: Kats24

((Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I'm going to be kinda being ONLINE and OFFLINE every so often 'cause I'm going places a lot. I mean, on June 10th or somewhere around I'll be going to a beach and I don't know when I'd be back. >..> I'll try to get on as much as I can when I have the chance! I <3 you guys and all the fanfictions you make it's just I can't get on and comment on everything everyday like I used to~ I may go back to my normal daily schedule to check the Nickboards in July, though. ^~^"))
Part 40 "Rumors..."
~Meanwhile with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Gang~
Yugi: Marik!
Melvin: Hm? Who's that?!
Yugi: Wha?
Melvin: I'm MELVIN.
Yugi: Who?
Melvin: AHAHAHA! You should be asking RYOU that!
Joey: Talk about Abridged...
Tristian: Hey! Why don't I have my own episode? *cricket noises* ...Okay. :c
Joey: Ey! Stop dreaming and come back to reality right now! We gotta get rid of this Melvin dude.
????: It's okay, guys. I got this! Yo, Melvin...
Melvin: What?
????: Take this! (puts him in a bottle on a neclace and puts it around her neck) There we go!
Everyone but ????/Shizuka/Madeleine: (mouth drops)
????: What?
Yugi: H-H-How did you-?
????: Easy.
Yugi: (heart eyes)
Danny: (smirks) ~I see he likes that vampire...ALRIGHT! Now I'm the only one who likes Ookami!!!~
????: Hey, wait a sec, what happen to that girl...uh...Okami?
Danny: ...!
Hikari: How did you know Ookami's name?
????: She dates Yugi, doesn't she?
Yugi/Danny/Hikari/Madeleine: W-WHAAAAA!??!?!?
Marik: I-I don't think they ever dated...
????: B-But everyone's been announcing that...
Danny: (fire eyes) Errrr....!!
Babda: ~Dude, calm. It's just been a rumor!~
Babda: ~U-Uh...Yea? I mean, everyone's been talking about it!~
Danny: ~BABDAAAA!!!~
Babda: ~Meep.~
Yugi: I'm gonna faint now... (faints)
Joey/Tristian: (catches him)
Himeko: They've been dating??
????: Well...Yea, right? Everyone's been talking about it...
Joey: No way! They couldn't of been dating!
~*Everyone but Mica starts bickering on and off about Ookami and Yugi dating*~
??????: Hahaha! You think Yugi and I actually DATE? Nahhh! We're just friends!
Everyone: (stops and looks directly at the shadow)
Me: Well...That was a bit random...
Ookami: Me and Yugi would NEVER date!
Me: Actually, when I first created you, I was actually thinking about making Atem and Aki date but uh...I decided it would be better having an incident called "The Anzu Inicident".
Ookami: Wait...YOU WERE!?
Me: Yea...
Ookami: O.O OH MAH RA!!
Me: AGAIN; "Yea..." ._.
"Where kats are spelled with K!"
((P.S. I have all of Part 44 ready so whenever I have the chance I can just COPY+PASTE them. ^-^))