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Fave Quotes?

Date: 09/29/13 3:40 PM
From: Reddette

My fave Comes from Agumon when he can't Digivolve
" I'm Greymon! I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm scary!
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Date: 08/06/14 10:38 AM
From: Kindness99

Hey, where is everybody?

Date: 07/11/14 2:11 AM
From: taiora03

Guilmon: "Taka-to-mon."Takato:"No, Takato."Guilmon:"Takatomon."Takato:"Uhhggg."

Date: 06/12/14 2:24 PM
From: DigiEthan

Terriermon: " Momentai".

Date: 06/11/14 8:40 AM
From: kooknugget

Terriermon: If I were a red dinosaur looking for fun I'd go...
Who knows where I'd go? Dinosaurs are WEIRD!

Date: 06/10/14 4:33 PM
From: db7

Shibumi: Momentai
Terriermon: Well that's an annoying thing to say!

Willis: Get over it!
Davis: okay.

Yoshi: (mocking voice) Forget him, let him figure out how to get back on his own. I mean, what's stopping him from just saying that?!
Marcus: Forget him, let him figure out how to get back on his own.


Date: 05/31/14 12:21 AM
From: MBAVFan7

Some Quotes from the first 2 Japanese eps of Digimon Data Squad:

Masaru: I thought he was a frog!
Yoshino: Who's ever heard of a talking frog?

-I don't understand why everything thinks Agumon's a frog -__-

"What the heck? That's so anti-climactic..." -Masaru, after GeoGreymon reverts back to Agumon and says he's hungry

Agumon and Masaru: We can give 'em a good thrashing once again!!
Yoshino: Ah...? *sweatdrop*


Date: 05/23/14 8:31 PM
From: MBAVFan7

*Gomamon takes a free sample when he's supposed to be quiet and not move*
Joe: Uh... BAD DOG, BAD DOG!

"Hey, I've got the right of way!" -Tai, when trying to get a ride and almost gets hit by a car



Date: 05/15/14 3:50 PM
From: Rabbit317

Season 1:

T.K., "What if you get, like, destroyed or something?"
Matt, "No autographs, please."

Second Movie:

Davis, "Aw, look at how cute I was when I was little."
Tai, "Uh, Davis. That's me."


Date: 05/12/14 2:50 PM
From: taiora03

Agumon,"I'm Greymon! I'm Greymon! I'm big and scary and-"
Tai," You didn't Digivolve, so be quiet and hope he's on our side."

Date: 05/11/14 6:50 PM
From: Kindness99

I think we need some Fusion quotes on here.

Date: 04/14/14 1:39 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Gotsumon: We did it. We saved everyone!
Yoshi: And just what did you do, exactly?
Gotsumon: What are you, kidding? I was the back-up plan in case anything went wrong! It's not my fault I wasn't needed!

Lalamon: (worried) Agumon!
Agumon: Is it time to eat?
Gaomon: He's fine.

Gotsumon: Don't you realise that going up against a Royal Knight spells certain disaster?
Marcus: It's a good thing I can't spell then, 'cause this guys goin' down!

Marcus: Somehow, my father convinced himself that he was the king of the Digimon, and decided to wipe out the human world before it crashed into the Digital World. So I've got to head back there and try to talk some sense into my old man, even if I have to use my fists to do my talking for me!

Yoshi: Family, huh?
Keenan: One thing that you can't pick.
Yoshi: That's true, and deep! You know, your language skills are getting better.
Keenan: Really? Me thank you!
Yoshi: Well, sort of...

Thomas: No! I'm sorry, Marcus, but it's too dangerous! We don't know what would happen to the barrier if we cross!
Marcus: BanchoLeomon is laying his life on the line for the Digital World, the human world, and for us! And, I'm not letting him down because you think it's too dangerous because news flash, it's all dangerous!


Date: 04/10/14 12:37 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Even more quotes:

BanchoLeomon (to Agumon, Gaomon, and Lalamon): You three will wait here. Your partners will need to learn this on their own, if they're going to fight alongside you in the future. Besides, I don't have enough chairs inside.

BioDarkdramon: What's wrong with the great Marcus Damon? Finished already?
Marcus: Yeah, I'm finished... with you! Come on down and get some!

Marcus: As long as there's a glimmer of hope, I am never gonna quit fighting!

