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Fave Quotes?

Date: 09/29/13 3:40 PM
From: Reddette

My fave Comes from Agumon when he can't Digivolve
" I'm Greymon! I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm scary!
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Date: 01/18/14 10:22 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Zoe as Zephyrmon

"You know, for a legendary warrior of water, you sure give off a lot of hot air."
"Ooh, I am going to enjoy this." (about Ranamon's inability to control her beast spirit)
"I think it's time you learned a little respect." (to Ranamon)
"I guess someone can't control her beast spirit yet. Now, let's get everyone back to that island."
"What good is a plan to attack together when we're not all here? Guys, where are you?"
"That's for picking on my friends!" (to Calmaramon)
"I have a bad feeling about this."
"A gift? You shouldn't have." (taking Ranamon's beast spirit)
"Sorry, but you're still as ugly and weak as ever!" (to Calmaramon)
"We'd better think of something fast before he squashes us like a bunch of little beetles."


Date: 01/18/14 10:21 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Zoe as Kazemon

"How 'bout a little love-tap?"
"You're barks much tougher than your bite!" (to Woodmon)
"Hurricane Wind! That ought to wake up the neighbors. Come out, come out, wherever you are."
"Cut the macho act and give me your hand!" (to Lobomon)
"Evil creatures, be purified by the wind!"
"Man, am I good?!"
"Let's kick-start this fight!" (to Ranamon)
"I gotta run. I just hope I bought them enough time."
"Ranamon, your reign is over. I'd say it's been fun, but it hasn't. Fractal code, digitize! See ya, sugar."
"Hang in there, Koji. We're coming."
"I can't believe I was hurt by my own attack."
"It must be the mountain's fractal code. Oh, no! Grumblemon!"
"Oh, great. What's she up to know?" (about Ranamon)
"At last, it's my turn to help out."
"This isn't all we can do. Time to evolve."
"I'm scared. No, be brave. But I can't!"
"We never acted this way towards each other before, so why now?"
"With all of us working together we still can't dent this stupid wall."
"Star light, star bright, please get off this rock tonight."
"You're right. I can feel the strength, the power."
"Great work, guys. We'll protect this place, no problem!"
"I know who I am now. And I?m going to surround myself with new friends. That lonely girl who couldn?t own up to anyone doesn?t exist anymore. I?m a new person and I want to help everyone!"


Date: 01/18/14 10:21 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More of Zoe's Quotes:

"What good am I to you guys now?" (after getting her spirit stolen)
"Guys, forget it. Let's just go to the Forest Terminal."
"Oh, no, Takuya! No!" (after Takuya was possessed by his beast spirit)
"No! He still has my spirit." (about Grumblemon)
"You can't blame us for wanting a short break. We've earned it."
"Sure it's tough. But I believe we can do whatever we put our minds to."
"This is impossible. I can breath. Huh? So beautiful. It's my beast spirit!"
"I'm in shock. That might actually work." (about Takuya's plan to defeat Duskmon)
"Whatever are those guys thinking, leaving a girl?"
"I was glad to help. Besides, I should be thanking you for all this delicious food." (to the Honeybeemon)
"Duskmon just went inside. I think he's after Koji. Please, be careful." (to Takuya; through the D-Tector's)
"Now where are they going?" (about Beowolfmon and Duskmon)
"But will Takuya even know to try it?" (about Fusion evolution)
"At least we're mostly all together. I'd hate to be out there all alone."
"Patamon, I'd be happy to carry you if you point us in the right direction."
"So, it's really because of him that you were able to fusion evolve to Beowolfmon." (to Koji; about Patamon)
"But we can't just take off and leave Takuya and Koji."
"I don't know if I'd want the responsibility of a little brother or sister. Unless, of course, they turned out just like me."
"Italy. My family lived there since I was a little girl. We moved to Japan a year ago."
"What is he riding?" (about Agunimon trying to hold onto Bakumon)
"So I was cruel right back to her. That's not right. I shouldn't have been so mean."
"Come on, guys. Let's not fight over nothing."
"We're gaining speed. Way to go, Takuya!"
"Bright is right. Some of those buildings are reflecting back in my eyes."
"I remember how weird it felt the first time I spirit evolved. Now it just feels normal."
"I wanna believe, but is my spirit strong enough?"
"I know you, Takuya. You wouldn't be able to look at yourself in the mirror if you didn't give it your all."
"Tommy, this is no time for daydreaming. Come on."
"I always had trouble making friends. But now I know I?m going to have loads of them. Now I know what real friends look like. Thanks to you guys. *laughs*"
"It hasn?t all been fighting, it?s the other things I?ll remember. Sure it?s way cool to be a digimon and kick butt and all, but it wouldn?t have been half as much fun without you guys. You?re the first real friends I?ve ever had, I never even knew how to be a friend, but now I understand myself a little better and others too. I don?t think I?ll ever have trouble making friends again and it?s cause I actually like myself now."


