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my fanfic (reach for the stars)

Date: 09/04/13 5:43 PM
From: animefan13

Hey,guys I'm gonna start a fanfic but in order to do that if you guys want you can make a charater but you have to specific ok? BTW you can't take this character because she's the main:

Name : Star
Age: (same as Yuma aka I don't know)
Hair: straigth, color: Black with blue highlights.
Deck: Fire and spellcaster deck
Number card: 87: Queen of the night atk/3200 def/2300
Acssories: (can't spell) Glasses,has a silver necklace with a star that has 3 small round green gems.
personalitty: Smart,outgoing,fun to be around.

So can't wait to see the charaters :D

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Date: 03/01/14 2:20 PM
From: animefan13

Animefan13: Ugh, I'm sorry I don't have my journal I'll promise to do it on Monday. But I hope you guys have a great week.

Date: 02/24/14 4:31 PM

I'll do Chapter 9 (Part 2) maybe somewhere this week. But until then have a great week! ;)

Date: 02/24/14 4:30 PM

At the roof
Shark: I think we lost him.
Izuna: Those soccer drills really came in handy.
Darkness comes over the school.
Izuna: Huh? *Turns around* Gasp.
Shark: What? *Turns around*
Atsie and Kite were standing on top of the roof. Thunder and lightning crashes behind them.
Atsie: Hello.
Izuna: So, I?m guessing you?re Atsie and Kite?
Atsie: Yup, now give us the necklaces.
Shark: Why should we?
Kite: If you don?t you?ll have your souls taken away.
Atsie: But if you win against us we?ll be out your way. What do you say?
Izuna: *Looks at necklace, remembers what Star said and grips on it* Who says we?ll lose?
Shark: I?m going to drag you under the deep.
Kite: Good I like to duel before my opponents? souls are taken.
Atsie: At least something good comes out of Orbital not getting the necklaces like we planned. *Evilly laughs*
End of Chapter 9 (Part 1)

Date: 02/24/14 4:23 PM

In the hallway
Orbital: I can?t b-believe I?m doing this! But I have to do it.
Flashback in Kite?s lab. Atsie, Kite and Orbital were looking at computer screens.
Atsie: I found out where they are.
Kite: Where?
Atsie: Right now they?re in Heartland duel academy. Let me just hack in the cameras. *Types* We?re in luck the two put their necklaces in their lockers.
Kite: Great now we can take them.
Atsie: Yes, but we can?t be seen or we?ll get caught. We need someone small.
Kite: And sneaky.
Orbital: Y-Yeah someone s-small and sneaky. B-But who? *Scratches chin*
Atsie and Kite stare at Orbital.
Orbital: *Stops scratching chin* W-What?
Kite: Don?t let us down Orbital.
Orbital: M-Me?!
Atsie: You?re the only one good for the job.
Orbital: I am?
Atsie: Yup.
Kite: Plus if you don?t do it. I?ll take you apart and put you in the incinerator.
Orbital: G-Gah? I?ll go now! *Rolls quickly out the room*
Atsie: Wasn?t that a little too much?
Kite: At least he did it. Didn?t he?
Orbital: Where is the locker room a-anyway? *Takes a hologram of the school and turns it off* I guess I just have to make a right turn. *Turns right* Ah, t-there they are. *Goes in the boy?s locker room, breaks open Yuma?s locker and grabs Yuma?s pendent* One down, one more to go.
Shark: *Walking down the hallway* Tch, man. *Notices Orbital with Yuma?s pendent* (~In head~ Isn?t that Yuma?s?)
Orbital: *Goes in the girl?s locker room, breaks open Star?s locker and grabs Star?s necklace* Oh how M-Master Kite and M-Master A-Atsie are going to love me for this.
Izuna: *Walking through the hallway* Man, the library closed at the last minute. *Notices Shark* What is Shark doing here?
Shark: (~In head~ Why is this robot grabbing necklaces?) *Goes behind Orbital and grabs the necklaces*
Orbital: H-Huh? *Turns around*
Shark: I believe these don?t belong to you.
Orbital: G-Give those back!
Shark: Nah, I don?t think so. I don?t know why a trash heap like you even wants these.
Orbital: D-Did you just call me a trash h-heap?
Shark: Yes I did.
Orbital: Grrr! *Transforms* Roar! *Punches the ground*
Shark: *Dodges* Whoa, I guess you?re a bit cool for a garbage can.
Orbital: Roar! *Punches*
Shark: *Dodges* Agh. *Runs and notices Izuna* Izuna catch! *Throws Star?s necklace to Izuna*
Izuna: Huh? *Catches necklace* Why do you have Star?s necklace?
Shark: *Runs pass her* That robot is trying to take it!
Orbital crashes through the girl?s locker room.
Orbital: Necklace!
Izuna: Gasp. *Starts to run by Shark*
Orbital: Roar! *Races after them*
Izuna: Shark you better have a good explanation for this!!! Why does that robot want these necklaces?!
Shark: I don?t know! All I know is it wants them for his masters Kite and Atsie.
Izuna: You mean those number hunters?!
Shark: You know them?
Izuna: Tori told me about them! *Dodges Orbital*
Orbital hits the wall.
Orbital: Huh?! *Pulls arm drill* I-I?m stuck!! A little help here?
Shark: Let?s go to the roof.
Izuna: As long as it?s not by that thing I?ll follow.

