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Should Swindle be a tv show?

Date: 08/28/13 2:07 PM
From: sittingfan

Swindle is perfect!Lets make it a tv show!!!
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Date: 10/12/13 7:17 PM
From: fanman99

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees <o>

Date: 10/12/13 4:24 PM
From: melthelamb


Date: 10/12/13 1:36 PM
From: brickwall8

when was it a tv show

Date: 10/12/13 11:45 AM
From: bama39

it would be so cool if it was a tv show then we could wacth it on thw weekdays.

Date: 10/11/13 10:00 PM
From: mickeyk14

no they already had a TV show JUST like it,
but it was called "Leverage" but it was for more of a mature audience. it had the brains was Nate, the Actress was Sophie , the thief (aka Gymnast), was Parker, and the hacker was Hardison, and the Muscle was Elliot.

so it was almost exactly the same thing. they were helping people steal back what rich and mean people (aka swindlers) stole from them.
it was awesome!
to bad it had to end...
i loved that show


Date: 10/10/13 9:12 PM
From: dpavatar

That would be AMAZING! yes, Yes, YEs, and YES! I loved the movie. Imagine every week a new adventure of excitement solving and breaking cases of Swindlers. It would be the best thing ever!!!!
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Date: 10/10/13 7:01 PM
From: Yots


Date: 10/10/13 3:26 PM
From: ninafan76

I LOVE Swindle!! I would totally love for it to be a TV show!!!

Date: 09/29/13 7:14 PM
From: healer144


I'm not saying it's bad, but a TV series seems a bit too much for a story based on one book. But I think that there should be a sequel because of how the movie ended.


Date: 09/27/13 7:49 PM
From: sittingfan

@healer144 you saying its bad?

Date: 09/23/13 12:51 AM
From: healer144


Why am I wrong?


Date: 09/22/13 11:47 AM
From: lerario200

i think SWINDLE should be kept as a movie. Swindle is based upon a book. i'ts also a group of books. so, once it starts, it has to finish. leading to the sequel. yes. i know about the sequel. (p.s., it's not Jinxed)

Date: 09/21/13 9:18 PM
From: hoa12sb

I agree with Snookibob8. I loved Swindle (the book), and I would hate to have it ruined with a TV show that totally spins everything off track.
It would be a bit like turning Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (the movie was already so inaccurate) into a TV show with nothing but jokes that barely make you laugh and romance problems. Imagine how angry those fans would be!

Date: 09/20/13 9:41 AM
From: stella91

Defiantly, the movie was great and just think of what it is like making it a tv show every episode will be a new person need help from the team and u know it will just be just so awesome

Date: 09/18/13 5:39 PM
From: phobe152

I think there should be a tv show!OMG!There is a Swindle book at my school!:)

Date: 09/11/13 4:47 PM
From: healer144

They should at least make a sequel.

Date: 09/09/13 3:25 PM
From: sittingfan


Date: 09/08/13 11:31 PM
From: merrill4

Absolutely! The cast is great, and I love the premise. It is like Leverage, only for kids. The 'team' could help kids with different problems each episode. While we were watching the movie, we said that we hoped it would be made into a series. Please do it!

Date: 09/08/13 10:43 PM
From: aflot0101

Noah Crawford would be in it... He is so funny/hot/adorkable!

Noah Crawford:


Date: 09/08/13 7:13 PM
From: craycray35

That would be good but what would the plot be? Swindell already gave back the baseball card so really what would they write about? No offense though. Maybe Nick will find a plot for it IF it becomes a TV show