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Falling For Trey (fanfic)

Date: 01/05/14 10:42 PM
From: PikaPata

The star character is Lynn, who has a special Crest and likes Trey. She tries to get him to notice and like her...but it's easier said than done. To get him to notice her she pops out of nowhere to surprise him. Trey becomes Lynn's best friend and she supports whatever he does. This shows the adventures they have (when Trey isn't number hunting) and how close they become. As they hang out more....they eventually become MORE than friends. Troubles from Lynn's mysterious past surface and bring trouble.

"The power of the Crest is EVERYTHING!!!"~PikaPata

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Date: 04/24/14 6:49 PM
From: animefan13

@Wesel PERFECT!!! X3

Date: 04/22/14 6:34 PM
From: Weasel052

@PikaPata Thank uuuuuuu!!!!!
To sum it up for the readers who are (probably) confused on what just happened, Lynn and Tifi are kidnapped by a ?mysterious? someone. Trey and his brothers kind of get the alarm that something happened to Lynn by having their Crests glow in signal. The trio of brothers get sucked into a portal and land at the feet of a girl named Star. Then there?s this flashback that shows young Star and young Lynn playing together for the first time.

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Date: 04/21/14 9:42 PM
From: PikaPata

Great, you're back! It's good you're feeling better! Nice chapter, and I hope you're not stopping there, because I really wanna know who's behind this! That's SO weird, it's MY fanfic and I'M the one who's waiting to see what's next! =3

"Is there a REASON why I'm a Pikachu? Yeah, 'cause I'm adorable!"~PikaPata


Date: 04/19/14 10:24 AM
From: Weasel052

Hey guys, I'm back with the other half!
Part 10 (2/2) Trey's POV
Trey: *Sleeping*
~About at 1:34 A.M.~
Trey: *Crest is glowing* WHOA!
Quattro, Quinton: *Crests are glowing too* OH MY G'..
Quattro, Quinton: WE DON'T KNOW!!
*A portal opens and Trey and his brothers are sucked in*
~2:00 A.M.~
*The trio of brothers land beside the foot of a girl*
???: Hey, get up.
Trey, Quattro, Quinton: OWW..
???: GET. UP.
Trey, Quattro, Quinton: *They all get up* OKAY.
???: Listen, the name's Star. Did YOUR Crests start glowing too?
Quinton: How does she know that?...I mean, yeah.
Star: Look, we gotta go. Especially Trey.
Trey: What?! Star, I never-
Star: *Cuts Trey off* Just trust me..It's to save a special old friend we BOTH know..
Young Star: Dad, can I play with the other kids?
Byron: All right, just this time. Now go on..
Young Star: YAY! *Hugs Byron* *Runs out the door*
~5 1/2 mins. later (In flashback)~
Young Lynn: *Crying*
Young Star: What's wrong?
Young Lynn: I was rescued by this little fairy, Tifi.*Tifi says hi*
Young Star: From what?
Young Lynn: My dad.
Young Star: Well, you're here, you're safe. Let's go play!
Young Lynn: Okay..

Date: 04/19/14 1:44 AM
From: Weasel052

Hey dudes! It's me! Sorry Pika for not posting..Well, I mostly recovered..My sis Kite (Kitesgal) is literally screaming yay in a pillow, and I gotta go to Saturday school to catch up on my work. I'll either post at 9:30 or 10:00. I'm going to the computer lab. So, yep. I'll catch y'all laters!

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Date: 04/05/14 2:05 PM
From: animefan13

Oh my god I hope weasel is alright. Poor weasel.

Date: 04/05/14 12:43 PM
From: PikaPata

Oh, thanks for telling me that....I can understand that if she had a medical emergency. In that case, I'll be happy to wait for her.

Date: 04/05/14 12:57 AM
From: fluffle4u

Wait, Weasel? I know her! Someone punched her (a bunch of times) last week and sent her to the E.R. Poor Weasel...She's still recovering..And her younger sister Kite (Kitesgal) is crying. At least Weasel's okay, right? OH, and next week, she'll be able to sit up and type! Let's hope Weasel will completely recover by May!


Date: 04/03/14 9:03 PM
From: PikaPata

Is SOMEONE going to do anything? If you're out there Weasel, please make the next part, so I won't have to figure out how to fix this!