Date: 02/24/14 3:54 PM

Chapter 9 (Part 1)
At school during study hall. (Study hall all the different students come here.)
Teacher: Ok students, you can have free time.
All the students started to chat with one another. Star just sat in her seat reading a book.
Izuna: *Walks over to Star* What are you doing?
Star: Nothing, but reading.
Izuna: Oh I had a question for you. Why do you always have that necklace?
Star: *Puts book away* My parents gave it to me before I was put up for adoption.
Izuna: You were adopted?
Star: Mmm-hmm. *Nods*
A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes with a secondary uniform walks by Izuna and Star with a girl with dark green hair and purple eyes wearing a secondary uniform.
Blonde: You mean her?
Green: Yeah, Star. I think she wants Shark to herself.
Star: What was that about?
Izuna: You didn?t talk to Shark did you?
Star: Yeah, but only once.
Izuna: Sigh, that?s what I thought.
Star: Why?
Izuna: Almost all the girls want him. So word spreads around fast. It?s annoying if you ask me.
Star: Oh that?s why. That also explains why Riku was there.
Izuna: Riku was there? *Smacks forehead with hand* That explains why it only took a day. Riku gossips about everything in less than a day. She?s the worst.
Star: You?re telling me.
Bell rings
Star: Well I?m going to swimming class. Bye Izuna. *Gets up and walks to class*
Izuna: Bye Star. *Gets up and walks to class* Now to go to the library.
In the necklace
Galatina: So humans have these powerful feelings called emotion. The best things that make humans, humans. After these weeks I learned emotions and pain from Star. But we only talk at her house and if it?s important. Then again this was my choice. Maybe I?m a little human because I feel loneliness and pain. When I?m in here and my brother. But when I?m with Star all those feelings change. Was this another reason Byron kept me with Star?
In the swimming pool
Caswell in the distance: Absolutely not Yuma!
Star: (In her bathing suit and just getting here) Huh? *Walks over to her friends* What?s wrong you guys?
Yuma: Caswell is being uptight.
Caswell: What?! No I?m not!
Star: So? I don?t get what the problem is.
Yuma: Caswell says we can?t wear our necklaces in the swimming pool.
Caswell: It?s a safety hazard. Do you know how many times your pendent hit my head?
Anthony: It hit my head too.
Caswell: See.
Tori: I agree with Caswell.
Caswell: Thanks you Tori.
Yuma: Let me just do one cannonball first.
Caswell: Yuma put it away now.
Yuma: Ugh, fine. *Walks away glumly*
Star: I?ll put mines away too. I don?t want anyone to get hurt.
Caswell: Thank you Star, at least someone understands.
Star: No prob. *Walks to her locker, takes off necklace, puts it in her locker and locks it* (~In head~ I hope Galatina will be safe.) *Walks to the swimming pool*
Anthony: Hey Yuma I bet you can?t make a bigger cannonball than me.
Yuma: You?re on Anthony!
Annie, Cat, and Tori: Sigh, boys.
Star: Huh? *Nervously laughs*

Date: 02/24/14 3:25 PM

Animefan13: Hey guys I'm back I'm here so here's Chapter 9 (Part 1) Enjoy!! ;)

Date: 02/22/14 3:17 PM
From: Animefan13

Me: I'll do Chapter 9 (Part 1) on Monday so enjoy your weekend!!

