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The Tail of Wonder Continuation of Fan Fiction by water5456

Date: 06/01/14 4:47 PM
From: water5456

If you haven't read my fan fiction so far please go over and read it. It's called Fan Fiction and if you don't you will be very lost.
Emma's POV
After the lunch drama I wanted a relaxing evening. That didn't happen unfortunately. Andi's over and we just got on to the topic of lunch today.
Me: Why did you freak out?
Andi: I didn't freak out. I just got mad and then took it too far.
Me: Ya, so far you made Medea cry. That's just how far you took it.
Andi: I didn't mean to make her cry! I something just came over me. It didn't feel like a spell.
Me: So that's it! SOMETHING came over you! How wonderful!
Andi: Emma, calm down. EMMA!
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Date: 07/22/14 5:15 PM
From: water5456

@ school next day
S: Flynn,something wrong?
F: No. Just not feeling quite right.
S: Oh, well just don't get me dirty.
J: Or me.
M: Or me. *winks*
D: Don't get me or Mr. Alonso will have a fit.
E: Same with me.
A: I'd rather not.
F: I didn't mean like that. I just have a headache.
All: OH.
M: Poor Flynn. What did you say the last time I had a headache? Get over it?
F: You had to bring that up. I apologized!
B: Hey. Argue later you two. I want to eat and not get a headache while doing it.
Every one else laughs. Brooke looks confused.
M: Flynn has a headache. That's why it was funny.
B: Oh, that is funny!

Date: 07/21/14 3:55 PM
From: water5456

In the woods
F: You wanted your first kiss in the woods?
M: I love the scent.
Flynn kisses Medea. Then, stops.
F: I feel weird. (collapses on ground)
Jax chuckles behind a tree. Medea freezes his feet then blows him over.
J: You knew that was going to happen.
M: Yes. But I needed it to. Eventually my guardian would have to have powers. Now he has his own powers.
J: Could you unfreeze my feet? They are really cold.
Medea unfreezes his feet. Then lifts Flynn up with wind.
M: Flynn, wake up.
F: What happened? Why is he here?
M: He's here because he's a creepy guy. (J: HEY!) I didn't tell you that once I kissed you, you would become a warlock. That means that you can now cast spells like that unfortunate fellow.
F: Oh. Wow. That's really cool.
M: Good. All you have to do is rhyme to cast a spell.
Flynn casts a spell with forest green magic.

Date: 07/21/14 2:06 PM
From: witchgal12


Date: 07/20/14 10:50 PM
From: May2212

KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/20/14 5:58 PM
From: water5456

F: Do you wanna go outside?
M: Why you want to kiss me?
Flynn blushes and looks away.
You DO!
F: Do you want to go outside or not?
M: Sure.
F: Now uh.
M: Don't. I want my first kiss to be special.
F: Your first kiss?! You never kissed with Tony?
M: We did the Italian kisses. I want to make sure that I kiss my prince and not an ordinary frog.
F: And I'm not your prince.
M: I also want it in a better setting than outside of a pizza place.
F: Well, then where would you like to go?
Medea smiles, turns, and runs toward the woods with Flynn following.

Date: 07/19/14 11:43 AM
From: witchgal12


Date: 07/19/14 10:21 AM
From: water5456

Sienna= S and Eve=E @S's house
E: That Jax is really cute in a bad boy kinda way, that Australian accent is so awesome.
S: Ya. Totally.
E: You 2 would make a good pair. Both being the bad girl/boy. I could see that happening.
S: Mmm-hmmm.
E: Wait a second, you are practically drooling and not contradicting me. You LIKE him!
S: Venefica!
E: You DO!
S: (sighs) Oh fine. Ya.

Date: 07/18/14 6:19 PM
From: May2212

AWWWWW PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!! That Diego part m
ade the scene sooo funny!!!!!!! Please Keep Going!!!!!

Date: 07/18/14 5:04 PM
From: witchgal12

AWWW Continue!

Date: 07/18/14 3:24 PM
From: water5456

@ 7 (F= Flynn M= Medea D= Diego)
F: Hey, I'm really glad you said yes.
M: How long were you crushing on me?
F: Um, about a month.
M: *shakes head* Oh, Flynn.
F: You could have guessed. You're really smart.
M: As are you. I'm the more logical one but also the crazier one.
F: Now that crazy part is an understatement. (M gives him the evil eye) You know that doesn't work on me.
M: Yep. I know you don't get the point at all. That's why I gave up on trying to give you hints in 7th grade.
D: Pizza's here. On a date?
F: Maybe.
M: Will you tell your sister?
D: Uh, no.
F+M: Then yes.
D: Okay then. Enjoy your date and do any kissing outside please.
M: Okay.

Date: 07/17/14 8:44 PM
From: witchgal12

This is really great right now!

Date: 07/17/14 6:33 PM
From: May2212

KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/17/14 5:32 PM
From: water5456

Sorry! I Didn't see that both posted! So enjoy whichever one you decide to read! OOPS!

Date: 07/17/14 8:54 AM
From: water5456

J: Really?
M: Yes. I'm not a full witch. The same reason the council isn't on me for having a human boyfriend.
J: Who's your boyfriend?
M: Mind your own business. You like Sienna and Emma, so at least I don't have that going on.
J: How did you-
*Medea starts doing her signature gesture*
You're not going to send me back are you?
M: *finishes spell* No, I was making sure my father will still be asleep in his chair so that I don't get asked any questions.
J: Oh. How did you know?
M: You're not as mysterious as you would like.
(Makes the setting change multiple times)
M: This is my room and I can do what ever I want with it. Just be glad I didn't change your clothes again.
J: Oh, I am. How did this room come to be?
M: You are asking too many questions. *casts a spell to make him go home*

Date: 07/16/14 8:30 PM
From: dannycup

i love it please continue!!!!!



Date: 07/16/14 7:31 PM
From: Rosena600

Sorry, but, that wouldn't happen...

Date: 07/16/14 4:59 PM
From: water5456

P.s. J= Jax and M= Medea
J: Why?
M: I'm not a full witch. That's partly why I can have a human boyfriend.
J: What's the other part?
M: Well, my guardian in an emergency will be able to borrow my powers. Unless I kiss my now powerless boyfriend, then he will get part of my mermaid powers.
J: So that's how you can swim so quickly! You're a mermaid!
M: Oh drat. I said that.
J: You didn't mean to?
M: Do you think I would be saying "Oh drat." if I did?
M's Dad: Medea? Is something wrong?
M: *shouting* No. Just talking to myself and working on my accents and voices.
M's Dad: Then you are getting amazing. Bona Sera.
M: *shouting* Bona Sera!
J: What does that mean?
M: Good night. This boy needs to read a tome, bring him so that he's home. (Indigo magic zaps Jax home)
*Sighs* That's much better.

Date: 07/16/14 12:47 PM
From: witchgal12

And water5456, okay, that makes sense, the whole Andi thing.

Date: 07/16/14 11:45 AM
From: water5456

Medea's POV
I'm in my room in my pj's, which would be a tank top and short shorts. I'm singing, my special room is open, and I'm minding my own business.
Jax: Hello.
I jump a mile.
M: Could you NOT pop into my room without sending me a message spell first?
J: I guess. Is that what you sleep in?
M: Come with me. (I lead him into my special room, changing my outfit to a nice dress and his to a clown suit)
J: HEY! Change me back!
M: That's funny. That's really funny.(While laughing I put him into his leather jacket, t-shirt, and jeans.)
J: Thank you. You look nice. (I give him the evil eye) OKAY, okay. You want to know why I'm here.
M: Ya, that would be nice.
J: The fool moon is having an effect on me. My appearance keeps changing. (Turns into a black wolf)
I crouch down and start petting him, when I give him a belly rub he changes back.
J: *Laughs* You really like animals. Emma ran away screaming when I did this to her.
M: Ya, and the fool moon doesn't affect me much.

Date: 07/15/14 11:39 AM
From: May2212