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The Power of Loyalty (Fanfic)

Date: 05/21/14 12:03 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Yes, I'm finally posting a Digimon Fanfic. I've had a few ideas, but now I'm actually posting one. If I start getting behind, don't be afraid to remind me to post a new chapter. This first Chapter takes place around the episode "Gaurdian Angel", before they know Ken is the Emperor. So, here's the first chapter:

Chapter 1:
Davis, Cody, Yolei, Kari, and TK went back into the Digital World, and their D-3's started beeping.
"It says there's a Digi-egg nearby!" Davis exclaimed.
"Well then, let's go find them!" TK called out, and they ran off in the direction their D-3's pointed.

"Look, there's the Digi-egg!" Kari announced.
"Who do you think it's for?" Cody asked.
"I'm not sure, there's no Digi-Destined left. But let's try anyway," Yolei said, and tried to lift it. Everyone began to try lifting it, but no one was able to yet. Everyone but Davis had tried.
Kari took a good look at the symbol, "I've never seen this symbol before... What a weird design."
"It reminds me of a wolf's tail!" Davis called out.
"Really?" Cody asked.
"He's right, it does. I wonder what it means," TK said. "Well, it's not ours-"
"I bet it's mine!" Davis called out.
"Wow," Yolei taunted, "You're so humble." Davis ignored her, and pulled hard on the egg.
"Davis, relax. You're trying to lift it, not break it!" TK told him.
"I've... almost got it!" Davis cried out, pulling even harder. Suddenly, it glowed, and a bright light came out of it, and sped away. "Oh great, what did I do now?!"
"That light looks just like the lights that came out of the Digi-egg of Courage when Tai tried to lift it!" Gatomon said.
"Really? Does that mean... there could be more Digi-destined?" Kari asked.
"It's a good guess..." Yolei answered.
"Well, it's not any of our eggs, let's go back home. It's starting to get late," Cody told them.
"All right..." Davis agreed, sounding disappointed.

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Date: 10/24/14 9:58 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 35:

Cody, the only one with free hands, tried to contact the others, but no one was available. Cody got the idea to blow the spider-Digimon off the web with the air conditioner, and Ken got the idea to turn it on with a piece of wood.
"That's take care of the spider, but what about Flymon?" Cody asked.
"I can handle him (I think), just hurry and do it!" I told them quickly. Ken sent the piece of wood to Davis, who used a "bicycle kick" to hit the "on" button. It blew the spider Digimon off the web, which broke it and set us all free. As soon as I felt my arms and legs free, I jumped on Flymon's back, who fell before realizing he was free and began to fly. But some spider-silk was still on his wings so he began to fall and we crash-landed.
"Kumiko, hurry!" Davis called out. While Flymon was dizzy from the landing, I jumped off and ran to them. We opened a drawer and climbed inside, but ended up trapped inside while our insect Digimon chipped away at it from the outside. Yolei was able to send out a distorted version of the flute's music, that allowed our Digimon to go back to normal. She sure was cutting it short, because our Digimon were only a foot away from us when they went back to normal.
We came out of the drawer, and once Davis taunted Arukenimon, she jumped down from the second story. Who knows how far that was since we were less than a foot tall compared to the house. It was obvious now, she really was a Digimon. While the others went to fight her, I ran to get my Digimon.
"Flymon!" I called out, running to where I last saw him.
"Hey Kumi...!" He called back painfully as he limped over. "What happened? I don't remember fighting. And why do I feel like I broke my beak?"
I smiled nervously, "I'll explain later..."
"Watch out!" Snimon called out, getting thrown toward us. He reverted back to Dokunemon just in time and I caught him. "Mummy...mon..." I looked up to see a Mummy Digimon about to attack.
"Snake Bandage!" He attacked. I turned to block myself from the attack, but Flymon blocked it instead.
"Deadly Sting!" Flymon attacked, but his aim was off. Plus he was still injured.
"Snake Bandage!" Mummymon attacked again.
Flymon was tied up and fell again. Mummymon laughed.
"Dokunemon?" I asked.
"No, I don't have any energy left. But even so I'll fight." He pulled himself away from me and took a stance in front of me. My Digimon would protect me no matter what. Well, you know, unless they were being controlled by a flute.
"Kumiko, go to saftey!" Dokunemon told me. I looked at Mummymon, who looked like he was going to attack again. And Flymon, who was laying and tied up.
"No! I'm not going to leave you two!" I called out, and my pocket began to glow. I reached inside and pulled out my Crest of Loyalty. I had forgotten about that. I looked to see Flymon glowing.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Me: *sing-song* Ul-ti-mate! Anyone wanna take a guess of what it is?
Kunemon: *smiles proudly*
Me: What is Kunemon's Ultimate form? Find out in the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)