Date: 03/25/14 3:22 PM
From: animefan13

@PikaPata LOL X3

Date: 03/24/14 5:36 PM
From: PikaPata

Great minds think alike! LITERALLY!!! XD

Date: 03/24/14 4:37 PM
From: animefan13

@PikaPata Gasp you did that comment an hour before me. I just re-read it to see if I did it right turns out we were thinking the same thing. X3 LOL

Date: 03/22/14 4:34 PM
From: animefan13

@Weasel: Wait but Star is Trey's little sister and Lynn's dating him.... Hmm.... How about Star being Trey's, Quattro's and Quinton's long-lost sister because she came in the story so late. And of course you can have a dramatic and awesome flashback. Sorry I just re-thought it.

Date: 03/22/14 3:58 PM
From: PikaPata

Sorry, no. The whole point of the fanfic is that Lynn likes Trey. Star is Trey's sister, and if Lynn is Star's long-lost sister, she can't be with Trey. And I've already introduced Lynn's dad as Mako, the thief..... You CAN, however, put Star in the next part for me! You can add another flashback, too, but they CAN'T be sisters. It won't work.....SOO SORRIES!!!

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Date: 03/22/14 2:41 PM
From: animefan13

@Weasel Gasp that would be perfect! XD
@PikaPata I can't wait! XD

Date: 03/22/14 1:23 AM
From: Weasel052

PikaPata, could I put Star in the other half? Oh, and just wondering, Animefan and Pika, can I make Star Lynn's long-lost sister? Also, A DRAMATIC AND AWESOME FLASHBACK?

Date: 03/20/14 8:30 PM
From: PikaPata

'Kay! When Weasel does the other half of part 10, I'll put Star in.

"Does my cuteness overwhelm you....?"~PikaPata


Date: 03/19/14 5:03 PM
From: animefan13

Animefan13: Can you put mines in there?
Name: Star
Age: Same as Yuma's
Gender: Female
Hair: Straight black hair with blue highlights and down to the middle of her rib cage and has bangs that cover her fore head.
Clothes: Wears a white t-shirt, a blue hoody and jeans.
Deck: Full of space monsters
Accessories: Has a necklace with a three round green gems and the shape of a star and wears glasses.
Siblings: Trey, Quattro and Chris.
Parents: Vetrix a.k.a Byron
Personality: Tomboyish, bold and shy towards people she doesn't know.
Friend: Everyone but best friend Galatina.
Galatina is the same as bad Astral but her left eye is purple and her right eye is black. Her hair also goes down to her feet. The only people that can see her are Star's brothers, Yuma, Astral and Kite.
Extra: She turns into this wolf girl when she get emotional.
Wolf form:
Hair: White and like Bukara's except it's feminine.
Eyes: Mad-Bright red Normal-Blue
Deck: Full of barian space monsters.
I hope you use her. X3


Date: 03/18/14 9:52 AM
From: Weasel052

Part 10 (1/2)
Lynn: Thanks Trey. You're a good friend. *smiles*
Trey: *kisses her on her cheek*
Lynn: *blushes* Um...It's getting late..I should go now..
Trey: *Grabs Lynn's hand* Lynn, can you stay and hang for a bit?
Lynn: No, I couldn't..I have to get home.
Trey: Okay, bye Lynn.
Lynn: *Opens a portal and disappears*
~At Lynn's house~
Lynn: *Yawns* Tifi, I'm gonna go to bed..*Changes into a nightgown and goes to bed*
Tifi: Okay..*Yawns* Me too..*Falls asleep*
~About at 1:30 AM~
???:*Quietly opens window aand climbs in* Let's see how Trey can go without this 'Lynn' girl! And let's not forget that little fairy of hers!
Tifi: Hm...*Rolls over onto the other side of her bed*
???: *Ties Tifi's hands, wings, and mouth* Now, for Lynn!
Lynn: *Is still asleep*
???: This is going perfectly! *Ties Lynn's hands, feet, and mouth*
???: Now, time to hide the evidence..*Cleans Lynn's room as if nothing happened and uses pillows and blankets to make it look like Lynn is till in bed*
???: No one will ever know!

Will Trey save Lynn? Or will that mysterious villain get away with it? Find out on the other half!


Date: 03/15/14 10:23 PM
From: PikaPata

'Kay, you can make a part! Just try to connect it with the last one, like Pachetu did, 'kay?

"FOR THE LOVE OF POKÉBALLS, NOT A ROCK TYPE!!! I can't shock it...."~PikaPata