Date: 02/22/14 3:16 PM
From: Animefan13

In the nurse?s office
Star: Huh? *Wakes up* Where am I?
Female voice: You?re in the nurse?s office.
Star: Huh? *Looks to her right* Izuna?
Izuna: Why are you here?
Star: I don?t know. *Looks at her own hands* Um, why are you here?
Izuna: I don?t want to talk about it.
Star: Oh. *Looks at the window*
Galatina appears
Galatina: Hello Star. Why are you in a bed?
Star: Hi, Galatina. I?m in here because well I don?t know what.
The nurse comes in the room.
Nurse: Star and Izuna you?re awake. You guys can go now. But here?s an ice pack. *Hands them an ice pack*
Star and Izuna: Thanks. *Puts ice pack over their heads and walks out the room*
Star: Izuna, can I ask you a question?
Izuna: Sure.
Star: Are my eyes red?
Izuna: No why?
Star: No reason. *Sighs with relief*
Bell rings
Star: Oh, I?ll see you later Izuna. *Throws ice pack away in the trash and runs to class*
Izuna: (~In head~ What was Star talking to?) *Walks to class*
At recesses
Star, alongside Galatina walks to the duel field.
Galatina: Star, why did you ask that girl about your eyes?
Star: Izuna? Oh, I asked her because something happened. But it?s nothing to worry about.
Galatina: Oh, ok.
Star: But anyways I?m ready to duel! *Puts duel gazer and duel disk on*
Someone taps on Star?s shoulder.
Star: Hmm? *Turns around*
Shark: Are you Star?
Star: Yeah. Why?
Shark: No reason, it?s just your name traveled around fast. I never got to meet you in person.
Riku: *Notices Shark talking to Star. So she rushes over by them* Hey Shark you said we could tag-duel today.
Shark: No I didn?t and I know I didn?t because I don?t even talk to girls like you.
Riku: Than what girl am I like then?
Shark: The girls that think they?re pretty and are the snobbiest things in the world.
Riku: Grr, I?ll make you pay. *Stomps away*
Star: Sigh, Riku is a pain.
Shark: I know she always wants to be by me.
Star: At least she doesn?t give you an evil look when you always pass by her.
Shark: Yeah, I guess.
Bell rings
Shark: I?ll see you later Star. *Walks away*
Star: Um, ok?
Galatina: Who was that?
Star: How am I supposed to know?
Yuma: Huh? *Notices Star and Galatina, then runs over to them* Hey Star and Galatina!
Star: *Turns around to see Yuma* Oh, Yuma.
Yuma: Was that Shark you were talking to?
Star: I guess so. I never saw him in my life.
Yuma: Hey your eyes aren?t red anymore.
Star: Yeah I know. We better get going to class. I?ll race you! *Runs*
Yuma: Hey no fair! *Runs*
Galatina: Sigh. *Goes in the necklace*
In Kite?s lab. Atsie alongside Orbital was looking at the computer screens.
Kite: *Walks in the room* What are you doing?
Orbital: *Rotates head around* M-Master Kite! A-Atsie found a big find.
Kite: What is it?
Atsie: Those necklaces are not from Earth. They must be from another planet or something, as far as I can tell at the moment.
Kite: I already know about Yuma?s but I didn?t know about Star?s was too.
Atsie: That?s the thing Star?s is way different from Yuma?s.
Kite: So why are we talking about necklaces?
Atsie: If we have them both, then we?d have endless power. We may even be able to save your brother, Hart. But this is a big may.
Kite: Then let?s get started.
Orbital: Y-Yay we maybe e-even save M-Master Hart.
Atsie: Than let?s find out where they are.
End of Chapter 8