Date: 10/24/14 9:57 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Sorry Everyone! I've been busy and tired from school, and then I couldn't figure out how to log on. But, here comes the next chapter!

Chapter 34:
"Twin Sickles!" A large green Praying Mantis-type Digimon jumped in front of me and attacked Flymon. This attack knocked Flymon down.
"Kumiko, it's me. I digivolved to Snimon, go in the Giga House, hurry!" I did as he said, climbed up the window, and looked back. Snimon flew in and landed beside me. "Kumi, are you-" He stopped speaking, and I saw his eyes glow red as well. I knew what was coming so I ran.
"Twin Sickles!" I ran faster and dodged to the right. I tried to get back up quickly and continued running. To where? I wasn't sure.
I stopped running when I saw a giant washing machine. I made out Stingmon and probably Ken, as a bunch of Kunemon came down. I could see electricity fired at them. I wished I could help, but even if I could climb up by myself I wouldn't be much use. I turned around and saw Flymon speeding toward me. I started running again but tripped over a lone Kunemon, that cried out in pain before running off. I turned around to see Flymon behind me. Snimon wasn't nearby. I had an idea. It was crazy and a longshot, but it was my only plan.
I slowly stood up, making myself seem like I wasn't a threat. Then I ran to him, grabbed onto his fur and pulled myself onto his back and held on. Just as I had thought, he couldn't reach me with his claws. He flapped his wings and began to fly. He shook, made quick turns, and did everything he could to shake me off, but I held on too tight.
"Flymon, please! I'm your partner!" I tried. I then saw a Spider web in front of us. Flymon didn't even notice that we were flying straight at it. I pulled hard on his fur, trying to get him to fly up to avoid it. He reared up in pain, but kept his flight, crashing right into it, flinging me off and onto the web above him. I sighed. At least he couldn't attack me. I tried to get up, but the web was too sticky. Lucky for me, Flymon was having the same problem.
With a few yells, Cody, Davis, and Ken fell and landed on the web. The impact shook the web and I felt like it was going to give. I screamed.
"It's just us!" Davis said.
"That's not why I screamed. I thought we were going to fall," I explained.
"I understand. I'd rather fall on a web that the ground," Davis said.
"Uh, you might want to re-think that, Davis..." Cody started. We turned and saw a large spider-like Digimon crawling toward us.
"Ken, please tell me that's a Digimon friend of yours that we've never met before and not a giant ravenous spider!" Davis begged.
"Sorry, Davis," Was all Ken said.
Flymon squirmed more and I began to get tired of the constant shaking of the web from him.
"I see your Digimon is under the control of the flute too," Davis said. Now that he mentioned it, I did hear rather loud flute music. I looked up to see ExVeemon fighting both Digmon and Stingmon.
"Of course. The flute controls all Insect-Digimon. What about Dokunemon?" Ken explained and then asked.
"Digivolved and attacked me, unfortunately." I told them.
"That's rough." Davis said. I gave him a look.
"Yes, thank you, Davis..." I told him sarcastically.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Heh-heh! This was fun to write! *Kumiko, Kunemon, and Dokunemon glare at me* ..Ahem! Read how Kumiko gets out of this in the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!)

Date: 10/22/14 8:56 PM
From: Batskee

Just a little post to keep his up. :3

We look forward to your next chapters, Kira!

Date: 10/15/14 9:53 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Really?! A rory plush? Cute!!! Is it, like, a Chibi version of him? How big is it?

