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Reach for the Stars (Season 2)

Date: 03/20/14 3:31 PM
From: animefan13

The characters are back with an all new challenge "The Duel Carnival". In this season Star finds out more about her past. Join the story with Star, Atsie, Izuna, Annie, Anthony and the others in this new challenge. New characters!!! Meet the new characters: Ri-Lee, Menou, Lynn, Tifi and Jayden. The story will begin on March 29th 2014.
Star: See you there!
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Date: 03/28/14 4:00 PM
From: animefan13

In a dark library, there was a little kid with blonde hair in a mask wearing a light blue trench coat and white pants. The kid was watching TV and there was a tall man in the background but the darkness was hiding him. An older teenage boy was walking in the room. He had spiky purple hair and yellow hair and was wearing a white trench coat, white shirt and white pants.
Little boy: So was it successful Quattro?
Quattro: Of course, I was flattered that Reginald or should I sat Shark recognized me. But I?ll take him down; I?ll take them all down. *Evilly laughs*
The person with the cloak come out of the portal and steps in the room.
Little boy: So Trey my loving son how?s Star?
The person took off his hood and had an innocent look on his face, he had red hair.
Trey: She?s fine; it turns out Galatina?s still with her and Star?s in ?The Duel Carnival?.
Little boy: Excellent this?ll be an excellent reunion with my precious daughter.
Trey: Oh and she can control her crest now.
Little boy: Really?
Ending song: Short version of? Longing freesia? plays
End of Chapter 1 season 2

Date: 03/28/14 3:59 PM
From: animefan13

Period 9 last class for the day.
There was a man with gym teacher clothes on and had white nearly bald hair.
Teacher: I?ve called you all here because you all are in ?The Duel Carnival?. So I wanted to see your skills, if they?re good or possibly perfect. I already called almost everyone; you five are all that?s left. Star Yugami, Ri-Lee Tsukomo, Riku Miyokiya, Rea Ishida and Daisuke Oshiro. I?ll call you one at a time the rest will just watch. First up is you Ms. Ishida.
Rea: Oh. *Goes on the duel field, puts on duel disk and duel gazer*
Teacher and Rea: Let?s duel!
Star: (~In head~ Great the only time I leave my duel disk and duel gazer at home.)
Galatina appears
Galatina: You?re in a pickle.
Teacher: Oh and if you left your duel disk and duel gazer at home you won?t be able to participate in ?The Duel Carnival?.
Everyone except teacher: Why?!
Teacher: Because a true duelist doesn?t forget their duel disk and duel gazer.
Star: (~In head~ Great just great. What?s next?!)
Riku: Hmph, I?m totally going to pass.
Ri-Lee: *Whispers to Star* She has a big ego doesn?t she?
Star: *Whispers* You should see her outside class.
Teacher: Hmm, I already did Ishida and Oshiro. *Checks off the list* Now you?re up Miyokiya.
Riku: ?K. *Gets up and goes to the duel field* Ready! *Puts duel disk and duel gazer on*
Teacher and Riku: Let?s duel!
Ri-Lee: (~In head~ This will be fun.) *Uses dark powers when no one was looking and mind controlled Riku*
Mind controlled Riku: Um sensei can I use the little girls? room?
Teacher: You?ll be disqualified if you do.
Mind controlled Riku: I don?t care! *Runs out the room*?
Teacher: Well that was unexpected.
Ri-Lee: *Stifle giggles*
Teacher: Now let?s see. Next up is Ri-Lee Tsukomo.
Ri-Lee: *Uses dark powers again*
Mind controlled teacher: Oh, sorry Ri-Lee just moved here. You?ll still be in ?The Duel Carnival? Ri-Lee.
Ri-Lee: Thanks. *Punches Star in the arm* Good luck.
Star: Uh, thank you. *Rubs her arm* (~In head~ Man, she punches hard.)
Teacher: Come on up Yugami!
Star: (~In head~ Here goes nothing, actually everything.) *Gets up and goes to the duel field* Sigh.
Teacher: Where?s your duel disk and duel gazer Yugami?
Star: I-I left it at home.
Everyone except Star and Galatina: Gasp.
Teacher: So I?ll have to disqualify you from ?The Duel Carnival?.
Star: Wait, let me have another chance!
Teacher: I don?t give extra chances, you should know that Ms. Yugami.
Star: No! I worked too hard for this I trained and studied! You can?t do this!
Ri-Lee: (~In head~ Poor Star maybe I can?)
The voice of the person in the cloak in Ri-Lee?s head: Let her do it herself.
Ri-Lee: Huh?
Teacher: My mind is made up.
Star: Ugh! *Birthmark starts glowing* Huh? *She changes into her wolf form, her left eye now had sliver wolf claw marks on it and the eye color changed purple, while the right eye changed red. Then a black and star covered duel disk appeared on her left arm*
Ri-Lee: Whoa. (~In head~ It just appeared out of thin air.)
Teacher: Hmph, I see. If you trained and that just happened. Then I can trust you?ll go far in ?The Duel Carnival?. So don?t let me down Yugami! *Leaves the room waving his right hand good-bye*
Star: *Turns back and her duel disk disappears* Whoa?
Galatina: (~In head~ Uh, oh. She?s getting close to figuring out the truth. What?ll I do?)
Ri-Lee: That was awesome! I guess you were feeling the flow, huh?
Star: You really are Yuma?s twin.
While the two were talking the person in the cloak was watching them from the window.
Person in the cloak: Hmm, she?s getting close. *Makes a portal and goes through it*

