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Make Your Own Epic Digimon Character!! *Click!*

Date: 09/24/13 10:06 PM
From: RoyalStar9

So, if you clicked on this, then you can make a Digimon or a Human character! Yay! Here's the form!

Digivolution Chain:
Trainer (If you made a human too):

So, have fun!! :3


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Date: 11/18/13 10:44 AM
From: djdtree

This is now my character

Name: DJ
Dgimon: Gomamon
Digivice: Red and Yellow
Age: 12
Personality: kind, sweet
Talents: DJ has the ablity to do kung fu
Weapons: 2 Boomerangs

This is my digimon

Name: Gomamon
Looks: He looks like Gomamon
Attacks: Marching Fishes and Water Smash
Tamer: DJ


Date: 11/17/13 8:31 PM
From: LOKorra12

Looks:Dark Purple Hair,Music note Necklace,Teal T-Shirt with musical notes on it,Pink ruffled skirt (long kinda),Blue high tops W/rainbow socks
Talents:She can turn into a fairy (When needed and i know this is Digimon know!)

Date: 11/16/13 10:49 PM
From: wintera122

Name: Winterra W.
Age: 14
Looks: White hair in a long braided ponytail, pale skin, icy blue eyes, icicle earrings, white sweater and pants, and fluffy boots.
Digimon: Blizzamon
Personality: Nice, sweet, charming, full of imagination, has a "sunny" personality.
Talents: Artist, singing, training to become a world class digi-destined in the Ultimate Battles.
Extra: She's from the north and proud of it. When you meet her, she's pretty and tough or both. Say something she doesn't like and she'll have Blizzamon use her Frozen Fury attack. If you manage to warm up with her, you'll find that she's a sweetheart.

Date: 11/16/13 7:49 PM
From: LOKorra12

Editing some things here!
Name: Farrah I
Looks:Black Hair,Straight,Short (due to cutting accident), Brown eyes, Glasses (not like joe's), Red T-Shirt,denim jacket,Blue skirt W/ leggings,Electric Purple W/ Green sneakers.
Digimon: Veemon
Talents:Awesome Fighter,Draws,Dances,Weird talents.
Extra:NONE Except she tries to eat Digimon in her sleep....WHEN EATING CHOCOLATE.

Date: 11/16/13 12:52 PM
From: kukaifan20

Name: Summer J.
Age: 12
Looks: Light green eyes, tan skin, straight mid-back length brown hair. Red tank top with light pink stripe, blue skirt, yellow shorts, light green jacket, black high-heeled boots, white fingerless gloves with black stripes. Light pink & red Digivice.
Digimon: Gatomon
Personality: Kind, a bit of a rebel, shy, talkative when she opens up to you, calm, smart.
Talents: Singing, daydreaming, drawing, school, skateboarding.
Extra: Has one little sister, one older sister, and two cousins that are all Digidestined. Loves guitar & piano.

Date: 11/14/13 10:51 PM
From: TKandKari

Name: Dai
Age: 10 *HE'S MY AGE!!*
Looks: Light green eyes, tan skin, dark green hair, dark blue tee, yellow shorts, red jacket, red socks, yellow and dark blue sneakers, neon green goggles (Gift from Ayano), glasses, dark blue & yellow Digivice.
Digimon: Gomamon
Personality: Kind, caring, random, outgoing, childish, determined, cheerful, funny, optimistic, playful, smart, talkative.
Talents: School, playing Pokemon.
Extra: Yasmin's brother, Matt and Sora's son.

Date: 11/14/13 10:06 PM
From: LOKorra12

After they ordered......
Annabeth:*eating Steak* YUM! Oh yeah! *eating a piece of her steak and salmon at the same time* Did you notice that bush that's moving over there?
Marshall:Ummm...Yeah! *sees Farrah "I've got my eyes on you" face* It's NOT a problem now.
Annabeth:WENDY!!! HEY! *Waving at Waitress "Wendy"*
Annabeth:You have any desserts?!
Wendy:Yes, ma'am. What would you like after you finish your-
*Annabeth finishes WHOLE Dinner on her side*
Wendy:O_o O-Okay...What would you like?
Annabeth:Umm...Strawberry parfait! NO! Uhh....-
Wendy:Coming right up! *runs to chef*
Marshall:You scared you off! *laughs hysterically*
*Annabeth joins in;Both high-five*
Farrah:DARN IT! *Calls Diana* Diana, Plan B.
Diana (on other line):Right.
*Farrah hangs up*
Annabeth:*eats salad* This is leftover.

