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Digimon Would-You-Rather!

Date: 05/25/14 5:21 PM
From: MBAVFan7

1. Would You Rather... have a Numemon or Sukamon as a partner?

2. Would You Rather... Armor-Digivolve or Digivolve to Champion?

3. Would You Rather... (girls) go on a date with Tai or Matt? (boys) Go on a date with Sora or Mimi?

4. Would You Rather... be a Digimon, or a human that can turn into a Digimon?

5. Would You Rather... hang out with your least favorite character or with your favorite enemy? (Sorry, but the Digimon Emperor doesn't count!)

--My Answers--
1. Numemon

2. Armor Digivolution

3. Um... Tai

4. A human that can Spirit Evolve (Turn into a Digimon)

5. Hm... probably my least favorite character... unless I could "Hang out" with the enemy with my Partner as well... Revenge on Kurata! (I don't exactly have a favorite enemy, I like most of them. Kurata I hate because he's evil, but he was pretty interesting because of how evil they made him. So I like and hate him at the same time I guess...)

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
"Liar!" -Me, when Kurata denies having anything to do with the mysterious portal that appears. *narrows eyes* I didn't like that guy from the very begining...

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Date: 08/21/14 2:00 PM
From: Rabbit317

I know, but Myotismon ticks me off and all the other villains aren't really worth my time.
I'd still rather hang out with Davis.

Date: 07/24/14 1:27 PM
From: emmaninja


Oh I can't stand etemon! He's like...the worst elves ive ever seen!


Date: 07/23/14 1:39 PM
From: Rabbit317

1. Don't know what that is.

2. Champion. It seems more original.

3. That's a hard one. But... Tai. No! Matt. Urgh. Forget it.

4. Human that can turn into Digimon. My fan-fic character can do that.

5. I guess hanging out with Davis would be better than getting to know Etemon.


Date: 07/16/14 3:16 PM
From: PikaPata

1. I'd totally be a Digidestined with the 02 team! Or be a Fusion Fighter.... but then I'd have to face my Lucemon thing, so a member of the 02 team! (Then I could hang out with Ken, and he'd like me just as much as like him)

2. Have a Digimon with a different personality. If you know yourself really well, you'd know you would want someone unlike you. At least then, you'd have someone unpredictable to spice things up for you!


Date: 07/15/14 10:04 PM
From: emmaninja

1. Um...I don't know know those digimon. Sorry.

2. Armor digivolution I guess sense you'd be more strong.

3. I don't have a crush on ether of them but...Matt.

4. A human who can turn into a Digimon! Why not have the best of both worlds?

5. No way am I hanging out with my enemy so...Come on Mimi.


Date: 07/15/14 7:05 PM
From: MBAVFan7

More Would-You-Rathers!

1. Would You Rather... be a Digi-Destined in a group with your friends, or with the gang of your favorite season?

2. Would You Rather... have a partner with a personality just like yours, or that is the opposite?

My Answers:

1. Mmm... with my friends would be awesome. But so would being on the same team with Ken, Kari, Yolei, and Davis! UGH I CAN'T PICK!
Sometimes I really hate Would-You-Rather's...

Kunemon: Says the girl that made this topic...

Yeah, yeah. Anyway, since I have to pick one...
*group hug with the 02 group*

I love 02, Ken, and love the characters, okay? I can't help myself!

2. Probably the opposite. We'd clash sometimes, but we'd always be friends and partners.


Date: 07/11/14 2:08 AM
From: taiora03

2.Digivolve to champion
4.human that can turn into a Digimon
5.Least favorite character

Date: 07/01/14 6:54 PM
From: gary48

1. Favorite digimon
2. 2
3. Definitely digi-destined!
4. Fighting the enemy myself
5. Tamer
I got another one for you! Would you rather, armor-digivolve or digi-fuse?

Date: 06/10/14 3:47 PM
From: db7

1. Sukemon he is stronger.

2. To champion

3. Smash my head against a brick wall.

4. A human that can turn into a digimon.

5. with my least favorite character Keenan, it's just his grammar that annoys the living crud out of me, so I can teach him proper english and goof of with him.