Date: 02/22/14 3:16 PM
From: Animefan13

Chapter 8
*Theme song plays*
The night before school, Shark in the hospital was sitting by the side of a girl with bandages around her eyes.
Shark: Rio. *Holds her hand*
Rio: Reginald. Ugh.
Shark: Rio!
Rio: Reginald. You, Yuma, Izuna, Star, Atsie and Kite can save the world.
Shark: Stop talking crazy.
Rio: Do you really think I?m talking crazy? Trust me, Reginald.
Shark: Ok, I will. *Goes out the door*
Rio: You and the others can say the world.
Shark: (~In head~ What does she mean we?ll save the world? I don?t even know the three of them. Wait a minute.) *Remembers what Izuna said in Chapter 6* (~In head~ I only know one of them so far.)
The next day in school.
Star: *Walking down the hallway* Yawn. (~In head~ I shouldn?t have been up all night watching TV.) *Goes in the classroom, walks to her seat and sits* Yawn.
Cat: Um, Star are you ok?
Star: A little sleepy, but I?m fine. Why?
Tori: Well your eyes are red.
Star: I just said I was sleepy, so of course they would be red.
Yuma: No your pupils are red.
Star: Huh?
Annie: Here. *Hands her a mirror*
Star: *Looks in the mirror to see Yuma was right* B-But I?m not mad or anything.
Bronk: Maybe your eyes can change color.
Flip: I know a guy whose eyes change color.
Anthony: You shouldn?t worry about it.
Star: I guess you guys are right. I shouldn?t even worry about it anyways. It?s not like anything bad happened.
Teacher: Everyone take your seats.
A bluish planet is under attack and so was a black planet.
~Back in reality~
Teacher: *Slams Star?s desk* Wake up!
Star: *Wakes up startled* Wah!
Everyone except the teacher and friends: * Laugh*
Teacher: Star if you go to sleep again you?ll be in detention.
Star: (~Whispers~ Sorry.)
Teacher: Good.
Bell rings
Teacher: Ok class; go to your next class.
Everyone except the teacher goes in the hallways.
Star: *Smacks her forehead with her hand* Ugh, I can?t believe I slept during class.
Cat: Well you did say you were sleepy.
Yuma: I?ll see you guys during swimming class. *Waves and walks to class*
Star, Tori, Annie and Cat: Later, Yuma.
Tori: *Stretches*Today?s a good day.
Annie: It is.
Star: *Looking out the window* Yeah. *Head starts to hurt* Ugh. *Holds head and drops to the ground*
Cat: Star are you ok?
Star: Ye-Yeah I?m ok. *Tries to get up but faints*
Tori, Annie, and Cat: Star!

Date: 02/22/14 2:20 PM
From: Animefan13

Me: Hey-yo! I'm back and here's chapter 8 enjoy.

Date: 02/22/14 2:14 PM
From: Animefan13

@PikaPata Lol I wanted to do this on Valentine's day but I didn't have the time. So thanks.

Date: 02/22/14 12:31 AM
From: PikaPata

Pika: Valentine's episode!!!
Mica: Here we go again...
Pika: *using Iron Tail on EVERYTHING* KISS! KISS! KISS! KIIISSS!!!!!
Mica: She gets like this whenever there's romance between characters. *rings tornado siren* EVERYBODY GET OUT, SHE'S ON A LOVE RAMPAGE!!!!! *flies away*
Pika: PikaCHUUU!!!! *uses Thunderbolt*
Mica: She's dressed in a Pikachu costume....just roll with it.....
Pika: PIKA!!! *uses Tackle on the TV, screams* WHAT DID I DO?!?! Now I can't watch TV!
Mica: You have a tablet....the thing you're on....RIGHT NOW....
Pika: *holding tablet* Yeah....still, though....

Date: 02/21/14 5:37 PM
From: Animefan13

Animefan13: WHY?!
Grim reaper: Why what?
Animefan13: Why can't Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Clash duel carnival come to America?!
Grim reaper: Oh that? I kinda was think the same thing.
Animefan13: I have cousins over in Japan who can get it for me but I can't do that. It's mean.
Grim reaper: Sigh I wish it would come out too.
Animefan13 and Grim reaper: Please come out in America soon!!

