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Rabbids are super SMART like really no kidding click

Date: 01/12/14 8:02 PM
From: Rosi10

They have discovered their own way of communicating with each other like early humans and they are really smart at creating their own little fun games like racing and stuff. You may tell that I am a Rabbid fan but the real fan is my little brother but he is smart enough to know that rabbids are just a new weird kind of creatures that make me lol
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Date: 03/25/14 3:02 PM
From: momsandy

It's only on Nicktoons, so I don't watch it (I think all Nicktoons-only shows are not as good as Nickelodeon), but I think you are on to something.

Date: 03/18/14 10:15 PM
From: 3greenfrog

My mom used to own a DOG that ate the phone when it rang.

Date: 03/06/14 6:16 PM
From: amber168

rabbids are just some weird, bwahhhing, kaos causing, not so smart animals....But that's what makes the show so funny! LOL

Date: 02/13/14 7:49 AM
From: lungebob

They even speak a little english and SING! my favorite episode is rabbid radar because they had a part where they were eating pictures like fax machines

Date: 02/12/14 8:24 PM
From: yustephy

really, a phone? that's funny!

Date: 01/22/14 6:46 PM
From: tiger1932

LOL u are sort of right. Although eating a phone isn't smart :D