Date: 01/18/14 10:20 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More of Zoe's Quotes:

"Don't 'But Zoe' me. Just find a way to stop the whirlpools while I hold her off."
"How long did it take you to think of an 'Attack all at once' plan? A second?"
"Wow, do I get my own doll?"
"We have to believe in them." (about Takuya & Koji)
"Food always taste's better when you eat it with someone." (to the Honeybeemon)
"Forget it, metal-head. We're not telling you anything. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever! You might as well let us down right now before I get really angry!"
"It's okay, Tommy. What happened wasn't your fault."
"You better hope you get your beast spirit first, pal, because I'm coming after you when I get mine!" (to J.P.)
"Come on, Zoe, think. Oh, if only I cold spirit evolve."
"'Cause I'm a girl! And girl's know how to handle power when they need to!"
"That's a great excuse if you want to give up, but I'm not going to."
"They're repeating what we say, so let's confuse them with tongue twisters."
"Well, if you're writing about Digimon, maybe you could write about is. The True Adventures of the Legendary Warriors. You can say how I controlled my beast spirit."
"Alone again. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. Seems I always end up alone."
"Gee, if you yell in a forest and there's no one around, is there really any point in yelling?"
"I'm going to try harder to be a better person."
"It's one thing to be nice, but it's another to be a big pushover!"
"Maybe we could use the D-Tector's to contact them." (about Koji & Takuya)
"You're such a cute little thing." (to Patamon)
"Once I realized I wasn't alone, the darkness wasn't so scary."
"Don't you remember, Tommy?! When anything bad happens we have to stay together!"
"I wish we would get there by now." (about the Rose Morning Star)
"And I have no intention of going home now. I can't let you boys have all the fun."
"Come on, Koichi. You can trust us."
"We should be safe if we stay here. I bet fire Digimon like Candlemon can't get near the water."
"You need to learn how to get along. Just because you think you're getting the short end of the stick, that doesn't give you the right to go around destroying everything. Learn to solve your problems peacefully."
"Not everyone wants to be part of the fun!"


Date: 01/18/14 10:19 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Zoe's Quotes:

