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Make Your Own Epic Digimon Character!! *Click!*

Date: 09/24/13 10:06 PM
From: RoyalStar9

So, if you clicked on this, then you can make a Digimon or a Human character! Yay! Here's the form!

Digivolution Chain:
Trainer (If you made a human too):

So, have fun!! :3


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Date: 03/22/14 6:17 PM
From: Kindness99

New OC!

Name: Jeni T
Age: 12
Looks: Long dirty blonde hair, violet eyes, and fair skin. Wears a dark pink sleeveless top, yellow skirt, blue short sleeved shrug, and pale pink mary janes.
Digimon: Labramon (Yes, it's a real Digimon)
Personality: Energetic, kind, bubbly, immature, caring, cheerful
Talents: Loves to sing.
Extra: Her crest is the crest of Balance.


Date: 02/23/14 9:19 PM
From: groomer18

Looks:short, blonde hair, jean vest,jeans,and a tye-dye t-shirt
Personality:a little peppy,very strong,hates Davis,tomboyish,loves cats,and likes to tease T.K and Kari about liking each other
Talents:can sing very well and is very smart
Extras:has been an orphan her whole life

Date: 02/23/14 4:04 PM
From: chrishan

Looks:brown eyes,golden digivice yellow shirt,blue pants,black hair,yellow/black shoes.
Digivolution Chain:patamon,angemon,magnaangemon/holyangemon,seraphimon

Date: 02/23/14 3:56 PM
From: chrishan

Personality:happy :D
Digivolution Chain:patamon,angemon,magnaangemon/holyangemon,seraphimon

Date: 02/02/14 3:44 PM
From: flamer114

Looks:Short Spiky Blond Hair Like Matts if you've seen Season 1
Digimon:Smokemon(Made him up)
Personality:Alone and Careing
Extra:His Mom lives in the Digital world and his Dad lives with him in the real world so he is half digital too!

Digivoloution Chain: Flaremon Smokemon Pyromon Flamedramon Explosiondramon
Looks:Red Mask covering his head with two Red eyes dragon scales and a tail with a little fire and ashs trail it every where
Trainer: Eclide
Attacks: Rage of Ashes,Tornado of Screams for Flare and smokemon Data Destroyer,Flamecanon,DracoFlame,X Flame,DoubleExplosion for Pyromon,Flamedramon,and explosionmon


Date: 02/02/14 12:27 AM
From: PikaPata

Name: Lunette T
Age: 13
Looks: Blue eyes, brown hair with blue streaks and stops at her waist, midnight blue T-shirt, ruffly skirt (same color), black vest, black boots, black choker necklace with crescent moon on it (her crest), blue fingerless gloves
Digimon: Patamon
Personality: Believes in her friends, sometimes tough, sweet, caring
Talents: Highly acrobatic and flexible, can sing
Extra: Black and blue D3, likes Ken, sometimes says "I believe" when she makes a statement

Name: Patamon (boy)
Digivolution chain: Poyomon, Tokomon, Patamon, Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Pegasusmon, Shakkoumon (with Ankylomon)
Looks: (normal) Orange (except when Pegasusmon), bat ears
Trainer/Partner: Lunette
Attacks: Tokomon-???
Patamon-Boom bubble
Angemon-Hand of fate
MagnaAngemon-Gate of destiny
Pegasusmon-Star shower, Equus beam, (can't remember the other)
Shakkoumon-Justice beam, Kachina bomb


Date: 02/01/14 3:41 PM
From: RinChanNow

Name: Clarissa *Clair* Tsubasa ("Illustrious Wings")
Age: 12
Looks: Dark green eyes. Straight, brown, mid-back length hair. Fair skin. Black V-neck, light blue shorts, light pink hoodie(with dark pink hood), red socks, black and turquoise sneakers, light blue goggles. Dark pink and yellow D3.
Digimon: Shoutmon
Personality: Kind, rude sometimes, outgoing, determined, honest, adventurous, cooperative, cheerful, talkative.
Talents: Singing
Extra: Has the Crest of Determination(I made it....I think....I'm pretty sure).

