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How much you like this show 1-10

Date: 03/24/14 8:44 PM
From: barbieroxs

How much?
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Date: 08/23/14 3:37 PM
From: kiserian21

10 because it gets more popular in america enjoy meant for family digimon should continue entertainment for everybody in america.

Date: 08/14/14 11:58 PM
From: animerider

10 coming from the person who watch the Japanese version
and an 8 for the english dubbing

Date: 07/28/14 4:53 PM
From: MBAVFan7

I'd give it an 8. I think the storyline is pretty good, the characters are pretty good, I like how they made both Nene and Christopher bad.

You think Nene is just mysterious, until the Sky Zone part, and it comes off as a pretty big surprise just how evil she is.

And despite that, she joins the Fusion Fighters before Christopher.

As far as which seasons have the best Storylines, I'd say Tamers (3rd season) has the best, with Data Squad (5th) at second, and Fusion at third.

As much as I love 02, I admit some of the other seasons have much better storylines, and get deeper into them.


Date: 07/28/14 4:49 PM
From: MBAVFan7


You should totally give season 3 another shot! It gets really, really good in the middle and especially toward the end.

It does start out kinda slow, but so did 01.

If you want to, just skip to episode 14, "Grow Mon Grow" That's when it starts getting good.

If you give it another shot, I'm sure you'll like it. It's an awesome season, and it gets really deep into the storyline.

And as far as 02, you shouldn't not like it just because you don't like Sorato.

I personally like 02's storyline better than 01. In 02, the kids know what is going on, and what to expect, while in 01 they were figuring out pretty much everything, even at the end.


Date: 07/28/14 1:51 PM
From: ashricky

I give it a 2. Digimon Fusion was supposed to be season 6 in the digimon series and Nickelodeon showed it way too early.

They didn't even bother to show seasons 3-5. Digimon Fusion just came out of nowhere.

It's my second least favorite season. My least favorite is 03. My third least favorite is 02. My third favorite 05. My second favorite is 04. My all-time favorite is 01.

I hated 02 because Sora and Matt ended up together and I felt like the originals were being replaced. I hated 03 because I lost intrest 3 episodes in.


Date: 07/06/14 4:20 PM
From: luke7414


Date: 07/03/14 2:14 PM
From: pikapi1234

A 10 because I've been watching the old digimon when I was little, before I discover pokemon.

Date: 06/25/14 8:07 AM
From: noisy69

A LOT 1000000!

Date: 06/19/14 8:25 PM
From: julito12

I like, shoutmon and others digimon are cool but shoutmon most. mikey is cool too. I give it a 9 out of 10 I like the show.

Date: 06/10/14 4:35 PM
From: supedsj


Date: 06/08/14 9:22 PM
From: bugb2004


Date: 06/08/14 3:34 PM

100,000,000 or 10

Date: 06/03/14 6:50 PM
From: wildgrind2

8 because,the times something is going on it's be continued! it drives me nuts

Date: 06/01/14 7:19 AM
From: Najiyya

Mikey and Shoutmon is really cute i love episodes 1,2,and 5 i like the caracters because i think Shoutmon and Mikey is really cute i love seeing Shoutmon and Mikey every day i love digimon so much that's make the number 1 digimon fan
Shoutmon and Mikey i love you so much

Date: 05/07/14 8:34 PM
From: simsrule11

100! Mikey is cute

Date: 04/28/14 10:54 PM
From: kitty22200

7 i guess....(sweat drop)

Date: 04/27/14 7:41 PM

10 I think Mikeys cute well if I kissed him on live I would throw up bye jessicak

Date: 03/27/14 4:58 PM
From: Kindness99


Sheesh, that was harsh.


I rate a 10!


Date: 03/25/14 3:43 PM
From: eum

I hate this show because my friend Isabell told me to watch this show when we came back the next day she gave me a quiz and I was like I don't like this show so I never watched ever again.