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Digimon Sentence Maker!

Date: 02/06/14 7:35 PM
From: Kindness99

Favorite month:
January- Tai and I
February- Sora and I
March- Matt and I
April- Izzy and I
May- Mimi and I
June- Joe and I
July- T.K. and I
August- Kari and I
September- Davis and I
October- Yolei and I
November- Ken and I
December- Cody and I
Favorite color:
Red- Danced Gangnam Style
Orange- Pranked everyone
Yellow- Hugged
Green- Threw Lucemon down a well
Blue- Went to the Digital World
Purple- Sang karaoke
Pink- Skipped through flowers
Brown- Yelled at each other
Gray- Jumped up and down
Black- Played Pokemon
White- Ran around town screaming "DIGIMON RULES!"
Favorite Season:
01- Because we were in love.
02- Because our Digimon were going crazy.
Tamers- Because we were mad.
Frontier- Because we wanted to.
Data Squad- Because there was a monster in the house.
Fusion- Because we were B-O-R-E-D.
Season 7- Because it was raining hot dogs.
Season 8- Because we broke the fourth wall.
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Date: 04/05/14 2:34 PM
From: Rabbit317

Ken and I jumped up and down because our Digimon were going crazy.

Huh. Well.
That explains a lot.


Date: 04/04/14 5:27 PM
From: rosellina

TK and I sang karaoke Because our Digimon were going crazy.
"well.... that's one way to deal with things"~ me

Date: 03/22/14 6:20 PM
From: Kindness99

I'll do one of my own.

Davis and I danced Gangnam Style because our Digimon were going crazy.

Um, I think we're the ones going crazy.


Date: 02/24/14 5:58 PM
From: SnowMask


T.K. and I threw lucemon down a well because we were B-O-R-E-D

i dont really think its because we were bored its because WE HATE HIM


Date: 02/20/14 10:49 PM
From: RoyalStar9

Kari and I skipped through flowers because our Digimon were going crazy.

That's a nice way to handle the situation. XD
Gatomon's going crazy, because she found her clone!!! XD (My OC's Digimon is Gatomon...her mom is we just time-travelled?!?!?!)

It was--
August (I don't really have a favorite month, so I did the first one that came to mind. PoPiPo was playing, so I thought of Hatsune Miku, and her birthday is Aug. 31. *Shrugs*)

We really need more of these. XD

~Hatsune Miku (World is Mine~)

~My Math Teacher, in a dream where I was writing all the Vocaloid songs that ever existed on my homework


Date: 02/14/14 9:05 PM
From: Arimanda

Mimi and I played pokemon because our digimon were going crazy. O_O Ok... Random Cool!
Arimanda Forevez!!!!

Date: 02/14/14 5:07 PM
From: RRBRox122

Izzy and I Played Pokemon Because we were B-O-R-E-D.

Date: 02/12/14 3:19 PM
From: dtamerfan

Matt and I went to the Digital World because we were mad.

Date: 02/10/14 8:39 PM
From: dtamerfan

What? Lucemon would be a lot harder to throw down a well than THAT!!!!!! Would you be able to throw DEVIMON down a well!? NO! So why would you be able to throw another devil digimon about 10 times as powerful down a well!? He would come back up anyway!!!!! Lucemon is more powerful than Malomyotismon!

Date: 02/08/14 7:09 PM
From: KaiKyoya2

Ken and I threw Lucemon down a well Because we were in love.

O.o huh? xD


Date: 02/07/14 9:09 PM
From: SnowMask

Ken and I pranked everyone because were in love

/ever get tired of being random, naw what knd of question did I just ask ~bree/


Date: 02/07/14 8:25 PM
From: PikaPata

Izzy and I skipped through flowers, because our Digimon were going crazy.

"This is.....random..."~PikaPata


Date: 02/06/14 9:11 PM
From: naruhina9

Mimi and I skipped through flowers because our Digimon were going crazy......

*~Well the truth is that I never ever wanna hurt you baby
But it'd be nice to know that I could
Be strong enough to pull you under
Throw you back a little thunder
Even though I never would~* - Cassadee Pope "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart"