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Have you heard of Digimon serieses 2 and 3?

Date: 06/14/14 9:34 PM
From: miklaglo

I'll start you off with a little info:

2: A new type of digivolveing ( Is that spelled wrong? Tell me in your vote.) has appeared in the digiworld's darkest hour. It has to do with the digieggs! The person who is causing the distress is a kid that calls himself the "Digimon Emperor."

3:Digimon start appearing in the real world! Who is causing this? Anyway, In the real world kids are getting a new type of digivice that allows them to modify their Digimon with cards from the Digimon card game.

After the polls are over I will start a new subject called "Choose One: 2 or 3" so you can vote on witch one I should do. Come back here to look at the info.

P.S: Miklaglo is pronounced (Mike-la-glow)

Miklaglo $-) , Over 'N' Out!!!

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Date: 08/17/14 10:50 AM
From: wuds456

i've seen them all!first one is digimon adventure,second is digimon adventure 2,it's 4 years after digimon adventure,thrid is digimon tamers(ryouki and jurato 4ever!)with half of it in the real world,fourth is digimon fronteir,with humans who have digimon spirits,(zoji 4 life!)the fifth is digimon data squad,with teenagers working for a awesome digimon agencey,and the sixth is digimon fusion,you know about that.
your helpful fangirl: wuds456

Date: 07/24/14 1:19 PM
From: emmaninja

I have seen 1 & 2 but I don't think I saw 3. I saw Digimon fusion though!

Date: 07/01/14 3:48 PM
From: DigiEthan

Of course I have!

I would not be crushing on Rika if I did not know season 3!


Date: 06/18/14 12:57 PM
From: db7

Yes, I've watched them both beginning to end, twice

Date: 06/15/14 2:39 PM
From: MBAVFan7

I think almost everyone on this board has heard of seasons 2 and 3.

And I've seen all the Digimon seasons.

Season 2 was on Nicktoons a while back, along with season 1.

Season 2 is my favorite season, but Season 3 is really good too.

~K!r@, a HiKen Shipper and Ken Fangirl
By the way, it's spelled "Digivolving" You were close, you just had an extra "e".