Date: 03/28/14 3:58 PM
From: animefan13

At school
Star: *Pants and slowly walks* Why?.? *Goes in the home room and see her friends* Hi you guys.
Yuma wasn?t there yet but Annie, Anthony, Bronk, Cat, Flip and Toru were there in their school uniform.
Everyone: Good morning Star.
Star: *Sits in her chair and lays her face on the desk*
Galatina appears
Galatina: Where?s Yuma and Astral?
Star: Oh, yeah. *Lifts head up* Where is Yuma?
Tori: Late as usual.
Yuma appeared by the door with a girl. The girl had hair kind of like Yuma?s except it was less spiky and it flows down 1 inches. She was wearing a 1st year uniform, shoes like Yuma?s and a necklace that has a little pyramid with the Eye of Horus.
Girl: It?s ok Yuma. I mean so what if you didn?t get accepted?
Annie: What?s she talking about Yuma?
Yuma: I-I?
Girl: Oh, no here we go.
Yuma: I didn?t get in ?The Duel Carnival?!!!!
Everyone except Yuma and the girl: Huh?!
Caswell: Um Yuma did you sign up?
Yuma: Sign up on what?
Everyone except Yuma: Augh!
Anthony: You had to sign up online to get in ?The Duel Carnival?. Then you get one of these. *Holds up a heart piece*
Yuma: Do all of you have those?
Everyone except Star: *Holds up a heart piece*
Yuma: Even you Ri-Lee?!
Ri-Lee: I thought you knew.
Star: Mine is coming this evening.
Yuma: Gasp! Does anyone have a tablet?!
Caswell: Here. *Gives Yuma the tablet*
Yuma: Thank you! *Types on it* My name?. my address and my deck and I?m done!
Hologram Heartland shows up.
Hologram Mr. Heartland: Sorry but all entries are closed. But see the tournament on TV. *Disappears*
Yuma: N-N?
Ri-Lee: Yuma?
Yuma: NO!!!! *Runs fast out the room*
Everyone: Yuma!!!
Everyone except Star and Ri-Lee chases after Yuma.
Ri-Lee: Yuma?s too much. *Notices Star* Hi, I?m Ri-Lee. *Lends a hand*
Star: My name is Star. *Shakes hands then let?s go* Ri-Lee how do you know Yuma?
Ri-Lee: He?s my long-lost twin. Shame he didn?t introduce me. I just got to this school from a private school.
Star: It?s glad to meet you, I hope you like it here. I just hope those guys don?t get expelled for skipping class.
Ri-Lee: Me, too.
Bell rings
Star: *Gets up* See you later Ri-Lee. *Goes out the door*
Ri-Lee: See you.

Date: 03/28/14 3:57 PM
From: animefan13

Theme song: Short version of Braving by Kanan plays
Chapter 1
It was nighttime in Heartland the street lights were on, cars passing by and Star was walking home. Wearing her jeans, white t-shirt and blue hoody.
Star: *Stretches* Sigh, another perfect dueling day. Good thing too because I have to hone my dueling skills in order to make it in ?The Duel Carnival? in a couple of weeks. *Her blue star birthmark starts glowing then Star looks at it* What the??
Someone in a brown cloak with a hood covering his face the only thing you could see was his mouth and part of his red hair appearing in front of Star.
Star: Gasp! *Falls on her back, sits up and rubs her head* Ow?
???: I-I?m sorry are you ok? *Lends a hand*
Star: It?s ok. *Grabs hand, gets up and lets go* Who are you?
???: Someone from the past that you know.
Star: What?
???: Sorry I talked too much. I?m also sorry I have to do this. *Press thumb on her forehead*
Star: Huh? *Starts to close her eyes then faints*
???: *Sadly* It?s done.
In Star?s room
Star: *Wakes up* Gasp! Ugh, what happened? My head hurts. *Looks out the window*
Outside was very sunny.
Star: What?s today?
Galatina: Monday, I believe.
Star: Monday?! Ugh! *Gets dressed, puts glasses on and gets on her laptop*
Galatina: What are you doing?
Star: Entering ?The Duel Carnival?! *Types*
Galatina: You waited till the last minute?
Star: Shhh! *Types*
Mom from downstairs: Star are you ready?!
Star: Just a sec! *Types faster*
Mom: We?ve only got 10 minutes!
Star: Gah! *Types at top speed*
A hologram of Mr. Heartland appears.
Hologram Mr. Heartland: Let?s see. *Looks into an envelope* You Star Yugami are?.
Star: *Crosses fingers* Please, please, please.
Hologram Mr. Heartland: Are in congrats! Your heart piece will come at 6 p.m. this evening. Good-bye. *Disappears*
Star: Sigh! *Face fall on the keyboard* Thank you streak of luck!
Galatina: Um, Star?
Mom from downstairs: Star!!!
Star: Coming! *Lifts head up, gets out the chair and heads out the door*
Galatina: Star aren?t you forgetting something?
Star: Oh my duel disk and duel gazer. *Goes in the room again and grabs her duel disk, but gets shocked* Ow! What the?? *Touches it again and gets shocked again* Ah! Something?s wrong.
Galatina: I?ve never seen this before.
Star: I can?t go with my duel disk shocking me.
Horn outside honks.
Mom: Star come on!!!
Star: Ugh, forget it. I?ll just go to school. Who?ll notice if I won?t duel today. *Grabs briefcase, runs downstairs, grabs deck, rushes out the door and goes in the car*
Galatina disappears.
Mom: What was taking you so long?!
Star: Ar-um-nothing.
Mom: Sigh. *Drives car to school*

