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The Monster

Date: 05/08/14 4:43 PM
From: Andi1212

Ok I hope you guys like it!
Chapter 1: What have I done!
Alexandria: (Picks up her phone and calls Aletheia, Emma, Andi, Diego, Daniel, and Tony.) Guys I need you quick! (Everybody that she called comes to the house.)
Emma: What happend?!
Alexandria; Lets just say we got a little to close! (Alexandria quickly calls 911)
Diego: Oh yeah because of the dark magic!
Alexandria: (Alexandria finishs talking and hangs up.) They are coming.
Emma: Ok good!
Andi: Let me check his pulse! (Andi runs over to Mac.) Hes not breathing!
A guy: (911 busts open the door.) Ok is that him? (The guy points to Mac.)
Alexandria: Yeah!
A guy: Ok. (The guy ties Mac to a board and they carry him away and drive away.)
Alexandria: I hope he is ok! (Alexandria crys) This is all my fault!
Aletheia: No Alexandria its your powers!
Alexandria: Do you guys believe me? I am glad my birth sister believes me.
Aletheia: I have something to tell you!
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Date: 07/22/14 11:01 PM
From: witchgal12

sorry I haven't been continuing, but the contest is almost over!
Thanks to all the people who are reading this, and thanks for waiting patiently guys! I promise Ill continue soon!

Date: 07/19/14 11:44 AM
From: witchgal12

THX water5456!

Date: 07/19/14 10:23 AM
From: water5456

Let me try! I'll see if I can do it.

Date: 07/18/14 5:02 PM
From: witchgal12

Andi1212, can you make the post to discuss the winners of the character contest? Cause I keep trying to make it but it isnt working.

Date: 07/18/14 4:20 PM
From: Andi1212


Date: 07/16/14 2:30 PM
From: witchgal12

(hey guys! Sorry I havent continued in forever, and sorry this is so short. My character contest is almost over, just enjoy this chapter in the mean time!)
Desdemona: Lily, nice to see you again..
Lily: What are you guys doing here?
Desdemona: Oh please, you dont seriously think a disturbance this big could be ignored, righta?
Emma: Lily, who are these people?
Lily: The witches council.
Andi: Awesome!
Alexandria: Wait, what disturbance?
Ramona: Ugh, the disturbance you created when you let your darkness loose!
Alexandria: do you know where it went?
Ramona: Most likely another family member.
Alexandria: Well, I have two parents and an adopted sister.
Agamemnon: Well, I believe your mother is the witch in the family, so it must be the father or sister..
Diego: We should split up and check both of them.
Alexandria: Well, my dads upstairs. Umm.. me, Mac, Diego, and Andi will check him. Umm.. how do we check him?
Ramona: Me and Desdemona can do it. Ill go with you guys.
Emma: So me, Daniel, Delores, Lily, and Tony will check Aletheia.
Desdemona: Perfect! Lets go! So where is this.. Aletheia..
Alexandria: oh, right. Shes at Alexandrias. Sleepover thing. Youre gonna want to get her alone.. the others dont know about the magic world.
Desdemona: Of course, lets go now!

Date: 07/10/14 3:59 PM
From: witchgal12

oops not Delores, Desdemona.
And the others are Agamemnon and Ramona!
Ill continue soon!

Date: 07/09/14 5:32 PM
From: witchgal12

your welcome!
I haven't been able to watch the end of the first episode of the new season or the second episode of EWW yet though so I don't know their names.
Just that 1 is Delores.
I also cant watch further season episodes because of that so Ill have to catch up at the end of the week!
Im also gonna make a post where we can discuss the winners of the contest, so have one in mind!

Date: 07/09/14 12:24 PM
From: Andi1212

Witchgal12 that sounds good! Thanks!

Date: 07/08/14 6:47 PM
From: witchgal12

(sorry I havent updated in forever, the contest is just starting to end. Sorry this chapter is short too, I promise Ill make a long one when the contest ends!)
~@the witches council~
Council member 1: What was that?
Council member 2: Seems like a disturbance in Magic, looks like someone released a form of powerful magic
Council Member 3: Well dont just stand there, were the witches council, we have magic. Who was it and what did they do?
Council member 1: It appears that a witch cursed with dark magic, named Alexandria, released It into someone else.
Council member 3: well, who did it take place in?
Council member 1: I dont know..
Council member 3: Alright, we dont have all day, lets go have a talk with this Alexandria girl.. *the other council members just sit there* now! Open the portal!
Alexandria: Oh no, what did I do?!?
Mac: Its alright, it cant be that bad, right?
Alexandria: Is there a way we can figure out who it took place in?
Lily: well there are some people who can..
Emma: Really? Who?
Lily: *starts to speak* *theres a bright flash of light and three figures appear. Lily looks scared* Them.

Date: 06/22/14 12:51 PM
From: witchgal12

to: andi1212
Im currently having a character contest for this fanfic, the new girl that walks in at Victorias house, plus I might add some other girls as Victorias friends at the sleepover.
I was thinking, since this is still technically your fanfic, that maybe you would like to help me and water5456 pick the winners!
Although you can still make characters, I was wondering if you would like to, I guess, approve the characters we pick, or pick some characters you really think should get in!

Date: 06/22/14 10:42 AM
From: Andi1212

Thanks Iluvtv101!

Date: 06/22/14 8:39 AM
From: dijour

Looooooooove IT!!!

Date: 06/21/14 11:09 PM
From: iluvtv101

This is an AMAZING fanfic!! You did a great job on it witchgal12! And you too Andi1212! Continue witchgal12!!

Date: 06/21/14 2:57 PM
From: Andi1212

Yup Witchgal12 perfect! :)

Date: 06/21/14 2:37 PM
From: dannycup

CONTINUE! please?



Date: 06/21/14 2:30 PM
From: elsa81111


Date: 06/21/14 12:13 PM
From: witchgal12

(alright since no one is posting on my character contest post Im just going to continue my fanfic in Alexandrias pov during the sleepover chapter I wrote)
Mac: *walks up to Alexandria* Alexandria, whats wrong?
Alexandria: *looking down* Ive hurt her so much
Mac: Its not your fault
Alexandria: *still looking down* yes it is. Ive caused her so much pain, while I just live my life normally
Mac: Its not your fault you can control this
Alexandria: Or maybe it is. Maybe Ive always been able to control my powers this whole time, and I just didnt know it. I didnt let my powers be under control.
Mac: cmon, you?re an amazing gal, the best. None of this is your fault.
Alexandria: Im gonna do it
Mac: do what?
Alexandria: Im gonna get rid of my powers
Mac: how?
Alexandria: There has to be a way, I know it. I can just, give it up. And all my problems will be solved. And Ill be powerless.. all my problems will be solved.
Mac: *looking nervously at Alexandria* I just want you to know, Im there for you.
Alexandria: *finally looks up, tears in her eyes* thans Mackie *they kiss*
~@Emmas house. Lily, Julio, Emma, Andi, Diego, Alexandria, and Mac are there~
Lily: well, I know how to get rid of witch powers, but a dark witch.. hopefully its the same.
Alexandria: nothing bad will happen, right?
Lily: it shouldnt.
Alexandria: *takes a deep breath* alright, lets do this. *takes the hexorin from Emma, and reads from it. A huge wind starts to form and the whole house becomes in chaos when she finally finishes the spell, dark magic is flying around* Whats happening?!?
Lily: I dont know! This isnt supposed to happen! *the dark magic leaves and everything stops*
Alexandria: where did it go?
Lily: I dont know, but we need to find out as soon as we can. I have a feeling the darkness in your powers didnt exactly go away..
Mac: At least your just a normal witch! Now you can control your powers! *kisses her on the cheek*
Alexandria: Im so happy! I feel great! My darkness disappeared and I still have powers!
Lily: Youre right about half of that..
Emma: Do you think the darkness hurt someone?
Lily: Worse.
Alexandria: What do you mean?
Lily: I think the darkness took place in someone else. Someone whos never dealt with having it before..

Date: 06/18/14 4:52 PM
From: water5456

That would be perfect with the double heartbreak. Also, the way you devised it would be perfect witchgal. Thank you.

Date: 06/17/14 1:58 PM
From: bloom1578

i <3 it is so awesome i couldn't get my eyes off of it!