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*Gray MAgic*(Learn spells and become a real witch)

Date: 01/18/14 12:25 PM
From: glowing225

Welcome to Gray Magic! Gray MAgic is a club for witches! Here we can make our own spell book and practice spells. Most people think that is you just say 2 simples rhymes its a spell. Well its not to be able to have a spell work you have to meditate and focus and study. Here in Gray MAgic you will be taught that. There are two different types of people here in Gray MAgic, the good witches and the slightly less good witches. The good witches are the Birds and the slightly less good witches are the Sirens. Your progress will be measured by Levels. The higher level you are the more powerful you become! Everyone starts on Level 1. Here is the Entry form.
Name: Evelyn
Age: 15
Power: Earth and Nature
Siblings: Selene and Jackie
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Secretive, Mysterious, Random *Only with friends*, Honest
Looks: Black hair with purple streaks, Mocha skin, Dark red lipstick, Gray eye shadow.
Extra: I am easy to make upset. I would do anything to protect my family.
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Date: 08/20/14 7:08 PM
From: norafan1

Name: Nora
Age: 13
Power: Witch
Siblings: None...
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Tough, Creative, Clumsy
Looks: Dark Brown curly hair, kind brown eyes, floral crop top, high waisted jean shorts, black ballet flats with a side bow.
Extra: I do artistic
Iceskating and skateboarding
I hope I get in! ~Nora~

Date: 08/19/14 2:56 PM
From: tvshow101

Name: Ashlynn
Age: 13
Power: Witch
Siblings: Aly and Nadia
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Sneaky, Conniving, Sly, Rude, Gorgeous, Vain,
Looks: Dirty Blonde Hair with Sapphire Streaks, Gray Eyes, Dark Red Lipstick, Long bangs on side of face, Glittery Dark Blue Eyeshadow
Extra: Don't Mess with me or else!!!!.....

Date: 08/15/14 11:03 AM
From: Cece3128

Name: Jessica
Power: Witch
Siblings: Jennifer 21
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Sensitive, sometimes weird, kind, smart, beautiful, and sometimes rebellious.
Extras: I am easily upset. I also would do anything to protect my family.'

Date: 08/14/14 1:19 PM
From: ryrykess

Name= Kiki
Age= 12
Power= Kanay
Siblings= Duce 16 and Grace 15
Group= Bird
Personality= Bubbly/sweet/funny
Looks= Strait, long, blond, layered hair. Green eyes. Freckles across nose. 5 feet tall. Light skin. (Does not tan, only burns)
Other= The only Kanay at this school.

Hope I'm in!


Date: 08/13/14 6:51 PM
From: kelseyem

1) Potion Making
2) Persuasion and Control spells
3) Love spells
4) Meditation
5) The Wiccan History

Date: 08/13/14 6:37 PM
From: kelseyem

Name: Kelsey
Age: 13
Power: Witch
Siblings: Hailey and Nathan
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Tough, Creative, Clumsy
Looks: Dark Brown curly hair, kind brown eyes, floral crop top, dark high waisted jean shorts, black ballet flats with a side bow.
Extra: I do artistic
rollerskating and always stand by my friends and family.

Date: 08/11/14 11:51 PM
From: Starsurfer

Bird or siren:bird
Personality:Honest,Always happy and kind
Looks:Brown hair with red highlights,Mocha skin,has a birth mark shaped has a heart on her face,wears a lot of makeup.
Extra:Have a boyfriend,loves my name and has a car.

Date: 08/11/14 3:38 AM
From: cm300

Age: 10
Power:Ice & Water
Bird or Siren:Bird
Personality:Nice,Loving,Netchel,Bad spelling,Anamulie lover,Werid
Looks:Dark Brown hair with pink stheckes on the sides also wavey,Tallish,Nice
Extra:I love my famliy & I have a cat named E.Pipui


Date: 08/08/14 11:39 PM
From: gloriamug

thanks have any spells


Date: 08/08/14 9:02 PM
From: jemmafan2


Date: 08/08/14 7:56 PM
From: arks123

ok I just wanted to say Katrina's siblings Rachael and Alexandria only got 1 of their parents powers so the oldest is Alexandria(18 years old), who got the witch power side she is a definite bird, you could really say over bird and sometimes acts like emma , then the middle child is Rachael(17 years old), who got the kanay power side, she is kinda both siren and bird but a little more to the bird side and she acts mostly like andi, so Katrina is the youngest she is a 2 years younger than Rachael(so she is 15), has both the powers, which helps keep her sisters from fighting all the time, like Rachael she is stubborn and brave, but also like Alexandria she is kind and caring, she can put up quite the fight now just to tell you she doesn't back down easily. Now I don't want you to be thinking she is just a mix of her sisters now she is different too she is great with animals, loves taking risks, and sometimes annoying her sisters, and some other stuff I don't need to mention.

Date: 08/08/14 11:46 AM
From: bananna808

Name: Emily
Age:10 almost 11
Siblings: Stephen
Bird or Siren: both i act like them all the time but i'm kinda a siren
Personality:secretive random honest
looks: dark lipstick hazel eyes dirty blond hair tan skin
extra: protects family and friends and is easy to get upset.

Date: 08/08/14 10:57 AM
From: emmalove16

Name: Roshni (pronounced with a long 'O')
Age: 10
Power: Snow and Rain
Siblings: Rohit
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Will lie to get out of trouble but still responsible
Looks: Black hair
Extra: Will go to extremes to keep harm away from friends and family

Date: 08/08/14 10:01 AM
From: bella7548

water and air
Ben Lily Jewel
cute secretive truthful and crazy
brown skin black eyes black hair red lips black eye shadow
does what she want and won't let anyone get in her way

Date: 08/08/14 2:50 AM
From: Lily7789

Name: Winter
Age: 13
Power: Snow, Ice, Wind
Siblings: Imogen, Kira, Izzy
Bird or Siren: Siren
Personality: Random, Funny
Looks: Pale skin, Blonde hair
Extra: Her BFF is Evelyn, Normally in a storm she will be outside

Date: 08/07/14 8:42 PM
From: kek9912

Bird or Siren:Siren
Personality:crazy fun funny prepie
Looks: dark mud brown hair brown skin glitter lipgloss and eye shodow
Extra: mean but good like a puppy but mess with me and i become a liger [tiger + lion

Date: 08/06/14 9:36 PM
From: readreadre

ice and telikeness
kissity and loster
random silly an airhead like sophie honest seirous
brown hair,tan skin,lipstick,
is speedy and funny and i would die for the people i love




Date: 08/06/14 11:39 AM
From: Purplefast



Power:Water,Snow,Fire,Earth,and Flying


Bird Or Siren:Both.Some days I Can Be a Bird,Other Times I Can Be a Siren


Looks:Brown Wavy Below-Shoulder Length Hair with Sky Blue Tips,Tan Skin,Bright Red Lipstick,Purple Eye-Shadow

Extra:I Get Mad and Bratty Really Fast.I Care about my Family Greatly


Date: 08/06/14 12:25 AM
From: edju159

Name: Ella

Age: 13

Power: Witch

Sibling: Layla 17

Bird or Siren: Bird

Personality: Secretive, random, weird, talkative, and honest

Looks: Solid dark brown hair with black/blue tips, light peach skin, natural red - glossy looking lips, dark blue eyeshadow

Extra: I'm a singer, I'm a soccer player, I'm a really fast swimmer, and my powers are based on my emotion and my hygiene


Date: 08/05/14 6:12 PM
From: lovix09

Wicth and aisha's powers (from winx club) water
Siren but mostly good but not bird
Shy,honest,smart,(only with friends: funny,talkative,) talented dreamer.
Brown hair (sometimes braided) brown skin covergirl day glow lipstick (only a little) la colors natural brown
Falls in love easily and very protective and is amazed at magic (dreamer thing comes in)