I got it at HotTopic a few years ago. And just recently I found the. Exact. Shirt. As. Rory. Wore. It's called "Mr Mittens' Big Adventure" if u want to find it. The only different is the sleeve length (And Rory wore a jacket over it) but its the same shirt! I want it so badly now!!!!

Kunemon: *rolls eyes at my fangirling* Can we get back to the topic now?

*ignores him* But having a shirt the same as all my fictional crushes, or with my fictional crushes... That'd be awesome! I actually want to do some iron-ons, and 2 of my ideas include my 2 fictional crushes (Pit and Kovu). I haven't done them yet, but I want to!

...For no reason I just imagined a crossover with all my fictional crushes. If it happened, it'd be so random, since one of my crushes is a lion. And another an angel. And another pretty much a mute.

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl
Now I really wanna draw my fictional crushes. Although I'll probably fail at some of them...

Date: 10/13/14 8:48 PM

COOL!!!!!! :D I want one!
Veemon (Farrah's): You want one of every shirt your boy crushes have. -_-
Me:Yeah. I still need Marshall Lee's shirt. :3
Veemon:Honestly, I don't get you girls and boys.
Me:Your a girl. Plus, I already made a Rory plush. (Yes, I did)

Date: 10/11/14 6:18 PM
From: MBAVFan7


I love Rory too! He's another one of my fictional crushes! He's so cute and funny !

Kunemon: Wait, wait. Let me get this straight. Your crushing on a evil Emperor boy genius AND an idiot vampire?
Me: Yeah...
Kunemon: *shakes head* I officially do not understand you.
Me: And a flightless angel, and a lion, and a Hyrulian.
Kunemon: *blinks*
Me: Don't judge me!

Once I found this shirt with a few cats with laser-eyes! I got it cause it reminded me of one of Rory's shirts! It wasn't exactly like his, but to me its an MBAV shirt! ^-^

~K!r@, a Ken And Rory Fangirl
"I got so angry once, I wanted to bite the moon!!! But I didn't; the moon is safe. ...For now." -Rory

Date: 10/11/14 1:21 AM
From: LOKorra12

YOU LIKE RORY?! I love him! :D
Farrah:I thought you liked Ken.
Me:Yeah. I do, but Rory's more awesome.

Date: 10/10/14 4:54 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Well, my Nickname is MBAVFan. It's my favorite show! *Kunemon gives me a look* Along with Digimon, of course!

I wasn't too happy when it ended on a cliffhanger, and read that they weren't making another season. *sigh* Ah well. I still love the show. I guess I'll be forced to come up with my own headcannon of the ending...

I just watched it earlier, because... *yells happily* I FINALLY HAVE SEASON 2 ON DVR!!!!

Everyone: *at my sudden outburst* 0_0
Me: *too happy to be awkward/shy*

~K!r@-chan, a Ken (and Rory) Fangirl
Ethan: And on all of them, they say "no recent picture available"
Rory: So this magic mist attacks people that don't have a camera!
Ethan: *hinting* Or people that don't show up on camera...
Rory: Right! Shy people!
Ethan: No! Dude, Vampires!

Date: 10/10/14 1:08 AM
From: LOKorra12

You watch MBAV too? O_o I used to until they pulled it.

Date: 10/09/14 4:04 PM
From: MBAVFan7


(Sorry! I wrote this but never posted it, and then I got busy!)

Me: Wait, what? They are?
Kunemon: *giving me a look* And you call yourself a fan?
Me: *glares at him and points to my nickname* YES. Yes I do.
Kunemon: *rolls eyes* Take it easy, I was only kidding.
Me: *mutters* No one comes between me and my fandoms... *suddenly remembers what you had said* Oh yeah!!! *zooms into other room*

(I don't watch TV much anymore. So I haven't seen anything about it. I suppose I should have been checking, but I wasn't.)

Kumiko: No! She's done a ton of stuff to us! I'm not letting her in.
Me: Yeah? Well I don't wanna come in!
Kumiko: ...? That doesn't even-- never mind -__-
Me: ...What?