Marcus: Why did my mom and my sister bring food to our secret hideout?
Yoshi: 'Cause I asked them to.
Kristy: You need all the help you can get, Marcus!
Marcus: (Groans) Do you have any idea of the situation we're in here? We're wanted by every law enforcement agency out there, and by coming here, you're in as much trouble as we are. YOU'RE AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALS!!!
Sarah: Yes, I know. But you're my son, and even criminals have to eat!

Marcus: You're always hungry, even after you eat!
Agumon: I'm just a growing boy.
Marcus: Yeah, growing fatter!

Marcus: Everyone loses control every once in a while. It just seems to happen to me more often then most people!

Kurata: (After seeing the PawnChessmon's Ultimate forms) I love a good game of chess to pass the time. Knock all their pieces over, Belphemon!

Thomas: I find it ironic that someone who despises Digimon as much as you has decided to fuse himself with one to get what he wants.
MirageGaogamon: I find it insulting.

Keenan (to Belphemon/Kurata): Me have friends, and you don't! That's why I can't lose!

Marus: Who's the man? Keenan!
(Me: Yeah!)

Agumon (jumps on Marcus' head): Heads up, boss!
Marcus: Why does it have to be MY head?!
(Agumon's finally back, their in a VERY serious battle... yet their still goofing around...)

Kurata: No, please! Take pity on me, Marcus!
Marcus: Pity's all I have for you.

(Finally Kurata is gone! ...But I wouldn't be too surprised if he came back...)


Date: 04/08/14 11:24 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I can't decide my favorite either. I like a lot of Keenan's quotes. But that may just because of the way he speaks (saying "me" instead of I or my) ...Plus the fact Keenan's my favorite character...

Haha! When I saw Gaomon, I figured I'd like him too. I don't really like Lalamon, Agumon I don't care for TOO much, Falcomon I thought was kinda weird with the big eyes... But Gaomon, I just liked the way he looked. I just don't like how he always says "Sir, yes sir!" I like it when the Digimon and Partner are very close. That makes it sound like Gaomon's a worker/servant or something.

More Quotes:

Keenan: *in bathtub* It okay... that me here?
Marcus: *in shower* What did you say?
Keenan: Me say nothing... *starts blowing bubbles in the water*
Marcus: *smiles* We're glad your here
(I just think that's so cute!)

Falcomon: *notices Keenan seems worried* Keenan, can't you sleep?
Keenan: Not if you talk! *puts the covers over his head*

Keenan: My body made from hu-mon, but my heart is Digimon

Thomas: (about Marcus) Just once I'd like to see him come up with a plan

Keenan: Me no care!
Agumon: Well, ME do!

Marcus: (to Kurata) You're laughing?!?! Get ready to start crying!!!
(Yeah! Get him Marcus!!! (...I really hate Kurata......))

~K!r@ and P!t


Date: 04/07/14 10:29 PM
From: Batskee


Haha! I liked the quotes you had posted from Data Squad. I'm not sure which one of those I like best. I've seen pictures of Gaomon and I liked him already. A wolf/dog that's blue with boxing gloves? Yeah. He's won me over already.

And I like his Tamer's name. Thomas.



Date: 04/07/14 2:41 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Digimon Data Squad Quotes:

Thomas: You're just a snot-nosed amateur. You don't even know what you're doing!
Marcus: Oh, really? Well, I know how to take you down!
Thomas: Don't make me laugh. You couldn't take down notes!

Agumon: But boss, what about Thomas?
(switches to Yoshino and Lalamon at DATS)
Yoshino: (mocking Marcus) "Forget about him. Let him figure out how to get back on his own." What's stopping him from just saying that?
Lalamon: Marcus would never say anything like that!
(switches back to Marcus and Agumon in the Digital World)
Marcus: Forget about him. Let him figure out how to get back on his own.

Thomas: Marcus couldn't take orders if he was a waiter in a restaurant.

Marcus: (Laughing at Thomas) So basically, you were outsmarted by giant talking gopher! Check out the genius!

Marcus: You really are a genius!
Thomas: Compared to you, it doesn't take much.

Marcus: No fair, Thomas! You took advantage of my temporary confusion!
Thomas: Your confusion is never temporary, Marcus.

Kristy: It's a talking dog!
Agumon: Haha, she called you a dog!
Gaomon: Would a dog wear Boxing Gloves?

Thomas: I'm afraid you do have a habit of ignoring other people.
Marcus: I'm sorry, what did you say? I wasn't listening.
Thomas: Exactly.

Marcus: The sooner we get started, the sooner we get home.
Yoshi: Or the sooner you get us into trouble.
Marcus: You say that like it's a bad thing!

