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The Digidestined Protector

Date: 07/15/14 3:04 PM
From: Rabbit317

Akari K. looked down at Shellmon attacking the seven children that had arrived at the Digiworld just that day.
She cracked her knuckles and jumped off the cliff. The other children saw her and widened their eyes. Before she could land, though, Akari twitched her foot, and flew over to Shellmon, who was holding the brown-haired boy hostage.
"Some big baby can't take care of a kid by himself," she taunted.
Shellmon growled and mercilessly blasted her with water.
The children gasped. The red-haired boy said, "There's no way she could've survived that."
But when the mist cleared, Akari was floating there, looking mildly irritated. "Really? That's all you got? Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." She shot a flame out of her hand and into Shellmon's face.
She looked down at the orange dinosaur Digimon. "Well, Agumon? Are you going to do something, or shall I?"
The Digivice on the brown-haired boy's belt beeped and glowed, and Agumon Digivolved into Greymon.
Akari smiled. [More later.]
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Date: 08/21/14 2:11 PM
From: Rabbit317

[So lonely on this thing.]
The seven children blinked at Akari, in awe.
Finally she sighed and said, "I came here a while ago, and got this necklace, see?" She held up a pendant shaped like a sphere. "I got cool Digimon powers and now I can fly? Any other questions?"
Nobody responded.
"All right. Carry on."
The children shook themselves and started discussing what they were going to do next. The brown-haired boy (whose name, Akari found out, was Tai) told his friends they needed to reach the peak of the distant mountain, since he had seen the ocean earlier.
Akari looked over her shoulder. Like that one right there? she thought.
Finally, the children set off toward the distant mountain with their Digimon friends.
Akari followed slowly, in case they got lost. (She knew the island like the back of her head.) As they walked, she explained how she had come to the DigiWorld. (Which included a random beam of light.)
She didn't mention that she knew who they really were.

Date: 07/23/14 1:36 PM
From: Rabbit317

Akari landed on the beach and watched silently as Greymon disabled Shellmon and rescued the brown-haired boy.
She realized the other children were looking at her. "What?" she asked self-consciously. She looked down at her purple shorts, dark gray T-shirt, and black Converse. She inspected her gray hoodie. Nothing wrong.
"You. Can. Fly?" The blond boy asked.
Akari rolled her eyes. Of course THAT was the first thing they noticed. Not her dimples. Not her ocean blue eyes. Nope. The flying thing was it.
"Long story. Hey, Greymon! Is he okay?" she called to the Digimon.
Greymon grunted and de-Digivolved.
Akari patted him on the head and turned to the children.
"Now, would anyone else like to question my flying?"
[More later.]