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Falling For Trey (fanfic)

Date: 01/05/14 10:42 PM
From: PikaPata

The star character is Lynn, who has a special Crest and likes Trey. She tries to get him to notice and like her...but it's easier said than done. To get him to notice her she pops out of nowhere to surprise him. Trey becomes Lynn's best friend and she supports whatever he does. This shows the adventures they have (when Trey isn't number hunting) and how close they become. As they hang out more....they eventually become MORE than friends. Troubles from Lynn's mysterious past surface and bring trouble.

"The power of the Crest is EVERYTHING!!!"~PikaPata

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Date: 03/15/14 2:43 PM
From: Weasel052

Hey PikaPata! Can I make a part? Pachetu asked me over and over if I could make some parts whenever I had the time (EVEN WHEN IM EATING GYOZA!) So, can I? For the sake of Pachetu?

~"It's trolling time!"~


Date: 03/15/14 12:04 AM
From: PikaPata

Part 9 (2/2)

Quattro: It's YOU again!
Lynn: Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it?
Quattro: *growls*
Yue: Some guy was arguing with her.
Lynn: My dad....
Trey: Your dad....? I didn't know you had one.
Lynn: Basically, I don't. He got me into SO much trouble when I was younger....
Yue: A-and....?
Lynn: I was almost caught, but Tifi rescued me.
Quattro: *scoffs, rolls his eyes*
Lynn: I handled myself for a week, then mom found me and brought me home.
Yue: Did you KNOW your mom?
Lynn: *eyes sparkle* dad was....ugh....*turns away*
Quattro: If you're going to be around Trey all the time....
Lynn: *blushes, tucks her hair*
Quattro: You have to meet Vetrix.
Yue: I'm out! Vetrix and Yuma don't get along....I should leave. *disappears*
Lynn: I don't think I should....I'm not a bad person anymore.
Trey: She's right....
Quattro: Fine...*walks away*
Lynn: Thanks Trey. *smiles*
Trey: *kisses her on her cheek*
Lynn: *blushes* Um....


Date: 03/12/14 6:22 PM
From: Winxrocks9

Please continue! :D

Date: 03/02/14 1:29 AM
From: pachetu13

Part 9 (And a half)

???:*Walks around corner to an alley* Hm hm hm hm hm..
Lynn: Dad, NO! I have a CLEAN life now!
???: *Hears Lynn and runs to alley* Hey, what's going on?!
Mako: *Sees ???* Hey! You, kid!
Lynn: Don't listen to him! He's a thief!
Mako: Don't listen to HER! She's lying!
???: *Lifts up hair showing Crest* enola reh evael!
Lynn, Yue: *Disappear just in time for Lynn's dad to get arrested* WHEW!
Lynn: Thanks for saving me. What's your name?
Yue: Name's Yue Tsukomo. You heard of Yuma Tsukomo? I'm his long-lost sis.
Lynn: WOW. I've never opened up about MY past so much, but you seem to.
Lynn: BTW (By The Way), where are we?
Yue: At my friend Quattro and Trey's house.
Lynn: O__O *Sees Trey and Quattro*
Trey: Lynn? Yue? Is that you?

~Nya nya nya nya~


Date: 03/01/14 2:43 PM
From: PikaPata

Sure you can make a part, I don't mind! As long as you can make it connect to the last part.

"I shock's what I do."~PikaPata


Date: 03/01/14 11:31 AM
From: pachetu13

Hey, PikaPata, could I do a part with some of my OC's? I have some ideas..So, can I? Just wondering...Here's my fave OC
Name: Yue Tsukomo
Age: Yuma's age
Height: Yuma's height
Gender: Female
Eyes: Like Yuma's
Hair: A little spiky, black hair that makes her look like a boy
Clothes: Usually-A white shirt with a magenta vest and a key necklace like Yuma's and jeans Uniform-2nd year uniform with pants, not a skirt
Crush: Kite
Crest: On her forehead and looks like the key Yuma has, also red
Friends: Quattro, Shark, Rio, Flip, and Trey
Powers: Has Telekinisis (Able to move things with your mind), Telepathy (Able to read people's minds), and can transform to anything (Ex: Shadow, Anyone like..Quattro)
Well, hope I can make a part!