~K!r@-chan, a Ken Fangirl

Date: 10/06/14 7:35 PM
From: PikaPata

I actually think they are showing MBAV on Disney. I saw it on there when I was flipping through the TV guide. They only show it in October, though. I think the movie was going to come on too. I was thinking you'd be watching that!

Pika: Kumiko, couldn't you find it in your sweet heart to let Kira in?
Patamon: What if she doesn't?
Pika: Plan "B"!
Gabumon: What's plan "B"?
Pika: You two are!
Gabumon/Patamon: ....? XC

Date: 10/05/14 7:42 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Oh that's your favorite episode? Cool. It's not my favorite, but man was it fun to write! And I know what you mean, when our cables boxes changed, we lost everything on them. Most we could get back, but unfortunetly my favorite show isn't on TV anymore, and only available on Netflix, which I don't have. *sigh* (Disney, you'd better air MBAV this Halloween!!!)

Me: *stares as Kumiko grabs a ton of supplies, and locks herself in a closest* ...?
*A bunch of wild insect Digimon are flying over to us*
Me: ! *runs over to closet and starts banging on the door* Let me in! Let me in!
Kumiko: *playing dumb* You seem to like out-of-control Digimon. I thought you'd like to stay out there.
Me: *grabs a stick* Fine! Be like that! Veemon!
Veemon: Yeah?
Me: Uh... which one are you?
Veemon: -__- Davis'.
Me: Of course... Can you still help me?
Veemon: Sure!
Me: Alright! Digivolve to Flamedramon!
Veemon: I can't do that without Davis.
Me: *faceslaps*

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl

Date: 10/05/14 7:41 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Me: Heh heh heh... He will soon enough...
Kumiko: *glares at me*
Me: Don't blame me! Blame, er... the creators of the episode...? Heh heh... *runs*

Thanks. I haven't been getting along the best with my ocs, now have I? *pulls them into a hug* But we all love each other still! Right?
Kunemon: Stop hugging me!
Kumiko: Why did you get that "brilliant" idea to make my Digimon turn against me?!
Dokunemon: I don't appriciate you making me turn on my partner.
Me: *sweatdrops* Come on, guys! Lighten up!
Them: *looking ready to attack me*
Me: Help...?

~K!r@, a Ken Fangirl

Date: 10/04/14 3:33 PM
From: PikaPata

I know what episode's up favorite! Arukenimon's Tangled Web! I had this episode recorded when it came on! (Last year at this time of October. Yup!) I even watched it on Halloween. Unfortunately, we upgraded the cable, and the episodes I recorded were deleted... Q~Q But good work leading up to this! (Chibomon and Leafmon, some of the cutest baby Digimon!) I can't wait till....more DNA-Digivolving!

Pika: Wow, I actually feel bad for that Ken hater, Kunemon.
Tentomon: *comes flying in* Bzz bzz bzz! Attack!
Pika: Arukenimon got to you too?!
Patamon: Stand back, Pika! BOOM BUBBLE!!! *pop*
Tentomon: *falls over* Bzzz......
Pika: I feel bad for hurting him. He looks like when you spray a fly, and they just spaz out.....
Gabumon: *puts Tentomon in restraints* Sorry about that, buddy!
Pika: Well....I hope that everyone will be okay! XC

I thought about making that reference to a fly 'cause that's what usually happens... I really forgot that Flymon would be affected, too.

Date: 10/03/14 10:43 PM
From: Batskee


Well, I sure am behind. But anyway, great chapters Kira! Ahh yes! Good ol' excitement! Being in danger of your own Digimon sure goes under the category of excitement. Good thing Dokunemon hasn't gone psycho...yet.


Haha, I also like your little skits after the story, and the little extra about Kunemon commenting on Kumiko's ability to hear (or more like a lack of ability to hear)

I look forward to more chapters of your awesome story, Kira!