Yoshi (about the Digital World): So much of this looks like our world.
Lalamon: Except for the rocks floating in the sky!

Marcus: (To Keenan) Listen, you grammatically-challenged little brat! You're about to find out what happens when you challenge the best ultimate team in not just one world but two!

Marcus: You're the lowest of the low, Kurata! More snake then man!

SaberLeomon: Impossible! How can a human have so such power?
Spencer Damon: Anyone can find the strength they need, if they believe in the cause they're fighting for!

Merukimon: Live as you are supposed to, Keenan....As a human, with the heart of a Digimon!

Marcus: We're not afraid!
Agumon: Speak for yourself!
Marcus: Whose side are you on?


Date: 03/16/14 9:05 PM
From: Kindness99

One of my favorites from Data Squad:

Kristy: You two sound like an old married couple.
Marcus and Yoshi: WE'RE NOT A COUPLE!


Date: 01/20/14 9:45 PM
From: MBAVFan7

[Show Agunimon inside of MetalKabuterimon's cannon]
Agunimon: *nervous* Hey...! Are you sure this is gonna work?
MetalKabuterimon: [taking aim] Course it will! Trust me! All right, here we go! 5...4...3...2...1, Blast off!
[He shoots out Agunimon, who goes soaring, whooping, then all of a sudden he stops and his head turns down with his feet straight up in the air. Agunimon nose dives, yelling all the way until impact. A cloud of dust and soot goes everywhere in the distance where he lands.]
MetalKabuterimon:[watches disastrous result, and a large sweatdrop appears] it was...divide by two, carry the pi! [consults calculations] If at first you don't succeed...[shouts] Hey Agunimon!! You ready to try again?
Agunimon: [hollers while juming up and down in a frenzy, with a springing sound] No!! I can't believe I let you talk me into it the first time, Metal Head!!
MetalKabuterimon: Aw, c'mon. [others walk away]
KendoGarurumon: There's gotta be a better answer.
Kazemon: I should hope so...
MetalKabuterimon: I'd let YOU guys shoot me out of a cannon! Come on! It'll work this time! [rushes after them]

Bokomon: But we're okay-huh! Neemon, what are you doing!
Neemon: Standing on the ceiling. Why?
[Shows inside of rocket, where Tommy's hat floats off his head as he himself floats in the air]
Tommy: Hey this is fun! [laughs]
Neemon: You go up, it goes down...!
Koji: [arms crossed as he's floating around, very annoyed] Yeah, this could be fun, but I'm over it already!!
Zoe (frantically): My skirt keeps falling up-I mean down-I mean up-oh whatever, just nobody look!!
Takuya: You heard her, JP.
JP: [actually innocent] Uh? What're you lookin' at me for?!

Bokomon: Koichi! Since when do you know how to fly?!
Koichi: (while floating upwards) I don't know, but I dig it!!!

Sagittarimon: Mmuh! Stop right there, humans! While I have nothing against you personally, I must demand that you hand over ALL of your obsessions!
Takuya (slightly puzzled): Obsessions?
Sagittarimon (recovers): No, wait! I mean your posessions. I should have just said 'Stop' like I usually do. I never should have bought that thesaurus.
Tommy: have nothing better to do than rob us?
Sagittarimon: That's right. Now if you don't want to get hurt, hand over your obsessions.
JP: I can't believe we're being robbed by someone this dumb! You mean 'posessions,' right?
Sagittarimon: Yeah, right. That's what I just said, isn't it?
Takuya (amused): Ohhhh-K! Just give us a sec...
[They huddle and have a discussion in hushed voices]
Kouichi: There's no WAY he's with the Royal Knights!
JP: Yeah, let's just get rid of him and be on our way...
Sagittarimon: What's wrong, hand it over!
Koji (angry): I'm afraid we're gonna have to say no to that.
Sagittarimon: What?!?!
Takuya (both laid back and annoyed): Look, we don't have TIME for this, uh, why don't you just LEAVE before you get hurt?
Sagittarimon: Trust me, YOU'RE the one that's gonna be hurtin'!

Koji: He has a point. If someone said YOU were useless and tried to send you home, what would YOU do? You'd probably stay and try to prove them wrong, right?
Takuya: I don't know...!
Bokomon: Well I do. And that would be the first, second, and third thing you'd do. At LEAST after yelling and complaining a lot, you would.

Tommy: [makes kissy face, says through puckered lips] Yeah, and I'm going to give you both a great big kiss on the cheek...
Koji and Takuya (disgusted): That's just wrong...

