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Fan Fiction Mashup!!!!!!!!

Date: 05/18/14 8:30 PM
From: dijour

OK, so I met with user Adia77 at what i call a fan fiction convention (try saying that five times) and we decided to put our fiction together to create the ULTIMATE FAN FICTION

Coming Soon....

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Date: 07/13/14 12:04 AM
From: May2212

KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! @dijour

Date: 07/12/14 8:23 PM
From: witchgal12

HAHA this fanfic is great so far! I love it, its so funny!

Continue as soon as you can!

Date: 07/12/14 4:32 PM
From: tmt45

when hope its long and cool

Date: 07/05/14 10:56 AM
From: ewwboss

post more plzzzz


Date: 07/02/14 9:50 AM
From: TalaBienx

Tala's Point of view (Tala is my OC I use her for everything)-
I arrived at camp and found out something disturbing I had a cabin with Emma and Andi, Ugh, I wanted to be with the other panther's *While I am stuck in the dark, make there be a big white shark

Date: 06/30/14 9:10 PM
From: MintyNose

Me and Devin was at The Seven just ordering some pizza, when some girl came up to me and gave me her pizza, it was weird, but it appeared to be Katy Perry! Devin and I were so surprised, but it just appears to be our friend Johnny Gossip with magical powers, he does gossip about us, so it's pretty normal that his last name's Gossip. Haha, I choked because Devin said "I am Devin and will see Kevin!" Then I saw Devin. "Your both wizard's! You kept it from me! I wish you were a lizard!" Ahhh! I screamed your a lizard! I am... "Turn my friend's back to past, as fast fast fast!" I was relieved that they were all pranking me! And yeah, I'm sarcastic, now I'm gonna learn to become a real wizard! I sipped my EnergiSoda, and left. I ordered this Learn Magiwizard kit thing and got it two weeks later, then became a wizard, and then a boy named Dilly Wonko that said "Normal again, little hen," then I was back at The Seven with Devin ordering pizza again.

Date: 06/30/14 7:13 PM
From: adia77


Date: 06/29/14 12:21 PM
From: dijour

Mason P.O.V
I just finished making the pizza when Alex walked in holding a small child. I guess it was a toddler but she sat it on the counter. Then she took out her boot wand and pointed it at the pizza, waved it around and said ?Eatza Eatza magic pizza, change him back from head to feetsa!? Then she tried to give the pizza to the small child. ?Alex you cant give a baby pizza!? Justin shouted next to her. ?You dont have to yell I?m right here and why not?? Alex said putting the slice down. ?Just let me do it I said pushing them aside. I grabbed the slice and said, ?here little monster here.? The thing grabbed the pizza out of my hand and ate it in one bite. Then the baby turned in to a teenager, that didn?t look to happy.

Date: 06/28/14 9:39 AM
From: dijour

Camp center

Emma P.O.V
This was one weird day, Maddie helped save me and now we just have to figure out how to turn andi back to well andi! I didn?t know any spells to help nether did Alex, just then Maddie came with the hex flipped to a page. She showed me the spell and said maybe it could work. I took a deep breath and did the spell. Nothing happened, I tried seven more but she was still stone. I wanted to give up but Maddie came up with an idea. She said maybe someone with a different power can save her, like? like Diego!
But before he can do anything Alex needed to change him back to normal. Alex said she already had a plan so she took baby Diego and carried him into the kitchen.


Date: 06/26/14 2:00 PM
From: dijour

Justin: Alex what happened? Why is Harper frozen, why are there two teens dressed in 80s fashion, why is there a small person on the table and why is Diego a baby!!??
Alex: ummm I'm not sure why Harper's frozen but I know the rest of those answers.
Mason: *walks in* oh hey Alex, fancy meeting you here.
Alex: mason, how did you get here?
Mason: umm, I did not at all stow away in the suit cases you poofed here, nope didn't do that?oh look a baby.
Alex: Justin you need to fix this.
Justin: not this time Alex; you made this mess now you clean it up.
Maddie: well I guess ill go now.
Alex: wait, can you please help?
Maddie: I don't know, whats in it for me?
Alex: umm the feeling you get when you help out a friend.
Maddie: nope, how about your shoes.
Alex: OK fine.
Maddie: thanks, now first things first, mason go make pizza.
Mason: pizza, why would I make pizza?
Maddie: just do it!
Mason: OK, lets go Justin were not wanted.*both leave*
Maddie: OK Alex, what spell did you do to turn Emma into?well that?
Alex: this one ?Proton, Neutron Get Gone?
Maddie: ok give me your wand.
Alex: ok here *gives wand*
Maddie: here goes nothing *does spell* Proton Neutron Back to one!
Emma: it worked, thank you so much Maddie! *runs and hugs*
Maddie: Yeah, yeah get off of me, and here your wand back.
Alex: thanks, but why did u tell them to make pizza?

Date: 06/24/14 8:27 AM
From: dijour

Girls Cabin
Baby Diego: waaaaaaaa *cries a lot*
Alex: shhhhh little baby youre not making this easy.
Emma: just turn me back to my normal size, I can help.
Alex: how, I dont know how to undo the spell.
Emma: wow youre a bad wizard.
Alex: you know I can hear you right?
*Maddie walks in*
Maddie: whats with all the- is that a baby?
Alex: no, just a real looking umm puppet, see.*takes out wand* Build a stage to earn a hefty wage! *sits Diego on the stage* see look at the cute little puppet.
Baby Diego: waaaaaaaa mommy!
Maddie: I wasnt born yesterday whats going on here?
Emma: Maddie help.
Maddie: Emma, is that you, why are you so small?
Emma: long story just turn me back.
Maddie: well that would be the right thing to do, so no.
Alex: ha, ha nice one
Maddie: did you do that to her Alex?
Alex: umm well yes but no and definitely.
Maddie: thats the greatest thing ever, but how?
Emma: shes a wizard!
Maddie: a wizard, prove it.
Alex: what, why?
Maddie: if you don?t ill?ill call the police.
Alex: ok fine, ummm *takes out wand*
Maddie: why do you have a stick in your boot?
Alex: its not a stick it?s a wand.
Maddie: yeah sure it-
Justin: *walks in *ALEX WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???
Alex: this cant be good.

Date: 06/23/14 1:42 PM
From: adia77

lol this sounds like an vacation for max, awesome mash-up, the wizards was weird but a-w-e-s-o-m-e when they came #lovewizardsofWaverleyplace

Yup its meh! (or my cat)


Date: 06/22/14 12:51 PM
From: dannycup

cant wait!

Date: 06/22/14 8:25 AM
From: dijour

Diego P.O.V
I was yelling around camp looking for Andi I wanted to prove Ally wrong. In my dream I know for sure I wasn't going on a date with with Maddie! The name sends shivers down my spine. I walked around the whole camp but still never saw Andi. I was searching the garden (yes this camp has a garden) when I saw Maddie walk in with something in a jar. I hid behind the plants and watched, just then Harper came out of nowhere holding a bowl of lettuces. I couldn?t hear anything but, Maddie gave the jar to Harper and I think she said this is my pet frog, don?t let it out of your site then she left Harper here with the jar. Pet frog that makes no sense Maddie doesn?t have a pet frog unless! I think I yelled that last part because I scared the jar out of Harpers hands and it shattered as it hit the floor. Harper quickly looked over at me I didn't know what to do. I think I was scared because I took a deep breath and froze her.
Girls Cabin
Diego: *runs in* Alex I need your- is that andi?
Alex: what no, thats just umm yeah its her.
Diego: what?what happened shes stone!
Alex: umm well you see-
Emma: Diego, down here!
Diego: *looks on the table* Emma youre your ant size!
Alex: shhhhh someone could hear you and when I say someone I mean Justin.
Diego: what did you do to them, how did you do this???
Alex: I?..I can?t tell you just pretend like you never saw this.
Diego: what, no, tell me now!
Alex: ok, ok just umm eat this Hershey ok? *takes out wand * Put my stomach in a good mood; make this taste like kid food!
Diego: wait what!
Alex: I should really stop with spells.
Baby Diego: waaaaaaaa me want food! *cries*
Alex: ok baby Diego lets go *picks up*


Date: 06/21/14 2:36 PM
From: dannycup

i cant wait to see for what happens next!



Date: 06/21/14 11:41 AM
From: witchgal12

Wow this is really good writing, continue! I cant wait to see what happens next!

Date: 06/20/14 10:49 PM
From: dijour

Max P.O.V
I was walking around camp when my stomach started to growl. I walked into the cabin kitchen and saw some cookies on the counter. I know a spell that turns cookies into pie so I tried it. I pulled out my wand and said yummy cookies bring lots of cheers, gobble them up and add some years. The cookies didn?t turn into cherry pie so I gave up. I saw two adults coming so I hid behind the counter. They walked up to the cookies and took a bite; I didn?t hear anything so I peaked up from behind the counter. I think that spell was a bad idea because now the two adults turned into teenagers!

Alex P.O.V
I was trying to buy shoes from Andi, when max tapped my shoulder. Andi was still next to me when Max yelled ?I used magic to turn two adults into teenagers? I quickly covered his mouth but I know she here?d that. I couldn?t think of anything so, I took my wand out and said Rock, rock, until you drop! Oops, I realized I never learned how to undo that spell. Alex we need Justin, Max said. No we don?t I?I can fix this I said putting my wand in my boot, Just then that Emma girl walked up to us. ?I knew you people were witches!? she said looking surprised. Were not witches umm where did you get that idea? I said trying to cover up Andi. ?Yeah were not witches were wizards. Max: said trying to make a point. ?It doesn?t matter, my friend is a statue and nurse Lilly and couch Julio are teenagers. If that doesn?t mean your ?wizards? then how did those things happen? She said crossing her arms. I gave max the ?were in trouble? look and grabbed my wand; I swished it around and said Proton, Neutron Get Gone! I guess that was the wrong spell because instead of Max and I poofing out, Emma ?.shrunk!


Date: 06/20/14 4:28 PM
From: water5456

LOL! Love, LOVE this fan fiction mashup!!

Date: 06/19/14 9:05 PM
From: witchgal12

hahahahahahaha this is really funny!
and dramatic.. the perfect combo!
Continue cant wait for you to write more!

Date: 06/19/14 8:25 AM
From: dijour

Camp center

Ethan: so the boys sleep in the cabins on the right and the girls sleep in the cabin on the left.
Max: yeah yeah, got any food I didn?t eat breakfast.
Emma: yes, over here. *both walk to the cabin freezer*
Max: we have a freezer like this at home, except when you walk in it turns onto a lair.
Emma: did you say lair?
Harper: *sees them* umm he didn?t say lair he said fair as in umm the carnival yes umm lets go max!
Emma: *thinks in her head* I knew they were wizards, one because that Justin kid has a wand sticking out of his pocket, two because Alex has a wand sticking out of her boot and three that max kid just poofed syrup in his hand. Wait what!
Harper: max why did you do that, someone could have seen you?!?
Max: you're right we need pancakes. *takes out wand and does spell* Commakus pancakus
Harper: what, I didn?t say anything about pancakes! Ugh, lets go! *Grabs his ear and pulls him to the cabins*