Date: 10/03/14 5:46 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 33:

The next day I was at Ken's house when we got an email. It was from Arukenimon, the white-haired lady, and it said that she wanted to "talk" with us. It was clearly a trap. I rolled my eyes at how she thought we would fall for it.
"You got the email too?" Ken asked. I nodded. "I think we should go."
I blinked, "You know its a trap, right?"
"Of course I do. We might be able to use this to our advantage."
"We?" I asked. Was he thinking about letting the others in on his plan?
"Me and Wormmon." Oh... of course.
"I'm coming too. You may need back-up."
"Alright. See you in the Digital World."
Ken opened the Digi-Gate, and looked at me.
"I'll be there soon. I need to run and get my Digimon first. You go ahead."
On my way back, I got an email from my friends saying they too were going to fight Arukenimon, taking advantage of the trap. I told them to go on ahead, that I'd be there as soon as I could.
"Dokumon, Budmon, we need to go now! Digi-Port Open!"
Once in the Digital World, Kunemon Digivolved and we flew to the Giga House.
"No one seems to be here..." I said quietly. A few insect-Digimon flew overhead the house.
"I'll take a quick look inside," Flymon told us, and flew over to the open window. Then he silently flew back.
"So...?" I asked. His eyes glowed a faint red, then back to normal.
"Deadly Sting!" He shot a stinger at me, and I leaped out of the way.
"What are you doing?!" I yelled.
"I'll protect you Kumi!" Dokunemon said, running toward me. He faced Flymon, "Poison Claw!" He leaped at Flymon with his claws out, but was knocked away easily. Flymon roared and came toward me. I wasn't sure what to do. Even if I could run, where? He'd be able to catch me.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Poor Kumiko, two insectoid Digimon. You can guess that this won't turn out too good for her. Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!
Kumiko: Gee, thanks for making me feel better...)

Date: 10/03/14 5:44 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 32:

"We make a great team, too." Davis said, holding out his hand for Ken to shake. Ken put his hand out, but didn't shake yet. "What's the matter?"
"I just don't feel like I deserve to be friends with any of you, at all!" Ken said.
"Well, that's a bunch of bologna. Look, Ken, you've earned our friendship." Davis told him.
"I have?"
"Yeah, sure you started out all evil, but you decided to change and become one of us. And working hard like that builds the strongest kind of friendship there is. Trust me, I know friendship, and after all we've been through, we're friends! I'm absolutely not going to take no for an answer!" I had a feeling he'd need to.
"I don't know. I've done a lot of bad things, things I'm not proud of at all!" Ken said as his Digimon jumped into his arms and looked away.
"Ken, we all make mistakes! Look at Yolei, she makes them all the time!" Davis said, with a "Hey!" from Yolei.
"I don't know. I need some time to think about all this." Ken said, walking away.
"Wait, Ken! No, don't go!" Davis tried yet again. Of course Ken ignored him and continued to walk away. "We're friends now..."
"You always come on so strong, Davis. You can't force him to be friends if he's not ready. You have to let it happen naturally!" Kari told him.
"But we just fought together! That makes us friends, right?" Davis asked.
"Fighting's one thing, but maybe after, he realized he wasn't ready to be friends, or maybe he's just upset at a certain someone for pointing out how me makes mistakes!" I think you've got that person confused there, Yolei.
"Let's not fight. Let's just keep an eye on Ken, and see what happens." Cody said.
"Cody's right. There's absolutely nothing any of us can do about it right now." Kari agreed, and everyone but Davis and TK began to walk away.
"Well, I hope he decides to become our friend soon." Davis said.
"I hope he doesn't start thinking I'd be easier to go back to being evil!" TK said. Don't worry, TK, he won't...
I looked out as Ken walked through the sand back home. He won't...
But I couldn't help thinking about his personality change, and what he mentioned about the... World of Darkness, he called it?

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Alrighty! Now that these boring parts are done, the next chapters will be exciting! Hehehe...
Kumiko: *sarcastically* This should be good...)

