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Fave Quotes?

Date: 09/29/13 3:40 PM
From: Reddette

My fave Comes from Agumon when he can't Digivolve
" I'm Greymon! I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm scary!
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Date: 01/17/14 10:01 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya as Agunimon:

"How 'bout I defeat you without escaping?" (to Ceberumon)
"Now, to take the fractal code."
"I hate it when toys go bad!"
"Now for some purification!"
"THIS IS GONNA HURT! (falling) [He hits the ground] I was right."
"What are you so excited about?! You missed me, Earth Boy!" (to Gigasmon)
"Aw, man. This really isn't my day."
"It's time to end this nightmare."
"What's the matter, slowpoke? Can't you catch me?" (to Gigasmon)
"Hey, Gigasmon, you're not getting tired now, are you? You have to start working out."
"How 'bout we heat things up a bit?!"
"Aw, man! This really isn't my day!"
"All right, speedy. Dodge this!" (to Duskmon)
"All right, this is it. It all starts here. I've got another chance, and I'm not going to blow it."
"I summon the power of tornado!"
"I never did believe in magic. Here's a trick for you. Fractal code, digitize!"
"I have to lead him away from the others. (to Gigasmon) Tag, you're it!"
"This is all my fault. Oh, Koji."
"They can't be much further."
"You really don't think you can win. Haven't you heard, it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature!"
"My plan was useless. Koji was right. I risked everyone's lives."
"Wind and snow. Thunder and lightning. Lend me your powers now!"
"You won't defeat us ever again!"
"Geez, how many mirrors does one world need?"
"How 'bout we heat things up a little?"
"Maybe you're trying too hard, buddy. Just be yourself, you know." (to Sepikmon)
"They can't be much further."
"The eyeball. I'm guessing it's a portal and he's on the other side." (looking for J.P.)
"Huh? What are you looking at?" (to an eyeball portal)
"Aw, man. I'm too late. Koji, no!"
"Eye-yai-yai." (staring at a bunch of eye portals)
"Great choice, Takuya!" (falling)
"Where am I now? How many places does this stupid place have?"
"Sure you don't need a little help there, buddy?" (to Lobomon)


Date: 01/17/14 10:00 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Takuya Quotes:

"Now, now. I'm sure it may seem like the same plan, but once I lay it out for you, you'll see plenty of differences."
"The spirits of darkness are changing!"
"I guess we all get to be reborn. Whether we're humans or Digimon."
"But running away never solved anything."
"We can't give up! Winners never quit. And if we quit, we'll never win."
"It's not fair. The whole world is going to be destroyed."
"O-kay. This baby thing is starting to scare me." (about Bokomon and the baby)
"Wait, Tommy? What was I going to do? What did I do?" (as BurningGreymon)
"Why can;t we just be friends?" (to Grumblemon)
"Come on, you need to lighten up there, buddy." (to Koji)
"I?m not going to stay stuck in this place like a rat in a trap."
"Koji! Koji, where are you?! Come on, buddy, give me a break!"
"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I?ve got a fight to win." (to Koji)
"The Digital World is sort of like our second home."


Date: 01/17/14 9:59 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Takuya Quotes:

"Great plan, right? Just like the one's I used to draw for my army men, only this is real."
"Look, I know you're not used to having friends, but you're part of a team now, so you better show some support." (to Koji)
"Let's just take a break for awhile." (exhausted)
"She's controlling her spirit!" (about Zoe becoming Zephyrmon)
"Adios, fuzz face!" (to ShadowWereGarurumon)
"All right. Meaty meat burger! Some of this! And maybe some of this! And I'm going to make me a masterpiece! *starts chanting* Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!"
"The owner's sure got a scary decorator." (about an eyeball portal)
"That's what I call a cold reception." (after being attacked by IceLeomon)
"Speaking of friends, we gotta find Koji."
"Yeah, well, I'll take my chance with the boogey-man." -Takuya
"Man, I miss my little brother. I never realized how much he meant to me."
"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I've got a fight to win." (to Koji)
"All your brother needs is a little "Fractal Code Digitize"!"
"He's the one... How could this happen?" (about Koichi)
"I was right. You were the one I saw that day." (to Koichi)
"That's cheating, you can't do that! Give our D-Tector's back!"
"Everyone be quiet. We all have to search inside of us for the answer."
"We have the spirits of all ten legendary warriors on our side."
"Well, Koichi, I gotta say, after that fight, you are definitely one of us now."
"If we don't take care of this, who else will? You think we're just humans. But we are Digimon! And proud of it!"
"I'm not ever gonna give up."
"Trailmon act more like babies than babies." (about the Trailmon hiding from fear)
"How many kids can say they're half Digimon?"
"I'm proud to be a Digimon."
"I promise you guys, I'll never give up. Not until me and my friends restore the Digital World."
"If you run now, you'll never stop running. But if you fight now you can be free forever."
"I don't see you coming up with any ideas." (to Koji)
"Hey, flying robot, we're looking for a little kid and a giant bear. Have you seen them?"
"Buddy, why are you so paranoid?!" (to Koji)


