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Thundermans + Lab Rats + Mighty Med

Date: 06/25/14 9:38 AM
From: Furby04Yum

Pheobe: *sneezes*
Barb: Here is your medicine pheobe.
Pheobe: but it *sniffles* tastes really bad.
Hank: i know a place in a comic book store where you can get better.
Max: are you talking about
Norra and billy: MIGHTY MED!
Hank: that's right.
Dr. Colosso: can i stay here?
Hank: don't do anything bad while we are gone.

Part 2
Max: *daydreaming* solar flare
Pheobe: you always daydream about her every *sniffles* time we ah- ah- CHOO! come here.

Part 3
Kaz: Oliver, there is a family over there, i think they want to meet us.
Chase: hi, my name is chase amd this is Bree,
Bree: hi!
Chase: and adam.
Adam: *sees the ceiling break and catches the very huge peice*
Oliver: Woah. are the rest of you superheros
Bree: Adam!

Part 4
Pheobe: are we *sniffles* there yet *choughs* *sneezes*
Max: solar flare
Pheobe: *freezes max* A- A- CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Barb: Unfreeze your brother right now.
Pheobe: *coughs and tries to use heat breath* I can't, i think this cold is interfeiring with my powers

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Date: 08/25/14 1:28 PM
From: Trueblu67

Part 8
Barb:How are we supposed to melt Max now?
Horace:Throw him in the volcanic wing of the hospital?
Hank:He'll die!
Horace:But he won't be frozen anymore.
Phoebe*sneezes*:What a-about m-me?
Horace:Sneeze over there in the corner. I can NOT get sick right now.
Part 9
Nora:Excuse me gorilla guy.
Nora:My brother is frozen and I heard you can shoot fire from your face.
Adam:OK i will help.
(Adam melts Max)
Adam:No problem.
Bree:Did you just use bionics?!

Date: 08/13/14 11:53 AM
From: kourtnie16

Can I be Bree,Pheobe and Skylar?

Date: 08/13/14 8:08 AM
From: arks123

please keep going its really good!

Date: 08/11/14 1:07 AM
From: epicmicky1

do part 6 the story is going well

Date: 08/05/14 6:11 PM
From: momsandy

I don't know what Lab rats or Mighty Me is

Date: 07/31/14 5:24 PM
From: Trueblu67

Is it okay if I wrote a part or two?

Date: 07/24/14 11:13 PM
From: Trueblu67

Hi, I'm trueblu. This story is soooooo good! Please continue!

Date: 06/26/14 8:06 AM
From: Furby04Yum

Part 5
Chase: Adam, you got yourself exposed.
Oliver: what do you mean by exposed?
Mr. davenport: now that you know prromise to tell nobody.
Kaz and Oliver: ok. so what are your superpowers?
Bree: we aren't superheros. we are bionic.

Part 6
Hank: We're here!
Oliver: Aren't you Tunderman and Electra from the comic book?
Barb: well..
Hank: they know us so we might get exposed.
Kaz: what do you
Oliver: Kaz. we know what they mean. they have superpowers.
Bree: Really?
Adam: Aren't you
Hank, barb, and oliver: YES!
Chase: what are superheros doing here.
Oliver: one might be sick.

Part 7
Horris: Hi Kaz. hi Oliver. hi thunderman. hello electra. Hello are you their children?
Pheobe: I have the normo flu and it is taking away my powers.
Skylar: I got that once and it brought my powers back.
Pheobe: you lost your powers?
Skylar: to the inialator.
Norra: *tries to unfreeze max with lasers*
Barb: any luck norra?
Norra: They aren't strong enough.