Koji: Leave me alone!! I risked my hieny out there, too! How come Takuya got to go out on a date?!
Zoe (laughs): Looks like Koji's got his hands full out there. But I suppose after what you guys have been through, he should be able to handle anything...
Takuya (laughs): Yeah, but I gotta say, I'd much rather be doin' what I'm doin' than doin' what he's doin'. Guess I will take that nap...[closes eyes]


Date: 01/20/14 9:44 PM
From: MBAVFan7

*The Digi-Destined are on one of the Digital World's moons*
JP: I isn't made out of cheese, huh?
Koji: *annoyed* No.

Agunimon: All right, everyone! Fire on my signal! And give it ALL ya got!
Lowemon: You got it! Ehrrr...Shadow Meteor!
MetalKabuterimon: Rollo Thunder!
Kazemon: Tempest Twist!
Kumemon: Blizzard Blaster!
KendoGarurumon: Lupine Laser!
Agunimon: And last, but certainly not least...Pyro Punch!
[Shows all attacks streaming out into space. Slight pause.]
MetalKabuterimon: Well that oughta take care of...whatever we were shooting at!
[All watch intently, waiting for something to happen.]
KendoGarurumon: What exactly were we shooting at anyway?
Agunimon: Well...nothing specific, we were just firing that way.
KendoGarurumon: Now I'm confused and annoyed!
MetalKabuterimon: And what were ya tryin' to do, genius?!
Agunimon: [scratches forehead] I don't know, I thought if we all fired in one direction, maybe we could move the moon.
[A picture is shown of the Digital World and its 3 moons to illustrate what he means]
Agunimon: Y'know! We could use the force of our attacks to nudge it closer to the Digital World!
MetalKabuterimon: WHAT?!
Agunimon: [scratches head] Well at least we gave it out best shot! [begins laughing]
Kazemon: *walks away with her hands on her hips* C'mon you guys. Let's go.
Agunimon: *still laughing* Genius! I'll give it my best shot!
Kumemon: [grunts in exasperation]
MetalKabuterimon: That's just wrong...
Kazemon: He's lost it.
Agunimon: *notices their leaving and finally stops laughing* Hey! Wait up you guys! [runs]

Agunimon: [punches rock with frustrated scream and insanely shouts at top of lungs] THERE'S GOT TO BE A WAY OUTTA HERE!!
KendoGarurumon: Calm down.
Agunimon: [spins around and yells] HOW CAN I BE CALM AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!

(MetalKabuterimon writes some equations in the dirt)
Lowemon: Where'd you get those equations?
MetalKabuterimon: I saw them in a book!
Lowemon (sarcastic): That's reassuring.


Date: 01/19/14 5:18 PM
From: MBAVFan7

EmperorGreymon: I'll do my best, which, as we all know, is awesome! *flies away to fight Cherubimon*
Tommy: Hit him once for me!
Bokomon: Twice for me!

EmperorGreymon: *to MagnaGarurumon* What, you haven't beaten him yet?
MagnaGarurumon: No. *Churbimon attacks* That's why!
(Heh, I woulda said "I was saving him for you!")

"Ugh, my head... that's the only part of me that doesn't hurt!" -Takuya

Bokomon and Neemon: *chanting loudly for MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon*
EmperorGreymon: Tryin' to concentrate here!!


Date: 01/18/14 10:23 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koichi as Duskmon

"What is our connection? Why do I feel like I know you?" (to Koji)
"Darkness shall prevail. The light shall be extinguished."
"What fools these 'mon can be."
"My search will be sort-lived. As will they."
"Five legendary warriors, and that's best they can do?"
"Can these really be my brethren?" (about the other evil legendary warriors)
"This Koji disturbs my concentration."
"I see what you're doing. Having Ranamon and Arbormon do all the work while you wait for the right moment to strike." (to Mercurymon)
"Give me your memories now!" (to Koji)
"What is this horrible human emotion?!"
"Is that all you got? Fight me!" (to Lobomon)
"I'll give you something to howl about!" (to KendoGarurumon)
"Darkness hides from the light until it is ready to destroy it."
"I have a brother? How can that be? Who am I?"
"Sad but true, Koji, but we're brothers."
"Well, aren't you self-conscious." (to Mercurymon)
"Each of your attacks seem to get weaker, not stronger. You must know there's no way you can win."
"It is time to say good-bye." (about to strike Koji)

Koichi as Velgemon

"Light... Enemy.... Destroy light. Destroy!"
"How can this be? A human brother? If that's true, then what am I? I need some time to think."