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Need new OC's!

Date: 02/09/14 2:44 AM
From: YukiDuels

Hey guys, Yuki here! It's been soo long since I posted stuff and made fanfics. That's because I didn't have internet.. Well, forget that, now. I'm gonna make a fanfic called 'New Girl, Old Foe', and I need some characters..since I had school, chores, and classes (music, P.E., etc.), I was so busy that I couldn't think of any. Well, let's just get to the point, already. This is how you're gonna make a character, but I'll use one of my old, unused OC as an example:

Name: Mikuro
Age: 12
Skill(s): Can hit ANY moving target whatsoever and hits like a BAWSS
Best Card(s): Number 39 Utopia and Number C101 Silent Honor Dark
Strengths: Has a crest which makes her invincible and goes into battling overdrive when she's teased
Weaknesses: Can't stand not being able to draw for at least a month and has one (and ONLY one) pressure point that can be hit easily, which makes her go into a coma
Siblings: Shark (oldest) and Rio (middle child)

So there.


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Date: 03/22/14 1:44 AM
From: Weasel052

OMG hey guys! Sorry, I haven't been posting for a while..OH and @Everyone;
GOOD NEWS! I'm having Spring Break so..ALL YOUR OC'S ARE IN! Everyone's OC was really good so I chose all of them! Gonna be starting the Fanfic in March 24th, okay? Givin y'all the heads-up!
P.S. I'm using my friend Weasel (Weasel052)'s account and laptop, I'm sleeping over tonight. Thanks!

"Does my cuteness give heart attacks?"


Date: 03/05/14 8:43 PM
From: balasingam

Name: Jayden wheeler
Deck type: Elemental hero's fusion
Best Card: Elemental wild heart
Strengths: can talk to duel spirts and can fuse about every monster
Weaknesses:losing his friends

PS. They use elemental hero's in the yu-gi-oh gx series


Date: 03/05/14 3:33 PM
From: animefan13

Here's mine:
Name : Star
Age: (same as Yuma aka I don't know)
Hair: straight, color: Black with blue highlights.
Deck: Star struck deck. Which is basically full of monsters from space.
Number card: 87: Queen of the night atk/3200 def/2300
Accessories: (can't spell) Glasses, has a silver necklace with a star that has 3 small round green gems.
Personality: Smart, serious, fun to be around and is so relaxed.
Her form:
Hair: Like Bukara's but has wolf ears on top.
Eyes: Red.
Deck: Full of Baraian space monsters.
That's mines

Date: 02/26/14 3:48 PM
From: XYuGiOhZX

Here's mine:
Name: Izuna
Nickname: Tomboy Izu, or Izu
Age: 14 (Second-year class and same classes with Shark)
Personality: Tomboy type, doesn't like to hang with a crowd, and hard to get along with. Easy to get along with once you get to know her. Her history is unknown.
Style: No frills, lace, glitter or any of those things. Wears casual clothing or hand-me-downs that her brother Kohaku gave her. In school, she wears the second year uniform, with leggings. Has icy blue hair with violet streaks, emerald green eyes. People mistake her as a boy at times when her hair is tucked into a hat or if cut short.
Deck: She won't usually duel people with Celestial Luna or Celestial Solar monsters. So at times, instead she uses a deck full of dragons, demons and angels.
Hope you use her.

Date: 02/25/14 5:45 PM
From: kitty22200

Parker: Yes!
Anna: Calm...
Parker: sorry

Date: 02/25/14 4:52 PM
From: SUNNY1

Name: toria
age: 12
skill: can paint really good * my younger sister is helping*
best card: gagaga girl
strengths: she is pretty so she can get what she wants
weakness: none
siblings: taki twin

Date: 02/23/14 5:11 PM
From: katgal1234

Thank you!

Date: 02/23/14 8:42 AM
From: YukiDuels

Hey, Yuki here! You guys all have great OC's! Oh and @Meomi;
Yeah, I remember you now..Charlene?
Well, I still need a few more OC's. Oh well. Just be patient...
Your OC was good! I can imagine what Katniss looks like.

Yuzuko Aya sounds like a pretty cool girl. I'll make sure to add her in my fanfic!

Parker Yukoto seems cool. He doesn't sound weird and I find him..kinda cute. I'll make sure to put in a flashback to make him sound cooler and dramatic.

@Katgal1234 (Again)
Lily-Shinri-Usagi...sounds great as a OC! Oh, and I won't forget Dolly-Shinri-Usagi!

Thanks guys for your help! Getting more ideas from all ya!



Date: 02/22/14 5:14 PM
From: kitty22200

I forgot some very important Parker info he is the number card guardian and its weird.......
Parker: I'm normal
Quattro: Your weird.
Parker:*sobbing in corner*

Date: 02/17/14 5:19 PM
From: katgal1234

Name:Yuzuko Aya
Skills:Is extremely fast runner,loyal.
Best cards:Cosmic Dragon
Strengths:is secretly protector of the universe.
Weaknesses:It's really hard to become "Ultimate Protector Yuzuko"(her superhero identity)

Date: 02/16/14 2:18 PM
From: katgal1234

Name:Lily Shinri-Usagi
Skills:Is great duelist who combats ANY trap,good friend
Best Cards:Number 1000,Fairy Ruler Girl.
Strengths:Dueling,has a spirit girl in her head that tells her to save her twin.
Siblings:Dolly Shinri-Usagi (older twin)
Weaknesses:won't accept that she has to save her sister.

Date: 02/16/14 5:27 AM
From: meomi

Hey Yuki! It's me, Meomi! Remember that short little girl at Rowland? Yeah, that was me. And you probably don't remember but we were friends with Fluffle (Lauren) since Kindergarten to second grade. Well, here's my OC that I was gonna use for my fanfic, 'Two Faced Twins':

Age: 10
Skill(s): dodges and duels LIKE A BOSS
Deck Type(s): Just combining monsters to summon other monsters (Like Blue-Eyes White Dragon)
Best Cards: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Princess of Tsurigui, Hysteric Fairy, Banisher of the Light, Shield Warrior, Gogogo Giant, Dark Magician, Gagaga Girl, Gagaga Magician, and Witch of the Black Forest
*YAWN* I'll continue laterr..*falls asleep and so does Rey*


Date: 02/12/14 8:07 PM
From: kitty22200

Name: Parker Yukoto
Age: 17
Looks: dark blonde hair, purple eyes, black jeans, blue T-shirt, white medallion. black sneakers
Deck type: Dragon
Best Cards: Dragon Ray (my own made up card, basically a white dragon with spiraling elements and white magic around it) no one knows he has it
Skills: Can control Quattro(who is afraid of him a bit), Can summon his elemental powers at will
Weakness: he will do anything to protect Anna, Rio, and Trey.
Relatives: Vetrix(uncle), Quattro(cousin), Trey(cousin), Quinton(cousin), Anna (little sis)
Friends: Rio (she got into a fight with Shark and npow lives with him)
~where cats can talk and write fanfics~
PS; just say if you need more info or OC