"He's beautiful!" (about Agunimon)
"For such a little kid, he sure has big problems." (about Tommy)
"We're all in this together, so any decisions we make, we make as a team."
"Why do I even try to like a guy like that?" (about Koji)
"Koji must have a good reason. Maybe he knows something we don't."
"Oh, you are so cute!" (about YukimiBotomon)
"I don't pretend to be someone I'm not just to be popular."
"How cute!" (about Gomamon)
"Am I the only one here with a pinch of optimism?"
"Zephymon, you're becoming more a part of me every day and I couldn't be happier."
"Malto Bella! Dig in! Tastes like steak!" (about the KurasakiNumemon's food)
"Malto cool!" (about Agunimon)
"Mamma mia!"
"You're just jealous because Tommy found his inner Digimon and you haven't yet!"
"I've never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life." (about Lobomon)
"I wonder if I'll be next. Oh, I hope my Digimon's cute."
"This wind is like Hawaii, a vacation paradise in our world!"
"They're all pretty happy, thanks to you." (to Koji)
"I don't care what that Koji thinks. We made a great team!"
"I can't stand you guys. You run off and then can't believe a girl like me could Spirit Evolve! I'll have your heads!"
"Oh, perfect. And I just got my clothes all dry." (after it started to rain)
"Remember who your friends are and you'll be fine." (to Takuya)
"Tsunomon changed everyone's minds about him by showing his true colors. Maybe I could do that too."
"Hey, maybe my D-Tector's good for something too."
"Look, I haven't been able to Spirit Evolve. I need to make up for lost time."
"I don't think I've been more certain of anything in my life."
"This stinks! I just wanted a cheeseburger! Is that so wrong?!"
"Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want. My grumbly tummy is nothing to the sound I've heard you guys make!"
"With him here, there's four of us. I wonder if that means something special."
"Geez, calm down, Takuya. We're all in this together."
"I don't understand! What's wrong with that?!" (about being a legendary warrior)
"Um, I hate to say this, guys. But I think we're lost."
"If that big doofus hadn't stolen my spirit, I'd show him a thing or two."
"Hey, welcome back!" (to her spirit)
"I have to protect the others!"
"Yes, I'm back. And I brought a little friend." (about her beast spirit)
"More food! Can't you see I'm done?! Give me another plate here!" (in the food eating contest)
"We're the five Legendary Warriors who stopped Grumblemon, and that guy was no push-over."
"That is so like a child. Sitting here yapping away when we should be looking for Tommy." (to Takuya)
"Fire attacks don't work against Candlemon. He should know that." (about Agunimon)
"What a view! Smell that air!" (in the mung tree)
"Lobomon, don't you harm a hair on that bear, okay?"
"I guess Koji likes to be on his own. And given this group, sometimes I don't blame him."
"You can't blame a girl for being happy on such a beautiful day. Especially a girl who has got her beast spirit back!"


Date: 01/17/14 10:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya as Flamon

"Go follow your destiny, Takuya!"
"If I don't get on that train, everything will go back to normal."
"How can I stop myself? I won't stop!"
"There's two Koji's?! No, wait. That's not Koji."
"Takuya! Run! Get on that train! Move it, Takuya!"
"Koji, things will be different. I know it's not a game now!"
"How can I stop myself if I can't even think straight?"
"I just can't pretend none of this ever happened. Even if I did go home, I'd never be the person I was."
"I love you mom and dad. Happy birthday, Shinya. See you soon."
"Oh, I get it. This is where we all left for the Digital World. But, why am I here?"
"Is this some alternate universe or something?! No, wait, this is my home. Everything's the same, well except for me."
"No. I won't run away. My friends are waiting, they need me. And I won't let you stand in my way!" (to Duskmon)
"Hang on. I'm coming. I won't let you down, guys."
"Leave me alone!" (to Duskmon)
"I'm out of time. But I haven't gotten on the elevator yet! There's still a chance!"
"It's already gone too far. I have to do something."
"He looks so much like him, but that can't be Koji. It's not. Then who is he?" (about Koichi)
"What am I gonna do? I can't go home looking like some freaked-out mutant."
"Open up! Please, let me in! Come on!" (banging on the elevator doors)
"It's me, Takuya! Don't you recognize me? Aah, my face!"
"Koji was right. I didn?t know why I was here. But I do now."


Date: 01/17/14 10:02 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya as Aldamon

"It's over. You won't hurt me or my friends ever again!"
"Hey, you guys! Guess who just kicked Mercurymon's patooty?!"
"You know what they say, never say never!"
"Time for some purification. The final chapter to an overwritten book!"
"I'm going to try something that can get a bit messy."
"It's purification time! And it couldn't've happened to a meaner guy."
"I have a book of my own with a surprise ending! You're finished, Mercurymon!"
"How can we stop this guy if we don't survive? We have to regroup and come up with a better plan."
"You have to trust the Digimon inside of you."

Takuya as EmperorGreymon

"I'll do my best, which, as we all know, is awesome!"
"Actually, perishing is your job." (to Cherubimon)
"Nice shooting. Unless of course, you were actually aiming at us." (to Cherubimon)
"Very good, stop, drop, and roll. You paid attention in class." (to Dynasmon, who's in pain from the fire attack)
"If we can?t beat them, at least we can try to take them out with us."