Date: 06/10/14 12:37 AM
From: dtamerfan

1. Numemon

2. Digivolve to champion

3. Matt

4. Execute! Beast Spirit Evolution! [Spirit of wind]

5. Favorite enemy.


Date: 06/09/14 5:38 PM
From: taixmimi

sukamon armor tai digimon enemie

Date: 06/02/14 6:09 PM
From: 1900patric

1. Maybe Sukamon

2.Champion :D

3. Mimi probably

4. I'd be a digimon

5. My least favorite character: Joe


Date: 06/01/14 11:38 PM
From: SnowMask

1. probably sukamon
2. armor digivolve
3. mat
4. human that can turn into digimon
5. least favorite character

Date: 06/01/14 9:18 PM
From: SheWolf99

1 The Cuter helpful one!
2 Who needs armor when you can be a champion!
3 Tai!
4 Spirit Evo!(Maybe MD games happen like this)
5 Villain, I will stay with Dr. Draken if I could.(Hug the Draken)

Date: 05/29/14 10:13 PM
From: Batskee

1. Hug my favorite Digimon! Even though Impmon would just try and shoot fireballs at me...

2. Hrmm...I guess the second...

3. Digimon Tamer! Digimon coming into the real world sounds awesome. Any kind of fictional character coming into the real world sound cool to me.

4. Hrm. I suppose fighting myself. If I had something to boost my chances of actually lasting ten seconds against one though...

5. Digimon Tamer!



Date: 05/29/14 2:24 PM
From: MBAVFan7

1. Would you rather... hug your favorite Digimon or your favorite human character?

2. Would you rather... be a Digi-Destined in the first or second season?

3. Would you rather... be a Digimon Tamer or a Digi-Destined?

4. Would you rather... do the fighting yourself or have your Digimon do the fighting?

5. Would you rather... work at DATS or be a Digimon Tamer?

--My Answers--

1. Hm, for me it'd be Veemon or Ken. I'd say Ken, he's the one that needs a hug more. He's had a hard life... *gives Ken a big hug*

2. Season 2 is my favorite, so season 2. Plus I could both fight and be friends with Ken!

3. The idea of Digimon actually becoming real and not just a game/tv show seems cooler...

4. I always liked how Jeremy used the Star Sword in Fusion, how Marcus punches the Digimon in Data Squad, and how the kids turn into Digimon and fight in Frontier, so I think it'd be cool to have some sort of weapon or ability and fight myself.

5. Probably Digimon Tamer. I wouldn't get stuck by protocals and stuff like that then. Plus I really don't like the DATS Director (not Samson, the other guy) I knew you shouldn't have trusted Kurata!

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
"Belphemon, do something!" -Kurata (Oh, so you want the free-will of a Digimon now?)


Date: 05/29/14 2:09 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Hug Ikakumon or fly on Birdramon?

Well, I'm afraid of heights (well, certain heights) and Gomamon is one of my favorite Digimon characters, so hug Ikakumon.

You also gave my an idea for another "Would you rather...?"

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
"It's showtime!" -Kurata


Date: 05/28/14 6:20 PM
From: gary48

1. Bio-merge
2. Digifuse
3. with T.K.!
Well, I have another one for you! Would you rather hug Ikakumon or fly on Birdmon?

Date: 05/28/14 12:28 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Hm... My favorite Digi-Destined is Ken, and my least favorite villian would be... Etemon. Fight like, a Digimon vs Digimon fight, an arguement, "I" turn bad, or a physical fist fight?

I can't stand Etemon, so I'd pick the fight one. (Sorry Ken!) Fights can be made up though, right? ...Right?

~K!r@-chan, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl


Date: 05/28/14 9:20 AM
From: Batskee

My Answers to:

1. Bio-Merge

2. Digi-Fuse, I suppose

3. Digimon Crush!