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My Fanfic (about the Arclights)---need OC

Date: 04/02/14 8:19 PM
From: kitty22200

So, I was thinking about making a fanfic about the Arclights, you know Thomas (Quattro), Christopher (Quinton), and Michael (Trey) Arclight. My OC are Parker and Anna the Arclights cousin. Their late father is Byron's (Vetrix's) little brother. Do you think it's a good idea??? Well do ya? Anyway I need some ideas, OC, and maybe number cards.......
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Date: 10/01/14 11:35 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 19
Parker: n-no...n-no...I-I...y-you're... *mumbling*
White coat: I'm what..son? *insane laugh*
Anna: *backs away & runs into Trey's arms*
Trey: Eh!? *hugs* What's wrong..?
Parker: *sinks to his knees fear evident in his eyes*
Anna: T-Trey help me..!
Trey: W-what's wrong I-I want to help you...
Anna: *shivers* h-him...
trey: who is he..?
Anna: u-um... *to shaken up to speak*
Izuna: um...kidnapped here!
Quattro: pipe down shorty!
Izuna: *glares* I REALLY don't like you.
Quattro: the feeling is mutual.
Quinton: *coughs* ahem the white coat...
Quattro: what did you do crazy man!?!
Izuna: yeah! What did you do to my friend!?
Parker: *stands shakily* g-guys its okay...really *sad smile* ...I-I'm fine...
Quattro: *looks at Parker then Izuna then White coat*
Quinton: What's going on!?
White coat: I'll show you..!
And then it all faded to black....
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Date: 09/13/14 3:27 PM
From: XYuGiOhZX

Wow, that was very unexpected. I need to know more! So keep up the good work!!!

Date: 09/10/14 9:00 PM
From: kitty22200

I'm very sorry for making you wait...

Part 18
Parker: no way am I leaving Izu in that place.
Anna: But Nii-san!
Parker: *gets car back on road and speeds down street*
Quattro: watch the road!
Parker: sit down and stay quiet!
**timeskip because I'm lazy**
Izuna: h-help
Parker: It's okay we're here...
Izuna: *smiles slightly* I thought you forgot me
Parker: never
White coat: hello...son
Parker: wha---!?!
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Date: 08/19/14 12:31 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 17
Parker: *driving the van* Quattro sit down!
Quattro: I'm looking for your weird friend!
Parker: yeah, sure you are. Keep your ENTIRE body inside the vehicle!!
Quattro: oh be quiet!
Anna: please be okay...
**with Izuna**
Izuna: *covered in cuts & bruises* please stop it...
White coat: *laughing crazily*
**back in the van**
Anna: black vans starting to chase us Nii-san!
Parker: *looks through mirror* Oh. My. Utopia.
Trey: *passed out from stress an hour ago*
Quinton: *staying relatively calm* TT . TT
Quattro: step on it Parks!
Parker: let the driver drive!
//the van goes swerving of the side of the road and now half of it is hanging of the bridge over the lake//
All: *screaming*
//Parker gets a text from an unknown person//
Text: If you wish for your friend to live retreat.
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Date: 08/18/14 1:47 AM
From: XYuGiOhZX

You MUST continue! I'm desperate to know what happens next. All I can imagine is the gang coming to her rescue saying,"Izu-kun, we're here to save you!" and Izuna:"Who are you calling a boy?! I'm a girl!" (-kun is an honorific used at the end of boys' names) OMG, I'm about to imagine a story of my own! Please continue!
Izuna: Hey! You saying I'm THAT much like a guy?!
Me: Izuna!? Oh, u-um, no! Of course you're a girl! Even with a kind-of low voice, for a girl, and your facial features...
Izuna: So you are calling me a boy!?!?
Me: Ahhhhhhh! Somebody help me!

