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put smosh brothers in awesomeness tv

Date: 05/31/14 9:50 AM
From: cosmic1244

smosh brothers are totally funny put them

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Date: 07/29/14 10:27 PM
From: chipettes6

smosh already guest hosted awsomenesstv. it was on s2 episode 2 called Tangent Girl : The Machine. They can host again because fifth harmony hosted twice.

Date: 07/24/14 9:40 PM
From: cosmic1244

the smosh brothers are two guys who make the most crazyiest and don't forget awesomest vids eva

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Date: 07/08/14 8:04 PM
From: coopjames1

I like there names,antony and ian.

Date: 07/05/14 2:03 PM
From: smosher25

first of all they are not brothers they are friends!

Date: 06/29/14 1:03 PM
From: aribella02

they're also super cool

Date: 06/29/14 11:20 AM
From: sam22cat

what and who is the smosh brothers???