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What if & swaysway & buhdeuce were on put on trial?

Date: 04/02/14 8:42 PM
From: lungebob

If T-miti had a Heart Attack they were framed & put on trial what do you think would happen?
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Date: 10/11/14 2:42 PM
From: abyfila


Date: 09/13/14 1:56 PM
From: jenafire3

ok here is my story
character: daffodil
daffodil sits in silence while swaysway and buhduce panic
daffodil: hey. do i know you? if i recall, i ordered 3 loaves of rainbow confetti that time
swaysway: oh yeah... wait what are you doing here?
daffodil: unfourtunatley ketta got a heart attack too.
swaysway and buhduce in unison: nooooo! not ketta!
buhduce's head explodes
buhduce: now who will fix the rocket van?
daffodil: the same one who will break us free
swaysway: you serious?
daffodil: yeah
daffodil takes out shovel in the middle of the night and digs a hole
daffodil: guys come on
swaysway and buhduce wake up and go through the tunnel
everyone goes out back at the swamp pad
swaysway: you saved our lives. how can we repay you?
daffodil: no thanks necessary
buhduce: but we must do SOMETHING.
swaysway and buhduce think
swaysway: want to deliver bread with us?
daffodil: wait what?
buhduce: we could use another hand on deck
daffodil: yeaaaahhhhh boyyyyyy!!!
buhduce: that is my line

Date: 09/13/14 1:42 PM
From: jenafire3

you copied episode! !:O

Date: 09/11/14 8:18 PM
From: starfan112


Date: 08/24/14 8:33 PM
From: luv12203

Here's what I think would happen:

Me*Poppy Seed..OC sitting between SwaySway and Buhdeuce*: *voice cracks* SwaySway...Buhduece...On trial... [eyes are like when the Mane 6 (except Twilight S.) (MLP) were getting discorded] NOOO!!! [breathes heavily] [eyes go back to normal]
SwaySway: *whispers to Poppy* Don't worry, Poppy. We're gonna win this! Trust me.
Me: A-Alright then... [prays for T-Midi to be okay]
Buhdeuce: *whispers to Poppy* It's alright. Duck hugs. [gives duck hug to both Poppy and SwaySway]
SwaySway: That's right, bap.
Me: I trust you both completely. *To Judge* Permission to come up to the stand, your honor.
Judge: Permission granted.
Me: [gets on stand and clears throat] I speak for the Breadwinners...and bread miners...when I say that they had nothing to do with the heart attack. I mean, sometimes that stuff happens. One more thing: I would like to tell you all that what I'm saying to you is the honest truth. [gets down]

Date: 08/06/14 12:59 PM
From: wilbawil1

swaysway&bacuce have aredey been in jail

Date: 07/24/14 9:40 PM
From: Elsa596

Ok, so, they go to juvy.
Buhduce: Aw bubblenuggets! I won't survive a single day in this place!
Swaysway: Oh yes you will. Cuz it's your duty as a breadwinner!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buhduce: Speakin' a doody, I gotta use the toilet. You mind turnin' around?


Date: 07/16/14 12:41 PM
From: michaela04

Here's what I think will happen: SwaySway and Buhdeuce were at T- Mitty's tree and he ate a loaf of bread and had a heart attack. Since SwaySway & Buhdeuce were the only Ducks there they were blamed and put on trial Buhdeuce says "Oh Bubble-nuggets! I can't go to jail I'll never survive a day!" [Head explodes] SwaySway says " Oh yes you will cause we're gonna win this trial!" They go to Lawyer Ducks mode and the Judge asks them questions. They answer and they win the trial the Judge apologizes for the misunderstanding so T- Mitty heals & SwaySway & Buhdeuce go back to delivering bread The End.

Date: 07/13/14 11:39 PM
From: 9700cool

Buhdeuce:"I won't survive in jail I mean tiny toilet
Linda (one of my made up characters ) : (Slaps Buhdeuce until he is out cold)
SwaySway: Thanks linda we need to make a plan

Linda is acutally a fox with blue eyes

Date: 07/13/14 12:41 PM
From: purplefox3

It's T-Midi, not T-miti. Hmm.. what could happen?.. Oh! One of them would step up and say, "Us? Put on trial? FOR A HEART ATTACK! That is QWAZY!" And they live happily ever after. THE END.

Okay, that was some of a weird story :P I am bad at storytelling, so.. yeah.

Date: 06/21/14 10:23 AM
From: Elsa596


Date: 06/04/14 6:13 PM
From: SheWolf99

Well, i'm 11.
Young girl yes, but RiNa's Basically me.(Even ages)

Date: 06/03/14 5:53 PM
From: lungebob

@Cookers11 Bravo!

Date: 06/02/14 2:56 PM
From: tlp4

thay will go to lawor mode and figure some thing out.

Date: 05/31/14 3:52 PM
From: Swayluver

Crookerz u MUST be older than everyone on this site your theroys are so deatiled and amazing half the 6-9 year olds here would get oh ya im 14

Date: 05/22/14 8:36 PM
From: stormer619

cool story

Date: 05/22/14 8:34 PM
From: stormer619


Date: 05/21/14 7:06 PM
From: dijour


Date: 05/20/14 3:27 PM
From: thena12

if they were put in jail they wouldnt be able to escape and the show would end and that would be so QUAZY !!!!

Date: 04/23/14 7:17 PM
From: emmaninja

Buhdeuce:Ah bubble nugets! I'll never servive in jail! I'll go quazy! There is mean ducks there! They feed you day old bread! And the toilet seats are so cold!Who am I kiddin I'M GONNA DIE -(Head explodes)
Swaysway:You done?
Swaysway:Good cuse we are going to win this trial!
Swaysway&Buhdeuce:p p p p party punch!