Date: 01/17/14 9:58 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More of Takuya's Quotes:

"Come on digivolution! Start! Operate! Turn me into a Digimon!"
"Man, is this ever going to end?" (falling down a tunnel)
"We have a responsibility to take of Tommy because he's younger than us."
"Supper? Are you nuts? I won't be hungry for hours. I might never eat again!"
"I don't know. Maybe I should stay and help my friends. Then again, when have I ever really helped them? All right, let's go."
"The train's already at the station!"
"I really am getting tired of falling all the time."
"All righty then. Isn't this place just full of surprises."
"Man, where am I? And where is everyone else? This world takes confusion to a whole new level."
"My human spirit and my beast spirit. This is a new evolution."
"I'm brave enough to eat!"
"Hey, buddy! Teddy! Wait up!" (to Monzaemon)
"Hey, you big, fuzzy creep! Give our friend back! "(to Monzaemon)
"Lavender Castle, here we come!"
"That's one angry bear!" (about Kumamon)
"What good is it if we get all those spirits back and we can't even control them?"
"And Takuya, king of I'm going to be sick!"
"Every bit of it tastes just like it looks. Lumps and all!"
"Well then, guys, let's head for that star!"
"I think I've had about enough of this!"
"I can't believe this guy. When did he become such a chicken?" (about Koji)
"Good luck, guys." (going home)
"That was some plan, all right. Oh well, doesn't really matter now. I'm going home."
"Am I still stuck in Sakkakumon? Wow, bet I can't say that five times fast."
"I don't have time to play with this nasty kitty. Koji needs my help and I won't let you stand in my way." (fighting IceLeomon)
"Let's get going. We have to help Koji."
"You're his brother, Koji. If his own brother won't save him, then who will?!"
"Koichi needs you! We need you! Heck, the entire Digital World needs you!" (to Koji)
"My head is the only part of my body that doesn't hurt."
"It's up to you now, Koichi!"
"Why won't this stupid D-Tector unfreeze already?!"
"One minute?! Aw, man!"
"Wait a minute. Did he get a message too?"
"Something doesn't feel quite right."
"Hey, J.P., hurry up! Did you fall in?" (calling J.P., who was using the bathroom)


Date: 01/17/14 9:57 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya's Quotes:

"I'll never make it, but that's never stopped me before!"
"Why does this always happen to me?!"
"My destiny is really starting to bite!"
"Man! I really gotta stop landing on my head!"
"This sure ranks pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!"
"I'm not the pizza-mon! It's every tummy for itself!"
"I guess this means we're not going home!"
"That attack is so not fair!" (about WaruMonzaemon's Heart's Break Attack)
"Why do evil things always run faster than normal things?!"
"You are the most selfish kid in the whole world! Two worlds!" (to Koji)
"Oh, man, I missed all the cake and ice cream!" (about missing his little brother's birthday)
"Destiny sure involves a lot of running."
"It's like a ghost train in here. What if it is a ghost train?!"
"Me?! A Digimon?!"
"Don't be so mean. He's only a little kid, for pete's sake." (to Koji; about Tommy)
"I... can't... believe... I made it!"
"Wait!!!! Destiny!!!!"
"Is it just me or did our train just talk to us?!"
"We've been led all over, getting our snot kicked out, and we don't even know why we're in this crazy world!"
"Run! Didn't you hear me?!"
"I knew I should of asked for more allowance!"
"Man, I'm bored. My whole life is boring. Bored, bore, boring..."
"This is way better than being bored. My destiny? That's down-right cool."
"Come on! Give me a break! I'm doing the best I can!"
"Way to think ahead, Takuya. Wherever you're going, you're going to get there in a hurry."
"Digital World?! You're kidding. What have I gotten myself into?"
"What have I gotten myself into? And what if there's no way of getting out?!"
"How am I supposed to get it? And what do I do with it when I do?" (about the spirit)
"So, are all mature girls this crazy?" (to Zoe)
"Spirit, wake up! I need you."
"What's going on?! I turned back into me!"
"Why do things in the Digital World always come out of nowhere?"
"You want us to work? That's what an allowance is for!" (to Bokomon)
"You want us to ride through that... in this?! Are you snails insane?!" (to the KurasukiNumemon; about the loop in the train track)
"My tummy feels like a melon!" (after eating a huge meal)
"Put it all together and what have you got? The beach, ba-by!"
"We are really cooking along now! [They enter a frozen desert] Well, maybe cooking isn't the right word."
"Now that's more what I was expecting." (after crashing)
"I guess we couldn't have run away from this guy even if we wanted to, hey Koji?"
"The voice said my destiny was coming. I wonder what that means? I guess I'll find out at the train station."
"A ticket? Maybe this is destiny."
"It's one of these days."
"Incoming message. No name. Well, it's gotta be better than being bored."
"Man, why do mom's always have to be right?!"
"What happened?! How did I know how to do all that?!"


Date: 01/17/14 9:35 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji As Lobomon

"Obviously, you've been taken over by evil."
"Time to be purified by light!"
"You should have just let me handle it!" (to Agunimon)
"Yeah, you're some lady." (sarcastic; to Calmaramon)
"You missed me, master of darkness!"
"Sorry, Takuya. Trust me. I was aiming at him." (accidentally hitting Agunimon)
"Shadow creature, be purified by the light!"
"What's wrong? Don't you want my spirit anymore?" (to Grumblemon)

Koji As Beowolfmon

"How are we connected? Who is this Duskmon?"
"Darkness will never defeat me."
"Is it true? Is he really my brother?"
"Unwilling slave of darkness. Be purified by the light!"
"But I've been given a second chance. And I'm gonna take it!"
"Somewhere deep inside that dark heart is just a kid in pain. Like me." (about Duskmon)
"My mother? Alive?"
"Is it true? Is he really my brother?"
"Duskmon, why are you running away? Where are you going?"
"I know you're human! Answer me!" (to Velgemon)
"It couldn?t have been an illusion. It had to be real. But how could that boy look just like me?"


Date: 01/17/14 9:33 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji's Quotes:

"This quiet really gives a guy time to think."
"Where I go is my own business. Thanks for asking."
"The wind in the Digital World smells pretty sweet."
"There goes an accident waiting to happen." (about J.P. and Tommy)
"One of these days I'm going to beat that guy for good." (About Grumblemon)
"It's probably better to stay away from creepy holes ion the wall. But I didn't come all this way to play it safe."
"I don't need your help, or anyone else's!"
"That spirit sure takes a lot out of a guy."
"I feel them. My human and beast spirits have come together."
"Velgemon, just who are you to me?!"
"'Everything will become clear?' I wish I knew what "everything" was."
"I don't get it. Why didn't Duskmon finish me off when he had the chance?"
"I can't just sit here and do nothing."
"Get out of my head, Duskmon. Leave my memories alone!"
"I can't let Duskmon win. I can't. Not yet."
"I guess I'd better take a snooze too. This is as good a place as any."
"The only thing you guys will do is get in my way. Can I help it if you're not up to my level?"
"Got to do something. I know it's not supposed to end like this."
"I don't get it. Why did he freak out when he saw me?" (about Duskmon)
"What are brothers supposed to do?"
"This gets weirder by the minute."
"Who is he? He looked exactly like me. But how can that be?" (about Duskmon's human self)
"Why did he make me remember? Why does my past matter to him? Is he just using me? Or is he really me?" (about Duskmon)
"And that freak Cherubimon is using him. He gave him the Spirit of Darkness. My twin brother is the warrior of darkness!"
"You know, when you think of it, we actually have two birthdays. One when we were born and one when we first became Digimon."
"Well, I'd rather die then let twisted sickos like you destroy such a beautiful place!" (to the Royal Knights, in the Village of Beginnings)
"When you're hurting, I hurt as well. When you suffer, I also suffer." (to Koichi)
"It?s driving me crazy. Who sent this e-mail?"
"Wait, if your story?s really true, than turn back to your human form. I wanna hear more about you. I wanna hear more about mom!" (to Velgemon)


