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#1 contest story making

Date: 06/15/14 3:35 PM
From: Ashiley22

Hey guys it is me Ashiley22 and I will be doing a contest on Which people can write the most best story but there is a deadline Which is june 20. 10 people will be they winners of the storymaking contest. I will write them down for everyone to see so give it a try!!! Try your best!!!
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Date: 06/30/14 8:50 PM
From: MintyNose

Maddie: "The fire's of dragon's breathing for example enhale, now I'll turn Emma into a snail!" Jax: "Maddie you deserve despair, now your heart will tear!" Emma is now save... "Emma Snake, Emma Snail, Emma's a human without a snail." Emma: What, what happend?!" Jax: "Maddie turned you into a snail, but I casted you back!" Emma: "Aww, thank's Jaxy Taxy!" Andi "Maddie turn me into a Polarbear Monster, no wait a Polarbear Cheetah, no wait a toad cheeath polarbear with wings!" Maddie & Emma Fight: Maddie's Spell - Since you walk with Daniel in my face I'm gonna send you to outarspace!" Emma's Spell - Maddie stop making me persist or I'll make you never would've exist!" Continue's then Jax get's in the fight. Daniel: "Woah, what?! What the Losing Dolphin's is this spell fight?!" Emma: "Fine spell's over!" "I wish this was just a dream, and me and Maddie would be a team!" Emma: "Finally!" Thank's for reading! - Fresh Minty Nose

Date: 06/24/14 3:39 PM
From: Ashiley22

I am changing the title to Story making So you can make the stories I'm leaving you in charge.

Date: 06/23/14 4:54 PM
From: Furby04yum

It already passed and nobody replied so can i make a story now?