Date: 08/16/14 9:29 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 16
Izuna: *wakes up* w-where am I? Hello?
White coat: hello Ms. Ayame...!
Izuna: w-who are you? What do you want?
White coat: I simply want to use you in my experiments, consider yourself lucky, you're one of the few to survive!
Izuna: HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White coat: *maniac laugh* no one can hear're stuck here Izuna Ayame....
Izuna: *struggling* Let me go! Let me go!
White coat: *laughing at her struggling* you'll never escape that rope is indestructible. Only a blow torch could MAYBE break through it...*laughing crazily*
Izuna: *gets electrocuted* Eek!
White coat: *laughs* don't try to escape and no harm will come to you...yet.
Izuna: *panting* please somebody help me...*whispers*
Who is the man in the white coat and what does he want with Izuna? All this and more next chapter!! :3
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Your welcome! :-)

Date: 08/16/14 12:45 AM
From: XYuGiOhZX

Thank you for putting her in! And you can do whatever you want with my OC. It's your story after all.

Date: 08/15/14 4:33 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 15
--Next morning--
Parker: h-hey...where's TJ?
Anna: now that I think about it he wasn't with when we were talking last night...he just sorta disappeared...
Quattro; what's all the racket?
Trey: did something happen?
Parker:TJ left a-and I don't know where!
TJ: (enters) hey guys...?
Parker: where the utopia were you!?
TJ: hanging out!
Parker: (facepalms) of course you were (mumbles)
Anna: let's watch the news! Maybe we're not the only ones with problems! (switches on news)
News guy: 14 year old Izuna Ayame was reported missing just last night...
Parker: ( does a spit take)
Quattro: (gets covered in juice from Parker) ew....
Anna: I-Izu-san is missing...?
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Date: 08/15/14 4:27 PM
From: kitty22200

Yes! She will fit into the story perfectly. If it's okay with you I'd like to have her be controlled by our soon to be in introduced villain. Thanks for letting me use her!
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Date: 08/15/14 2:26 AM
From: XYuGiOhZX

Hello!If you don't mind,could you add mine
Name:Izuna Ayame
Nickname:Tomboy Izu or Izu
Grade:Second year and wears leggings with uniform.
Looks:Icy blue hair with violet streaks that is short(but long enough to be able to tie into a 1 inch ponytail)and emerald green eyes.When she has headaches eyes glow violet.Has five ear piercings on her right ear.Older than she looks(looks like shes 12)People often mistake her as a boy.Has a scar on her ankle.
Personality:Seems to have split personality:her usual;kind of acts like a boy and hard to talk to.She opens up more once you get to know her.When shes mad she gets serious.Her split;sweet generous and kind.All boys fall for that personality of hers.
Style:Well shes a tomboy,what do you think?
Duel Equip:Indigo/purple disk and icy blue gazer that looks like Rio's with a reddish pink lens.Has two separate decks.Usual deck is full of dragon monsters and her other is full of Celestial monster.
Sorry its a lot, hope you use her!

Date: 08/12/14 10:39 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 14
Parker: that we've all been reunited what the heck do we do about our crests? I can't go walking around like this!
Trey:......I don't know...
Quinton: (deep in thought)
Quattro: Why can't you?
Parker: What do I do if someone says Hey dude why is your hand glowing? Having a glowing hand is not normal Thomas!!
Quattro: calm down.
Trey: what do we do though?
Quattro: You could just say it's a unique medical issue!
Parker: yes because there are so many sicknesses that cause your body parts to glow neon colors! (sarcasm)
Anna: very smart Tommy, very smart...
Quattro: (fuming)
Parker: guys it's late I think we should all go to bed.
Trey: you're right!
Parker: follow me!
//The Arclight brothers are in the guest room and everyone can get a good rest. they'll need for tomorrow//
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Date: 07/27/14 4:03 PM
From: earthboi

@Kitty22200 will you do more chapters of the story?

Date: 07/14/14 3:21 PM
From: kitty22200

Sub story: How to train your dog (Trey)!! :-)
--The Anna Show!--
Anna: Hello viewers! Today is a dog training tutorial vid!
Trey: huh?
Anna: (pats Trey) This is my dog
Trey: What!? I'm your cousin!! o.e
Anna: But you have a dog-like mind!
Trey: fine.... -__-
Anna:okay, sit!
trey: no! :0
Anna: SIT!! }:<
Trey: (afraid) y-yes ma'am! :'(
Anna: You must must be gentle! (pets Trey)
Trey: (smile) :-)
Anna: but also strict!!! (squirts with water)
Trey: (whimper) I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna: That's it! Oh wait you can give them treats too!
Trey: (gets an ice cream cone from Anna) YUMMY!
writer block sorry....