Date: 01/17/14 8:49 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji: Why do you think you're here, Takuya? Answer me! I want to know why you're here.
Takuya: Well, you know... we're here to save the world...
Koji: You say that like you don't know what it means- What's at stake- This isn't just some video game you can walk away from if things don't work out!
Takuya: *angrily* I'm not stupid, you know! I know that!
Koji: Sometimes I really don't think you do. There's no second chance for us, get it? If we mess up here, it's over.
Takuya: Yeah... I-I know.
Koji: Then how can you stake our lives on some plan that you only assume is going to work?! We don't know anything about this guy!
Takuya: So what?! We'll all be safe if we run away?!
Koji: Argh! I didn't say that!
Takuya: Then what are you saying?!
Koji: *grabs Takuya* Listen, Takuya, you weren't there when I crossed sword with him, okay?! I doubt that he was using even half his strength against me! That whole fight all he was doing was playing with us!
Takuya: Yeah, okay, maybe, but... we're the good guys! There must be a way to win!
Koji: He's too strong!
Takuya: I know he's strong, but every time we've run into someone more powerful than us, we worked together and everything has turned our fine! I really believe that if we just attack as one, we can't loose!
Koji: Ugh! Takuya, open your eyes!
Takuya: Open your own eyes. We're more powerful together than you think!
Koji: You just don't get it, do you? Tell me something. It's obvious you don't care about yourself, but can you promise me the others won't get hurt? Because if you can't, then you better just go home now, because I won't risk their lives.

"Duskmon slide evolved to Velgemon and set off to avenge his mother by destroying his brother. (sarcastic) Now that's logic for you." -Rika, narrating Digimon Frontier

Takuya: Hey, Zoe, how were you able to control your beast spirit so fast?
Zoe: Well, just luck I guess
Tommy: Not 'cause you're a girl?
Zoe: Well, maybe, But I won't tell. A girl has to have secrets. *blows a kiss*
Takuya: [To Tommy] You feel as sick as I do right now?
Tommy: No, I'm sicker.
Zoe: Guys!


Date: 01/17/14 8:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

"Listen to me! You are gonna fight him and I'll tell you why! Because he's your brother! You're the only chance he has, Koji! If his brother won't save him, who will?!" -Takuya to Koji

"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I've got a fight to win!" -Takuya to Koji

"All your brother needs is a little "Fractyl Code Digitize"!" -Takuya to Koji

"The light-boy! The light-boy is this way, bud-ee!" -Patamon (Frontier)

"We are not humans now! We are Digimon. Our senses are sharper in our Digimon forms. You have to trust the Digimon inside of you." -Takuya


Date: 01/14/14 9:37 PM
From: MBAVFan7

KendoGarurumon(Koji) : Well if it's a fight you want, then fight me!
BurningGreymon(Takuya) :Hmm? *turns around*
Beetlemon(JP) : Don't look at me! *jumps out of the way as KendoGarurumon goes to fight BurningGreymon*

"I always heard savages rely on intuition." -Koji
"You really hate being nice, don't you?" -Takuya

Tommy and Takuya: Koji's playing with toys!

"Our destiny is at hand!" -ShadowToyAgumon Leader
"Our destiny is a hand?" -ShadowToyAgumon
"Oh, be quiet." -ShadowToyAgumon Leader

Zoe: Hey, what's that?
Bokomon: Is, 'It's a building with a fence around it' too obvious an answer?

"If this is your calm, I'd hate to see upset!" -Takuya, while Tommy is crying hard

Takuya: He can't control his Beast Spirit. He sure looks silly.
Bokomon: Not as silly as you looked beating up your friends, Mr. Pot-Calling-the-Kettle-Black.
Tommy: I'm just glad I didn't hurt you guys when I found my Beast Spirit.
Takuya: Does everyone have to bring that up?!