Date: 01/11/14 2:11 PM
From: SailorE

Name: Miwa Uchiha
Age: 13
Looks: Fair skin, light blue eyes. Straight, bright blonde mid-back length hair.
Clothing: Black tank top, light pink jeans, red skirt, lavender hoodie with light blue hood, turquoise high-heeled boots, yellow fingerless gloves, dark pink goggles, dark pink whistle. Black and light blue Digivice.
Digimon: Floramon
Personality: Rude sometimes, outgoing, timid, kind, childish, strong, not-too-smart. Speaks her mind even in trouble/doubt. Often breaks out singing "World Is Mine" by Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid).
Talents: Singing, speaking her mind.
Extra: Has the Crest of Voice ((I made it| Color ~ Black| Symbol ~ A (Light blue) microphone| Info ~ Those who speak their voice the most have this Crest.| Extra ~ DO NOT COPY!!!! Or use without my permission)

Date: 01/11/14 1:56 PM
From: Rabbit317

Name: Damaris Kai
Age: Season 1= about 11 Season 2= 15
Looks: Long, wavy brown hair tied back into a side ponytail or pigtails; has scruffy bangs; dark blue eyes that look like Matt's; gray hoodie over Hello Kitty shirt and purple shorts or dark blue jeans; black and white Converse sneakers; glow necklace with various powers.
Digimon: Can change into her own.
Personality: Is a mix of all the original Digidestined, but mostly depressed and angry all at the same time; very sarcastic.
Talents: Thanks to necklace, she can change into any Digimon, shoot fire, freeze her enemies (she does this to Tai as a prank frequently), and fly.
Extra: Has the Crest of Protection, which is half the Crest of Friendship and half the Crest of Courage; according to Gennai, has a very complicated destiny relating to both Tai and Matt.
Has scars representing who has broken her heart.
Dates Matt in Season 1; he breaks up with her later.
Falls in love with and marries Tai.


Date: 01/11/14 1:07 PM
From: dark725

Part 2

Attacks: lightmon: Light brigade
Coyotemon: Sandstorm
Acid Coyotemon: Acidic Sand Blast
King Coyotemon: Royal-light Shower
Extra: Maximon is twin, hatched from same digiegg


Date: 01/11/14 1:02 PM
From: dark725

Name: Samantha Shadows
Looks:black hair, normally wears purple t-shirt with black jeans
Digimon: Maximon & Coyotemon
Personality: Kind, loving, has temper, also has dark side
Talents: good with machines and music
Extra: Loves to play on her guitar

Name: Maximon
Digivolution Chain: Darkmon, Maximon, Wolf Maximon, Chaos Maximon
Looks:Wolf-like body, black fur, black bird-like wings, walks on two paws, Black belt and cloak
Trainer (If you made a human too): Samantha Shadows
Attacks: Darkmon: Shadow Blast
Maximon: Darkness wave
Wolf Maximon: Call of The Wild
Chaos Maximon: Chaos Blaze
Extra: Coyotemon is her twin, they hatched from the same digiegg

Name: Coyotemon
Digivolution Chain: Lightmon, Coyotemon, Acid Coyotemon, King Coyotemon
Looks: Coyote-like body, golden fur, golden bird-like wings, Walks on two paws, golden belt with swords
Trainer (If you made a human too): Samantha Shadows

Part 1


Date: 12/30/13 7:03 PM
From: rodroid123

Name:Takyra K
Looks:Wears a blue rimmed goggles near his forehead,Has a Sharp cut haircut and wears a blue jacket over a white T-shirt,cargo pants and has blackish brown eyes and wears a pendant around his neck
Personality:Brave,Resourceful,hard headed,kind and smart
Talents:Ability to decide quicker and predict the outcome of each choice
Extra:He has a crest unheard by anybody in the digital world even wisemon

