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Who are you ages 6-12

Date: 07/07/14 3:22 PM
From: Calip

Billy: Age 6
Max: Age 7
Nora: Age 8
Phoebe: Age 9
Hank: Age 10
Barb: Age 11
Cherry: Age 12
Tell me who you are!
I am Nora!
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Date: 10/24/14 2:46 PM
From: cats6328

I'm Phoebe!

Date: 10/21/14 5:54 PM
From: bansheebff

Hi luv2203,
I saw your question.
Q:Who is Cherry?
A:Cherry is Phoebe's wacky weird bff.


Date: 10/18/14 5:06 PM
From: bansheebff

Actually water5456 Dr.Collosso is 13!!!


Date: 10/18/14 4:54 PM
From: bansheebff

I'm Hank!!! LOL!
This is really cool!


Date: 10/13/14 8:07 PM
From: edju159

i'm barb but i'll be cherry next july

Date: 10/13/14 11:43 AM
From: checkmate6

WOW you are 1 day older than Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 10/06/14 5:19 PM
From: eshmsh


Date: 10/03/14 6:38 PM
From: coolfan987

nora almost phoebe on the 26

Date: 09/27/14 12:53 PM
From: dannycup



Date: 09/26/14 10:19 PM
From: 2255fun

I'm Cherry

Date: 09/13/14 1:29 PM
From: rainyroo45


Date: 08/17/14 7:35 PM
From: Calip

If you are 13 then you are Dr.Colloso!

Date: 08/16/14 5:15 PM
From: LuvLol803

Barb! :)

Date: 08/15/14 2:26 PM
From: daks456


Date: 08/15/14 1:17 PM
From: funcandy56

Phoebe Age 9

Date: 08/14/14 4:21 PM
From: Calip

luv12203 Cherry is Phoebe's best friend if you would like to know more about her just ask me, Calip and I will answer all of your questions about Cherry and all of the Thundermans. Thanks for asking! I'm always here to help!


Date: 08/13/14 8:47 AM
From: jemmaluver


Date: 08/12/14 10:39 PM
From: luv12203

BARB!!! But almost Cherry. (WHO IS CHERRY ANYWAY?!?!)

Date: 08/11/14 2:47 PM
From: epicmicky1

i am max becuse i am 7 yeard old

Date: 07/22/14 6:28 PM
From: koala385

YAY!!! I'm Phoebe!!!!!