"Why do you think you're here, Takuya?" -Koji

"It's obvious you don't care about yourself, but can you promise me the others won't get hurt? 'Cause if you can't, then you better just go home now, because I won't let you risk their lives." -Koji


Date: 01/14/14 9:36 PM
From: MBAVFan7

"That bear's dangerous." -Koji
"And you didn't even get thrown down by it." -Takuya
(about Monzaemon)

[Scared, Bokomon latches on to J.P.'s leg]
"Stop acting like my Aunt Mabel's dog!" -J.P.
"Aunt Mabel's dog would have turned tail and run by now!" -Bokomon

Takuya: You know, guys, the more I think about it... the more I think I really did defeat him!!
Everyone: *sighs*
-No one believes Takuya took down Duskmon by himself

"Man, this world sure like's its walking." -J.P.

"I say we go inside, how bad could it be? Sleeping Beauty used to live in a castle in the forest." -Zoe
"Yeah, so did the Wicked Witch." -Koji

Koji: *sarcastically* Hey, bud, could you possibly go any faster?!
Trailmon: No problem. Just hold onto your bandana. *speeds up*
Everyone: Koji!
Koji: What?!

*Tommy, Koji, and Takuya are hiding on a swinging pirate ship ride*
"Whose idea was it to hide on this thing?!" -Koji
"Would you rather wrestle the bear instead?!" -Takuya

*When Tommy gets sick on the Pirate Ship ride*
"Don't look in my direction, kid." -Koji
"Don't point him at me!" -Takuya

"This way!" -Takuya
"No, this way!" -Zoe
"You're wrong!" -Takuya
"Why? Just because I disagree with you? Don't you think the Forest Terminal might just be surrounded by trees?" -Zoe
"Trailmon said to stay on this track and your way curves left! You think you know everything!" -Takuya
"Well, I'm right!" -Zoe
"So, you wanna go right?" -Takuya
"No, I'm going to way that makes sense!" -Zoe

"Hey, are you okay? Let me help you up." Takuya
"Don't touch me!" -Koji

"You're toast, lady!" -Takuya
"Thanks, but I already had my breakfast." -Ranamon


Date: 01/14/14 9:34 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya: Hey, Koji, you falling asleep over there?
Koji: Sleep? I'm lucky I'm not bored.

Takuya: *to the toy robot* Thanks!
Koji: You just can't stop playing with toys.

Monzaemon: Now we wrestle for the championship of the world!
Tommy: *excitedly* Yeah, I'm next!
Takuya: Are you crazy?! It'll crush us!

*Lobomon jumps back up, ready to continue fighting Grumblemon*
Lobomon: What's wrong now?
Agunimon: We don't know where Grumblemon is.
Lobomon: You don't know?!

*Tommy sits down and plays with toy cars*
Takuya: Hey, that is cool! *picks up the robot* Super robot punch!
Koji: Not you too!

Zoe: Guys, don't do anything stupid
Koji: Don't worry. We're just going to talk
Takuya: If he's lucky that's all we're going to do

*Zoe gets scared and grabs onto Koji, but then releases*
Zoe: Oh, sorry about that.
Koji: No problem...

Koji: How are we going to find Grumblemon anyway?
Takuya: Geez. It seems harder to avoid him than to find him

Gigasmon: Did you forget me warrior of earth?
Agunimon: Actually, I did forget that!
-Takuya's plan backfires

[Looking for Tommy]
"In that creepy castle?" -Koji
"How can it be creepy? It's lavender!" -Takuya
"Never underestimate your enemy." -Koji
"It's just so... lavender!" -Takuya


Date: 01/14/14 9:33 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Some more Frontier quotes:

"THIS IS GONNA HURT!! Ugh! I was right..." Agunimon

*After Takuya gets hit by WaruMonzaemon's Heart Breaker attack, Takuya starts crying*
Koji: Why are you crying? What happened?
Takuya: I just feel real sad right now

*After Koji gets hit by WaruMonzaemon's Heart Breaker attack, he starts crying and Takuya continues crying*
Koji: What just hit me, Takuya? I feel that everything is so hopeless.
Takuya: It is hopeless!
Koji: Sorry I yelled at you
Takuya: No, I'm sorry I yelled at you.

