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The Power of Loyalty (Fanfic)

Date: 05/21/14 12:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Yes, I'm finally posting a Digimon Fanfic. I've had a few ideas, but now I'm actually posting one. If I start getting behind, don't be afraid to remind me to post a new chapter. This first Chapter takes place around the episode "Gaurdian Angel", before they know Ken is the Emperor. So, here's the first chapter:

Chapter 1:
Davis, Cody, Yolei, Kari, and TK went back into the Digital World, and their D-3's started beeping.
"It says there's a Digi-egg nearby!" Davis exclaimed.
"Well then, let's go find them!" TK called out, and they ran off in the direction their D-3's pointed.

"Look, there's the Digi-egg!" Kari announced.
"Who do you think it's for?" Cody asked.
"I'm not sure, there's no Digi-Destined left. But let's try anyway," Yolei said, and tried to lift it. Everyone began to try lifting it, but no one was able to yet. Everyone but Davis had tried.
Kari took a good look at the symbol, "I've never seen this symbol before... What a weird design."
"It reminds me of a wolf's tail!" Davis called out.
"Really?" Cody asked.
"He's right, it does. I wonder what it means," TK said. "Well, it's not ours-"
"I bet it's mine!" Davis called out.
"Wow," Yolei taunted, "You're so humble." Davis ignored her, and pulled hard on the egg.
"Davis, relax. You're trying to lift it, not break it!" TK told him.
"I've... almost got it!" Davis cried out, pulling even harder. Suddenly, it glowed, and a bright light came out of it, and sped away. "Oh great, what did I do now?!"
"That light looks just like the lights that came out of the Digi-egg of Courage when Tai tried to lift it!" Gatomon said.
"Really? Does that mean... there could be more Digi-destined?" Kari asked.
"It's a good guess..." Yolei answered.
"Well, it's not any of our eggs, let's go back home. It's starting to get late," Cody told them.
"All right..." Davis agreed, sounding disappointed.

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Date: 08/27/14 8:18 PM
From: Batskee


So sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this! And because of that, this shall be a somewhat lengthy post.

Wonderful chapters! And I agree with PikaPata. I smell a ship coming! But that was really to be expected, actually. You are a proud Ken Fangirl after all, yes? Plus, I ship it too! KumikoxKen Forever!

Also, in Chapter 20, I'm afraid I'm guilty of not giving Davis enough credit either. I mean....he's Davis...! He has his moments I suppose.

And I started laughing when Kumiko thought Flymon would be called Beemon. Haha.'re a bee!

I-I didn't think that! Haha, Kumiko's defensive lie was funny. :3 Lots of these chapters had really funny parts! Haha!

And I almost laughed out loud when I saw Kunemon's handy-work with your signature. Hahaha! Kunemon Fangirl

Teach him a lesson, Kira! Threaten to kick him out of the story or something! You and Dokunemon can go on together without him.

Well, anyway, it's nice that Kumiko and Ken are becoming closer friends. Soon they'll be great friends! And then....KumikoxKen! Who knows what'll happen! I look forward to your next chapter, Kira.

Uh, yeah. I'm, uh, free now. So, uh, is Ken here? This sounds a lot like me when I leave a phone message. Tons of 'uh's and I usually forget my number and why I called. I hate leaving phone messages...


Date: 08/25/14 9:06 PM
From: PikaPata

I smell a ship coming!!! KumikoxKen! X3 I don't care what Kunemon says or thinks.....I ship it! It looks like Arukenimon and Mummymon will make their appearances very soon, too.

Pika: I can't use Patamon.... Lunette is getting ready for a date with Jack (LoKorra's OC) and she told me I couldn't use Patamon or Gabumon....
Patamon: Sorry, Pika
Pika: I will use the power of Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika pikachu!
Pika: Go attack Kunemon with everything you've got!
Pikachu: Pikachu! X3 *runs off*


Date: 08/23/14 8:34 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 23:

