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More Stars Who Should Guest Star on Awesomeness TV

Date: 05/23/14 11:46 PM
From: Crookers11

More Stars Who Should Guest Star on Awesomeness TV
Follow-up to Star Who Should Guest Star on Awesomeness TV
*Crookers as Guest Host
*Paul McCartney as Cameo Apperance, fines Swag Master J 100 dollars for swagging Yesterday.
*John Cleese as Cybil's boss, fires Cybil kicks her off her house, and build the Leaning Tower of Pisa with other people.
*Terry Gilliam as himself, animates scene with John Cleese adding other people to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
*Kjell Elvis as Cameo Apperance, stands y Las Vegas sign during song of US states.
*Jack from Jack In the Box as Guest Host
1st Set Extra Stars Info
*Donald Trump, Fires Worst Teacher Ever, aka Mrs. Rotenbeth
*Ike Broflovski, Mistakes Crookers as Pizza Hut
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Date: 06/26/14 4:57 PM
From: Katfire4

Here are my Idea's
*Katy Perry*
Prism Record Singer
*John Cena*
International Super Wrestler
*Cher Llyod*
One of my fave singers
*Demi Lavato*
My Hero

Date: 06/22/14 1:44 PM
From: Crookers11

The part I thought was a song of the US States was actually a scene of Terry going to LA.

Date: 06/18/14 6:07 PM
From: Crookers11

On the episode where Terry the Tomboy hosted, I believe there was a song about the US States. If you know what happened, tell me!

Date: 06/08/14 3:42 PM
From: Crookers11

At the part for Kjell Elvis, I misspelled by as y. Sorry about that.