Date: 01/17/14 10:02 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya As BurningGreymon

"You're the one who likes twisters, right?! Well, enjoy!" (to Gigasmon)
"If you want these spirits, then you're going to have to come here and take them!"
"Don't take us too lightly, you big eyeball. You want power, I'll show you power." (To Duskmon)
"If we defeated Grumblemon and Petaldramon, then laughing boy over there should be a piece of cake." (about Duskmon)
"What am I doing? Gotta stay in control. These guys are my friends. I have to keep reminding myself that. But wait, if they are my friends, why are they attacking me? Maybe they are the enemy."
"He destroyed his own friend." (about Duskmon)
"I hit him pretty good, didn't I guys? Uh... guys?" (about Duskmon)
"Pyro- Wait, I'll set fire to the whole forest. Okay, I'll do it the old fashion way."


Date: 01/17/14 10:01 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Agunimon Quotes:

"Koji, why?!" (after KendoGarurumon took the hit that was meant for him)
"They're gone. How could they have survived this? It's all my fault."
"It's the outside. I'm outta here."
"There's gotta be a way outta this place!"
"Everything's finally starting to make sense. Ophanimon told me that coming here was my destiny. It's funny. I always thought I was meant to do something big with my life. When I first stood in that circle of light, I thought I knew what it was. I remember when I first felt the power of Agunimon coursing through me. I thought that nothing would stop me. That I would save the Digital World destroy any evil Digimon who stood in my way. Battle after battle my strength grew. But so did my confidence. That was the problem. I was so rapped up with my power that I didn't understand the true meaning. There was no connection with me and the world around me."
"I can't tell which way is up anymore. Oh, who am I kidding? I can't tell which way is up, down, sideways, inside out. Is there anyway out of this stupid maze?" (about Sakkakumon)
"Man, you sure talk a lot. It must be because you're too scared to clam up and fight me." (to Mercurymon)
"It?s over, Duskmon. You?re finished."
"Quit cheating! Come out and fight like a man!" (to Mercurymon)
"Cute, but what can a toy tank do?" (before the tank fires at him)


Date: 01/17/14 10:01 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya as Agunimon:

"How 'bout I defeat you without escaping?" (to Ceberumon)
"Now, to take the fractal code."
"I hate it when toys go bad!"
"Now for some purification!"
"THIS IS GONNA HURT! (falling) [He hits the ground] I was right."
"What are you so excited about?! You missed me, Earth Boy!" (to Gigasmon)
"Aw, man. This really isn't my day."
"It's time to end this nightmare."
"What's the matter, slowpoke? Can't you catch me?" (to Gigasmon)
"Hey, Gigasmon, you're not getting tired now, are you? You have to start working out."
"How 'bout we heat things up a bit?!"
"Aw, man! This really isn't my day!"
"All right, speedy. Dodge this!" (to Duskmon)
"All right, this is it. It all starts here. I've got another chance, and I'm not going to blow it."
"I summon the power of tornado!"
"I never did believe in magic. Here's a trick for you. Fractal code, digitize!"
"I have to lead him away from the others. (to Gigasmon) Tag, you're it!"
"This is all my fault. Oh, Koji."
"They can't be much further."
"You really don't think you can win. Haven't you heard, it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature!"
"My plan was useless. Koji was right. I risked everyone's lives."
"Wind and snow. Thunder and lightning. Lend me your powers now!"
"You won't defeat us ever again!"
"Geez, how many mirrors does one world need?"
"How 'bout we heat things up a little?"
"Maybe you're trying too hard, buddy. Just be yourself, you know." (to Sepikmon)
"They can't be much further."
"The eyeball. I'm guessing it's a portal and he's on the other side." (looking for J.P.)
"Huh? What are you looking at?" (to an eyeball portal)
"Aw, man. I'm too late. Koji, no!"
"Eye-yai-yai." (staring at a bunch of eye portals)
"Great choice, Takuya!" (falling)
"Where am I now? How many places does this stupid place have?"
"Sure you don't need a little help there, buddy?" (to Lobomon)


Date: 01/17/14 10:00 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Takuya Quotes:

"Now, now. I'm sure it may seem like the same plan, but once I lay it out for you, you'll see plenty of differences."
"The spirits of darkness are changing!"
"I guess we all get to be reborn. Whether we're humans or Digimon."
"But running away never solved anything."
"We can't give up! Winners never quit. And if we quit, we'll never win."
"It's not fair. The whole world is going to be destroyed."
"O-kay. This baby thing is starting to scare me." (about Bokomon and the baby)
"Wait, Tommy? What was I going to do? What did I do?" (as BurningGreymon)
"Why can;t we just be friends?" (to Grumblemon)
"Come on, you need to lighten up there, buddy." (to Koji)
"I?m not going to stay stuck in this place like a rat in a trap."
"Koji! Koji, where are you?! Come on, buddy, give me a break!"
"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I?ve got a fight to win." (to Koji)
"The Digital World is sort of like our second home."


