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Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Girl

Date: 08/10/14 11:42 PM
From: tacoss21

Hello everyone! So I decided after I posted my Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh guy question I decided to do a favorite YGO girl one, just for the guys and anyone else who'd like to answer.
As I've said before, only this time with the gender switched, "she's so hot!" is not an acceptable single answer. But, you can include this.
I just want to know why based on their personality and their actions.
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Date: 08/21/14 7:09 PM
From: ashricky

I like Tea. She's the hope of the group. She's smart and also brave. She supports all her friends in anything they do.

Date: 08/13/14 1:49 PM
From: kitty22200

My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! girl is Serenity Wheeler! She is sweet kind, and very innocent, but also strong and brave. In my opinion that is the perfect balance for a girl character. I also like that her quiet personality really balances out her brother's loud one. :3
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