Date: 02/21/14 4:51 PM
From: Animefan13

Animefan13: *cries*
Grim reaper: What's wrong?!
Animefan13: People keep spoiling the show for me!!
Grim reaper: Why do you even read them?
Animefan13: Because, because?
Grim reaper: Because why?
Animefan13: It's hard not to! They say--
Grim reaper: Don't say anything!! You'll be a spoiler yourself.
Animefan13: But this is important!!
Grim reaper: Sigh, then say it.
Animefan13: People die in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. Certain people.
Grim reaper: What?!
Animefan13: Mmm-hmm. But I can't say anymore. I'm still sad. But then again I don't know if it's true or not. But if you do know DON'T TELL ME!! I want to be surprised. Oh and also Reach for the stars is coming to an end but season 2 will be better than ever and it'll be on a new message board also I'll be needing new characters so post it when season 2 is posted!! I guess that made me better.
Grim reaper: I still don't know who died...
~I have a heart of a duelist and you can't take that away from me!!~
~Who died?!~
~Grim reaper~

Date: 02/21/14 4:06 PM
From: animefan13

Me: I'll do Chapter 8 tomorrow so I hope you enjoy the story so far.

Date: 02/21/14 4:05 PM
From: animefan13

A special Valentine's special: Chapter 7 continued.
At home
Star: I?m home! *Runs upstairs*
Mom: Welcome home.
In her room, Star jumps on her bed and puts her face to a pillow.
Galatina: So what was that?
Star: The mushy stuff. (~In head~ I bet everyone had their Valentine?s Day like regular people.)
At Yuma?s house
Annie: *Holding a bag of chocolates* (~In head~ Should I be even doing this?)
Yuma: *Opens door* Hey Annie.
Annie: Um these are for you. *Hands him the bag*
Yuma: Wow thanks. I?ll put them by Tori?s
Annie: Tori?s?
Yuma: Yeah she gave me hers this afternoon. Anyways see you at school Annie. *Closes door*
Annie: TORI!!
At Cat?s house
Cat: I get to spend Valentine?s Day with my best friends. My cats. Who needs humans?
A knock comes at the door.
Cat: Who could that be? *Gets up and opens door* Hello?
A kitten with a heart mark on its forehead was sitting at Cat?s doorstep.
Kitten: Meow.
Cat: *Looks down* Aww. *Picks it up* You?re so cute. Huh? *Notices a card on collar, takes off the card and reads* Have a purrfect Valentine?s Day. From: Unknown. This is the best Valentine?s Day ever.
Anthony: *Behind a tree grins*
At the duel field
Shark: Izuna why did you even invite me to duel today?
Izuna: Because all the people that I usually duel are off doing something mushy or romantic. Now Celestial Luna attack!!
Shark: AAHHH!! *Falls on back* (LP: 0)
Izuna: I win. Come on get up Reginald. *Gives him a hand*
Shark: *Gets up* I?ll beat you next time, Izuna.
Izuna: That?ll never happen.
Shark: Whatever.
Izuna: *Laughs*
At Kite?s lab
Atsie: Yawn. Why were there so many numbers today? *Sits at the computer* Now to find out where Yuma and Star are. Huh? *Notices a rose by the computer and picks it up* That?s sweet.
Kite: *By the doorway* Hmph. *Walks away*
At Star?s house.
Star: *Looking out the window* (~In head~ But than again I?m not regular.)
End of A late Valentine?s special: Chapter 7

Date: 02/21/14 3:49 PM
From: animefan13

Me: Ha-ha I'm happy because my mom let me go to the library today so I can finish.

Date: 02/20/14 6:35 PM
From: animefan13

Me: Sorry the computer won't let me type for more than 2 hours I only have 1 minute left. I'll finish on Saturday. Sigh I hate when this happens. >:(