Date: 01/17/14 9:59 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Takuya Quotes:

"Great plan, right? Just like the one's I used to draw for my army men, only this is real."
"Look, I know you're not used to having friends, but you're part of a team now, so you better show some support." (to Koji)
"Let's just take a break for awhile." (exhausted)
"She's controlling her spirit!" (about Zoe becoming Zephyrmon)
"Adios, fuzz face!" (to ShadowWereGarurumon)
"All right. Meaty meat burger! Some of this! And maybe some of this! And I'm going to make me a masterpiece! *starts chanting* Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!"
"The owner's sure got a scary decorator." (about an eyeball portal)
"That's what I call a cold reception." (after being attacked by IceLeomon)
"Speaking of friends, we gotta find Koji."
"Yeah, well, I'll take my chance with the boogey-man." -Takuya
"Man, I miss my little brother. I never realized how much he meant to me."
"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I've got a fight to win." (to Koji)
"All your brother needs is a little "Fractal Code Digitize"!"
"He's the one... How could this happen?" (about Koichi)
"I was right. You were the one I saw that day." (to Koichi)
"That's cheating, you can't do that! Give our D-Tector's back!"
"Everyone be quiet. We all have to search inside of us for the answer."
"We have the spirits of all ten legendary warriors on our side."
"Well, Koichi, I gotta say, after that fight, you are definitely one of us now."
"If we don't take care of this, who else will? You think we're just humans. But we are Digimon! And proud of it!"
"I'm not ever gonna give up."
"Trailmon act more like babies than babies." (about the Trailmon hiding from fear)
"How many kids can say they're half Digimon?"
"I'm proud to be a Digimon."
"I promise you guys, I'll never give up. Not until me and my friends restore the Digital World."
"If you run now, you'll never stop running. But if you fight now you can be free forever."
"I don't see you coming up with any ideas." (to Koji)
"Hey, flying robot, we're looking for a little kid and a giant bear. Have you seen them?"
"Buddy, why are you so paranoid?!" (to Koji)


Date: 01/17/14 9:58 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More of Takuya's Quotes:

"Come on digivolution! Start! Operate! Turn me into a Digimon!"
"Man, is this ever going to end?" (falling down a tunnel)
"We have a responsibility to take of Tommy because he's younger than us."
"Supper? Are you nuts? I won't be hungry for hours. I might never eat again!"
"I don't know. Maybe I should stay and help my friends. Then again, when have I ever really helped them? All right, let's go."
"The train's already at the station!"
"I really am getting tired of falling all the time."
"All righty then. Isn't this place just full of surprises."
"Man, where am I? And where is everyone else? This world takes confusion to a whole new level."
"My human spirit and my beast spirit. This is a new evolution."
"I'm brave enough to eat!"
"Hey, buddy! Teddy! Wait up!" (to Monzaemon)
"Hey, you big, fuzzy creep! Give our friend back! "(to Monzaemon)
"Lavender Castle, here we come!"
"That's one angry bear!" (about Kumamon)
"What good is it if we get all those spirits back and we can't even control them?"
"And Takuya, king of I'm going to be sick!"
"Every bit of it tastes just like it looks. Lumps and all!"
"Well then, guys, let's head for that star!"
"I think I've had about enough of this!"
"I can't believe this guy. When did he become such a chicken?" (about Koji)
"Good luck, guys." (going home)
"That was some plan, all right. Oh well, doesn't really matter now. I'm going home."
"Am I still stuck in Sakkakumon? Wow, bet I can't say that five times fast."
"I don't have time to play with this nasty kitty. Koji needs my help and I won't let you stand in my way." (fighting IceLeomon)
"Let's get going. We have to help Koji."
"You're his brother, Koji. If his own brother won't save him, then who will?!"
"Koichi needs you! We need you! Heck, the entire Digital World needs you!" (to Koji)
"My head is the only part of my body that doesn't hurt."
"It's up to you now, Koichi!"
"Why won't this stupid D-Tector unfreeze already?!"
"One minute?! Aw, man!"
"Wait a minute. Did he get a message too?"
"Something doesn't feel quite right."
"Hey, J.P., hurry up! Did you fall in?" (calling J.P., who was using the bathroom)


