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~Out of my Mind~ *Character Contest*

Date: 05/11/14 6:27 PM
From: hoa675

So I've decided to start another fanfic sense I'm almost done with my first. You may make 3 characters at the most but, I will only accept 12 people 5 girls 1 is going to be made by me and 6 boys. I will pick the best characters so please sign up. The contest will be over on 7-5-14. And the winners will be told on a different post by 7-7-14 at the latest.

~*Character Form*~
First Name:
Middle Name:
Second Middle Name: Optional
Last Name:
Age: Girls: 11 Boys: 12

Hair: such as color, style
Eyes: such as eye color, shape, size
Skin Tone: birthmarks, scares

Full sentence form is appreciated
Emotion: That describes your personality

Best Friend: 1 per person
Close Friends:
Powers*if any*:
Favorite Color:

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Date: 07/05/14 9:28 PM
From: cippisweet

Name: Crystal
Middle name: sapphire
Last name: gemstone
nicknames: Fuzzy, carie
Gender: girl
age: 11
birthday: fourth of july
Hair: straight aquamarine
eyes: almond, blue
tone: pale
height: 150 inches
weight: 200 pounds
lips: purple lipstick
nose: pointed
Extra: always wears white headband with silver glitter
smart, passionate, hyper, kind, peaceful
emotion: always happy
dislikes: stew, spinach, mean people
likes: jewels, pizza, puppies
backstory: none
hobbies: mine craft, swimming, science, math
best friend: Melody
close friends: Emma
friends: everyone
crush: Andy
enemies: none
siblings: none
parents: I live on my own already!
cousins: none
talents: karate
powers: crystal shield, emerald way
favorite color: White
Secrets: she has a gemstone heart, made out of diamonds.

Date: 07/04/14 4:11 PM
From: cats555

For some reason my middle name and last name would not post for Melody's Character Form...So here it is!!:)
First Name-Melody
Middle Name-Sky
Last Name-Parker
Parents-Mary-Jane and Peter Parker (based on
P.S. She is also trying to become best friends with Sky(Andi1212's character and is just close friends right now...) and close friends with Kathryn(also Andi1212's character)

Date: 07/04/14 12:40 AM
From: kourtnie16

part 2
singing,dancing,acting,playing recorder,flute,piano,guitar
Angeline,Jamie,Molly,Dana,Kay,Tara and Veronica
Louis William Tomlinson (4 realz)
Natalie and Nathan
Steve and Penny
same as Hobbies
Lightning and music
blue and pink
has powers

Date: 07/04/14 12:19 AM
From: kourtnie16

Part 1
Feburary 14,2003
blackish brown wavy hair
slanted almond brown eyes
tan,a reddish-brown birthmark that looks puppyish on her elbow
113 lbs.03 oz.
Talia is a Friendly Fashionista who loves to party all night.

dirt,Tomboyish stuff (except for 4 wheelers),bugs,and chores
boys,to hang with my BFFS,family quality time
One very cloudy day in November 2012,I was outside playing.It was starting to thunder.My parents thought I would come back in.But I thought I could do what Ben Franklin did and try to make electricity.So I gathered my kite and flew it.As I flew my kite,a lightning bolt struck my kite and me.My parents Came out and saw me lying there.DEAD.They took me to the hospital where they saved my life by oxygenizing me.They figured out I had powers and told my parents to never tell any one.Not even me.Then I never found out until 2014.

Date: 07/03/14 12:47 PM
From: witchgal12

oops not all of mine posted:
Dislikes: Bullies, being in crowds, being surrounded by others, people who hurt the environment, deforestation, the thought of darkness and evil
Likes: rainbows, the forest, light, hanging with her best friend, music, singing, the world of magic, kindness
Backstory: Her dad passed away when she was very young, She can barely even remember him. Her mom had troubles finding work and getting payed, she could barely pay the bills. They lost their house, and can just barely afford a small 10ft by 10ft 1 story house with only 2 rooms. She goes hungry a lot, and has to get school funds for school supplies. In the forest one day, she met a girl singing and playing a wooden makeshift guitar. She joined in the song, and ever since they have been BFFs. She was shy at school, and never really talked to anyone but her best friend. They hung out in the forest every day, and her life started to look up. But she started to go hungry more often, and eventually told her friend. Her BFF decided to bring her food every day, and her mom could stop feeding her. She lives like that now, still in that apartment, visiting her friend in the forest every day, singing, and trying to enjoy life. One day, when she was in the forest, she was told a story by an old man in the forest. It was about the darkness, how it was spreading. She wanted to ask more, what the darkness was, who the man was, but he disappeared. She told her friend, and they both began to worry. Later on she discovered her ability to teleport, use telekinesis, and her power over nature. She was surprised, and kept it a secret. But every once in a while uses it, when she needs too. For food, or water, or to get out of danger, or stop a bully, while still keeping it a secret of course. Even from her BFF. She mostly knows about her powers, except she doesnt know how she has them. Because she doesnt know that her dad was the leader of a village, and is there now, not really dead, wondering where his wife and daughter are, hoping they will return some day. But in the meantime he must protect his village from the darkness. Hoping the old man will send his message, and his daughter will follow her destiny.
Hobbies: singing, hanging with her best friend, soccer, practicing her powers, drawing, leading debates

Date: 07/03/14 12:00 AM
From: witchgal12

First Name: Breana
Middle Name: Destiny
Second Middle Name: Serephina
Last Name: Ravenwood
Nicknames: Bree
Gender: Girl
Age: 16 (or 11 if its required)
Birthday: June 6 (at 6am)
Hair: long straight dark brown hair, really dark brown almost black. A couple inches past shoulder length
Eyes: A light blue color with flecks of green in it
Skin Tone: pale skin, has freckles on her face, mostly on her cheeks, some on her nose. Has a birthmark on her arm in the shape of a crescent
Height: 5?5? (if 11, 4?10?)
Weight: 100 pounds (if 11, 70)
Lips: a light red, doesnt wear make-up
Nose: the snub, small
Extra: Is thin. Is energetic, even with her life. Doesnt think about appearances much
Emotion: is a really energetic person and happy around her friends, is good with arguments, loves animals and nature, cares for others but is very shy only opens up to her closest friend
Likes: rainbows, the forest, light, hanging with her best friend, music, singing, the world of magic, kindness

Date: 07/02/14 7:27 PM
From: hoa675

Please post

Part #1 Nathan
First Name: Nathan
Middle Name: John
Second Middle Name: William
Last Name: Matthews
Nicknames: Nate *friends* Johnny *crush* Johnny Boy *close friends* Will *best friend*
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birthday: March 12, 8:33 PM

Hair: Golden brown hair that is spiked up not exactly a Mohawk but, shorter.
Eyes: Football shaped dreamy stormy gray eyes that are a little lighter than just gray they have a tint of blue.
Skin Tone: Olive-tan skin, has a scar that has no particular shape.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 101
Lips: A light pink color normal sized
Nose: normal sized chubby (but in the cute way)
-Strong & muscular
-Cute smile that draws girls attention

Nathan is a funny, bad-boy he loves playing pranks and is really cool he is friends with all the popular kids but, doesn't really want to sometimes. He is very tricky, sneaky and clever. He is very sarcastic, and a heartbreaker he moved onto a new girl every week. Girls where just drawn to him. When he met, Evelynn everything changed he started to care about her. Even though he didn?t know her he always competed for her attention knowing that some reason he was going to protect her. He is very protective over people he cares about. He is very brave and a risk taker and would do anything to protect Evelynn. He cares deeply about her. One day the teacher assigned them as partners, he told her all about his weird visions and thoughts, she said that was normal for her too. They became friends but, Nathan always wanted something more but, will he have the time to tell her.

Dislikes: Anyone that hurts Evelynn, bullies, popular boys *sometimes*, tornadoes *fear*, darkness, traders, people that turn to the dark side, girls that have crushes on him, visions, not knowing what people mean when they say something to him
Likes: Video games, football *caption*, baseball *out-fielder because, he runs the fastest, center field, pitcher, 3rd base*, basketball *caption*, swimming, sharks *the swim team*, the ocean
Nathan always lived a rough life going through school, and having visions that could kill you. He lived in his uncle?s apartment his whole life wading for him like his servant. When he was 6 years old, his mom and dad died in a car crash. His sister, Kasey is a college student who lives in a dorm upstate she never even knew about mom and dad?s passing she was so into herself she never cared about anyone. His uncle always sat on the couch and was really bossy towards Nathan he made him do everything like make him everyday meals, clean the house and do outside work. He was more like a maid then a guest. Nathan?s uncles house was a mess all the time he threw all his empty containers on the floor.
One day, he decided to sneak away he ran into a lady on the street. She grabbed him and took him to her house. It was a small house a tannish color, but beautiful. Nathan struggled to get away but the lady had him. She pulled him into the house, and sat him in a chair. He remembers everything she told him ?you are the son of kanay?s keeper of the ring,? he never knew what she meant by that. He lived with her after that she kept him safe and never let anyone within 2 feet of him she was very protective over him. She always told him ?one day your time will come to help the one that you will love forever to safe her from her death or lead her into it but, you must safe her she?ll try to turn but, you mustn?t let her? she told him. He hated when she said that kind of stuff because, he didn?t know what she was talking about. Nathan told her that he wanted to go to school she never explained why but, she wouldn?t let him. When he turned 8 years old she let him go to school telling him ?his destiny would start there?. He went through many years looking for the one that she was talking about but, he never did. Until one day.
Hobbies: Baseball, football, watching the waves on the ocean, listening to the frogs and crickets outside when he was younger with his dad, sitting in the hammock, sleeping, basketball, winning, pranking people, hanging with Evelynn
Best Friend: Evelynn
Close Friends: 3 Boys, Daniel
Friends: Diego
Crush: Evelynn
Enemies: Traders
Kasey- selfish, rude, mean girl that goes to a college upstate doesn?t care about anyone but, herself, never talks to her brother unless she needs something and then she acts like she loves him; last time Nathan saw her she had dirty blonde hair almost light brown, grass green eyes, and olive tan skin but, that was about 4 years ago


Date: 06/28/14 10:53 PM
From: unopp

sorry, the first half of the thing didn't post. Here's the first half. Sorry for any confusion!

Name:Jael Mae Reyes Nicknames:MJ, Jay
Gender:Female Age:11 B-day: Jan. 27,2003

Hair:Long,black,silky hair w/ blue streaks (ponytail)
Eyes: Dark Brown,Almond shaped
Lips: Rose color
Height: 5'6"
Weight:115 lb

Jael is honest,hard-working, and tough. She knows of her responsibilities and how important they are. She's serious and calm most of the time.She doesn't show her feelings a lot because it's hard for her.She's kinda shy and extremely competitive with anyone and everyone.

Likes and Hobbies: Sports(basketball,volleyball,etc.),music,
BFF:Kristine Cruz aka KC
Friends:Paris,Toni,Jaron,Lucas, btw toni is a girl
Crush: Lucas
Siblings: younger twin,Nathan, very similar to Jael
Parents: a witch,Genevieve and a wizard,Vincent
Cousins:Quinn,Jacob, (kanays)
Talents: Art,Singing
Powers: Witch/Wizard,controls electricity


Date: 06/28/14 9:31 PM
From: cats555

Sorry I am posting this now!! This is the Parent's info!!
Melody's Parents~
Mother~Name:Mary- Long,Black Hair, Brown Eyes, and Tan Skin
Father~Name:Peter-Short(obviously),Brown Hair, Glasses,but usually wears contacts, and has tan skin

btw the Father's is kinda based on Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man!!:)


Date: 06/28/14 9:13 PM
From: hoa675

Part #2
John- Nice, muscular, kind man Nathan and him did everything together they went fishing and hunting all the time, he had golden brown hair, gray eyes and olive tan skin he was a bigger Nathan some say
Jasmine- Caring, generous, smart women was always there for Nathan, she had soft grass green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and olive tan skin she also, wears glasses that are rectangular and black.
Cousins: None that he really talks too
Talents: Singing, playing guitar, sports
Powers: His visions
Favorite Color: A light blue that is the color of the ocean he lobes everything about the ocean
Secrets: His visions

Date: 06/28/14 7:18 PM
From: unopp

Part 2~Jael Mae Reyes

Favorite Color:Baby Blue and Red
Secrets: Whole family is magical,
family has secret room in house

Backstory: Jael was born in the Philippines before her brother Nathan. When she and her brother were 5, their family moved to the U.S. She was always interested in sports and competition. She played with the boys and was always one of the guys. When she was 7, her mother told her about the magic her family controls. She started training at a young age and to make wise decisions. Now, she has to face new challenges: school,crushes,mean girls, and friendship.

Anyway, thanks for reading my application thing. I'm really sorry about the nose and lip info it confused me. I hope this character gets in the fic.

Btw mods please post this quickly!


Date: 06/27/14 3:45 PM
From: ryrykess

*Part 2*

Crush: None
Enemies: None
Siblings: Taylor Swift
Talents: Playing sports, singing, and acting
Power: She is a witch
Fav Color: Orange
Secretes: Only told sister about powers

Sorry first message was to long, so I spit it in to two!


Date: 06/27/14 3:40 PM
From: ryrykess

*Character Form*
Al, AJ, and Swizale Jr
Dirty blonde hair with natural brown highlights that goes down to her shoulder blades
Bright green eyes
White with a birth mark on the back of her right leg and a little scare that is barley noticeable under her nose
5 feet tall
Light red
Has freckles on her nose
Alex is funny, optimistic, down to earth, sweet, and friendly.
Hates: Lying, bullies, and homework (but does it anyways)
Likes: Smiles, sports, singing, and desserts
Backstory: She has to move around the world because her older sister, Taylor Swift, is a singer. She makes friends really quickly because she is related to Taylor, but she just wants people to like her for herself.
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, softball, singing, acting, and hanging with friends.
BFF: Maggie Jonas. The only person who likes Alex for being Alex
Close Friends: Melanie, Marisa, Giana, Lilly, Caroline, Kendra, Mallory, Angela, and Melody

Date: 06/27/14 8:59 AM
From: Magic189

~*Character Form*~
First Name: Abigail
Middle Name: Jane
Nicknames: Abby, Jane, A.J
Gender: Girl
Age: 11
Birthday: March 16, 2001

Hair: Mid-thigh length sandy brown hair usually up in a ponytail
Eyes: deep blue
Skin Tone: fair, freckles across her nose and cheeks
Height: 5?3
Weight: 87
Lips: Normal
Nose: Normal
Extra: She is blind

A.J has a very sweet personality, she was born blind but is always optimistic, she is very caring and protective of her friends.
Emotion: Bubbly

Dislikes: Bullies, the Panthers, Sadness
Likes: Hanging out it her friends, dancing, playing with her puppy
Backstory: A.J was born blind. It was hard for her when she was little, but now that she is older, she has gotten used to it. Andi is her older sister. Andi is only older than her by a few months
Hobbies: Dancing
Best Friend: Andi
Close Friends: Emma and the Sharks
Friends: Gigi
Crush: Tony
Enemies: the Panthers
Siblings: Andi
Parents: Andi?s parents (I don?t know their names)
Favorite Color: Green
Secrets: She is a very good swimmer but only Andi knows


Date: 06/25/14 5:04 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

Why wont this post!!!!

Part 1-

~*Character Form*~
First Name: Michelle
Middle Name: Ashley
Last Name: DiBiasio
Nicknames: MinX, Chelle, Mad or Mads (For her initials, M.A.D), DiBiasio
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Birthday: October 1, 2002

Hair: She has straight chocolate brown hair that goes to her collar bone. Purple streaks are only in the front of her hair. Sometimes she will put her hair in a ponytail and leave the purple streaks left out or a simple braid, but other than those styles, she will do nothing else with her hair.
Eyes: Chocolate brown eyes with little tiny flecks of gold in them. She has long black eyelashes.
Skin Tone: She is on the somewhat pale side.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 88
Lips: Heart shaped rosebud lips that are always sof and never cracked. She always has a cherry lip balm with her.
Nose: Normal sized nose and normal shaped. It is a little bit crooked, though.
Extra: She has perfectly straight white teeth.

Michelle is a very sweet girl and loves video games. She always plays with her friends every day. Michelle is a very good friend. She is also very loyal and honest . . . most of the time. She lies a great deal and most of the time never admits to her crimes. Michelle csn make anyone laugh or even crack a smile. She always hs fun with her friends and makes them happ each and every day they see her. Michelle isn't very girly. She loves to be outside and running and playing hockey, and other stuff fun like that. Michelle loves to be comfy and cozy wherever she goes. Sometimes, she can be very mad and deceiving. Those are most days. Those days are when she doesn't want to do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone. She just wants to be left alone to watch TV or listen to music. On other days when she is sad, she is very sensitive. You don't want to annoy her. Michelle is very caring and loves her family and friends. She cracks jokes and laughs . . . A LOT. Michelle is very adventurous and loves to explore. She will make up games for herself and her siblings. Her family loves her deeply. Michelle is outgoing and LOUD. She will yell at the top of her lungs if she wants to be heard, but not in an annoying way. In conclusion, Michelle is fun, adventurous, tomboy, sweet, caring, and loving.


Dislikes: Sometimes school, bullies, dumb video games, being left alone in the dark, people that tease her that she is a girl and should start acting like one
Likes: Video games, hockey, hanging out with her best friends, turtles, acting, dancing, singing

Michelle moved to America when she was 5 with her Mom, Dad, and her twin older brother and sister. Back at their old home, Britain, she didn't go to school yet. It was her parents decision that she not. But, when they moved to America, the first thing Michelle did there, was go to Pre-School. She was very tentative there at first, but when she saw new kids, she bolted in. She met hernew friends Robert, James, Mike, Lilly, Kat, and Hazel. Hazel was by far, her best friend of them all. They were like two peas in a pod. They did everything together. They played games, had sleep overs, and even went on a vacation together! Michelle's family thought it was adorable. As they grew older, they made up absurd nicknames, like Minxy-Moo and Hazzle-Frazzle. It was like they were family. Michelle's twin brother and sister helped her so much with homework, projects, and even friend problems, but not with Hazel. They play games, watch movies, and annoy the heck out of Michelle, but she loves them so much. On some days, though, it goes to far. One will get in a fight with another, then one tries to break it up, then they all start fighting, then they all hate eachother. But, in the end, they all love eachother again. They all promise that they would tell eachother everything. But there was one thing that Natalie and Nathan, the twins, never told Michelle. They were all whitches. Michelle found this when Natalie and herself were playing Bioshock: Infinite (A video game), when a which came upon in the game and it just . . . slipped.


Date: 06/24/14 8:15 PM
From: TheRPGMinx


Date: 06/24/14 4:36 PM
From: cookiexlol

First name:Amanda
Middle name:Paris
Last name:Miller
Best friend:Emma
Close friend:Andi
Crush:Diego but i don't mind if he is with Andi
Siblings:Daniel and T3
Parents:I don't know their names!LOL!
Favorite color:Rainbows

I want to be a nice girl


Date: 06/23/14 8:17 PM
From: Parisgal10

Person 3-3
Name:Nick Alexzander K
Birthday: October 15th 2000
Personality:Sweet But Can BeA Little Mean
Appearance:Light Short Brown Hair,Sky Blue Eyes,Not To Short Not To Long Of A Nose,And None Noticable Cheek Bones
Dislikes:Mean People And Cheaters
Likes:Dance,Music,And Swimming
Backstory:His Older Brother And Hime Where Adopted At 3 And 5 And His Older Bro Nicolas Is In Britian At A Bording School
Close Friends:Paris,Piper,Emma,And The Sharks
Enemies: The Panthers And The Dolphines(Other Swim Teamm)
Siblings:Nicolas Krush
Parents:Mikey And Nikki Krush
Cousins:Andi And Tony
Fav Color:Neon Blue
Crush:Paris H
Secerts:Liking Paris And bein An Kanay

Date: 06/23/14 7:56 PM
From: Parisgal10

Person 1-3
Name:Paris Sarah H
Birthday:Febuary 10th 2001
Lips:Dragon Fire Dark Red
Hair:Brownish Blackish Extra Curly Long Hair
Nose:Perfect Size
Skin:The Perfect Tan
Hight & Weight:Normal And Skinny
Eyes:Lightish Darkish Coco Choclate Brown Eyes
Extra:Light Dragon Fire Rosy Red Cheeeks With Cheeks Bones
Bubbly But Can Be Mean When Has to And Can Do Alot Of Things On her Own
Likes:Animals And Glitter
Backstory:Adopted At 4 With Twin Her Real Parents Died BFF:Piper
Close Friends:Sharks Plus Emma
Enemies: (Other Swim Team) Dolphines And The Panthers
Parents:Jake & Rosa Heart
Cousins:Diego And Emma
Fav Color:Neon Purple With Glitter!!
Crush:Nich Krush
Secrets:Liking Nick And Bein A Witch

Date: 06/23/14 7:17 PM
From: Parisgal10

Um I Have to Redo Mine Cause My Other Profile Spykids101 Gone... So Im Gonna Redo Nick,Paris,And Piper!! Just Wanted To Let You Know