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Everyone has been talking about dia what about JIA!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 08/18/14 4:41 PM
From: ugggh

So guys people have been talking about Dia. But just think about it Jia is the perfect match! There both rebels sorta and I bet they would look so good together! :)
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Date: 08/25/14 10:17 AM
From: dannycup

jax goes to bootcamp thats where he meets mia..



Date: 08/24/14 2:13 PM
From: kanayluver

That exactly what I've been trying to figure out!!!

Date: 08/23/14 9:13 PM
From: iluvtv101

I think Mia is Jax's sister.

Date: 08/23/14 1:55 PM
From: mintynose

Jax has twins, but who is Mia?

Date: 08/22/14 5:42 PM
From: fhati

It's just because Mia has a CRUSH on DANIEL not Jax but knowing nick and every with way it's not happening because Emma always ends up with Daniel

Date: 08/21/14 3:28 PM
From: jemmaluver

Yeah but i bet mia is jaxs sister