Date: 11/14/13 6:00 PM
From: coolgurls1

Marshall and Annabeth's date
Marshall: Made it to Le Paris. ( walks in the door)
Annabeth: You came I was so worried you wouldn't show up.
Marshall: I want to get you a gift. Here( gives her a diamond necklace)
Annabeth: Marshall this must've cost a fortune.
Marshall: *blushes* Well my family owns a jewelry store. So I used some of my extra money to get this.
Annabeth: Thank you so much.
In the background Farrah and Jack has their jaws dropped



Date: 11/14/13 5:32 PM
From: RoyalStar9

Tiffany: *As Sailor Earth (She's a Sailor Moon OC who is basically a clone of the avatar...power-sense)* Target sighted. *Jumps on roof, giggles* I love my air powers...I'm like a bird!
Diana: SHHH!!!!! *Transforms into Ice Fairy*
Me: GAH! You're using your powers on the wrong boards!
Natsuki: *Shrugs* Oh well. *Firebends my clipboard* Heheh...
Me: T_T I'm leaving...
Misaki: He's here! *Waterbends on Marshall, freezing him*
Tiffany: Well, this was fun! I stole Serena's Transformy Clip. ^-^ *Transforms into a maid-like waitress*
*Later, with Annabeth*
Tiffany: I'm sorry, ma'am, but your little friend is having...uh...he's in traffic.
Annabeth: -_- MY FIRST DATE!!!!!!
Diana: *Back to normal, in the other seat, with her face covered by a menu, only with her bright lavender eyes popping over* She's stalled it.
Natsuki: Great! Can we leave now? Unless we're planning on ordering food, I wanna leave! I'M STARVING!!!!!!
Misaki: *Pulls out Infinity Wallet* Let's buy some food! *Tiffany joins*




Date: 11/13/13 10:55 PM
From: MBAVFan7

I changed my characters, so here they are:

Name: Kumiko M
Age: 14
Race: human, digidestined
Personality: Shy, talkative around close friends, friendly, a big fan of mythical creatures, brave and strong when she needs to be, always loyal to her friends and digimon
Partner: Kunemon
Looks: Long bright neon blue hair, bright dark green eyes, tan skin, wears glasses (Small ones like Joe's, not big like Yolei's)
Digital World Clothes: An off-shoulder blue shirt with a dragon, black shorts, flip-flops
Friends: Kunemon, the digidestined, and their partners
Likes: cats, dragons, mythical creatures,
Dislikes: Cold weather, school, bugs (besides Kunemon and Wormmon)
Crest: Crest of Loyalty (If it needs to be from the series, then Kindness)
Digivice color: Neon blue
Crush: Ken

Name: Akira K
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Human, DigiDestined
Partner: Ryudamon
Personality: Friendly, doesn't give up, protective of his friends, brave, strong
Looks: Bright blue eyes, black spiky hair (Ken's as the Digimon Emperor only black)
Digiworld Clothes: A navy blue shirt with a howling wolf, jeans, sneakers
Digivice: Dark forest green
Crest: The Crest of Protection (If it needs to be a crest from the series, then Friendship)
Friends: Kumiko, Kai, the digidestined, their partners

Name: Kai M
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Partner: Coronamon
Personality: Looks out for his sister, handles bad things well (that's what I mean by "strong"), believes Kumiko can take care of herself, yet is slightly protective of her
Looks: Dark brown short spikey hair, light green eyes
Digiworld Clothes: A shirt with a lion, cameo shorts, white sneakers
Digivice: Navy Blue
Crest: Crest of Strength (If it needs to be one from the series, then Courage)