Date: 01/17/14 9:57 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Takuya's Quotes:

"I'll never make it, but that's never stopped me before!"
"Why does this always happen to me?!"
"My destiny is really starting to bite!"
"Man! I really gotta stop landing on my head!"
"This sure ranks pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!"
"I'm not the pizza-mon! It's every tummy for itself!"
"I guess this means we're not going home!"
"That attack is so not fair!" (about WaruMonzaemon's Heart's Break Attack)
"Why do evil things always run faster than normal things?!"
"You are the most selfish kid in the whole world! Two worlds!" (to Koji)
"Oh, man, I missed all the cake and ice cream!" (about missing his little brother's birthday)
"Destiny sure involves a lot of running."
"It's like a ghost train in here. What if it is a ghost train?!"
"Me?! A Digimon?!"
"Don't be so mean. He's only a little kid, for pete's sake." (to Koji; about Tommy)
"I... can't... believe... I made it!"
"Wait!!!! Destiny!!!!"
"Is it just me or did our train just talk to us?!"
"We've been led all over, getting our snot kicked out, and we don't even know why we're in this crazy world!"
"Run! Didn't you hear me?!"
"I knew I should of asked for more allowance!"
"Man, I'm bored. My whole life is boring. Bored, bore, boring..."
"This is way better than being bored. My destiny? That's down-right cool."
"Come on! Give me a break! I'm doing the best I can!"
"Way to think ahead, Takuya. Wherever you're going, you're going to get there in a hurry."
"Digital World?! You're kidding. What have I gotten myself into?"
"What have I gotten myself into? And what if there's no way of getting out?!"
"How am I supposed to get it? And what do I do with it when I do?" (about the spirit)
"So, are all mature girls this crazy?" (to Zoe)
"Spirit, wake up! I need you."
"What's going on?! I turned back into me!"
"Why do things in the Digital World always come out of nowhere?"
"You want us to work? That's what an allowance is for!" (to Bokomon)
"You want us to ride through that... in this?! Are you snails insane?!" (to the KurasukiNumemon; about the loop in the train track)
"My tummy feels like a melon!" (after eating a huge meal)
"Put it all together and what have you got? The beach, ba-by!"
"We are really cooking along now! [They enter a frozen desert] Well, maybe cooking isn't the right word."
"Now that's more what I was expecting." (after crashing)
"I guess we couldn't have run away from this guy even if we wanted to, hey Koji?"
"The voice said my destiny was coming. I wonder what that means? I guess I'll find out at the train station."
"A ticket? Maybe this is destiny."
"It's one of these days."
"Incoming message. No name. Well, it's gotta be better than being bored."
"Man, why do mom's always have to be right?!"
"What happened?! How did I know how to do all that?!"


Date: 01/17/14 9:35 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji As Lobomon

"Obviously, you've been taken over by evil."
"Time to be purified by light!"
"You should have just let me handle it!" (to Agunimon)
"Yeah, you're some lady." (sarcastic; to Calmaramon)
"You missed me, master of darkness!"
"Sorry, Takuya. Trust me. I was aiming at him." (accidentally hitting Agunimon)
"Shadow creature, be purified by the light!"
"What's wrong? Don't you want my spirit anymore?" (to Grumblemon)

Koji As Beowolfmon

"How are we connected? Who is this Duskmon?"
"Darkness will never defeat me."
"Is it true? Is he really my brother?"
"Unwilling slave of darkness. Be purified by the light!"
"But I've been given a second chance. And I'm gonna take it!"
"Somewhere deep inside that dark heart is just a kid in pain. Like me." (about Duskmon)
"My mother? Alive?"
"Is it true? Is he really my brother?"
"Duskmon, why are you running away? Where are you going?"
"I know you're human! Answer me!" (to Velgemon)
"It couldn?t have been an illusion. It had to be real. But how could that boy look just like me?"