*Everyone is in a train car, that does a bunch of loop-de-loops*
Everyone: *screaming*
Takuya: How does this thing stay on the tracks?!
KuratsukiNumemon: Actually, I don't think it is.
*Everyone screams harder*

Agunimon: Pyro Darts!
Ranamon: Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta ki- *gets hit by Agunimon's attack*
Agunimon: Thanks, but no thanks.

*Zoe imagines having 2 Takuya's*
Zoe: This bridge just defines rickety. Is it safe?
Tommy: Shouldn't we test it out first?
Takuya 1: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Takuya 2: Test is for cowards.
Both Takuya's: Come on guys, we have bad guys to fight!
*The 2 Takuyas push the group onto the bridge, to have it break and them all fall*
Takuya 1: You have to trust me!
Takuya 2: It'll all work out!
Everyone: How?!
Takuya 1 and 2: It just will!
Everyone: How?!
Takuya 1 and 2: Hey, I can't think of everything here!!


Date: 01/09/14 5:53 PM
From: PikaPata

These are from Arukenimon's Tangled Web!

Davis: *to Arukenimon* Hey lady, don't you know any other tunes?! This is why I don't surf the Internet--I hate web sites!

Davis: Well Ken, goodbye!
Ken: Nice knowing you!
Cody: Hey guys, knock it off!

Ken: I've got you Cody! *catches Cody*
Cody: Are you sure? You're not just pulling on my leg are you?!
Davis: *landing on bed* Now THIS is what I call a king size bed!

Ken: *looking at dresser* This place is perfect!
Davis: You mean I gotta hide in somebody's underwear?!

Yolei: *to Kari* Play that funky music! Now, girl!
Kari: Name that tune! *clicks mouse, music plays*

Yolei: *to Cody* Come on Cody, don't be like that! And besides, if anyone owes anything, Davis owes me! *turns to Davis*
Davis: Put it on my tab.

Ta-ta for now!!!


Date: 01/07/14 3:12 PM
From: SnowMask

*in king whamons mouth*

shoutmon: are there yet
mikey: no
shoutmon: are there yet
mikey: No
shoutmon: are we there yet
mikey: NO

I love dat episode just because of that and kingwhamon is AWESOME


Date: 01/06/14 11:24 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I liked them too. The one about Shakkoumon's eyes is pretty much the same in both the Sub and Dub except for this line:

Dub: "Now that you mention it, his eyes are kinda shifty..."
Sub: "Now that you mention it, he does seem to have an evil look in his eye."

I just think that the "evil look" is funnier.

~K!r@, a HiKen shipper


Date: 01/06/14 3:17 PM
From: Batskee


Haha! I really liked those quotes. Especially when they all agree after a close-up on Shakkoumon's eyes.



Date: 01/05/14 7:55 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Shoutmon: Hey, Lucemon! There you are. What are you doing? Everyone's looking for you.
Lucemon: *reading a book* I'm sorry. I study here every day at this time, so I came here out of habit.
Shoutmon: You study everyday?!
Lucemon: Yes. But I've read all of the books in this library, so it doesn't really matter anymore.
Shoutmon: You read everything here?! *looks around at the books*
Mikey/Taiki: *runs in* There you are, Lucemon!
Lucemon: Oh, i'll be right there. *flies down, and follows Mikey*
Shoutmon: H-hey Starmon.The president is the King of this Zone, right?
Starmon: You got it, brother.
Shoutmon: I had no idea... In order to be King, you need to study too?! *nearly crying* I'd be snoring away after reading just one page from these books!
Starmon: Can't argue there.
Shoutmon: He's such a hardworker...
-Sub of Episode 16 of Xros Wars

"He's not cute anymore, though!" -Angie/Akari when she sees Lucemon's Digivolved form, Sub of Episode 16 of Xros Wars

Lucemon: (About Shakkoumon) There's a rumor that he's a spy for the Police.
*They look at Shakkoumon as Lucemon flies away*
Shoutmon: Now that you mention it, he does seem to have an evil look in his eye.
*Shows Shakkoumon's glowing eyes*
All: *nodding* Mm-hmm...
-Sub of Episode 15 of Xros Wars (I just thought this was funnier than the dub)


Date: 12/24/13 2:09 PM
From: Batskee


Haha! Hurray! It's so nice to have Digimon (Impmon) Quotes right on here! Thank you for posting them. I don't know why I'm not posting them....hrmm....

Me: *looking at Impmon* You know about Einstein? And what letter the word 'Trouble' starts with? I thought you couldn't read.
Impmon: ...*no comment*
Me: interest me. *hugs him*
Impmon: Ack!


Date: 12/23/13 8:45 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Renamon: *watching Impmon jump from house to house* Now... what is he up too...
Impmons: *watching two little kids fight over a teddy bear* Humans... look at 'em! Dogs have more sense!
Girl (Ai): C'mon, it's my turn!
Boy (Mako): No way! Momma says he's mine!
Ai: Oh yeah, well you gotta share! Impmon!
Impmon: Huh?
Ai: Mako was a bad boy and broke my toys! So go and teach him a lesson, you hear me? *points to Mako*
Impmon: Bad boy?
Mako: It was broken in the first place! Besides, what about the video game you took from me?
Ai: I did it because you always take mine without my permission!
Mako: Yeah, well, mom said I could use it and she's the boss, so take that!
Ai: You're a big liar! I'm gonna send Impmon after you and you can bet he'll find out the truth!
Impmon: *whimpers*
*They each grab one of Impmon's arms*
Mako: Impmon! *pulls on his arm* She's a brat and a big liar!
Ai: *pulling on Impmon's other arm* Don't believe that weasel! Now get him before he breaks something else!
Mako: Impmon!
Impmon: Eh...
Ai: Impmon!
Impmon: Ah...
*They both continue to yell at each other while Impmon is being pulled*
Impmon: *having enough of it* KNOCK IT OFF!
*End of flashback, where Ai and Mako have pulled so hard on the stuffed animal that one arm falls off, and they both start crying*
Impmon: *laughs as he hugs himself* Huh? *turns around* Well, what?
Renamon: *who had been watching him* What is wrong with you?
Impmon: Not a thing, now toodles! *jumps away* (I couldn't understand completely what he said, but it was something like that*

Impmon: *walking across a handrail* Do-dee-do-dee-do
Renamon: *walking along a billboard*
Impmon: Do-do-do-dee-do
Renamon: *still following him*
Impmon: Do-be-do-dee- *stops and turns around* QUIT FOLLOWING ME!
Renamon: I have a question
Impmon: And you think I care?! Actually, I do care. Surprised I care, because I'm short! *Renamon jumps down the handrail he's on* Hmph! I've learned not to expect too much from you human-loving Digi-duds. But maybe there's hope for you, darling, coming to yours-truely for the answers. So tell me, Foxy, what can I do ya for?
Renamon: Why don't you have a partner?
Impmon: *nearly falls off the bar*
Renamon: Why should a Digimon have a partner?
Impmon: *balances himself, and sighs* Ya got me. No self-respecting Digimon needs a partner, especially a human.
Renamon: Are you sure?
Impmon: Of course I am! Humans are selfish, I would stay as far away from them if I were you, they're trouble with a capital "T"! I'm sorry Fox-Face, did I go to fast for you? Eh, forget about it! *jumps to a different bar*
Renamon: How can we Digivolve or increase our strength unless we have a partner?
Impmon: Eh, come on! You're not really buyin' that one! The power's inside of you! Forget all the rest!
Renamon: How do I find it?
Impmon: Eh.... I guess you're not very bright. *starts stomping his foot* Don't expect me to tell ya what you have to do, you have to figure it out for yourself!
Renamon: I see... I think I get what you're trying to say...
Impmon: You get what I'm trying to say? You're just a know-it-all like all the rest of them! I GET IT, I GET IT!! Well, you're not Einstein and frankly you make me sick to my stomach!!!
Renamon: I'll leave you alone then... *jumps on the roof, and goes away*
Impmon: Ya wha...? Hey, I have a lot more to say, don't you wanna hear?! Ah, Ba-Boom...