Date: 11/13/13 10:33 PM
From: LOKorra12

*Marshall and Annabeth's date!*
Annabeth:*Walks into fancy restaurant W/ sparkly simple black dress with hair in bun*
Waitress: *French accent* Hello, welcome to Le Paris. (Perry lol) How may i help you?
Annabeth:Ummm...Yeah i'm here for a date for Marshall?
Waitress:Marshall? *looks in reservation book* Oh yes! Mr. S. ! Come right this way!
Farrah:*follows Annabeth with Jack;whispers* Jack are you seeing this?
Jack:*whispering* Yeah! She's on a date with....HIM.
Annabeth:*Sits at table* Where is Marshall? *looks at watch*
Farrah:Veemon got the pies ready?
*Farrah shushes her*
Veemon:*whispering* Yup!
Jack:Commence.....Operation: Make Marshall late! GO! GO! GO!
*Farrah and Veemon leave*
Annabeth:Huh? *looks around* Oh well!

Date: 11/13/13 10:04 PM
From: JokerChair

@K (Yasmin ain't shy around family, or close friends (Such as Diana))
Yasmin: *Shakes Jack's hand* Cool, I've got two sisters and two brothers!
Me: ....Lucky. I have THREE OLDER sisters and zero brothers......

Date: 11/13/13 9:18 PM
From: coolgurls1

Angel: I thought this day would never come. He's finally got a girlfriend.
Marshall singing)
All you haters didn't believe
That a boy like me could date a girl
Suits you wrong cause I'm right
And we're going out tonighttttttt!
Angel: Next lets get you a singing coach.



Date: 11/13/13 8:19 PM
From: LOKorra12

Annabeth (Sister 1):*Sees Marshall* Oh....
Farrah:Anna what did i say about dates?
Annabeth:I Can go on one? *Puppy dog eyes*
*Annabeth still doing it*
Farrah:FINE. But remember if he causes trouble bring Veemon! *Shows her Veemon*
Annabeth:Okay! *Hugs Marshall*
Jack:Hello Marshall....*shakes hand* I'm Jack her brother.

Date: 11/13/13 6:23 PM
From: coolgurls1

Marshall: She has two sisters? I'm in digi-heaven.
Angel: ( grabs him by the ear) Now get out of the clouds and start living reality.
Marshall: Just one little date.
Angel: How about one little news flash. Remember Tiffany's club?
Marshall: TIFFANY!
Rachel: Keep it down I'm watching pokemon. And playing the game.
Angel: This is a digimon blog.
Rachel: AND?



Date: 11/13/13 11:01 AM
From: LOKorra12

@65GOHANS i have 2 SISTERS?! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Jack:*runs in* WHAT?!
Farrah:WE HAVE 2 SISTERS!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *jumps up and down*
Jack:*looks at Yasmin* O___O I Guess we do. *shakes hand* Welcome to the family!

Date: 11/13/13 10:48 AM
From: mlp13

Are you sure you can but can you just friend me?

Date: 11/12/13 10:58 PM
From: 65GOHANS

Name: Yasmin Ishida
Age: 12
Looks: Dark brown eyes, short lavender hair, tan skin, yellow tee, dark red overalls with light blue belt, light green sweater, light blue boots, black fingerless gloves, yellow goggles, light blue and yellow Digivice.
Digimon: Salamon
Personality: Sweet, caring, shy, calm, smart, quiet.
Talents: Singing, drawing, dancing, soccer, baseball.
Extra: Has four older brothers, one younger brother, four older sisters, one younger sister. Matt & Sora are her parents.

Date: 11/02/13 5:54 PM
From: BDD2298

Name: Mary
Age: 13
Looks: She has long straight blond hair, blue eyes, she wears a plain olive green t-shirt and normal jeans
Digimon: Palmon
Crest: Purity
Personality: nice, smart
Talents: she can sing very good
Extra: she is Brandons sister

Date: 11/02/13 5:08 PM
From: 65GOHANS

@LOKorra, I don't actually celebrate Halloween, but mine was good since my Mom took me (And my oldest sister) to our church's Halloween thing, and I got a bag with CANDY!!!!!!