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Ask any sam & cat characters a question!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/27/14 5:11 PM
From: chipettes6

Sam: Hi everyone. Please don't bother too ask me anything when i'm texting or eating chilli buritoos. Other than that i'm free.
Cat: Hi! My name is Cat! i'm already confused. Why am i supposed to sit here and ask you questions? Oh look a marshmallow!
Dice: Hi i'm Dice. Just because i have poodly hair doesn't mean i don't have any feelings! P.S. i loooooooooooove money.
Goomer: Hi i'm Goomer. i'm a professional fighter. Look i just found a worm in my pocket!
Nona: Hi i'm Nona! Cat's grandma.Hey did u know that u can take pictures with your phone. Say cheese!
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Date: 08/23/14 6:59 PM
From: opui

hi cat! whats up?

Date: 08/23/14 6:08 PM
From: opui

you are funny!

Date: 08/23/14 5:45 PM
From: opui

Nona, whats new?

Date: 08/01/14 9:06 PM
From: lauratran1

Cat, do you ever sing when you're rehearsing? Sam, remember the kid in iCarly who's always like: "Gibby!"? Nona, do you always tell everyone looong stories when you remember something? Goomer, I think that you are a REALLY great fighter, but are you really or your just acting? Finally Dice, you have really nice hair and did you get to go on the cover? Can you send me a picture of it? Please?! Sam and Cat is the best show ever!! I love all of you!

Date: 08/01/14 5:38 PM
From: tillery

I think sam does care about cat and cat cares about sam just becuse they dont care about echter rite now they are best frinds you cant put thim back to gather allmost like lagos they fight some times you just have to give it a cans be happy and give thim a cans

Date: 08/01/14 1:24 AM
From: fluffy9926

To: Goomer
From: Fluffy9926
If you had a Nick account like ours, What would your username be? It has to be 10 letters/numbers

Date: 07/31/14 1:22 AM
From: katty00369


Date: 07/30/14 10:42 PM
From: preciosa28

Hi cat!
I love pink and sparkles and glitter!

I also liked your hat that said hat!


Date: 07/30/14 3:41 PM
From: jan29

hi goomer can you teach me about UFC fighting

Date: 07/30/14 3:34 PM
From: jan29

hi cat why are you so pretty

Date: 07/29/14 10:10 PM
From: chipettes6

For: bloom1666
Cat: Yes finally! It was a long 2 weeks but I'm out. By the way, Nona didn't bail me out of jail. Do you think that Sam forgot to tell her?
Sam: Yes I do. She can be annoying at times but we're friends.

Date: 07/29/14 4:39 PM
From: bloom1666

Cat did you get out of jail?
Sam do you care about Cat?