Date: 07/08/14 10:54 AM
From: kitty22200

I need some help with this fanfiction. It's getting hard to come up with situations or words to describe them. I also was wondering if anyone had any OC they wanted included? I would gladly except any, but no more that are are related to the Arclights as family members.

Date: 06/26/14 1:21 AM
From: kitty22200

Part 13
Anna/TJ/Quinton: (fighting)
Jake[Parker]: okay........that got us no where.......
Anna: What happened in there??
Parker[Jake]: um...Quattro care to answer my dear sisters question?
Quattro: (looks at him) What!? WHY ME!!
Parker:[Jake]: (death glare)
Quattro: (nods and explains everything)

*time skip brought to you by thee Flying Mint Bunny*

Anna: That's it? -sigh- thank the Utopian gods!
Parker[Jake]: ANYWAY, I was trying to tell you that I AM Parker Harrison Arclight Yukoto...NOT Jake...(sweat drop)
Anna: And I'm Annabella Jiko Arclight Yukoto!!
Anna: Nuh uh!
TJ: You liar of lying lies!!
Anna:.....nice one T..........
TJ: (blush) nevermind
Quinton: Wait......(ponders) YOUR OUR COUSIN!!!!!
Parker: ya i am...
Anna: So...
Trey: (hugs Parker & Anna) YAY! Cuzies!! (ooc)
Quattro: (smiles sorta) yeah, good for you Trey....
Trey: (acting like an airhead hugging everybody)
Parker: He hasn't changed a bit....Neither have you Chrissy!!


Date: 06/19/14 11:54 PM
From: kitty22200

Any ideas? What does y'all think of this?

Date: 06/15/14 4:54 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 12
Parker: Something you wanted to tell me??
Quattro:Well.....(thinking a bit to hard about this)
Parker:Well...? (slightly confused)
Quattro: (blush) I-I_um.....
Parker: {this better not be a love confession} continue.
Parker: (sweat drop)
-Meanwhile outside-
TJ: What the Utopia is taking then so long!?
Trey: nani??
Anna: Idk....
Quinton: Leave them be TJ!!
TJ: (annoyed squiggle) FINE!! (puffed cheek pout)
Anna: (pats TJ's head) KAWAII!!

Date: 06/09/14 11:02 PM
From: kitty22200

Part 11
Anna: Parky?
Parker: yes dear sister?
Anna: I'm hungry!
TJ: So am I.....
Trey: O////O ....hi....?
Quinton: Sorry to intrude................
Quattro: Parky? You said your name was Jake....>.>
Parker:....................{oh no}
Anna: I just call Jake that!
Quattro: oh...............
Parker: yeah...WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?!!
Quinton: Quattro tell the boy why!!
Quattro: Well.....we (elbowed by TJ)...I need to talk to you Jake.....
Parker: (nods) okay then....{NO! NO! NO!}

Date: 06/07/14 12:08 AM
From: kitty22200

Part 10
[midnight in TJ's bedroom]
TJ: (wakes up) Aah!!! (pant, pant) It was only a dream......
Trey: TJ??
TJ: what...?
Trey: I-is your crest glowing too??
TJ: W-what!? GLOWING?? As in GLOWING?? No I don't think so......(looks at crest) AAH!! IT IS GLOWING!!
Quattro: Calm down you'll wake dad!! (anger sign) It's only a glowing crest that happens all the time!!!
[In Quinton's room]
Quinton:What are you all screaming about? (sees his crest glow) Aah! Oh my Utopia, WHAT WAS THAT!??
[meanwhile at Parker and Anna's house]
Parker: this crest......(annoyed)
Anna: chill.
Anna: what?
All (everyone mentioned): (turn and look) What?

Date: 06/03/14 6:16 PM
From: earthboi

hey what happends next?