Digivolution Chain:[Petramon]-[Geomon]-[MetalGeomon]-[VolcaGeomon]-[Heromon]-(Hidden Super Ultimate Digivolution)[GoldenHeromon]-(Mode Change)[GoldenHeromon Miracle Mode]
Looks-A lot like Agumon but has three horns on his head,darker gold
Tamer: Takyra
Attacks:Charge(In-Training),Micro Meteor(Rookie),Metal Claw Slash(Champion),Volcanic Inferno Meteor Blaze(Ultimate),Hero's Sword(Mega),Golden Victory Sword(Super Ultimate)Golden Victory Miracle Unleashed(Mode Change)


Date: 12/30/13 6:20 PM
From: terry33

brown hair with violet highlights
Danamon(I made her UP)
Mimi and Kari's mixed
Dancing,Soccer,and Art
Kamira can speak more languages.

Date: 12/29/13 12:06 PM
From: RoyalStar9

Diana: O.O Whoa. You're, like, MY CLONE!!!!!
Me: No kidding. You two look alike, and pretty much have the same everything. Except personality. You're too hyper, Diana.
Diana: Hey! >:(
Me: *Whistles* Say, wouldn't you two be sisters, if you're TK and Kari's daughter, and she's TK's daughter? ...Or is she? She could be your aunt!
Diana: MY AUNT IS NOT A 12-YEAR-OLD!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yeah, it WOULD be crazy if your aunt was younger then you... (Diana's 13)
Diana: So? You're taller then your technical aunt.
Me: And she's 12...
Diana: And your cousin, who's 20-something, is older then her own aunt!!!!
Me: S-Stop talking about my crazy family!!!!!



Date: 12/28/13 5:58 PM
From: Kindness99

New OC!

Name: Sakura "Sara" Takaishi (T.K.'s last name, Moderators)
Age: 12
Looks: Long blonde hair in two braids with a pink flower clip in it, blue eyes, and pale skin. She wears a purple smock top with a red ribbon, white pleated skirt, and lavender mary jane shoes.
Digimon: Gatomon
Personality: Sweet, shy, calm(mostly), quiet, smart
Talents: She can play the violin.
Extra: Her crest is the crest of Light.


Date: 11/29/13 9:29 PM
From: djdtree

this is my oc

Name: DJ
Age: 13
Looks: Brown skin, blue jeans, black shoes, key chain, brown eyes
Digimon: Gomamon
Personality: Kind (somtimes), hot headed, happy go lucky
Talents: Basketball
Extra: he has a healing factor


Date: 11/29/13 6:59 PM
From: LOKorra12

Oh wait there is a Extra.
Name:Summer M
Looks:Red hair,blue eyes,Pale-ish skin,freckles,Grey Tee with the writing:"DERP." in bold,Dark green skirt,Rainbow colored socks,mix-matched shoes
Talents:She can spin for 2 hours non-stop
Extra:She's a Sailor Moon OC.

Date: 11/29/13 5:20 PM
From: LOKorra12

Name:Summer M
Looks:Red hair,blue eyes,Pale-ish skin,freckles,Grey Tee with the writing:"DERP." in bold,Dark green skirt,Rainbow colored socks,mix-matched shoes
Talents:She can spin for 2 hours non-stop

Date: 11/19/13 5:48 PM
From: LOKorra12

O____O New Annabeth. Uhhh.....HAPPY NEW YEAR! XD
Looks:Blonde hair,Short,White shirt,Pink tank top over shirt,Black pants,Blue shoes
Digimon:Leafmon (Yes, it's a GIRL Wormmon/Leafmon)
Talents:She can curl her tongue!
Extra:Little sister of Jack and Farrah

Date: 11/19/13 5:22 PM
From: LOKorra12

Here's another Digi-Destined.....RE-DOIN' MICHIKO'S!!!!! XD cuz i felts likes it.
Name: Michiko "Michi" Takaishi
Looks:Yellow eyes,Green Hair,straight,shoulder length,Outfit looks like Penny's from Bolt,Mix matched shoes and socks
Talents:She takes Tai Kwon Do, and does gymnastics so she can defend herself.
Extra:She can speak 50 languages. And now....SHE LIKES RYU AND MARSHALL!
Annabeth:WHAT?! *Chases Michiko with a mallet*