Date: 02/20/14 6:23 PM
From: animefan13

Outside at the back of the mall.
Star: Where is he?
Galatina: There. *Points to Jack who was leaning against a wall*
Jack: *Turns around* So you?ve come. It is I number 2: Love bug. Now we duel!
Star: *Sniffling* Love bug?
Jack: It?s not funny!
Star: ok, ok geez. Let?s do this.
Jack and Star both put on their duel disk and duel gazers.
Both: Let?s duel!
Jack: I go first! I draw. *Draws a card* I summon Kuriboh, then activate the spell card Multiply. I only wanted two Kuribohs. Now I overlay my three Kuribohs to xyz summon Number 2: Love bug! (Number 2: Love bug Atk/ 0 Def/ 3,000 rank. 1) I end my turn!
Star: This is too easy! I draw! *Draws a card* I put Shining Angel in attack mode. Now I activate my spell card creature swap. Now I have Number 2, now I activate fissure and destroy Shining Angel. Now I activate Sword and shield, Number 2 now has 3,000 attack points. I switch it to attack mode. I also use the spell card Axe of despair. Now Number 2 has 4,000 attack points. Now Love bug attack!
Jack: AAAAHHHH!!!! (LP: 0)
Galatina: That was too easy. Is Number 2 really that weak?
Star: I don?t know.
Jack: *Gets up* What happened?
Star: Nothing.
Jack: *Looks at clock* Ah, its 6:00 p.m. already?! Wow I must have been having fun or something.
Star: (~In head~ I haven?t it?s been tiring for me.) Speaking of which I have to go home. *Starts walking*
Jack: Huh? Star wait!
Star: Hmm? What is it? *Turns around and stops*
Jack: I just wanted to say thanks. Today has been the best last day ever. I?m glad I met you.
Star: Right back at you. *Starts to walk*
Jack: Wait there?s another thing!
Star: *Turns around* What?
Jack: This. *Kisses Star then let?s go* I?ll miss you Star.
Star: *Face turns red, she turns into her form with pink eyes, then runs away, then turns around* I told you I hate mushy stuff!! *Then runs home*
Jack: Yeah I know.

Date: 02/20/14 6:01 PM
From: animefan13

At the mall after returning the flowers.
Star: *back to normal sipping through a straw* (~In head~ Why did this number have to steal flowers?)
Galatina: Every number has a special reason. So what?s this plan of yours?
Star: (~In head~ I don?t have one.)
Galatina: What?!
Star: (~In head~ I thought I would wing it. But I have no clue.)
Galatina: Sigh Star. *Puts hand over forehead*
Star: (~In head~ So how?s your Valentine?s Day observation going?)
Galatina: *Takes hand off forehead* Well I observed that people give each other gifts like flowers and these brown stiff that people eat.
Star: *Stops sipping* (~In head~ Chocolates?)
Galatina: Yes that?s it. You?re just doing this to bring me off topic aren?t you?
Star: (~In head~ Kind of.) So Jack where are you moving to?
Jack: Well actually moving back. I was from Canada, so my family and I are going back.
Star: Canada huh? I guess that?s nice going back to where you?re from.
Jack: Star are you a werewolf or something?
Star: No. Why would you say that?
Jack: You turned in to this wolf person.
Star: (~In head~ I didn?t even notice.) You must be seeing things.
Galatina: He won?t fall for that.
Jack: I guess you?re right. Maybe I?ve been dueling too much. *Drinks soda*
Star: (~In head~ That?s it! Galatina I have a plan.)
Galatina: Let?s hear it.
Star: (~In head~ I?ll just duel him like I did with the others.)
Galatina: But you can?t duel him in this state.
Star: (~In head~ Why?)
Galatina: If you do his soul will be lost forever in the card.
Star: (~In head~ So I have to duel him when the card controls him again?)
Galatina: Exactly.
Star: (~In head~ How am I going to do that?)
Galatina: Well this number controls him because of his broken heart. We just have to make his heart broken again.
Star: (~In head~ I don?t want to do that.)
Galatina: Well how about you can sing a song. Songs have more emotion in them. Plus you won?t even tell.
Star: (~In head~ I don?t want to sing.)
Galatina: Star.
Star: (~In head~ Fine. But where am I going to sing at?)
Galatina: Why can?t you sing here?
Star: (~In head~ no I need a place where there is music.) *Looks around* (Ah ha!) Hey Jack let?s go over there. *Points to a stage*
Jack: Ok.
Star: Let?s go than. *Grabs hand and runs*
Man on stage: So who?s brave enough to sing?
The crowd mummers.
Star: I?ll do it. *Raises hand*
Jack: Star?!
Star: Don?t worry. *Goes up on the stage and talks to the band members* Hi I?m Star and I?m going to sing to you guys. (~In head~ Because I have to.)
Galatina: You know you didn?t have to.
Star: (~In head~ I didn?t want to do it in his face. Besides it?s been a while since I sang.)
Galatina: Than sing.
The music began to play, then Star began to sing ?Love the way you lie? by Skylar Grey.
Jack: Ugh. *Runs away after the song*
Star: *Stops singing after the music was over* Thanks you! *Runs away from the stage*