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The Power of Loyalty (Fanfic)

Date: 05/21/14 12:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Yes, I'm finally posting a Digimon Fanfic. I've had a few ideas, but now I'm actually posting one. If I start getting behind, don't be afraid to remind me to post a new chapter. This first Chapter takes place around the episode "Gaurdian Angel", before they know Ken is the Emperor. So, here's the first chapter:

Chapter 1:
Davis, Cody, Yolei, Kari, and TK went back into the Digital World, and their D-3's started beeping.
"It says there's a Digi-egg nearby!" Davis exclaimed.
"Well then, let's go find them!" TK called out, and they ran off in the direction their D-3's pointed.

"Look, there's the Digi-egg!" Kari announced.
"Who do you think it's for?" Cody asked.
"I'm not sure, there's no Digi-Destined left. But let's try anyway," Yolei said, and tried to lift it. Everyone began to try lifting it, but no one was able to yet. Everyone but Davis had tried.
Kari took a good look at the symbol, "I've never seen this symbol before... What a weird design."
"It reminds me of a wolf's tail!" Davis called out.
"Really?" Cody asked.
"He's right, it does. I wonder what it means," TK said. "Well, it's not ours-"
"I bet it's mine!" Davis called out.
"Wow," Yolei taunted, "You're so humble." Davis ignored her, and pulled hard on the egg.
"Davis, relax. You're trying to lift it, not break it!" TK told him.
"I've... almost got it!" Davis cried out, pulling even harder. Suddenly, it glowed, and a bright light came out of it, and sped away. "Oh great, what did I do now?!"
"That light looks just like the lights that came out of the Digi-egg of Courage when Tai tried to lift it!" Gatomon said.
"Really? Does that mean... there could be more Digi-destined?" Kari asked.
"It's a good guess..." Yolei answered.
"Well, it's not any of our eggs, let's go back home. It's starting to get late," Cody told them.
"All right..." Davis agreed, sounding disappointed.

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Date: 09/29/14 3:40 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Kunemon: ARGH! *glares at me* Now look what you did!
Me: *sweatdrops* A heh heh... *slowly puts him down* Uh... sorry?
Kunemon: Sorry won't cut it!
Me: *sweatdrops* Uh... how about... *takes off at full speed*
Kunemon: Hey! Get back here! *Digivolves to Flymon and chases me*
Me: *desperatley* Veemon!
Davis' Veemon: *looks up from eating chocolate* Yeah?
Me: He- ...wrong one. MY Veemon! HELP! *a few seconds later* Where is my Veemon?
Kumiko: *walks in and sighs at the sight of Flymon chasing me* Who started it this time?
Us: Him!/Her!
Kumiko: Do you need help?
Us: Yes!/No!
Kumiko: *looks at Dokunemon* What do you think?
Dokunemon: *sees how mad Kunemon is* I'd say, let them figure it out...
Me: What?! At least tell me where my Digimon is!!!
Them: *exchange looks* Uh...
Me: *faceslap* Why is he always gone when I need him?!

Kunemon is named from the Japanese word, kunekune, which is an onomotopia for wiggling. But you've gotta admit, kunekune sounds so cute!

Oh that's cool! I kinda wish I was learning Japanese, but Spanish will be very helpful, and I couldn't handle 2 languages at once. (Besides, I'm not even sure if my school has Japanese...)

~Kira, a Ken Fangirl


Date: 09/28/14 3:40 PM
From: PikaPata

Chu are very welcome! :3

Pika: Kunekune? It's SO adorable!!!
Patamon/Gabumon: *in the background, laughing on the floor* KUNEKUNE!!!
Pika: You had it coming. You needs love, Kunemon! Love makes you a better person!
Ken: >///u///< *trying to hold in laughter*
Pika: It's okay, Ken. We're all professionally unprofessional, so you can laugh.
Lunette: It's WAY too much....

Japanese class is great! We've been learning Hiragana. Sensei also gave us the Hiragana alphabet. I had gotten a translator app last year, and I can write words in Japanese and see what the names are! (Like, I wrote Ichigo and got strawberry. I also wrote Ken, Taichi, Daisuke, Miyako, Hikari (which translated to light, of course), Sora, and Yamato.) I could write your name too!

They call you Shakira? That makes sense. My friend calls me Gabby-chan. My close friends (and my mom and brother) call me Gabby, and one friend I had (who was 2 or 3 years younger than me) called me Gabs. It's true since I like talking!


Date: 09/26/14 10:27 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Me: Thanks...
Kunemon: You're blushing more than Ken does
*Ken blushes, and I blush harder*

Kunemon: *desperatley* No! Help me! Please!
Me: *suddenly realizes I'm holding onto him* Kunekune~!
Kunemon: DON'T call me that!
Me: But its cute!
Kunemon: Exactly.
Me: *turns to Ken* He'll be fine. A little hug could do some good for him.
Kunemon: No it won't! Someone get this crazy fangirl off of me!
Me: *raises an eyebrow* You think I'm crazy? *chuckles* You ain't seen nothing yet, Kunekune.
Kunemon: -__- I give up... *lets himself hang*
Me: ^-^

Oh cool. How's learning Japanese going? I'm learning Spanish.

Me: Hola. Me llamo Kira. ¿Cómo estás? (Hello. My name is Kira. How are you? (familiar))
Ken: Bien. ¿Y tú? (Good. And you? (familiar))
Me: *slightly surprised* Uh... Bien. *chuckles* Kunemon es mal. (Uh... Good. *chuckles* Kunemon is bad/not good)

~Kira-chan, a Ken Fangirl
Despite having a short name, I have 3 nicknames:
1. My best friend that's a boy calls me Kir
2. His friend sometimes calls me Arik (are-ick), which is my name backwards
3. A girl in 2 of my classes used to call me Shakira


Date: 09/26/14 9:38 PM
From: WriteArty

Farrah:KUMIKO! Hello? This is Farrah! FARRAH. DID. YOU. FORGET. US?!
Me:Farrah, calm down. Hiya, MBAVFan! We just dropped by to say hi. It's LOKorra!

Date: 09/26/14 9:26 PM
From: PikaPata

Oops! Forgot some stuff I wanted to say! Sometimes, I call my friend by her nickname with the "-chan" honorific, and she does the same with me. When my Japanese teacher does attendance, she also calls everyone "-san" and we call her "Sensei"! I'm not really friends with any guys I could call "-kun" (especially since I'm in a new school than last year)

"Pika-chan is kawaii!"~Pika
(Pika isn't the nickname she calls me, my nickname is in relation to my real name. :3)


Date: 09/26/14 9:10 PM
From: PikaPata

Chu deserve all of the praise you get! 'Cause YOU.....are awesome! >=3

Pika: *to Ken* Nah, Kunemon can handle himself.
Ken: But-
Pika: Trust me, Ken! Kunemon will be FINE.
Ken: If you say so...
Pika: *chuckles very evilly in my head* ~You get what YOU deserve too, Kunemon! Be crushed by a fangirl for being a hater!!!~
Patamon: *tosses me pink and yellow pompoms*
Pika: *in a (very cute) cheerleader uniform* Give me a "D"!
Patamon/Gabumon: "D"!
Pika: Give me an "I'!
Patamon/Gabumon: "I"!
Pika: Give me a G-I-M-O-N! That spells....
All the Digimon: DIGIMON!!!
Pika: *does the splits* Yes!
Ken: *blushing at my uniform*
Pika: O//////O *realizes he watched me* ~Eek! He saw me do that! I forgot he was here..... What is he going to think of me?~
Ken: *starts clapping* That was really good.
Pika: ~Yay! He liked it! I'm SAVED!!!~ *bows* Thank you!
Patamon: *whispering to Gabumon* Somebody likes Ken!
Gabumon: *snickers*
Pika: -///u///-


Date: 09/26/14 3:31 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Thanks! ^-^

Kunemon: *scoffs* I-- *I quickly hold his beak shut*
Me: Heh heh... Don't mind him, Ken-kun...
Kunemon: *desperatley trying to get free of my grip*
Me: *sees Ken blushing and looking shy, and starts to silently fangirl and hug Kunemon*
Kunemon: Okay... Okay... I've learned my lesson! Now please let me go!
Me: *doesn't hear him*
Kunemon: Please! Just let go!! *tries to wiggle around, but then realizes he's "trapped" and he stops*
Ken: *to you* Um... Shouldn't we help him?
Kunemon: *gives a nervous but hopeful smile to you*
Me: *smiling and blushing, while Ken is starting to feel more awkward, oblivious to all of it*

~K!r@-chan, a Ken Fangirl
Just today I realized that my friends have been calling the guys they know "-chan". They say it quick and a bit different than I thought, so I didn't recognize that it was the japanese honorific. But I'm not surprised; they're both anime fans.


Date: 09/25/14 7:20 PM
From: PikaPata

Nice chapters! I'm T-O-T-A-L-L-Y loving them! Some of your best work, I believe. (-u-)b

Pika: This battle is over!
Mica/Lunette: What battle?!
Pika: My battle with Kunemon! I beat him....
Patamon: Yay!
Gabumon: Double yay!
Wormmon: Triple yay!
*we all look at Wormmon*
Wormmon: I wanted to cheer too.
Pika: Oh....then cheer away, my buggy friend!
Ken: Can I cheer too? 0/////0
Pika: *uneasily* @/////@ Yeah, you can cheer with us, Ken! And don't let Kunemon bother you!
Ken: .....Ok?
Pika: *thinking* ~Straight face, straight face! Don't let your massive fangirling show!!! Keep calm, and flutter on. Better yet, keep calm, and think about Digimon! Hai!!! Focus!~
Ken: *looking at me shyly* Are you okay, Pika?
Pika: *unknowingly blushing with my cheeks puffed up* Y-yes....I'm fine, Ken.


Date: 09/23/14 4:48 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 30:
"This place is gonna collapse!" Davis cried out.
"That woman's behind all this trouble!" Kari said. What lady? I felt so in-the-dark...
"Yeah, knock it off! You're a real bad egg, lady!" Yolei called out to no one.
"And soon, you will all be scrambled." A white-haired lady said, suddenly on a TV screen.
"You don't scare us! We'll beat you yet!" Kari responded.
"Ha! You don't even know if you're fighting the right enemy, or if your friends are really your friends." The white-haired lady replied, trying to get us to turn on Ken.
I would never, although I did have to admit something weird was going on.
"You'll never win!" Davis yelled.
"Oh, but that's exactly what I'll do. And you..." The lady paused to laugh, "You'll blow up!" She continued to laugh, and the TV turned off.
"Why, of course!" Ken suddenly called out, "We have to follow the pipes!" And with that, he ran off.
"Hey, where's he going?" Davis asked.
"This is his base, he has to know what he's doing! Just trust him!" I replied, running after him, hopefully being followed by the others.
"These pipes sent energy to the reactor above. Following them will lead us right to the source of its power. If we plug that source, we should be able to stop the reactor from exploding." Ken explained as we walked.
"How much farther do we have to go?" Davis asked. His question would have to go unanswered, though, because rubble and wires suddenly fell and blocked the path due to a small explosion. The Digimon cut the wires with their attacks, and we continued.
"There is it. The source of the reactor's power." Ken announced, once out of the tunnel.
"Boy, if evil's got a color, that's it!" Davis called out, referring to some large thing that had dark energy coming out of it.
"It's so cold!" Yolei cried out.
"This feeling..." TK started.
"I remember! This feels just like when we were near that whirlpool." Patamon continued.
"I remember now! You're right, Patamon. It is the same disturbing feeling." TK remembered.
"I felt it, too. When I was pulled into the world that looked like a negative photograph! Everything that was supposed to be light was dark. Even the light!" Kari added. How come I never heard about that*?
"The World of Darkness," Ken said suddenly.
"Huh?" Kari asked. We all looked at Ken.
"This is a doorway that leads directly to The World of Darkness." Ken said more clearly.
"How do you know?" Davis asked.
"Because I've been surrounded by this energy ever since I came into The Digital World." Ken continued.
I wondered what he meant. Something strange was definitely going on with him.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Me: *sitting on a chair in corner* What are we, in a time-out?
Dokunemon: You and Kunemon agrue too often...
Kunemon and I: *both sitting in chairs in opposite corners* WE DO NOT! *cross arms/claws and turn backs to one another*
Dokunemon: *sighs and picks up a small paper that I had written* The gang destroys Ken's old base, in the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!
Kunemon: *laughs* That's what you wrote?
Me: I couldn't think of ideas, okay?!
*We jump off the chairs, charge at each other, and fight again*
Dokunemon: *mutters* They're lucky I haven't reached Champion yet...)

*Kunemon: Kumiko doesn't hear about a lot of things (Kumiko: Hey!)


Date: 09/23/14 4:47 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 29:

"There it is! The entrance to the cave!" Ken whispered, couching down with Davis beside him.
"The coast is clear." Davis whispered back.
"There's no way they'll get through all this rubble!" TK said. Ken and Davis made a break for it, running in sync with one another, and effortlessly jump of the rubble. The others stared and I ran too.
"Uh, I suppose Ken and Davis just didn't hear you, TK..." Yolei said.
I ran and tripped over a few loose wires and piles of rubble, while wondering how Davis and Ken got through it so quick and effortlessly. I found where they were, and Ken climbed up and put his crest back. Everything began to shut down.
"Look at that...the power is shutting down! The reactor is going offline! It won't explode now!" Ken called out happily.
"It worked!" "Nicely done!" "Excellent!" "Yay!" "You guys did it!" "Yeah!"
"Hey, an email from Izzy! The warp's back to normal!" Cody told everyone.
"Alright! Score one for the good guys!" Yolei called out.
"That's all? All that work, and we only get one point? TK!" Patamon asked.
"You get two." TK told him with a smile.
"And it's all because of your crest!" Davis told Ken.
"Yeah..." Ken responded, uncertain. Why was he always doubting himself and his crest? I felt like I jinxed it when the base shook.

"What's going on?" Ken asked. Sorry...
"For some reason, shutting down the reactor isn't stopping the explosions!" Cody called out. Some rubble began to fall. "Izzy says the warp's getting worse, not better!" Cody read off his D-Terminal.
'How can that be? We did everything we were supposed to! We put the crest of Kindness back where it belongs!" Davis asked.
"I knew something like this would happen. My crest is meaningless." Aw... Ken...
"No, The Crest of Kindness should have worked. There's something else about this place that we don't know! Is there something else you're not telling us, Ken? There's something wrong here, and if anyone would know what that something was, that person would have to be you!" Cody put all the heat on him. Ken responded with an "uh..."

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Eh, I jinx stuff too...
Kunemon: I don't think anyone is interesting in hearing that
Me: It was just a simple comment!
Dokunemon: *over me and Kunemon arguing in the background* Kumiko's feeling about something strange relating to Ken, returns... in the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!
Kunemon: Ha! Proof that Ken is still evil!
Me: I didn't write it in that way! Take it back!
*We continue to fight as Dokunemon sweatdrops*)


Date: 09/23/14 4:46 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 28:

Suddenly, both Ken's and Davis' D-3's flashed, and the both of them stared at them silently. ...What was going on between them...? Then Stingmon and ExVeemon glowed. Were they about to Digivolve?
"DNA Digivolve to...Paildramon!" They... Digivolved together...? "Take your best shot!"

"Paildramon?" Ken, Davis, and I asked at the same time.
"That's us!" Paildramon responded. His voice was both ExVeemon and Stingmon together. Weird...
"They became one!" TK called out, saying what everything was thinking.
"How can they possibly win?" Yolei asked.
"You just watch us, Yolei!" Paildramon told her, attacking the Okuwamon.
"Our Digimon is great!" Davis called out happily. It was like him and Ken were never arguing.
"Our Digimon?" Ken asked.
"We're working together now! That's the power of friendship!" Davis called out again.
"I... guess..." Ken responded. "I don't know if I like this idea of sharing a Digimon."
But Davis wasn't listening, "Yeah! Take that! Front! Right! Jab! Uppercut! Body blow! Take him out!"
"Quick, use the Crest of Kindness!" Paildramon told them.
"The what?" Davis and Ken asked at the same time, then looked at each other, "Oh, yeah!" Then they ran off. I quickly followed the best I could, but they were too fast.

"Have you seen a Digivolution like that before?" Kunemon asked his brother.
"No. Azulongmon and Gennai didn't mention it." Dokunemon answered.
"Who?" I asked, looking down. And sure enough, my foot sunk into the sand and I fell.
"Stop asking questions and watch where your going!" Kunemon disiplined.
I stood back up with a groan and continued running after Davis and Ken.
"You're the one that asked the first question!" I retorted.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Me: *with fake anxiety* Will Paildramon be able to beat Okuwamon?! Will Kumiko catch up?! Will Kunemon ever stop yelling at Kumiko?!
Kunemon: *annoyed* Stop before you get a fake anxiety-attack.
Me: *deadpan* Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters...
Kunemon: ...No more sugar for you...
Me: I... don't eat that many junk food snacks...
Kunemon: Really? ...I call your share!!! *runs off*
Me: ...?)


Date: 09/22/14 4:14 PM
From: WriteArty

Hi! It's LOKorra12, and this is getting good!

Date: 09/21/14 1:41 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I have been hooked on Nickelback lately. They're my favorite band.

Me: It's okay, Batskee. Take all the time you need.
Impmon: *groans*
Wolmon: *de-digivolves, jumps back, and Digivolves to Flymon*
Flymon: *shoots 3 stingers*
Veedramon: *jumps to the side to avoid them, and gets mad* V-Breath... Arrow... MAX!!! *breaths a giant high-temperature heat ray*
Flymon: Whoa!
Veedramon: *chuckles*
Me: What do I always tell you? Don't get--
Flymon: DON'T say it!!
Me: ...cocky.
Flymon: Arrgh... *flies above Veedramon and uses Poison Powder, which makes Veedramon lose all energy and collapse* Who's cocky now?!
Me: Um, Batskee... Maybe you have less time...

Pit: I'm fine... I just need to get used to it...

Emotional Digimon episodes are awesome. I wish the two "sad" episodes in 01 were more emotional. Why did the dub need to tone it down so much...? *sigh* But hey, at least our favorite seasons weren't toned down too much.

*in dark closet* Let's see, possibly TK and Gatomon, we already know Ken and Wormmon, Jeri, Leomon, Impmon, Takato, Koichi, Marcus, Thomas, and Keenan, Reapmon/Beelzemon(Fusion), um... I think that's it...

And thank you. Although, if I am in a dark closet by myself and he can't hear me, he probably wouldn't bother to stop me.

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl
The other day, I found a pic of 14-year old Ken (3 years older than the Japanese Version of him) and I was fangirling. I thought it was official, and I'm not absolutely positive on that anymore, but it LOOKS official, but I love his "new" look anyway.
I posted how to find it on the topic that talks about the new season.


Date: 09/21/14 1:41 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Yes, Lopmon and Terriermon. They were brothers in the Digimon Movie (both were male in that), but it wasn't talked about in Tamers.

The "smartest tool in the shed" wasn't even mentioned in the episode. I realized that while typing up that chapter.

That's exactly what I thought while watching it.

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl
Kunemon: You need to start watching 02 again as well!
Me: I know, I know. But I don't feel like it right now either. Besides, I need to read a book for school (even though I don't feel like that either)
Kunemon: Stop making excuses!
Me: It's not an excuse! If you say that one more time, I'm going to drive you crazy with my fangirling over Ken.
Kunemon: *growls* Fine! But you'd better get to it soon!
Me: Hey, Batskee, could you threaten to hug Impmon? *smiles mischeviously, then clicks on a tab of a picture of 14-year-old Ken and starts Fangirling (I'll explain it on my next post)*


Date: 09/19/14 6:32 PM
From: Batskee

@Kira: (My reply post to our conversations, long ago...)

I've done that before (listening to songs that I haven't heard in a long time and suddenly remembering them). Usually when I think of a song I become nostalgic, because I most likely have a memory of something that I did a long time ago. Usually it's peaceful...not always...

I don't believe I've heard those Nickelback songs though...

It's not a guarantee. After all, Meta Knight isn't exactly a very likeable person thing...( about Star Warrior? Yeah. Let's just go with that.)

Hahaha! I would certainly get confused if I had that problem. The idea of having two Impmon's is already bad enough with the whole 'attitude' problem, but identifying them? Yikes...Despite all of that...I think I'll get another Impmon! Hmm...or maybe a Renamon...
Meta Knight: *watching Veedramon and Wolmon battling* Make up your mind, Batskee!
Me: I need to decide still!
Impmon: *muttering* She's had this long to decide and she still doesn't know?
Me: Be quiet, imp. Hrmm....*looks at Meta Knight* Uhh...Mety?
Meta Knight: No. I refuse to get involved again. This is my break from you.
Me: *turns to you* Like I said before. *gestures with thumb to Meta Knight, who's behind me* Not very likeable.
Meta Knight: -__-

Really? Hmm...more pictures to look at!! I never thought of them going through a "clothes-swap". Hrm...I wonder what other character would look incredibly similar?

Me: You look great, Pit! No one will think you're a traitor Digimon now!
Meta Knight: *examines Pit* Hm. I do have to agree with Batskee on this. Perhaps you could find a more loose shirt or pants?

I wear jeans a lot. I used to wear sweatpants practically everyday, but my mom stopped that. I used to hate the feel of them, but now I'm perfectly fine with them. *shrugs* But I still love sweatpants. And I doubt I'll ever abandon hoodies! They're the best. :3

Haha! Well, despite some of them being sad (Season 2 and Season 3 being the only ones I've seen) they were very good. Just them being depressing makes them good. There's some emotional depth to it. And you do start getting attached to the characters.

Los Arboles? It's obviously based on some other famous name and they're just playing around with it. But, it does sound really weird...

Haha! Yes! More 'Poor's! Now, I must think of more to add to the list...hmm...who else deserves that title...

Hahaha! I liked your little skit below your signature! Lucky for you Pit can't teleport into the other room your in. That would be a bummer. *gives Meta Knight a flat look*
Meta Knight: *rolls eyes*


Date: 09/19/14 5:36 PM
From: Batskee


Yes! Great chapters!

I liked how you called Kunemon and Dokunemon 'brothers' in the story. They pretty much are like brothers. I believe you said so yourself that Terriermon and Lopmon were from the same Digi-Egg right? I think...erm. I've lost all of my Digimon Knowledge...

aha, man, I gotta watch the episode that matches up to Chapter 27. People messing up with classic sayings is too funny to me! XD

"I'm tired of your big-bad-wolf-act!"
"You mean lone wolf," ExVeemon corrected.
"That's what I mean, what he said..."

Hahaha! And the '...smartest tool in the shed...' one was good as well. :3

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of slapping in the second season, now doesn't there? Haha, Kari, Yolei, and now Davis. Not to mention T.K. and Ken's brawl out. Haha.

I look forward to your next chapter, Kira!

Me: *yawns*
Impmon: *throws a pillow at me*
Me: *wide awake* Wha-?! What was that for?
Impmon: You said you wanted your Digimon Knowledge back! So you're gonna do it now so I don't hafta listen ta your complainin'!
Me: -__- Eh. I don't really feel like it right now....*yawns again*
Impmon: Seems like what you need is a little help from your ol' pal, Impmon! *smiles slyly and raises one finger and a flame appears above it*
Me: *sleeping*
Impmon: Badda-Boom! *throws fire at me*
Me: 0.o Aye!?! I'm going! I'm going! *mutters* Rude...


Date: 09/17/14 5:13 PM
From: LOKorra12

HEY MBAV!!! I'm catching up on your awesome story, and I gotta say it's good!
Jack:*looking at watch, tapping foot impatiently* Hurry up. I gotta meet up with Farrah's teacher.
Me:What did she do now?!

Date: 09/16/14 4:10 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 27:

"So? I can do this alone!" I heard Stingmon tell ExVeemon. I got back up, picked up Dokunemon as well, and walked over to Davis and Ken who were still arguing.
"It's my crest, my base, my fault. No one else is going to die for my mistakes, understand?" Ken was completely serious and unintentionally sounding harsh.
"We know the risks!" Davis called out, wanting to help.
"Have you forgotten I was the Digimon Emperor? I was a monster! The only way I'll feel like a human again, instead of a monster, is to erase all trace of my evil. To fix things. And the only way I can do that is with my own hands," I understood how he felt and why he wanted to do it, but he needed help.
"But Ken..." Davis started.
"It doesn't matter what happens to me, as long as I can accomplish my goal!" Ken added, almost in a standing-proud stance.
"Enough!" Davis yelled angrily, slapping Ken, to my surprise. "I'm tired of your big-bad-wolf-act!"
"You mean lone wolf," ExVeemon corrected.
"That's what I mean, what he said. I'm not going to let you do this by yourself. What about the people that care about you? At least think of your Digimon! We're helping, and that's that! Wake up, Ichijouji!" Davis continued.
"Yeah, wake up, Stingmon! Here's your chance to stop him from doing something stupid!" ExVeemon told Ken's Digimon.
"That's what I said! You're the genius, Ken, you figure it out!" Davis continued further.
"If I'm not here, then..." Ken started in a quiet voice.
"Then what?" Davis yelled. Ken pulled back nervously.
"Davis is right. Then what? How will you fix your mistakes if you're not here? I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I know that much." ExVeemon told both Stingmon and Ken.
Did he mean Sharp- oh, never mind...
"Hm. You're right. I guess neither of us has been thinking very clearly." Stingmon admitted.
"Okay, so you've messed up a few times. You think I haven't? I do it all the time! Don't give up. Fix it!" Davis yelled.
"I don't know how," Ken said in a quiet, shy, and nervous tone.
So much for him wanting to run in and fix it by himself...
"You think I do? You just keep trying until something works! And when it gets really bad, you hang with your friends, 'cause they're always your friends, even if you mess up!" Davis told him.
"Great, but what if you don't happen to have any friends?" Ken asked, and looked like he was going to cry again. I didn't blame him. Being yelled at like that and then not just thinking, but saying aloud, that he didn't have any friends. But he did. Me.

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(Me: Aww... Ken...
Kunemon: *scoffs*
Me: And you call Ken the jerk? *turns to you* Eh, you all know what's gonna happen on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters...
Kunemon: ...Really? -__-
Me: What? It's true! *mutters* Besides, I don't know what else to say anyway...)


Date: 09/16/14 4:09 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 26:

I ran as fast as I could, holding Kunemon and Dokunemon. I didn't want Kunemon to Digivolve yet, if this was an emergency, he may need all his strength. I noticed Ken and Wormmon running through the sand and tried to catch up to them. I was thankful, because I wasn't exactly sure where Ken's base fell anyway.
"That's because I have to find a way to end this! She used my pain and guilt to control me... I'm guilty of too much already. Not this time!" Ken told Wormmon, speeding up faster. He didn't notice me trying to catch up.
"Ken! I hope you know where you're going, 'cause I don't!" I called out.
"I do! Follow me, and hurry!"
"What's the big emergency? Davis was pretty vague about it. And I'm going to be real mad at him if its something silly and not a real emergency!"
"It's not. My old base is about to explode," He explained.
I began to see figures farther in the sand, and I knew it was Davis and the group.
"My turn?" Wormmon asked.
"Hero time, Wormmon!" Ken responded. I smiled at what he said. I looked at my two partners. Kunemon was staring at the grey Digimon.
"Okuwamon..." He muttered.
"Kunemon, you too!" I said, holding out my D-3, "And Dokunemon, you too! Digi-Armor Energize!"

"Davis!" Ken called out, stopping beside him. I ran over as well.
"It's about time! And they doubted me. Where's your crest?"
"Here," Ken said, holding out his hand with a small pink rectangle in it.
"Great! Come on, give it here!" Davis tried to take it, but Ken closed his hand and pulled away.
"What do you think you're doing? This is my responsibility! I don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me!" Ken asked.
"I can take it from here," I heard Stingmon tell ExVeemon.
"Are you nuts? He's an Ultimate!" ExVeemon cried out.
Ultimate? I glanced over at the rest of the Digimon. They were all in their Rookie forms (excluding Gatomon). Flymon flew over Okuwamon.
"Poison Powder!" The attack did nothing to Okuwamon, unless making him angry counted.

Unfortunately, DokuWolmon, who had been under Okuwamon, collapsed. I guess that's what Flymon had tried to do to Okuwamon, only for him to be too powerful.
"Sorry, DokuWolmon!" Flymon grabbed his "brother" and put him out of harm's way (hopefully) beside us before going to fight Okuwamon again. But then he got knocked back by Okuwamon's claw and was sent to where we were. I saw him glowing so I ran a few feet back, held out my arms, jumped and caught him, only to fall backwards into the soft sand.


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From: MBAVFan7


Thanks again!

...And I don't either 'cause I haven't looked at that chapter in a little bit. I've been focused on Avatar lately. But I'll get back into Digimon soon enough.
I believe it was called Fusion Confusion...

Me: *coughs* Impmon. *turns to him* But we haven't been on here in almost a month! The LEAST we can do is say that its good to be back several times!

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@_@ I suddenly feel bad for Mikey...
I was always wondering why, in the show, the kids caught on so quickly of what their Digimon where. There were very rarely times when they called their Digimon the wrong name.