Date: 03/28/14 3:56 PM
From: animefan13

In Heartland?s office Dextra, Heartland and Nestro was there.
Dextra: So you?re going to do a duel tournament called ?The Duel Carnival??
Mr. Heartland: Yes, isn?t it wonderful?
Nestro: But why all the sudden this tournament?
Mr. Heartland: It makes all the people with numbers venerable.
Dextra: So why call us down here?
Mr. Heartland: You two are on commissioning duty, if anyone breaks the rules you know what to do.
Nestro: This is going to be fun.
Dextra: This isn?t going to be fun at all.
Nestro: Oh, come on Dextra stop being a buzz kill.
Dextra: Why don?t you stop being so loud?!
Mr. Heartland: Why don?t you both stop?
Atsie appears in front of the three.
Atsie: What is it you want, Heartland?
Nestro: Atsie?
Mr. Heartland: Atsie, why don?t you come in like regular people?
Atsie: Because I?m not a regular person.
Kite comes from the elevator.
Dextra: Kite?
Mr. Heartland: Oh, goodie you?re both here.
Dextra: Kite?
Kite: I?m not here to mess around Heartland.
Mr. Heartland: Easy, Kite. Because now you?re both here, I can tell you guys. I?m making a duel tournament, which means-
Atsie: People with numbers are venerable?
Mr. Heartland: Uh, yes and-
Kite: You want us to participate to get the numbers?
Mr. Heartland: What are you guys psychic?
Nestro: With that duo no one can beat them.
Mr. Heartland: That?s all you two.
Atsie disappeared and Kite went into the elevator.
Dextra: If there is a tournament then there is a prize. What?s the prize?
Nestro: Yeah, what?s the prize?
Mr. Heartland: This one is special. It?s a wish.
Dextra and Nestro: A wish?
Mr. Heartland: Yes, a wish come true anything you desire! Isn?t the great?!
Dextra and Nestro: Umm?
Mr. Heartland: Sigh; well my wish will come true. Dr. Faker will take over the city of Heartland and I?ll be his right hand man. *Evilly laughs*

Date: 03/28/14 3:55 PM
From: animefan13

Animefan13: @ Everyone Hello I'm back! Hopefully you'll see this on March 29th 2014 because I noticed that the posts now take a day to load. So I decided to do this the day before it was actually suppose to be released. (Thankfully I typed the story this whole week now I don't have to worry about my 2 hours running out. *Nervously laughs*) So enjoy!
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Date: 03/22/14 3:02 PM
From: animefan13

Animefan13: @Everyone I can't wait either. Sorry I did two of them (The topics) it's just that the first time it didn't work. I was kind of mad because it took two days to load and it usually takes three hours. (Me talking to myself: I really need a laptop. X( Sigh.) I've been writing chapter 1 season 2 the whole week, I'm starting chapter 2 and 3 now. It'll take me forever to finish. But that's the way I wanted, I want more than 12 chapters (Counting chapter 0) this year, the goal is 20 or more. Whoo-hoo!!
Grim reaper: *Just got in the library* Why are you cheering?
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Grim reaper

Date: 03/21/14 4:59 PM
From: balasingam

Awesome cant wait to read it

Date: 03/20/14 8:34 PM
From: PikaPata

It's gonna feel like FOREVER until Season 2!!! I think I'll be distracted enough to wait for it, though.....Especially since there a new Spongebob, Sam & Cat, and the KCA's! I just can't wait to read this!