Date: 01/17/14 9:33 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji's Quotes:

"This quiet really gives a guy time to think."
"Where I go is my own business. Thanks for asking."
"The wind in the Digital World smells pretty sweet."
"There goes an accident waiting to happen." (about J.P. and Tommy)
"One of these days I'm going to beat that guy for good." (About Grumblemon)
"It's probably better to stay away from creepy holes ion the wall. But I didn't come all this way to play it safe."
"I don't need your help, or anyone else's!"
"That spirit sure takes a lot out of a guy."
"I feel them. My human and beast spirits have come together."
"Velgemon, just who are you to me?!"
"'Everything will become clear?' I wish I knew what "everything" was."
"I don't get it. Why didn't Duskmon finish me off when he had the chance?"
"I can't just sit here and do nothing."
"Get out of my head, Duskmon. Leave my memories alone!"
"I can't let Duskmon win. I can't. Not yet."
"I guess I'd better take a snooze too. This is as good a place as any."
"The only thing you guys will do is get in my way. Can I help it if you're not up to my level?"
"Got to do something. I know it's not supposed to end like this."
"I don't get it. Why did he freak out when he saw me?" (about Duskmon)
"What are brothers supposed to do?"
"This gets weirder by the minute."
"Who is he? He looked exactly like me. But how can that be?" (about Duskmon's human self)
"Why did he make me remember? Why does my past matter to him? Is he just using me? Or is he really me?" (about Duskmon)
"And that freak Cherubimon is using him. He gave him the Spirit of Darkness. My twin brother is the warrior of darkness!"
"You know, when you think of it, we actually have two birthdays. One when we were born and one when we first became Digimon."
"Well, I'd rather die then let twisted sickos like you destroy such a beautiful place!" (to the Royal Knights, in the Village of Beginnings)
"When you're hurting, I hurt as well. When you suffer, I also suffer." (to Koichi)
"It?s driving me crazy. Who sent this e-mail?"
"Wait, if your story?s really true, than turn back to your human form. I wanna hear more about you. I wanna hear more about mom!" (to Velgemon)


Date: 01/17/14 8:49 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Koji: Why do you think you're here, Takuya? Answer me! I want to know why you're here.
Takuya: Well, you know... we're here to save the world...
Koji: You say that like you don't know what it means- What's at stake- This isn't just some video game you can walk away from if things don't work out!
Takuya: *angrily* I'm not stupid, you know! I know that!
Koji: Sometimes I really don't think you do. There's no second chance for us, get it? If we mess up here, it's over.
Takuya: Yeah... I-I know.
Koji: Then how can you stake our lives on some plan that you only assume is going to work?! We don't know anything about this guy!
Takuya: So what?! We'll all be safe if we run away?!
Koji: Argh! I didn't say that!
Takuya: Then what are you saying?!
Koji: *grabs Takuya* Listen, Takuya, you weren't there when I crossed sword with him, okay?! I doubt that he was using even half his strength against me! That whole fight all he was doing was playing with us!
Takuya: Yeah, okay, maybe, but... we're the good guys! There must be a way to win!
Koji: He's too strong!
Takuya: I know he's strong, but every time we've run into someone more powerful than us, we worked together and everything has turned our fine! I really believe that if we just attack as one, we can't loose!
Koji: Ugh! Takuya, open your eyes!
Takuya: Open your own eyes. We're more powerful together than you think!
Koji: You just don't get it, do you? Tell me something. It's obvious you don't care about yourself, but can you promise me the others won't get hurt? Because if you can't, then you better just go home now, because I won't risk their lives.

"Duskmon slide evolved to Velgemon and set off to avenge his mother by destroying his brother. (sarcastic) Now that's logic for you." -Rika, narrating Digimon Frontier

Takuya: Hey, Zoe, how were you able to control your beast spirit so fast?
Zoe: Well, just luck I guess
Tommy: Not 'cause you're a girl?
Zoe: Well, maybe, But I won't tell. A girl has to have secrets. *blows a kiss*
Takuya: [To Tommy] You feel as sick as I do right now?
Tommy: No, I'm sicker.
Zoe: Guys!