The next day Ken and I hung out again. He was pretty comfortable with me now, and we were beginning to get closer as friends. I brought Dokumon and Budmon over this time (with Ken's permission, of course) and they and Minomon, Wormmon's In-Training form, seemed to get along pretty well. Dokumon still didn't like Ken, but at least he was polite, and only complained while Ken wasn't around.
"So, you have two Digimon?" Ken asked. I hoped Dokumon wouldn't say something like, "What, you don't remember?" But yet I was wondering the same thing. Just... in a nicer way...
"I thought you knew?" I rephrased the question I had. He was confused at first, and then realized what I was talking about.
"Oh... I forgot about that..."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to remind you-"
"It's fine," He turned to my two Digimon, "I'm sorry."
"I forgive you, Ken. You seem like a really nice kid now." Budmon said politely. Dokumon was silent.
I wished for a distraction from Dokumon's unintentional rudeness, and I got one. Only I was hoping for a distraction that was good, not bad. Ken's D-Terminal went off, and he picked it up and read his email.
"It's from Mimi?" He asked, confused of why she would send him an email. Then he gasped, "We need to go to the Digital World!"
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I'll explain on the way, Digi-Port Open!" Ken said, holding his D-3 to his computer.
"Kunemon, Digivolve!" I said once we were through.
"Kunemon Digivolve to... Flymon!" He called out, and I ran and jumped on his back, then held out a hand, "Ken, come on. Then explain what's going on."
He ran over, grabbed my hand, and I had a hard time pulling him up, no thanks to Flymon. As soon as Ken was up, Flymon took off.
"Now, what did the email say?" I asked.
"It was from Mimi, they were being attacked by a Digimon called Golemon," Ken explained.
"I'm not sure what Digimon that is," I admitted.
"It's a rock Digimon," Flymon told me, in a don't-you-know-anything tone. But he was just mad about Ken still.
"They must really need help if they're asking me for help..." He said.
Once we got close enough, Ken had Wormmon digivolve, and Ken jumped off Flymon and ran to the edge off the cliff. I jumped off and purposely followed farther behind. I had Dokunemon in my arms.
"I wish I could Digivolve..." He muttered.
"You can still digivolve with the Digi-Egg!" I told him. He looked at me with a smile.
"Digi-Armor, Energize!"
"Dokunemon, Armor-Digivolve to... DokuWolmon!" And with that, he went to join the battle.
I noticed all the Digimon were out of the fight but ours. This was going to be more difficult without them. Then suddenly, a light began flashing from Yolei's Digivice. And then Hawkmon digivolved to Aquilamon!
"Aquilamon! Golemon's really an evil Control Spire! He's not a real Digimon! So give him all you got!" Yolei called out. How did they find out...?
Together, the Digimon were able to defeat him.
After the fight, Ken appologized to the gang, and explained the whole "fake Digimon made from Control Spires" thing. Davis once again tried to get Ken to join, but Ken walked away. At least this time he actually said he "couldn't" instead of ignoring Davis, though. I guess that was improvment.
Yolei also seemed to forgive Ken. Davis did. I wasn't sure about TK or Kari, but I figured they would as well. Cody? Well... he still seemed to hate Ken.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl Kunemon Fangirl
(Me: KUNEMON! Ugh... Hm? *looks up at you guys with a friendly smile* Uh, anyway... Kumiko starts to wonder about Ken's change... on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)


Date: 08/23/14 8:32 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 22:

"Spiking Strike!" A voice called out. It was Wormmon's Digivolved form. Flymon was barely able to dodge it.
"Wormmon! It's us!" I called out desperately. I then noticed Ken below.
"And I was hoping he wouldn't turn up..." Flymon muttered. I purposely pulled his fur. He winced.
"Be nice." I told him. He landed and I jumped from his back and ran over to Ken. The Champion form of Wormmon de-digivolved.
"What's his name?" I asked.
"Stingmon." Ken told me. "Sorry we attacked you."
"It's okay, I understand. We just got done fighting a Digimon too. Do you know what's up with them? Why they were black underneath?"
"Yeah. They were made from control spires." My eyes widened. Was he really back to working with those things...? Was Yolei actually right? "I didn't do it though!" He said quickly once he saw my look, "I know who is, but I'm not sure what her name is. I think she's a Digimon."
"I-I didn't think that!" I said nervously. He gave me a look. "Okay, fine. I did. I'm sorry." I looked down.
"It's okay. I'd think the same thing in your place." He began to look guilty again. "So, uh, who's your Digimon?"
"Flymon." I tried to say it with a straight face, as Flymon gave a glare to me.
"And don't say I look like a bee like Kumi here said." Flymon said, in a more annoyed tone than he usually would. And with that comment I started laughing. Flymon sighed, "Okay, okay, are you done yet?"
"Ah..." I finished, "Okay, I'm done."
"Kumiko, I don't want to be rude, but can we go back to the real world? I don't want my parents to find out I'm gone. They might think I've run away again."
"Sure. Meet you at your house?"
"See you there."
And with that, we went our separate ways.
I knocked on the door again.
"Oh, back again Kumiko?" Mrs. Ichijouji asked.
"Uh, yeah. I'm, uh, free now. So, uh, is Ken here?" I tried to act unsure.
"Yes, he is. Come on in."
I walked and knocked on Ken's door. No answer. I hoped he was fine in the Digital World. And that I wouldn't need to make an excuse to leave again.
"Kumiko?" Ken asked behind me. I jumped. Apparently he was just getting something from the kitchen.
"You scared me, I thought you were still in the Digital World!" I whispered to him.
"Sorry," He said, and couldn't help saying it with a smile.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Me: *holds up a sign that says "Ken x Kumiko"
Kunemon: *glares at me*
Me: *grabs a marker, quickly crosses it out so many times it's a thick black line, and chuckles nervously* What sign? Heh-heh... *throws both sign and marker aside* Find out how both Kunemon and Dokunemon react to Ken and Wormmon in the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!
Kunemon: *groans* Will you cut it out with putting Ken in your chapters so much?
Me: Have you not read my sign-off...?
Kunemon: *picks up a marker and smirks (planning to cross it out)* Yes I have...)


Date: 08/23/14 8:31 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Kunemon: *digivolves to Flymon* Ha! Try to destroy me now, Pika!
Me: Um, she has Patamon... who could possibly warp-Digivolve to Seraphymon...
Flymon: So what?
Me: Being cocky is your greatest weakness.
Flymon: Tch, says you!
Me: *shrugs* Alright... Don't say I didn't warn you...
My Veemon: *looks at him* ...If he does Digivolve to Mega, and you need help, just tell me.
Flymon: I won't need any help!


Sorry! I meant to get to this sooner, but I kept forgetting! And then school started, and tired me out most days.

Flymon: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Enough appologizing and post the next part already!
Me: -__- Would it kill you to be nice?
Flymon: You're the one that waited so long to post!
Me: ... *ignores him and posts another chapter*

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl
I'm listening to my favorite Nickelback song, that also happens to go with Ken! Yay! ^-^
(It's called "Savin' Me" if u wanna listen to it...)


Date: 08/12/14 11:45 AM
From: PikaPata

Perfect chapters! I sorta like how Davis was clueless to Kumiko evading his questions. I don't think Kunemon will ever be rational about the idea of Ken joining the team.... At least he got to digivolve to Flymon. >w<

Pika: Kunemon, for rejecting Ken, I will destroy you!!!
Lunette: Isn't "destroy" going a little bit overboard?
Pika: *rethinks* 'Kay, not "DESTROY" but "HURT"...
Lunette: That doesn't make it better, but at least it's tame.
Patamon: We need to keep an eye on her.
Pika: *in the corner, slowly planning revenge* >=3

I had the same problem with logging in.... I was just sitting in bed one night, and I was like "I should try logging in on reply, and then go back to the boards, so I can post. This is the last thing I can do, so it'd better work!" That's seriously what happened.... (Though since I use my tablet, the browser never stays on and has to reload when I enter it again. Probably 'cause I'm always on other apps....-_-)

*_Forever Electric_*


Date: 08/11/14 9:10 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I am so sorry! I had trouble logging in, and I was finally able to now!
In case any of you are having trouble as well, the way I logged in was: hit reply, logged in, hit the back button, and then hit reply again.
But, I'm back, and hopefully logging in will continue working for me!


Date: 08/11/14 9:09 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 21:

"So, where are we going?" Kunemon asked me.
"Ken's in this area, and I want to try to find him," I explained.
"Control Spire..."
"Kunemon! I said-"
"I wasn't being mean, I swear! I just saw a Control Spire. Can we knock it down?"
"There's no rush to destroy them anymore,"
"Then why wasn't it there yesterday?"
"What are you trying to say?"
"Nothing! I'm just saying that- ...I probably just thought this area looked familiar, and I was wrong. I'm sorry*." I smiled, even though he did have a point. I didn't remember seeing it there either. But I refused to believe the Digimon Emperor was back.
Using my D-3, I tracked Ken, and tried to find him. But even then it was hard.
"I think we're close," I said, looking at my Digivice.
"Get down!" Kunemon called out, jumping and hitting my side, and knocking me down. My D-Terminal, which I was also holding onto, fell out of my hand and was knocked away.
"What was that?" I asked.
"Kuwagumon," Kunemon explained, pointing to the sky with a claw. I then noticed a giant red insect Digimon beginning to swoop down.
"Electro-Thread!" "Poison Claw!" Kunemon and Dokunemon attacked as I covered myself, and felt the wind from Kuwagamon's wings blowing my hair and clothes.
"Digivolve me already!" Kunemon yelled.
I turned to where my D-Terminal was. It was gone.
"The wind must have blown it away! I can't!"
"Scissors claw!" Kuwagamon attacked, coming right at us.

"Kunemon, Digivolve to... Flymon!"
A shadow came over me, but it wasn't Kuwagamon. It was a large yellow bee-like Digimon with black lightning bolt markings for eyes. He grabbed Kuwagamon and threw him aside.
"Thanks." I breathed.
"No problem,"
"And you are...?" I asked. Beemon?
"Flymon? But... you're a bee!" I replied.
Flymon let out a small groan. Yup, that was Kunemon.
"Get on, and hurry," Flymon told me. I picked up Dokunemon.
"Ah..." I started. He was pretty big, and I wasn't sure how I could. He lowered one of his claws, and gave me a boost up. I gripped the fur on his back, and he quickly took off.
"Deadly Sting!" He called out, firing four red stingers. The Kuwagamon dodged two, but was hit with the other two.
"Wait... what's that?" I asked. Where the Kuwagamon was hit, was now a strange black color.
"I've... never seen that before...!" Flymon said. He shot more stingers, and the Digimon's wounds kept turning black.
"It looks like... it's not real!" I called out. With a few more hits, it was deleted.
"That was the strangest thing I've ever seen..." Flymon whispered.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Kunemon: Yay! No Ken, fighting, and I achieved Champion!
Me: Speaking of which... *turns to you* How will Kunemon behave around Ken, still holding a grudge? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)

*He's lying for Kumi's sake. He truly believes that it wasn't there before, but doesn't want to make Kumiko mad.


Date: 08/11/14 9:08 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 20:

The next day at school, Davis walked up to me alone.
"Hey Kumiko," Davis started.
"Hey," I replied.
"What do you think about Ken?" He asked.
After the way he and the others acted yesterday, I wasn't sure how to respond. Me and Ken were friends now, but I couldn't tell him that. He'd think I was crazy.
"What do you mean?" I asked instead. Just let it be implied I don't like him and don't have much of an opinion about him.
"Well, he did save Cody yesterday."
"Yeah, he did." I said, still trying to avoid the question.
"I think Ken's good now, and maybe he should join us." Just as I had hoped, Davis gave up on his questions and came right out and said it. I was honestly surprised that Davis felt that way. Ken and him were rivals back when he was the Emperor, and now he's the first to accept him? ...Or was this somehow related to his love for Kari? Did Kari feel that way and Davis was just trying to get everyone to agree with her? Now that, I would believe*!
"Maybe." I said. I didn't trust him enough to agree, and then possibly have him tell everyone I was best friends with Ken. Davis seemed to realize I wasn't going to give him a straight answer, so he just walked away.

Later that day I went to Ken's house. His mother answered the door.
"Hello Kumiko. Ken's in his bedroom, come on in." Mrs. Ichijouji told me.
"Thank you." I walked in and knocked on Ken's closed door. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. Slowly, I opened the door. "Ken?" I called out. No answer still. I noticed the computer on, and could just barely see the Digi-Gate on the screen. I closed the door.
"Everything okay, Kumiko?" Mrs. Ichijouji asked.
"Uh, yeah. I just... forgot my mom wanted me to do something! I've gotta go, see ya!" I said nervously, running out the door.
I went home, ran in my room, and pulled the D-3 out of my pocket.
"Are we going to clean again? If so, can I stay?" Dokumon complained.
"No, I'm going alone," I said, partly lying. And he could tell.
"Alone, eh?" He asked with a smirk. Budmon rolled his eyes.
"...Okay, fine. Ken's there. If you still don't want to forgive him then just stay here. I'm not going to let you be a jerk to him!" I told my partner.
Dokumon seemed a bit hurt by my words, but he knew it was true, and he sighed, "I promise I won't. Can I come, Kumi?"
I gave him a smile, "Of course. Digi-Port, Open!"

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Kumiko and Ken have become friends, and now lets see how Kunemon reacts around Ken. But not yet, something that Kunemon will like will happen first...
Kunemon: *antennea perk up* What is it?!
Me: *smirks* Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)

*Kumiko and I don't give Davis enough credit...


Date: 07/30/14 4:46 AM
From: PikaPata

Great chapters! I hope Yolei cools down some. I just can't wait for them to all be friends!!! >w< Too bad Ken is so shy.... (But that's what makes him cute and adorable!) I can't wait for more!

Pika: An olive branch, huh? That's just as much a symbol of peace as doves! (I know that whole "olive branch = peace between enemies"
Lunette: Too bad you'd never do something like that....
Pika: NEVER!!! I'll have revenge, Kunemon! (I'm Tsundere and my star sign is Taurus, so I AM actually stubborn and hot-headed....)
Patamon: What about Kumiko's example of forgiveness?
Pika: *gives Patamon "The Stare"* (You'd understand this if you've watched My Little Pony)
Patamon: *scared, slowly backing up* O-kay.....
Lunette: I knew I should have shut down your tablet....
Pika: *gasps* NEVER!!! *grabs my tablet and charger and locks myself in my room*
Lunette: You guys should watch Kunemon, or he might be Diginapped....

"You know what they say, "Revenge is best served on Kunemon!"~PikaPata


Date: 07/29/14 11:00 PM
From: Batskee


I've never heard of that saying before either until I played Pokémon Conquest. *shrugs* I think it's interesting how Viridi says that as well.

Haha, I always like to put myself into my characters. Including character crushes. I would absolutely have a character of mine struggle to get a Meta Knight action figure....Hmmm...*ponders the idea of doing that*

Oh, and thank you! Well, I hope you don't mind me doing that from time to time. It's nice to just think aloud sometimes.

Great chapters! I remember seeing Stingmon for the first time! He was really cool. :3

And I loved this part: You can forgive him, or even become one of his fangirls for all I care. Haha, simply because I know you're a Ken Fangirl and I'm positive Kumiko will become one. (She's becoming one as we speak!)

Haha, and I still think it's funny how Yolei doesn't pronounce Ken's last name right. Tch. *to Yolei* And you call yourself a Ken Fangirl!?! You should be ashamed of yourself, Yolei! SHAME! *to you* I look forward to reading more from you!

And YES! My original thought was correct! I admit, thinking Kunemon was sensible was way out of the ball park (Sorry, Kunemon!), but I had to wonder.

I've been meaning to get back to you on the longer post, but I'll reply back tomorrow.


Date: 07/29/14 4:08 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 19:

The next day we returned to finish cleaning up. Everything was going as usual, when we heard a noise that sounded like a fight. We ran over and saw Cody with a large dinosaur-like Digimon, who we guessed to be Armadillomon's Champion form, and a fight between a small ball-like Digimon, and a green bipedal insect-type Digimon.

"That insect-type is so cool!" Kunemon whispered in awe. I wondered if his Champion form was similar to that. He still wouldn't tell me.
"Who's that Digimon up there?" Patamon asked, once Cody and the yellow Digimon clarified the yellow Dinosaur-Digimon was really Armadillomon's Champion form, Ankylomon.
"Nobody knows!" Ankylomon said.
"That big green one helped us out! In fact, he really saved my life." Cody explained. Kari gasped at what he said.
"Spiking Strike!" The green Digimon called out, attacking the small Digimon, and deleting it.

"What did he just do to Thundermon?" Davis asked.
"He was...vaporized!" Yolei said, in shock for some reason. The green Digimon clearly did it out of self-defense, as it attacked Cody earlier.
"Look up there!" Kari called out, and I noticed Ken walking out from behind a building.
"Ken? It just can't be!" Davis said, shocked.
"What is he doing in the Digi-world?" Kari wondered.
"Watch out!" Yolei said, as the green Digimon flew awfully close to us, and behind Ken. It glowed, and de-digivolved to Wormmon.
"Wormmon?" Davis asked.
"Ken's back? And Wormmon can Digivolve?" TK wondered aloud and Ken jumped down from the building, out of sight.
"So, Wormmon saved Cody...didn't he?" Davis asked, to clarify.
"I guess that's right...!" Yolei said, uncertain.
After that little adventure, Yolei, Kari, and I were hanging out. Just us, the girls. Well... the girls and mine and Yolei's male Digimon. Kari left earlier, leaving Yolei, our Digimon, and I alone.
Yolei seemed zoned out, thinking about something, and then she got an angry look on her face and groaned.

"Oh, that Ken!" She yelled, taking me aback. But she didn't even notice. "Who does he think he is? Sending Wormmon to destroy a Digimon!"
I opened my mouth to remind her that even if that Digimon wasn't necessarily "evil", it still attacked Cody and Armadillomon. And we all knew Cody wasn't one to make people-- or Digimon-- angry, but Yolei continued before I could get a word out.
"I mean, did you see the way he reacted in the Digital World? He broke down! And now he just comes back and continues what he's been doing*! The only difference is he's got a different outfit!"
I once again opened my mouth to stand up for Ken, but once again she continued.
"Okay, fine. So I don't have any proof that he's back to being the Digimon Emperor, but still! How could someone destroy a Digimon?"
I just sat and waited, knowing that she would continue whether I tried to say something or not.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Kumiko is the only one who truely knows how sorry Ken is. Will she help everyone else accept Ken? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)

*If you think I'm going too far with how mad Yolei is, remember that she sometimes says stuff she doesn't mean.


Date: 07/29/14 4:02 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 18:

Ken and I were alone in his room, just sitting on the floor, and he began to tell his story.

"I... had a brother..." Ken started. I noticed he used the word "Had" and that no one else but his mother seemed to be in the house. "His name was Sam, and he was a genius. Everyone loved him, and ignored me, and I was jealous of him." His voice began to crack a bit, and he looked like he was going to cry again. "We got a Digivice from our computer, and I figured it was his. I... wished for him to disappear, and... he did. Afterwards, I got a strange email, and it told me of another world, where my soul would be free, and that this world would be unbearable and have too much pressure. I went to the Digital World, and I dipped my Digivice into the ocean. It changed into this..." He held out his black and grey D-3, "And... I became the Digimon Emperor. I didn't realize that Digimon were real, and I treated them so badly, and-"

"It's okay," I told him, my hand on his shoulder, "You didn't know. Don't blame yourself."
"Yesterday, I woke up and I felt like I lost my heart. I relived everything in the past few years, and returned to the Digital World." Ken continued, "And I went to Primary Village, I think it was called. With my crest, I found a Digi-Egg and... Wormmon was reborn as Leafmon, his Baby form."
I blinked. Digimon were reborn? I smiled and without even thinking, I gave Ken a big hug, "I'm so happy for you! So Wormmon is back?" I then realized what I was doing and quickly pulled away. "I'm sorry..."
"It's okay," He said, but he still seemed uncomfortable, "Yeah. Wormmon is back. It turns out Digimon don't die, they just get re-configured and are reborn as eggs! Is... that all you wanted to know?"
"Yeah, I guess. I.. should go now..." Now that his story was over, I felt even more shy, nervous, and unsure than to begin with. At least earlier I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn't say it. But now I wasn't exactly sure what to do or say.
I stood up, and looked back at him, "Thank you, Ken. I... hope we can be friends." I gave a small smile, and he seemed surprised, relieved, and happy.
"I... would like that..." He replied.
"Where were you?" Dokumon asked angrily. Budmon, Dokunemon's In-Training form, gave me an I-couldn't-stop-him shrug.
"Uh, no where..." I replied with a voice crack. It was obvious I was lying.
"Uh-huh..." He said, not believing me, and I wasn't surprised.
"Promise you won't tell anyone?" I asked.
"Sure. Now, where were you?" Dokumon asked, and Budmon gave a nod, to show he wouldn't tell either.
"Ken's house..." I answered, bracing myself for yelling.
"Ken?! W-w-why?! H-he's evil! Did you forget how much damage he caused?! Wormmon is even gone because of him!"
"He'll come back!" I replied, now knowing that Digimon are reborn, and certain that my two partners knew that.
"It's still Ken's fault!" Dokumon responded, and continued to rant on and on. I then remembered he had been mistreated by Ken. Of course it would take him a while to forgive Ken.

"Ken was a jerk, was mean, cruel-"
"I forgive him!" I called out.
Dokumon stared at me, "You forgive him?!"
"He had a hard life, and he didn't realize he was causing pain!" I responded.
Dokumon growled and muttered something under his breath, "I'm not going to agrue with you... You can forgive him, or even become one of his fangirls for all I care. But I will never forgive him..."
I let out a sigh. Would he ever understand? Maybe if he actually met Ken? No, no, that would be a bad idea...
I saw Budmon on the corner of my eye jump over to me, and whispered to me, "Just wait. Kunemon will let it go. It could take a while," he paused to let out a chuckle, "but he'll warm up to the idea."
"And what about you?" I asked.
Budmon hesitated, and answered in a quieter tone, "Ken did bad things, there's no denying that. But... I believe people and Digimon can change. But I don't know if I'm ready to forgive Ken yet..."
I gave a smile, "At least your open to the idea..." and with that, I glanced back to Dokumon, who had his back turned and was mumbling to himself.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Kunemon... didn't exactly handle it the best, and Dokunemon is open to it. Will Kunemon warm up to the idea, and Ken, like Dokunemon said? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)


Date: 07/29/14 3:57 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I'm glad you put the explanation in parenthesis because I otherwise wouldn't know what that meant, haha. But yes, she is. It's probably not too surprising, since I am a Ken Fangirl and everything.
Kunemon: *sarcastically* No! I would have never guessed!
Me: -__-

Pretty good thoughts there, except for the Kunemon acting sensible. That's incredibly rare.
Kunemon: Hey! I can be sensible!
Me: *ignoring him* I like reading your thoughts on my story. Its fun. You'll see what happens, on-
Kunemon: "The next Digimon: Digital Monsters!" We get it, we get it...

~K!r@-chan, a Ken Fangirl
"Olive branch" means an offer of friendship? Hmm...

"I'm not so pity that I can't extend an olive branch at a time like this..." -Viridi


Date: 07/28/14 8:41 PM
From: Batskee


Gasp! Kumiko goes out to offer Ken an 'olive branch'?! (An offer of friendship apparently) How will things turn out?! How will Kunemon and Dokunemon react?!?

Well, I'm just thinking aloud here, but I believe both will be surprised. The biggest question is what will each say/do next? Since Dokunemon sounds like the more mature one (no offense Kunemon) he might be more inclined to listening to Kumiko's explanation than Kunemon. Or, Dokunemon could snap and Kunemon could act like the sensible one; having Dokunemon asking endless (and aggressive) questions...I don't know...

Great chapter Kira! I look forward to reading more from you!



Date: 07/23/14 2:53 PM
From: MBAVFan7

And here comes the chapter that I've been waiting to post! *giggles happily*

Chapter 17:
The next day was pretty boring. Ken didn't return to the Digital World, and we went there to help clean up. Davis and Veemon were chased by Tortomon, a tortoise-like Digimon, and Veemon ended up Digivolving into his Champion form. That got Kunemon excited, as he hoped he would finally be able to achieve that Champion Level that he wouldn't tell me about.

The day after, I skipped going to the Digital World. I left Kunemon at my house, and went to the next town, Tamachi. My heart began to beat faster and faster as I knocked on the door.
After a few seconds, Ken answered. He was surprised to see me. He didn't say anything.

"Uh, hi Ken..." I started. I knew what I wanted to say, but wasn't sure how to say it.
"Uh, hi. Can... I help you?" He seemed nervous, and I could understand why.
"Um, well..." I started.
"Ken, who's at the door?" Ken's mother asked from inside, "Is it a friend of yours?"
"Uh, I guess?" Ken replied, not wanting to say I was his ex-enemy or something strange like that.
"Well, invite them in, then, Ken," I could tell he didn't want to, but he didn't want to deal with explaining that I wasn't his friend, and that I most likely hated him, so he slowly opened up the door farther. Awkwardly, I walked in.
"Uh, my name's Kumiko," I started, as he probably didn't even know my name. He knew I knew his, so he didn't say anything else.

He seemed so shy, so unsure, so nervous, it was hard to believe he was the Digimon Emperor. I knew the Digimon Emperor was pretty much a tough act for him, probably to release the feelings he had of a friend or family member he lost before, but still. When I met him in the real world, he was a jerk. Now... he was completely different. And here we were-- two shy, nervous people together. Not a lot of conversation there. Plus the fact we used to be enemies and hate each other. I began to regret coming here, but I couldn't back out now.
"I... wanted to talk to you..." I started again. Ken looked up at me, but said nothing. He was waiting for me to continue. "I... forgive you..."
"...Thanks." Was all he responded with. He looked down shyly. He still seemed nervous of me. Like, he thought I hated him.
"I don't hate you." I said without even realizing it. He looked up at me again. "I...forgive you, and I kinda understand why you became the Digimon Emperor. But... I want to understand more." I looked deep into his blue eyes. I had only seen his eyes before when he was crying.
"...What do you mean?" He asked. At least he was starting to talk a bit more. I wasn't sure how to respond. I wanted to know about his backstory, what happened, who he lost, why he became the Digimon Emperor, and stuff like that. But at the same time I didn't want to ask that. He just lost his Digimon Partner, and he lost someone close to him before. How could I ask someone to think about that pain and sadness again? I already saw him break down and cry because of it in the Digital World.
"...Nevermind. I... I shouldn't have come..." I said, standing up and heading toward the door.
"Wait," Ken started. I froze in my place. "You... want to know about my life?"
"I... guess... I mean, if you don't want to, that's perfectly fine, I understand," I told him.
He looked down and thought about it. "I will."

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Ken and Kumiko are slowly becoming closer. How will Kunemon and Dokunemon react to this? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)


Date: 07/20/14 10:53 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Remember when you said you wondered what Veemon's "brother" would look like? Well, I've been on the Ask Daisuke (called Ask 2-Top) site lately, and the lady that does it has a headcannon that Nat-chan (a character from one of the CD Dramas) is Daisuke's second partner, and she's made a human and Digimon form for Nat-chan.

If you look up "digimon bunnymon natchan" then you should be able to find her. She's a pink Veemon with bunny ears.

It's pretty interesting. The lady has a some other headcannons (like that Daisuke needs glasses, since he's always running into stuff, heh-heh...), and is a fan of Daisuke. She even made a comic of Daisuke and Davis meeting, and I thought it was funny. (Apparently Daisuke and Davis have different personalities, Daisuke being more respectful to Hikari.)

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
"Why don't they put warning labels on those things?!" -Davis, after running into a pole


Date: 07/20/14 5:32 PM
From: MBAVFan7


That's okay. I saw that Message too.

Right now I have a playlist of Nickelback playing in a different window. Several of the songs I thought I never heard, then I hear them and I'm like "Oh yeah!" The songs I do remember are pretty nostalgic to me, it reminds me of the days when I loved almost every song on the radio. (If Today Was Your Last Day; If Everyone Cared; Far Away (which I remembered but had no idea it was called that))

Hm... Maybe...