Date: 10/03/14 5:43 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Chapter 31:

"I can feel that thing's power building. We'd better do something, quick!" Kari said.
"Yeah, but what?" Yolei asked. More rubble began to fall.
"Come on!" Ken called out, sliding down the rubble to the reactor. "Up there! We've got to close the opening the Dark Power is coming through!"
"So, what do you think we should do, Ken?" Davis asked.
"I don't really know, but we've got to stop that power flow! There must be something around here we can use to stop it!" Ken took a step forward and looked around. Then another explosion went off, this time closer to us.
"Woah, what a doozey! Is everyone okay?" Davis asked when it was over.
"Yeah, I'm fine. But my pride is bruised! But look!" Yolei replied. Dark energy now seemed to be pouring out of the reactor.
"The power output is increasing!" Cody called out.
"This looks like the end." TK said.
"No, it can't be!" Ken yelled.
"Someone call for a hero? Desperado Blaster!" Paildramon bursted through the wall, and shot at the reactor, destroying it. Not usually the best way to stop something that's about to explode, but okay... "Do I know how to make an entrance, or what?"
"Izzy says the warp is returning to normal! And it's all thanks to Paildramon!" Cody read off his D-Terminal.
"Save the appellate. This was just a battle. The war is far from over." Paildramon said.
We all went far away from the base, so that Paildramon could blow it up.
"Yes, blow it up so no one else can ever use it again!" Ken said as the wind blew at us from the explosion. Deep...
"Hey, we're over here! Did we do things the way you wanted us to?" An unfamiliar voice asked. It was a small green puffball with a leaf-like tail. A light blue puffball was beside him.
"Yes, you did an excellent job, my friend." Ken told it. ...Was that... Wormmon?
"You're Veemon, aren't you?" Davis asked the blue one.
"Well, actually, Davis, you can just call me Chibomon for now." Chibomon, apparently, told his partner.
"Well, whatever your name is, you rock!" Davis told him, and his Digimon laughed.
"We make a great team!" The green puffball told Chibomon, and they both laughed as they rubbed against each other. How cute!
I looked at my partners and wondered what their baby forms looked like.
"Oh, don't even think about it!" Kunemon told me angrily.

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
(Kumiko: *looks at her partners* How come you don't do that?
Kunemon and Dokunemon: *look at each other, then cross their arms/claws*
Me: *with claw marks and a few burn marks from Kunemon on me* Sorry if this has been kinda boring lately, it'll get more exciting.)

Date: 10/03/14 5:42 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Sorry! Sorry! I forgot about this, heh heh...

For the past 3 days, I've been obsessed with drawing Ken. First drawing Ken and Wormmon going back in time, and seeing himself as the Digimon Emperor. Then a HiKen (HikarixKen) pic that is really cute.

And just now, a HiKen pic, with VeemonxGatomon, Wormmon enjoying a cookie, and a very sad Davis in the background. (So sorry for doing that to you, Davis...!)

ANYWAY, I'll post some chapters for you guys!

Date: 09/29/14 3:40 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Kunemon: ARGH! *glares at me* Now look what you did!
Me: *sweatdrops* A heh heh... *slowly puts him down* Uh... sorry?
Kunemon: Sorry won't cut it!
Me: *sweatdrops* Uh... how about... *takes off at full speed*
Kunemon: Hey! Get back here! *Digivolves to Flymon and chases me*
Me: *desperatley* Veemon!
Davis' Veemon: *looks up from eating chocolate* Yeah?
Me: He- ...wrong one. MY Veemon! HELP! *a few seconds later* Where is my Veemon?
Kumiko: *walks in and sighs at the sight of Flymon chasing me* Who started it this time?
Us: Him!/Her!
Kumiko: Do you need help?
Us: Yes!/No!
Kumiko: *looks at Dokunemon* What do you think?
Dokunemon: *sees how mad Kunemon is* I'd say, let them figure it out...
Me: What?! At least tell me where my Digimon is!!!
Them: *exchange looks* Uh...
Me: *faceslap* Why is he always gone when I need him?!

Kunemon is named from the Japanese word, kunekune, which is an onomotopia for wiggling. But you've gotta admit, kunekune sounds so cute!

Oh that's cool! I kinda wish I was learning Japanese, but Spanish will be very helpful, and I couldn't handle 2 languages at once. (Besides, I'm not even sure if my school has Japanese...)

~Kira, a Ken Fangirl