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Yu-Gi-Oh Stuff XD!!! (fanfic reboot)

Date: 05/08/14 4:53 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: I'm sorry to say, the original Yu-Gi-Oh Stuff was deleted....
Mica: Because of you!
Mike: It WAS your fault, Pika...
Pika: I know! It's probably cause I didn't post in, like, a week or two.
Mica: On that note, we're gonna start from where we left off!
Pika: Yeah, so I've still gotta make the special episode!
Mike: She'll try to be better at organizing.
Pika: This is all because I've been so busy with school! 'Kay, I'll get better at this.

"The coolest Pikachu you'll ever see...."~PikaPata

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Date: 10/07/14 3:46 PM
From: LOKorra12

@LunaDiana, PikaPata,
Farrah:'Sup Theia! :D
Me:I agree with LD. A Halloween chapter would be cool.

Date: 10/07/14 1:01 AM
From: LunaDiana

Mika: A Halloween chapter!
Theia: Uhh.... Sure..
Me: Good idea, Mika! A Halloween chapter!
Theia: Yay....


Date: 10/05/14 5:35 PM
From: PikaPata

Thank you. I'm trying to think of more ideas, but I can't... >_<

Date: 09/27/14 1:59 PM
From: LunaDiana

OMG Sorry! My mom took my computer, so i couldn't comment on anything! Sorry about your writer's block!

Date: 09/25/14 5:41 PM
From: LOKorra12

OH NO! It's abandoned AGAIN! :O
Farrah:You guys, have you seen Sailor Moon?
Me:Nice way conversation starter Farrah!

Date: 09/22/14 7:23 PM
From: PikaPata

@LoKorra, zorua
Pika: *raises fist* MLP!!!
Mica: *raises fist weakly, unenthusiastically* Yay....!
Mike: *looks around* Oh NO! I'm a DUDE, and I'm not a fan!
Pika: Whatever!

Date: 09/21/14 9:38 PM
From: WriteArty

@PikaPata and Zorua,
Farrah:Aw! W-Well, I of course am NOT a fangirl....YET. :3
Farrah:Burningcon, sounds cool. I WANNA JOIN!

Date: 09/21/14 6:27 PM
From: zorua108

@LOKorra12 and @PikaPata

me:hmmm it seems the bronies have started the invasion without us...
Nightshade:NOPE,NOPE,NOPE!!!! i don't want any part of this!!!!
me:oh your joining us....or i will reenact "Bronycon 2012" in your room
Nightshade:why is that scary?
me:because it is also known as "Burningcon 2012" *holds up flamthower*
Nightshade:you wouldn't dare...
me:oh i dare!
Nightshade:OK FINE I'LL JOIN!
me:*grins evilly*welcome to the herd....

~"oh dear Ra...."

Date: 09/21/14 12:53 AM
From: PikaPata

Mike: Hi Farrah.
Pika: He has fangirls because he's SO sweet! He's cute, he plays the guitar, and he cares for people! Especially Mica!
Mike: Yes, it's true.
Mica: Um, thank you Farrah? O~o"
Pika: MOVIES!!! *puts movies in the DVD player* YAY~!
Mica: *picks up a Rainbow Dash plush* I like this one....
Pika: If you guys didn't already know, on my original topic, I made an episode where every main character and OC turned into ponies!
Mica: And then there was the episode when I gave Ookami a pegasus and she trashed Ixel's house (Kats24).

Date: 09/19/14 4:59 PM
From: LOKorra12

Farrah:Hi Mike, I will help with this problem. *takes out a sonic plush dressed like mike* Hey, fangirls! *throws it*
Fangirls:*chase after plush*
Farrah:*hands Mica a bunch of MLP stuff* For you! And you! *hands you a bunch of MLP DVDs* And why does he have fangirls?

Date: 09/18/14 8:03 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Mike is Mica's (older) twin brother. He's sort of a ladies man....but he wants nothing to do with the ladies. XD
Mike: They're creepy!
Fangirls: *creepily staring through the window, whispering* We love you, Mike. Stay with us....
Mike: ._____."
Pika: Yeah, that's creepy!
Mica: My Little Pony? Yes, I know of it.....because of HER! *points to me*
Pika: *singing* My little pony, my little pony ah-ah-ah-ah.....sorry....
Mica: I'm forced to watch it.
Pika: THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!! RAINBOW POWER!!! *bumps fists with Farrah*

Date: 09/17/14 5:08 PM
From: LOKorra12

Farrah:Who's Mike? Mica, Ever heard of My little pony? :D
Me:Ooh. O__O That's a good vegetable name. Mine was Spinlina XD.
Farrah:I wonder why Jack never came here...
Me:Probably because he didn't want to.

Date: 09/16/14 8:05 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Hi Korra, hi Farrah! *glomps you back*
Mica: *waves* Hey.
Pika: Yup, it's deserted. ANYBODY OUT THERE?! *echo* See?

Pika: I DO make pretty sound theories!
Mica: She won't save anything....
Pika: I don't know how! XP I've got a tablet and no computer.
Mica: Yeah, so she gets everything done on the tablet.
Pika: *thinks for a second* A name? Hmm.... Paris?
Mica: That's nowhere CLOSE to a vegetable!
Pika: Parsley.....O____o"

Date: 09/15/14 8:02 PM
From: zorua108


me:those are good theories...but i only haven't been on in awhile because i wasn't able to post anything every time i tried to post it would just be a blank screen
Nightshade:so we couldn't post anything for awhile
me:also if the boards are somehow still updating(because some threads are disappearing) be prepared to save your fanfic chapters in case they delete everything...
Nightshade:you didn't ask her about the thing....
me:what thing?
Nightshade:you know the new O.C.
me:oh right! i'm making another O.C. she's a saiyan(like in DBZ) and i can't come up with a name
Nightshade:all saiyans have vegetable puns in their names like Kakarot(carrot), Raditz(radish) or Vegeta(vegetable)
me:and i can't come up with a name pun for my O.C. got any ideas?

~"maybe i should have made a Namekian..."
~"or maybe a male saiyan?"
(me:too many male saiyans in DBZ)
(Nightshade:good point)

Date: 09/15/14 7:52 PM
From: LOKorra12

HI THERE!!!!!!!!!
Farrah:MICA, PIKA! *glomps them*
Me:Wow this is abandoned.

Date: 09/15/14 7:11 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Honestly don't know. Some people left for vacation, but came back for a day....
Mica: And then left again.
Pika: I have some theories.
Mica: Oh no. DX
Pika: 1. Everyone is still adjusting to school. 2. They all have writer's block, like me. Or 3. They're all bored and don't feel like logging in.
Mica: Pretty sound theories, Pika.
Pika: Yes, I know. I've still been checking on the boards every day to see if anyone had posted, and nothing. I've been busy, too, but I manage to get on the Internet at like, 6:00. (I get out so late! XC)

Date: 09/14/14 7:32 PM
From: zorua108



~"Is anyone still here?"
~"It's like a ghost town on the message boards these days"

Date: 08/23/14 3:45 PM
From: PikaPata

Pika: 'Kay, I haven't been post any new chapters 'cause I've temporarily run out of material to use.
Mica: And she's lazy...
Pika: Thank you, Mica! <_< I've also stopped writing momentarily, because the boards aren't really that lively. In fact, I highly doubt anybody will read this post....
Mica: So, when she stops being lazy, gets more ideas, and the boards pick up, we might post.
Pika: Yeah.... Sayonara for now!

Date: 08/13/14 4:20 PM
From: PikaPata

I seriously don't know what to do!

*_Forever Electric_ *

Date: 08/08/14 1:20 PM
From: PikaPata

@Life Update
Pika: *looks around* Everything is changing!
Mica: They're only changing the boards and Nick!
Pika: My life is changing, too! I just bought newer, cuter earphones! I have the Minion Rush game on my tablet, and they updated it, so now it's all hard!
Mica: Isn't it SUPPOSED to be hard?!
Pika: -_- I liked it how it was!
Mica: Whatever....