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Rabbid Games 2014

Date: 02/07/14 11:47 PM
From: loving1258

Me: Hey guys Loving1258 here and this is my Rabbid games 2014 this is the first time and me and my friend Chanel have been planning this in 2013 and now we can do it! now I have another friend with me and that is the one and only Madison so I have been speaking how about Chanel can speak

Chanel: HI NICK PEOPLE yes we have been planning this and now we can do it so now Madison will tell you the rules so listen closely

Madison: Hello now like she said the rules are on the board

Rule Board:
For the Rabbid Games you can enter your rabbid now entering is simple fill out this form (on the bottom) and when your finish put on this form (no info about any nick things exept your username okay here it is

(Rabbid form)
Uniform badge:
Uniform color:

(Owner form)
Uniform color:
Shoe color:

Me: Thank you Madison now the Rabbid games will start next month so be ready

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Date: 04/18/14 11:57 PM

Name:super rabbid,Uniform badge:Rabbid face on back,Uniform color: well, he is still wearing hes stupid costume,Talent:Is rock paper scissors and staring contest champion.Username:YOUGURTO,Uniform color:white jacket,Shoe color:i forgot.

Date: 04/02/14 3:07 PM
From: Dee7777

(Rabbid form) Name: Candy Uniform badge: not sure what that means Uniform color: red talent: karate (Owner form) username: Dee7777 Uniform color: pink shoe color: pink

Date: 03/11/14 8:02 PM
From: water5456

Rabbid form
Name: Cerce
Uniform Badge: Pheonix
Uniform Color: Teal
Talent: being evil and mischeivious

Owner Form
Username: water5456
Uniform Color: Teal
Shoe Color: Purple


Date: 02/27/14 10:00 PM
From: tiger1932

Name: Rose
Uniform Badge: Heart
Uniform Color: Purple :D
Talent: Friendship

Username: tiger1932
Uniform color: Purple :D
Shoe color: Black? But Really Brown lol

Might not be on next month


Date: 02/26/14 5:09 PM
From: bendfire10

{rabbid form}
name: Jessie
uniform badge: eagle
uniform color: hot pink
Talent: running and jumping

{owner form}
username: bendfire10
uniform color: hot pink
shoe color: black

[ I forgot somethings,so here it is)


Date: 02/21/14 9:21 PM
From: Yuppy23

Name: Felamaine
Uniform badge: Bending Ice
Uniform color: Blue
Talent: Ice powers

Username: Yuppy23
Uniform color: Dark blue
Shoe color: Cyan


Date: 02/18/14 10:40 AM
From: BAmeliaVee

(Rabbid form)
Name:Mary Lou
Uniform badge:A Pink Fox
Uniform color:Green
Talent:Sled racing and water magic.

(Owner form)
Username: BAmeliaVee
Uniform color:A Pink Fox
Shoe color:Green


Date: 02/17/14 9:46 AM
From: Simple1

(Rabbid form)
name: SUPERRABBID!!!!!!!!!!
Badge: none (I don't know what you mean)
Color: White
Talent: flying

(Owner Form)
Username: Simple1
Color: White
S. Color: Peach

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Date: 02/16/14 8:17 PM
From: bendfire10

(Rabbis form)
Name: Jessie
Uniform badge:running
Uniform color: pink

(owner form)
Username: bendfire10
Uniform color: hot pink
shoe color: black and pink