Date: 02/28/14 7:20 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 8

Astral: I believe she has a Crest.
Yuma: Why?
Astral: Trey would only know her, because she has a Crest.
Yuma: I don't have a Crest, and Trey knows ME.
Astral: ~Yuma....~
*with Lynn and Trey*
Trey: *runs up to Lynn* Why did you run off?
Lynn: I can't really be around people.
Trey: Why?
Lynn: I'm not proud of thing I've done in the past, but I HAD to do them.
Trey: Lynn, you're safe around me...*holds her hand*
Lynn: Yeah, but I can't break old habits of running away from things.
Trey: I'll be here to help you with that...
Lynn: *hugs Trey* You're a really good friend, Trey. *goes through a portal*
*on the way home*
???: *runs past Lynn*
Lynn: *turns around* D-dad?
Mako: Hey, come with me! *pulls her*
*in an alley*
Lynn: What are you doing here?
Mako: Picking up a little something...*holds up a bracelet*
Lynn: Don't tell me you STOLE that!
Mako: Well, I didn't BUY it. Come back with me Lynn...
Lynn: Dad, NO. I have a CLEAN life now! I have a mom and two sisters. I have a friend!


Date: 02/28/14 11:23 AM
From: Winxrocks9

You're inspiring me to make a yugioh fanfic...

Date: 02/27/14 6:42 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 7

Tori: Who's your friend?
Trey: This is Lynn.
Yuma: I'm Yuma've probably heard of me.
Lynn: Actually...~I guess he's Kazuma Tsukumo's son. I can't say that...~ no, I haven't.
Tori: Hi, I'm Tori Meadows.
Cat: I'm Cathy, but just call me Cat.
Bronk: I'm Bronk and that's Caswell and Flip. *points to them*
Trey: So you were just walking around?
Lynn: .....Yes.
Yuma: Hey Lynn, you wanna have a duel?!
Lynn: No....I'm not much of a duelist.
Tifi: I TOLD her she had nothing to be afraid of.
Lynn: *tucks some hair behind her ear* Well, I have to go...see ya! *runs away*
Yuma: What's up with her?
Astral: She does not seem normal...
Trey: I guess I'll go catch up to her. Bye guys. *leaves*
*on the way home*
Astral: Lynn was very suspicious...
Yuma: She seems normal
Astral: Why did she leave as quickly as she came?
Yuma: Some people are busy, Astral.
Astral: I believe she was able to see me.
Yuma: But I thought only Dr. Faker and people with Crests can see you.


Date: 02/26/14 3:27 PM
From: animefan13

Animefan13: Me I'm reading it!! It's great please continue!! If you don't I'll be sad! :(

Date: 02/26/14 2:35 PM
From: PikaPata

Please tell me SOMEBODY'S reading this!

Date: 02/24/14 5:41 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 6

Yuma: It wasn't MY fault!
Bronk: Hey! Cool it, guys!
Cat: I agree with Yuma, it was TORI'S fault!
Caswell: It was Yuma's OWN fault he lost!
Trey: Hi Yuma. Lose a duel...?
Yuma: *points to Tori* Her fault!
Tori: *hits Yuma on the head* YOU messed up!
*in a tree*
Lynn: Those guys argue a lot...
Tifi: They must like each other....Speaking of LIKING someone....
Lynn: I know....Trey's there. I just don't want to show myself around the others.
Tifi: Like THEY would recognize you...
Lynn:'re right! *jumps down*
Tifi: You need to look normal. *waves her wand* (looks like an antenna)
Lynn: *wearing her regular clothes* Time to put on the cute girl act.
Tifi: Don't just walk up to him! Walk around and let him notice you.
Lynn: *annoyed* Ugh! O-KAY! *walks past Trey*
Tifi: *gasps* WHAT IS SHE DOING?!
Trey: *notices Lynn* Lynn?
Lynn: *turns around, her hair wraps around her* (like a slow-motion turn)
Trey: *blushes* What are you doing in Heartland?
Lynn: *softly* Walking....


Date: 02/22/14 12:34 AM
From: PikaPata

@Anyone who's reading
I'll post later....sometime....maybe.....if I can.

