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click here if you think you want to be a famous movie star!

Date: 01/07/14 8:27 PM
From: cpenguin99

Me i want to by when im 23 i wanna become famous!
Ahh how life would be
comment if you do or not if yes then put your age you want to be by then
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Date: 07/15/14 7:49 PM
From: laniyaherr

Yes.Because you will have one million fans
And i want to be 14

Date: 07/06/14 7:53 PM
From: Froggy689

i don't want to be famous because the paparzzi would be chasing me down like no tomorrow!

Date: 06/30/14 4:39 PM
From: nalaysia12

yes, I want to star in musical movies and maybe even preform on Broadway! I want to be a famous diva

Date: 06/29/14 4:57 PM
From: deasiaSG

I want to be famous because if they send me letters I will sing a song about what they ask then I am going to put the answer in my song and because I am a great singer and a great dancer

Date: 06/29/14 7:50 AM
From: jua3456

i wanna be a famous singer .... hugging all my wonderful fans , write songs with their help , charity , making them happy will be my no.1 priority

Date: 06/09/14 6:21 PM
From: oreoeyes

My name is Jennah (which means Heaven in Arabic) and I am 9 years old.I want to be a singer, actress, and movie star when I am 16. I don't care about the fame or money, I want to walk up to my fans and ask them their names and be kind to them. I want to make the world a better place for everyone especially for those that get bullied. One of my movies will be called 'A True Princess'. Which is about how every girl in the world is beautiful and unique and doesn't need a crown to be beautiful.

Date: 06/08/14 11:20 AM
From: hayley125

i want to be a famous singer and dancer not crazzy right?

Date: 06/07/14 2:53 PM
From: diva275

i wanna be a famous singer

Date: 06/04/14 1:24 PM
From: mikayla85

so cool

Date: 06/02/14 12:34 AM
From: satam666

I do want to be a movie star,and I would like to be one when I am 16 or 17. But, it's not for the "fame" or the "money". If I were famous, I would visit fans and learn every single name and be kind to them. I don't care about money, or fame, I care about the people and making them happy.

Date: 05/26/14 11:53 AM
From: katierice2

my name is sariah I'm 8 years old when I grow up I want to be pop star like zenaday

Date: 05/21/14 7:45 PM
From: sally7396

my name is Emily and I want to be a star when I am 13 years old

Date: 04/29/14 10:34 PM
From: fluffy9926

I wanna be famous. My name when I will be famous is Dawn. I will be 12 when I'm famous.
Fun FacT: Lady Gaga was 3 when she made her first song!

Date: 04/13/14 3:56 PM
From: terelana56

i want to be famous when im 16

Date: 04/13/14 12:23 AM
From: 33573

Hi destiny. So your new awsome :-) P.S send. Buddy. Request:-D

Date: 03/30/14 3:57 PM
From: cadet72md


Date: 03/30/14 12:17 PM
From: jac213pr1

Hi I'm new.My name is Destiny and I'm 8 yers old.You want to chat send me a mesige.

Date: 03/12/14 6:00 PM
From: mikcollins

me to lol

Date: 03/08/14 7:29 PM
From: piggie776

I really want to be a singer!!! that would be so cool!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/22/14 6:21 PM
From: 64825yay

me too if i was famous i will feel great !