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Character Contest!

Date: 05/11/14 8:24 AM
From: Lilly7789

I need a double 4 this! ;) There isn't really a plot, so my double and I will probs just go with the flow. You are only aloud to make 3 characters each, and I will post which 7 characters wins on the 17th of May

Here is my character that is in the fanfic:

Name: Hermione Holly Ryder
NN: Harmony, Holly.
Age: 13
Siblings: Laura, Jack and Henry *I need someone to make, but they wont count as your real character that you made up*
Hates: Being the youngest in her family
Personality: Like Hermione from Harry Potter
CLA: Young Emma Watson
Crush: Max
Crush on her/ him: Max
BFF: Phoebe
Extra: Max and Hermione have known each other since 1st Grade.

Hope You make characters!

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Date: 07/09/14 1:35 PM
From: Calip

Cate Cathrine Thunderbird
Siblings:Stephanie,Michelle and Andrew Thunderbird
Hates:Having no money left because she lives in a mansion
Rich and Famous
Ariana Grande
Nora Thunderman
Billy first met Cate when she moved in but Billy never told Cate that Billy loved Cate

Date: 06/16/14 1:51 PM
From: HeavenlyB

Name: Angela Bailey Sylvester
NN: Angie
Age: 12
Siblings: Ashley
Hates: Being Late, her braces, the color of her room (vomit green...)
Personality: Outgoing, Spunky, Friendly, Oddball
CLA: (OK, I hope this doesn't effect anything because I have no clue what a CLA is)
Crush: None
Crush on her: None
BFF: Well she's good friends with Billy and Nora
Extra: Love Blowing Bubble Gum



Date: 06/15/14 7:18 PM
From: iCarlly

Name: Melanie Olivia R
NN: Liv R
Age: 10
Siblings: None
Hates: Pretty much everything
Personality: Like Sam from Sam and Cat
CLA: 10-year old Miranda Cosgrove
Crush: Billy
Crush on her: Billy
BFF: Nora and Billy
Extra: She and Nora went to summer camp together when Melanie was 6 and they hadn't seen each other ever since.


Date: 06/08/14 4:43 PM
From: sprite703

Name: Camille R
Age: 14
Siblings: younger brother, Logan, that's friends with Billy
Hates: chores and homework
Personality: Kind, likes to sing, smart, very girly
Crush: Max, but she's best friends with Phoebe and annoys her when Phoebe when she talks about Max
Crush on her: Billy but he's too young and annoys Camille
BFF: Phoebe
sorry I didn't know what NN and CLA mean

Date: 05/21/14 1:58 AM
From: rosie87356

Name: Rose Olivia W
NN: Rosie
Age: 15
Siblings: None
Hates: Popular People
Personality: Air Headed, Sweet
CLA: Piper Curda
Crush: Cole
COH: Cole
BFF: Everyone

Date: 05/20/14 4:38 PM
From: water5456

Nemisis Mayhem
Dark Mayhem
Gossip and homework
Smart, sly, fiery temper, brave, and resourceful
Tris from Divergent Movie
Nobody (and she knows)
Cole's sister (I forgot her name)
She has telekinesis, can make anybody do what she wants (But doesn't use it often), and wants to attend Villain U. She's also friends with Max and helps him with gadgets.

Date: 05/19/14 2:09 PM
From: cloud992

Name: James Jack J.
NN: Jamie
Age: 13
Siblings: Ben, Sam, Alex, Thomas, Freddie and Riley
Hates: Chores, Homework
Personality: Cool, Sly, Sneaky
CLA: Young Nathan Kress
Crush: None
COH: Cherry
BFF: Cole, Max
Extra: Is the oldest out of his 6 brothers

Date: 05/19/14 2:00 PM
From: cloud992

Name: Kayla Olivia Morgan/ Thorn Mayhem
NN: Kay Kay/ Fawn
Age: 14/ 14
Siblings: Liv/ Dark Mayhem
Hates: Sadness/ Good Super Powers
Personality: Fun, Happy, Air Headed/ Sharp, Mean, Spiteful
CLA: Olivia Holt/ Elizabeth Gilles
Crush: None/ Cole
COH: None/ None
BFF: Hermione, Phoebe/ None
Powers: None/ Darkness
Enemy: Max/ Hermione
Extra: None/ Casts a sleeping spell on Hermione

Date: 05/18/14 4:18 PM
From: macyrocks


Date: 05/18/14 2:20 PM
From: arijen214

Name: Jack Riley Ryder/ Henry James Ryder/
Jake Robbie Oliver
Age:15/ 16/ 14
Siblings: Henry, Laura, Hermione/ Jack, Laura, Hermione/ None
Hates: Being Grounded/ Hermione and Max together/ Max
CLA: Nathan Kress/ Older Nathan Kress/ Young Avan Jogia
Crush: None/ None/ Hermione
COH: None None/ None
BFF: Henry/ Jack/ None

Date: 05/18/14 12:02 PM
From: PantoBeen2

Name: Amanda Comet
NN: none
Age: 14
Siblings: David, Victoria
Hates: Being Rejected
Personality: Fun, Creative, Awkward
CLA: Amber Montana
Crush: Max
COH: none
BFF: Phoebe
Extra: Her powers are invisibility and teleportation with the snap of her fingers. She's also into musical theater

P.S.-Victoria is #3. Sorry for the mix up.


Date: 05/18/14 10:32 AM
From: britbeauty

Name: Jennifer Autumn F.
NN: Jenny
Age: 8
Siblings: Faith (age 14), April (age 11) Hope (age 5) and June (age 2)
Hates: Max because he picks on Phoebe
Personality: Like Megan from Drake and Josh
CLA: Young Miranda Cosgrove
Crush/Crush on her: Billy
BFF: Nora
Extra: Idolizes Phoebe and always takes her side in an srguement

Date: 05/17/14 2:57 PM
From: PantoBeen2

These are three characters that I have come up with
Name: David C.
NN: none
Age: 15
Siblings: Amanda, Victoria
Hates: Bullies
Personality: Smart, Kind, Over Confidant
CLA: Nick Merico
Crush: Phoebe
COH: Phoebe
BFF: Max
Extra: His powers are mind speech (able to talk to others in their minds) and can control technology. He, his parents, and his younger sister Amanda were all old friends of the Thundermans.

Date: 05/16/14 10:24 PM
From: PantoBeen2

Name: Victoria C
NN: Power Snatcher
Age: 13
Siblings: David and Amanda
Hates: Being teased by her siblings
Personality: Evil, Hot-Headed, Devious, Great Actor
CLA: Ciara Bravo
Crush: No one
COH: Billy
BFF: No one
Extra: She somehow was born with out superpowers even though both of her parents are super heroes and old friends of the Thundermans. She uses technology from her parents adventures to capture her siblings powers.

Date: 05/16/14 9:28 PM
From: kitty22200

Name: Yuki F
Age: 16 or 17
Best Friend: Phoebe and Max
Powers: does magic with hands and staff [spells] and has cards which she summons with: A) the staff & B) her hands [she sings spell to summon staff], can change
appearance and clothes
Relatives: Leon [little brother]
Personality: kind, sweet, caring, smart, little bit evil
Appearance: brown hair to shoulders, brown eyes, fair skin, white sweater over dark blue long sleeved shirt, gray pleated skirt, white knee socks, black Maryjane's, and a black messenger bag
Pet(s): [Her cards have personalities but there are 200]
Talents: singing, acting, drawing, and writing
Extra: scolds Max, but they're still best friends. she is a cat girl but can control when her tail/ears appear.

Date: 05/14/14 1:32 AM
From: Lilly7789

Name: Laura Olivia Ryder
NN: none
Age: 15
Siblings: Hermione, Jack and Henry
Hates: Being Popular
Personality: Feisty, tomboy, Like Sam from iCarly
CLA: Ariana Grande
Crush: None
COH: None (Yet)
BFF: Cherry
Extra: None

Date: 05/12/14 1:17 PM
From: Lilly7789

Anyone? I will change the end date to 23rd of May