"I'm sleepy.....sorta..."~PikaPata


Date: 02/06/14 8:40 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 5

Tifi: You don't have to get defensive.
Lynn: know how I feel about that past.
Young Lynn: I can't do it!
Young Lynn: *starts crying, runs in a store, takes a diamond*
???: Good....give it here!
???: *takes diamond, runs*
Young Lynn: WAIT, YOU FORGOT ME!!!
???: Sorry, kid....I can't go to jail!
Young Lynn: *kneels on the ground, starts crying again*
Young Tifi: *pops out of a portal* Hey, girl....need to get away?
Young Lynn: *nods head*
Young Tifi: *sees police* Come on!
Police: DON'T MOVE!!!
Young Lynn: *jumps in the portal, disappears*
*in reality*
Tifi: Uh....sorry about that. Hey, visiting Trey will cheer you up!
Lynn: Okay....*puts on dress, lifts hood* Let's go!
Tifi: Okay! *picks Lynn up, flies out window*
*somewhere in Heartland*
Trey: I've got to find someone with a number....*sees Yuma*
Yuma: I would've had that duel won, if Tori stopped yelling at me!


Date: 02/05/14 11:56 AM
From: PikaPata

Part 4

Trey: It's okay, I'm used to stuff like that.
Lynn: Tifi's just....*facepalms*
Tifi: I'll leave you two alone, then. *flies off*
Lynn: I don't have friends because of my secrets.
Trey: Well...I COULD be you're friend....if you want.
Lynn: That would be...PERFECT!!!
Trey: Don't mention this to my brothers. *leaves*
*the next day*
Lynn: *looks outside her window* I don't understand why people like daytime better than night.
Tifi: Because people like to SEE where they're going!
Paris: *opens the door* I hope you'll get out of your room once on your life!
Tani: Stop being mean, Paris. Lynn, you don't have to come downstairs if you don't want to. *leaves*
Tifi: *comes out of the covers* THAT was close!
Lynn: *looking at a picture* Huh? What did you say, Tifi?
Tifi: Remembering your past?
Lynn: WHY would I want to remember THAT past?!


Date: 02/03/14 4:06 PM
From: XYuGiOhZX

I love characters who are way dangerous than they look. Yes, please continue. I'll be waiting.

Date: 01/31/14 5:47 PM
From: PikaPata

Anyone like it? I'm tryin' mah best!

Date: 01/27/14 9:15 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 3

Tifi: You're gonna get yourself hurt like that!
Lynn: It was worth it. *sighs dreamily*
Tifi: It's nighttime, we should be home.
Lynn: It's easier to stay out here, on these buildings.
Trey: Why did you come to see me?
Tifi: *surprised* Um...
Lynn: I came because I wanted a friend.
Trey: What?
Lynn: It's really hard to have a friend, when you have as many secrets as me.
Trey: *sits down next to her* I could be your friend.
Lynn: *looks at him from the corner of her eye* My past is a clouded one...
Trey: Why would I need to know your past?
Tifi: I'm not do I know you're not trying to catch us?
Trey: What would I gain by catching you?
Lynn: You might make your dad happy.
Trey: *shocked* You know about dad?
Lynn: *chuckles* I LOOK innocent...don't I?
Trey: Huh?
Lynn: I'm the kind of person who's more dangerous than I look.
Trey: I guess I know a little about looking unassuming.
Tifi: Cause, you look harmless?
Lynn: *glares at Tifi*
Tifi: WHAT? I'm an honest person.


Date: 01/24/14 3:34 PM
From: PikaPata

Part 2

Lynn: I have to go anyways. Bye! *runs out the door*
Paris: Where does she always go?
Tani: Why do YOU want to know?
Paris: Reasons....
*at Vetrix's castle*
Tifi: You sure this is okay?
Lynn: Yes? Not entirely. Maybe.
Trey: *looks around* Who's there?
Lynn: Just me. *appears from the shadows*
Trey: Who are you and what do you want?
Lynn: I'm Lynn, and I don't want anything. *takes off her hood*
Tifi: *sitting on Lynn's shoulder* We don't want anything.
Quattro/Quinton: *see Lynn*
Tifi: You're in trouble NOW.
Lynn: That's my cue! *looks up* Tifi?
Tifi: Yeah, I know. *jumps off Lynn's shoulder, grows*
Quattro: You won't get away!! *uses Crest*
Lynn: *fake yawns, uses her Crest* Is that all you got?
Tifi: Lynn, don't encourage them!!! *picks Lynn up* Sorry, gotta go!
Lynn: BYE BOYS!!! *waves, starts laughing*
Tifi: Oh boy.... *flies away*
Trey: *thinking* Who WAS that girl?


Date: 01/16/14 4:32 PM
From: Animefan13

Yes please go on.