Heh-heh, yeah... I always get those two confused. Anyway-- *glances over to see both mine and Davis' Veemon talking* Um...
One of them: *sighs* I'm yours...
Me: Right! I knew that!
Both: *give me a look*

Me: Let's get back to the fight!
Veedramon: V-Nova Blast! *shoots a heat ray from its mouth at Wolmon*
Wolmon: *dodges* Wolf Claw! *jumps at Veedramon*
Veedramon: Hammer Punch! *hits and knocks him away*
Me: *looks at you* So, what Digimon would you want? Wormmon? Another Impmon?

Hahaha, once I saw a picture of Pit in Red's (Pokemon Trainer) clothes and I seriously didn't recognize him.

Pit: *walks out in a regular t-shirt and jeans* This is so stiff... how do you wear it?
Me: *shrugs* I don't know, I usually don't wear jeans... I prefer shorts (and sweatpants in the Winter. That's pretty much all I wear, haha)

It's kinda funny cause that "sad episode" is my favorite of season 2. (And the "sad episode" of Season 3 is my favorite too.) So much for me thinking I didn't like sad things... *shrug* (And my favorite episode of Season 4 is where Takuya loses control. And it has the weirdest name ever-- "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles")

Haha, I completely forgot about that! Yes, Poor Wormmon, Poor Ken, Poor Jeri, Poor- *Pit covers my mouth, and I cross my arms*

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
Me: *smiles* Lucky for me, Pit can't-- *screen goes black* ... *looks at Pit*
Pit: *points to Kunemon, who is whistling innocently* By the way, I might not be able to read, but that doesn't mean I don't know what the "power" symbol looks like.
Me: My computer is no longer safe! ...Only one thing to do! *runs to my laptop, grabs it, runs into the other room and locks door* (I've been using my Desktop lately)


Date: 07/20/14 3:45 PM
From: Batskee


Sorry it took me a long while to respond. The KCA: Sports thing was on and I couldn't log in. Anyway...
I agree with your opinions on the style of laughing.
Meta Knight: Style of laughing? Really?
Me: Yeah! You have a chuckle. I've never heard you laugh before other than that one time....or twice...

True. Just tagging along is boring. Having your OC's experience things for the first time, whether or not on their own or...whatever, is nice.

That's alright. I've got some serious looking up to do. Lately I've been absorbed in music. (Video game music to be exact) I still want to look up Pikachu and Phosphora pictures...

I love those pairings! Hmm...maybe Meta Knight would get along with Dokunemon? They're both mature/serious...

Haha, Veemon: Davis's
Me: I'm ready for a fight!
Meta Knight: I'm staying over by the sidelines with Dokunemon. *walks over towards him* I've had plenty--possibly too much--involvement with those two.
Impmon: *quickly swipes bag of chips and rushes over towards Meta Knight and Dokunemon to avoid getting hit* So, what's goin' on this time? *munches on chips*
Me: Oh! Impmon! Do you think you could help me?
Impmon: You're not my Tamer. Ai and Mako are my Tamers!
Me: But...
Impmon: *with chips in his mouth* What? Sorry. I can't hear you!
Me: *mutters* I can't even understand you...*looking at you, Kumiko, and Kunemon* Well, I may not have a Digimon but I can use the Power of Roleplay in order to get me one...or a really good weapon...

Ahh, I see. That's something I need to hear or read a few times to fully understand. Good thing I did. :3 Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time at Disney with your friends.

Hahaha! Oh boy, what's Pit going to look like?
Meta Knight: A regular human being, I believe.
Me: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Great couple of chapters, Kira! I still remember that sad episode...*stifles back tears* Poor Wormmon...
Meta Knight: No! Not that again!

Poor Ken...Poor Je-*Meta Knight turns off laptop*
Me: ...I really regret showing you how to work a computer...


Date: 07/20/14 1:26 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Kunemon: *out of breath* Thanks... But ya know, I wouldn't have been in trouble if you would have saved me in the begining!
Kumiko: No; you wouldn't have been in trouble if you didn't say anything and anger her!
Kunemon: *crosses arms/claws* It's not my fault girls are for some reason in love with someone I hate!
Me: Hey! Ken is--!
Kumiko and Kunemon: *look at me, waiting to continue*
Me: ...Aheh-heh... Nothing... *runs back to Ken*
Kunemon: She's keeping something from us...
Dokunemon: You think?
Kumiko: Isn't she always?

(Yes, my characters are completely unaware the fact that Ken turns good. All they know is that he's no longer the Digimon Emperor)

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl