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Date: 06/02/14 1:46 PM
From: kingme96

If you wanna shoot some ideas out on here. feel free to do so and we will vote on which idea sounds the best. i wanna have the Fan Fic updated at a maximum of once or twice per day, and at a minimum of once a week
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Date: 07/21/14 5:15 AM
From: kingme96

here is some more of what i wrote.

All: WHAT?!?!!?!
Aang: The worst part is that she is Ms. Torres, the old principal here.
Emma: How we destroyed her.
Emma's Dad: Wait Emma you are a witch and you destroyed her?
Emma: That's not important right now Aang wh-
Emma's Dad: I think it is important, first you lie about dating Daniel and now you lie about having powers, whats next.
Daniel: I think I should go
Aang: I hate to break this argument up but lets get back to my problem.
All: Okay.
Aang: Now according to Avatars Roku and Aang I; Ms. Torres split her self into two clones one that just had her witch powers and one that could bend all four elements and cast spells.
Daniel: Which one did we destroy?
Aang: According to Roku you destroyed the clone, the real one is still in Florida somewhere.
*The scene shifts to the Sharks at the seven after practice*
Diego: Whats wrong Daniel you have been pretty quiet.
Daniel: It's nothing.
Andi: Your lying.
Daniel: I am not.
Mac: Cmon man tell us whats going on.
Tony: Did you and Emma have a fight.
Daniel: No and you will find out tomorrow when Aang tell us why he is here.
*The Panthers enter the seven*
Maddie: Where is he?
Mac: Who?
Maddie: Aang where is he I need to talk to him.
Daniel: I don't know where he is.
Maddie: I know they are brutes, so make Daniel and the sharks tell the truth.
All: He is with Emma training
Maddie: Thank you.
Daniel: We need to warn them.
*Daniel texts Emma warning her about Maddie*
*The scene shifts to Aang training*
Emma: Impressive Aang you are really powerful.
Aang: Thanks *Aang is creating fire blast from kicks and punches*
Emma: So why do you need everyone here tomorrow?
Aang: To bring down Ms. Torres once and for all.
Emma: But we can- *Emma gets Daniels text.*
Aang: What?
Emma: Maddie is coming.
*Maddie and the Panthers walk to where Aang is training*
Emma: Why are you here?
Maddie: I am here to apologize.
All: WHAT!?!?!?!
Maddie: You heard me I am here to apologize, I am sorry.
Emma: You're Lying
Aang: She is telling the truth I can feel it.
Maddie: We are also willing to help you take down Ms. Torres.
Aang: How did you know?
Maddie: I found this at my locker.*Hands Aang a note from Ms. Torres*
Aang: Come to my house tomorrow 10 AM sharp.
Maddie: Okay
*The Panthers leave*
Emma: Are you sure we can trust them?
Anng: Unfortunatly yes. Also tell you're friends to be here at 10 AM tommorow


Date: 07/19/14 8:41 PM
From: Serrenia

Sorry I have been very inactive lately ever since I took a break from my own fanfic, I can't think of anything at the moment just wanted to show you that I am still alive and active! Production on the Cassandra Chronicles will continue in August!!! I will try to think of something creative and comment soon to help with this one. Sorry!!!

Date: 07/19/14 10:07 AM
From: water5456

I've got an idea!
Aang: Yes.
Lilly: Well... I'll just do the nurse thing.
Lilly starts to give Aang a checkup.
Daniel: Well... I'll be going now. Mr. Alonso this was Maddie's fault.
Mr: Alonso: Right. Sure.
That help?

Date: 07/18/14 6:51 PM
From: iluvtv101

I don't know how to add on!

Date: 07/06/14 4:37 AM
From: kingme96

I have made part seven feel free to add on whatever you see fit.
*Scene Begins when The Panthers found Aang in the bathroom*
Maddie: It is time to e-
*Aang creates an air blast that sends The Panthers into the wall*
All: OW!!!!!!!!!!!
Aang: Maddie Van Pelt you will pay for your sins.
Katie: How did he know it was you?
Maddie: I don't know.
*Right as Aang earthbends all three up Emma and Daniel come in*
Emma: STOP NOW!!!!!
Daniel: Emma what's wrong with him?
Emma: He is in the Avatar State and we need to get him out of it.
*Aang's eyes stop glowing and he falls to the floor*
Emma: What did you do Maddie?
Maddie: How did you know it was me?
Emma: Gigi told me, now tell me what did you do?
Daniel: Both of you stop we need to get Aang help.
*Emma and Daniel lift Aang and take him to nurse Lily's office*
Emma's Dad: What Happened
Emma: Dad what are you doing here?
Emma's Dad: I came to talk to Nurse Lily, why are you here?
Emma: Aang fainted and we do not know why.
Emma's Dad: Did Daniel do something to Aang?
*Aang Awakens and sits up*
Aang: What happened?
Emma: You fainted.
Aang: Well that?s not new to me but I have even bigger news.
All: What?!?!
Aang: There is an evil witch after me.
Emma: Don't worry I can take her.
Aang: She is also a disgraced Avatar.

Date: 07/04/14 4:31 PM
From: kingme96

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/02/14 5:21 PM
From: kingme96

here part six make any changes if you want to
Maddie: We need to be avenged, turn us into boys so we can get our revenge!
(They turn into boys)
Katie: Ok, let's get to Aang before anyone sees us
(Gigi, aka Miss Information, walks up)
Gigi: Are you new here? I've never seen you around
Sophie: We've been here for like ever
Maddie: What she means is we've been in Miami forever
Katie: But we're only gonna be here today
Gigi: Why?
All: Uh...
Sophie: I don't know; Katie: Principal's office; Maddie: Pick someone up
Gigi: Ok well have a good day at Iridium High!
(Gigi walks away)
Gigi: I caught everything on camera. I need to go tell Emma
*Scene shifts to Emma in her dad's classroom*
Emma: Where is Aang dad?
Mr. Alonso: He went to go meditate somewhere quiet
Daniel: EMMA!
Emma: Daniel what's wrong?
Daniel: It's your brother he is not moving and his eyes are blue
Emma: Where is he?
*Daniels and Emma's phones go off*
Both: He is in the bathroom
*Scene shifts to the bathroom*
Maddie: Time to get revenge on Aang
Katie: Are you sure about this Maddie?
Sophie: What if he attacks us?
Maddie: We are girls he wont hurt us
*The stall door fling open and Aang stands up*
Maddie: He is in the Avatar State perfect
*Emma and Daniel run into Gigi in the Hallway*
Gigi: Emma, Maddie and the Panthers turned into boys so they can get revenge on your brother.
*A big crash echos through the hallways*
Daniel: It came from the bathroom lets go!

Date: 07/01/14 10:40 PM
From: azaleaiggy

I cant wait for season 2 it is goig to be epic just like me!

Date: 07/01/14 8:13 PM
From: kingme96

*i meant writers block not writing lol

Date: 07/01/14 4:20 PM
From: kingme96

iluvtv101 i am having major writing block so i have not been able to write anything recently

Date: 07/01/14 8:45 AM
From: Serrenia


Date: 06/30/14 8:57 PM
From: iluvtv101

I don't know... we might be ready. What if Gigi had powers too? Like maybe Emma and Andi are talking at the 7 and Gigi comes up, gives Emma an address, tells her to meet her there in 2 seconds, and flashes out of the room? Or while they're at the 7 she can drag them to the bathroom and tell them there? Just suggestions

Date: 06/29/14 1:58 PM
From: kingme96

Are you all ready for season 2?

Date: 06/27/14 12:16 PM
From: water5456

Part 5 looks good. Loling on the bratty teenager. Hmm, I'll think about how Gigi could tell Emma the news and type it out on here. Then you can see if I got what you were thinking.

Date: 06/27/14 12:24 AM
From: kingme96

(I have added on to some of part 5)
Andi: We could stuff him in a locker!
Diego: Maybe.................. anybody have a different idea?
Mac: I do! We can keep Aang in a stall in the boy's bathroom and lock the door so when we come back I will just crawl under the stall and get him! Plus the Panthers won't find out because they are not boys!
Diego: Yeah we will save the plan for tomorrow since school is almost over! The Panthers will never find out! (All of them walk away.)
Maddie: (Maddie pushes open a locker in the middle of Katie and Sophie.) Panthers you can open up your lockers now! (Katie and Sophie open up the lockers.)
Maddie: Now we can get Aang back for what he did to us since we now know where he is!
Sophie: Where is he?
Maddie: The bathroom you ding-head!
Sophie: Oh yeah!
Katie: But how will we get in? Were GIRLS!
Maddie: A spell to disguise us as boys!

*Scene goes to Mac,Tony and Diego taking Aang into the bathroom*
Tony: Man he is heavy
Diego: Well he is pretty buff
Tony: Mac you sure this will work?
Mac: I am 110% positive this will work
*The Sharks leave and the scene shifts to Aang in the spirit world.*
Aang: Where am I?
Roku: You are in the spirit world
Aang: Avatar Roku why am I in the spirit world
Roku: You are in danger
Aang: What do you mean?
Roku: Well there are two people after you; one is a bratty teenager and the other a disgraced avatar who is also a witch.
Aang: What?!?!?!
Roku: If you do not master the Avatar State soon one of them will claim your powers and you will be no more.


Date: 06/26/14 5:11 PM
From: kigi

i think there should b another witch and more spells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 06/25/14 4:27 PM
From: kingme96

i wanna do that but i just do not have any ideas on what they would say

Date: 06/25/14 2:22 PM
From: water5456

Hmm, how about Gigi telling Emma about the story? Unless you want to do that on another post.

Date: 06/23/14 5:27 PM
From: kingme96

I cannot think of anything to add to part 6

Date: 06/22/14 10:21 PM
From: kingme96

This is all great writing. I am just going to add some more to parts 5 and 6