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Do you dare to click this?????

Date: 05/23/14 4:40 PM
From: alice85

Hi!! Alice here!! Im making a Thunderman Fanfic and i need characters!!!!!!!! Please give me the following about your character and i will choose the best!!!!

Best friend:
Appearance: (which is your eyes and hair color)
Secret hideout place:

Thank you everyone who signs up!!

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Date: 07/11/14 9:11 AM
From: alice85

i have already picked

Date: 07/09/14 10:04 AM
From: mistress9

Name: Sporty
Best Friend: Female
Powers: Super Speed and Invisibility
Appearance: The color they are
Talents: singing, dancing, soccer, track
Clothes: Sporty/ skirts over jeans, no dresses
Personality: Funny, weird, Smart
Secret hideout: Bathroom-very roomy!

Date: 07/08/14 8:12 PM
From: EMAD67

8 I'm much younger than I look
Eisepowers and Natepowers
blue and brown
singing and playing sports
a tee shirt track shorts and sneakers
sporty fun and feisty
blacktop at my school

Date: 07/08/14 12:49 PM
From: zim128

Name: K Thunderstorm
Age: 12
Best Friends: Kk Thunder and Phoebe Thunderman
Talents: Can freeze and Heat stuff, can control storms and become really small or really big
Clothes: comfy white shorts and a purple t-shirt that says Keep calm and love K thunderstorm
Personality: nice and likes to save people from storms Secret hideout: her room has a swirly side that leads to layer

Date: 07/08/14 12:41 PM
From: winx4001

Haley Storm
Phoebe Thunderman
Super speed,freeze things and heat things with her breath.
Brown eyes and blond hair
Singing,gymnastics,and cooking.
A cute,sparkly tank-top,jean shorts,and flip-flops with gems on them.
Sweet,sparkly,and tall.

Date: 07/08/14 8:49 AM
From: ardharhar

who have you picked so far

Date: 07/07/14 4:18 PM
From: Lilly7789

Name: Piper Olivia Thunderstorm
Age: 13 and a half
Best Friend: Max
Powers: Can control weather and freeze things
Appearance: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes
Talents: Singing, swimming, Gymnastics
Clothes: Short skirts, T-shirts and wedges
Personality: Like Denise from Wingin' it
Secret Hideout: Is normally in Max's lair with him, inventing things
Extra: The relationship is like Dense and Porter's from Wingin' it, but still have a huge crush on each other

Date: 07/03/14 7:02 PM
From: kigi

Name:Lilly T
Best Friend:Ryan Aver
Power: to go back in time and change the past
Appearance:Green eyes, red hair
Talent:holding breath 4 1min. 45sec.
Cloths: a comfy pair of jeans and a shirt
Personality: go with the flow
Secret hideout place:cave near the sea

Hope you like what i gave you!!!!!!!!!!


Date: 07/01/14 7:18 PM
From: RobloJaxx

Dennis Thunderbreaker *Nick Name is Damian Thunderstryker
21 still in collage
no best friends
Lasers And Thunder and frezzing people
Auburn Charmer with eyepatch with brown eyes
Can do a 360 backflip on a skateboard for 1 second
shirt that says "Its my Game boy" and short pants
Cool Smart Awesome Strong Brave
Theres a secret wall in my room

Date: 06/27/14 7:01 PM
From: tvshow101

Name: Stephany Elizabeth J
Age: 13
Best Friend: None Yet
Powers: Fire and Heat Breath
Appearance: Mid-Length Golden-Brown Hair With Pink Streaks. Brown Eyes
Talents: Singing, Math, Designing Clothes, Modeling
Clothes: Trendy and Stylish
Personality: Mostly Nice and a little Vain
Secret Hideout Place: Design Studio and Pool room underneath her house
I hope you pick me!!

Date: 06/27/14 11:17 AM
From: Cali50615

Nora and Phoebe
Playing lazer tag
hot pink dress with white gloves and pearls
Nora or Phoebes room

Date: 06/25/14 5:46 PM
From: magicisfun

Ruhana Nickname; RuRu
I am 10!
Hmm. I'll have to say Pheobe or Max
Freezing and the power to move things with my mind
I have dark brown eyes and medium sized hair.
I can play the harry potter theme song on the piano, I can skate, etc.!
I like wearing t shirts with bright colors on them and I wear jeans or tights. Shorts if its super hot outside!
I have to go with max's secret bedroom. Its really a couch. When you lift it it, there's a slide and ur already there!!! And at home I will pick hmmm yea I got nothing But I love sitting on my bean bag chair and using my laptop! PLZ PICK ME. Personality? hmm I love magic, skating and especially playing and I am kind to others fun funny and very playful. I luv reading and the last day of school. Although I miss my friends!!!

Date: 06/24/14 8:55 PM
From: iCarlly

Name: Ashley Olivia Ross
Age: 10
Best Friend: Billy Thunderman
Powers: Super speed
Appearance: hair color is brunette, eyes are brown
Talents: Remembering everything
Clothes: Girly but sporty, like shorts that say Girls rock at soccer and are pink, and things like that.
Personality: Lazy, clever, smart, kind
Secret hideout place: There's a safe in her room. With an empty room behind that she transforms into a pink hideout gym.

Date: 06/24/14 1:57 PM
From: Furby04yum

Name: Zuma
Age: 10
Best freind: Norra Thunderman
Powers: Superspeed, Telikineeses (moving stuff with mind), can control weather, can control fire, laser eyes.
Appearence: black hair, blue eyes
Talents: dancing
Clothes: usually wearing jeans, but weraing a different shirt each day (somtimes repeats)
Persinality: Kind, Sweet, Genarous, can be bad sometimes
Secret hideout place: NONE!

Date: 06/23/14 12:42 PM
From: readreadre

elsa,16,lecia,ice,brown brown,singing and fashion,dresses,a born leader,a walk in closet.1 question:when will u pick????

Date: 06/23/14 12:41 PM
From: sssaaawwwg

NAME: veronica
BEST FRIEND: kate and edith


Date: 06/22/14 1:19 PM
From: IPwnFace

10 (way younger than I look)
A girl named Fern
Talk to animals, Turn into animals, And element powers (Such as fire, water, air, and ground.)
Average height, eyes change colors from red, neon green, black, and purple, Hair color is dirty blonde.
I can do an impression of anyone I meet perfectly
normal clothes. Mostly tank tops and t-shirts or jeans and short shorts.
Outgoing, funny, kind, annoyingly chatty, can be violent if made really mad about something.
Well it wouldn't be secret if I told you, would it?

Date: 06/20/14 7:30 PM
From: boomsnowy

8 (i'm much younger than i look!)
elemental powers, using the forces of nature to fight crime
fairly tall, blue eyes, really dark brown hair (it looks black from a distance.)
dogs love me, that's pretty much it.
mostly normal clothes, a few are video game and tmnt based
...umm its a secret

Date: 06/20/14 6:42 PM
From: LMaranoFan

Name: Lauren T
Age: 15
Best Friend: Ella.15 years old.Oh and a witch!
Powers: ice breath,heat vision,can fly, mind reader, pick up objects with mind,invisible, can walk through walls, and sense danger before it happens.
Appearance: straight brown hair in a ponytail and light brown eyes
Talents: gymnastics and soccer
Clothes: a gold shirt with a pink heart on it, a pink skirt, with gold ankle boots, and a gold heart locket
Personality: kind,sweet, neat, smart, and funny
Secret Hideout: behind her bedroom wall there's a her crib or hideout!
Please choose Lauren Todd!

Date: 06/20/14 12:31 PM
From: catsrule08

Same as Phoebe, Nora, and Billy combined
Hazel eyes, Dirty Blonde hair
I am good with animals and really smart
normal clothes
usally happy
it's a secret