Date: 01/17/14 8:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

"Listen to me! You are gonna fight him and I'll tell you why! Because he's your brother! You're the only chance he has, Koji! If his brother won't save him, who will?!" -Takuya to Koji

"You can stay down here and feel sorry for yourself, but I've got a fight to win!" -Takuya to Koji

"All your brother needs is a little "Fractyl Code Digitize"!" -Takuya to Koji

"The light-boy! The light-boy is this way, bud-ee!" -Patamon (Frontier)

"We are not humans now! We are Digimon. Our senses are sharper in our Digimon forms. You have to trust the Digimon inside of you." -Takuya


Date: 01/14/14 9:37 PM
From: MBAVFan7

KendoGarurumon(Koji) : Well if it's a fight you want, then fight me!
BurningGreymon(Takuya) :Hmm? *turns around*
Beetlemon(JP) : Don't look at me! *jumps out of the way as KendoGarurumon goes to fight BurningGreymon*

"I always heard savages rely on intuition." -Koji
"You really hate being nice, don't you?" -Takuya

Tommy and Takuya: Koji's playing with toys!

"Our destiny is at hand!" -ShadowToyAgumon Leader
"Our destiny is a hand?" -ShadowToyAgumon
"Oh, be quiet." -ShadowToyAgumon Leader

Zoe: Hey, what's that?
Bokomon: Is, 'It's a building with a fence around it' too obvious an answer?

"If this is your calm, I'd hate to see upset!" -Takuya, while Tommy is crying hard

Takuya: He can't control his Beast Spirit. He sure looks silly.
Bokomon: Not as silly as you looked beating up your friends, Mr. Pot-Calling-the-Kettle-Black.
Tommy: I'm just glad I didn't hurt you guys when I found my Beast Spirit.
Takuya: Does everyone have to bring that up?!

"Why do you think you're here, Takuya?" -Koji

"It's obvious you don't care about yourself, but can you promise me the others won't get hurt? 'Cause if you can't, then you better just go home now, because I won't let you risk their lives." -Koji


Date: 01/14/14 9:36 PM
From: MBAVFan7

"That bear's dangerous." -Koji
"And you didn't even get thrown down by it." -Takuya
(about Monzaemon)

[Scared, Bokomon latches on to J.P.'s leg]
"Stop acting like my Aunt Mabel's dog!" -J.P.
"Aunt Mabel's dog would have turned tail and run by now!" -Bokomon

Takuya: You know, guys, the more I think about it... the more I think I really did defeat him!!
Everyone: *sighs*
-No one believes Takuya took down Duskmon by himself

"Man, this world sure like's its walking." -J.P.

"I say we go inside, how bad could it be? Sleeping Beauty used to live in a castle in the forest." -Zoe
"Yeah, so did the Wicked Witch." -Koji

Koji: *sarcastically* Hey, bud, could you possibly go any faster?!
Trailmon: No problem. Just hold onto your bandana. *speeds up*
Everyone: Koji!
Koji: What?!

*Tommy, Koji, and Takuya are hiding on a swinging pirate ship ride*
"Whose idea was it to hide on this thing?!" -Koji
"Would you rather wrestle the bear instead?!" -Takuya

*When Tommy gets sick on the Pirate Ship ride*
"Don't look in my direction, kid." -Koji
"Don't point him at me!" -Takuya

"This way!" -Takuya
"No, this way!" -Zoe
"You're wrong!" -Takuya
"Why? Just because I disagree with you? Don't you think the Forest Terminal might just be surrounded by trees?" -Zoe
"Trailmon said to stay on this track and your way curves left! You think you know everything!" -Takuya
"Well, I'm right!" -Zoe
"So, you wanna go right?" -Takuya
"No, I'm going to way that makes sense!" -Zoe

"Hey, are you okay? Let me help you up." Takuya
"Don't touch me!" -Koji

"You're toast, lady!" -Takuya
"Thanks, but I already had my breakfast." -Ranamon