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Fop trivia 3 winners get friend requests

Date: 01/22/14 3:16 PM
From: cella568

Hello peoples there are 10 Q and 3 winners get a buddy request. 5 people in fop
2.what is Mr.crockers first name a cosmo quote
4.has timmy ever wished that he had a magic wand
5.what is jorgon's full name all the turners
7.was timmy expected to be a girl
and here is a super duper really extreme hard question all the characters in fairly odd parents.

good luck everyone!


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Date: 04/08/14 7:04 PM
From: 22melody22

Timmy,Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky


"I thought she loved Timmy. Why did she eat him?"


Jorgen Von Strangle


Cosmo, Wanda,Timmy,Poof,Sparky,Anti Cosmo,Anti Wanda,Foop,Anti Jorgen, Dark Laser,Vicky,Tootie,Chester,A.J.,Trixie,Tad,Chad,Veronica
Crimson Chin,Mr.Crocker,Pixies,Nega-Chin,Bronze Kneecap,Doctor Bender,Norm,Mandie,Remy Buxaplenty, Imaginary Gary,Mark Chang,Jeff,Eric,Gigglepies,Chip Skylark,Doug Dimmadome, Chet Ubetcha,Britney Britney,Philip,Principal Waxelplax,Jorgen Von Strangle,Binky,Juandissimo Magnifico,Cupid,Tooth Fairy,The April Fool,Blonda,Big Daddy,Mama Cosma,Schnozmo,Billy Crystal Ball,Poof Everwish,Nana Boom Boom,Papa Cosma,Goldie Goldenglow,The Easter Bunny,Santa Claus,Baby New Year,Elmer,Molly and Dwight,Tommy and Tammy Turner, Mr and Mrs Turner,Grandpa Vlad, Grandma Gladys,Pappy,Crash Nebula,H2Olga,The Dinkleburgs,Adam West,Dr.Rip Studwell.....This is ONLY about half of the characters I know and love from this show. I hope it's enough.


Date: 04/04/14 8:23 AM
From: bugabo

body knows you put stuff under your pillow for the tooth fairy
Timmy,Wanda,Cosmo,Anti Wanda,Anti Wanda,Poof,FoF,Jordan,Mr Crocker,Chester,Aj,

Date: 04/03/14 8:55 PM
From: 22melody22

1. Wanda, Cosmo, Timmy, Poof, and Tootie
2. Denzel
3. There's still enough pretty color left for one of us to slide down the rainbow bridge.... Wow! There wasn't a manly word in that sentence.
4. Yes
5. Jorgen Von Strangle
6. Timmy Turner, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner
7. Yes
8.Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda,Juandissimo,Remy,Jorgen,Tooth Fairy,Cupid,Mr.Turner,Mrs.Turner,Vicky,Tootie, Mr.Crocker, Principal Waxaplax,Chester,A.J.,Trixie, Tad, Chad, Schnozmo, and Blonda

Date: 03/08/14 5:47 PM
From: pugswag

3- Duh. everbody knows you eat a groundhog on Groundhog Day :p
4-True. In 'For Emergencies Only"
5-Jorgon Vonstrangle
6-Timmy, Mr. and Mrs. Turner,Tommy (In Oh brother), Tina(In It's a wishful life)
7.Yes he was.
8.Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda,Poof,Foop,Vicky,Trixie,Tootie, Timmy's mom and dad, Tommy, Tina, Chip Skylark,Britany Britany, Darth Laser, Mr. Crocker,Chad,Tad,Blonda, Princess Mandie, Vicky's mom and dad,Sparky, the April Fool, Anti Cosmo and Wanda, Past Jorgon and Present Jorgon, Veronica,Mark Chang, Pappy, Nana Boom Boom,Pixies. That's it!! :o 33 Characters! That is all I'm naming! OKAY? U clear?? Got THAT??
Hehehe BYE BYE NOW!!!!

Date: 02/16/14 2:43 PM
From: DAshfire25

!1 Tara Strong, Denzel Crocker, SnapTrap the Dog-Faeri, Jorgen the Flea Fairy, and Chester.(Yeah, Tara is a Character)
2 Denzel
3 _____? I thought you said _________!
4 Yes, he wanted to be a fairy
5 Jorgon Von Strangle
6 Turner"Dad" Turner, Mom Turner, Tommy Turner( Big Brother), Timmy/Timantha T. Turner, Tootie or Trixie, Tommy and Tammy(Tootie+Timmy childs)

Date: 02/08/14 9:24 PM
From: raritygem

1.) There is Timmy,Wanda,Cosmo,Poof,and Timmy's dog sparky
2.) Mr Crocker's name is Denzel Crocker
3.) Cosmo quotes that I know:
"What's a Poof?" said by both Cosmo and Wanda in the car-wash episode
"I don't see a smiley face," "There it is!" both said in the same episode where Timmy wishes to switch places with Cosmo and Wanda
"It's episode:Most Wanted
4.)Yes. He wasted his wishes with it
5.) Jorgen's full name is:
Jorgen Von Strangle
6.) Pappy (from the episode when Timmy wishes everything was a black and white old cartoon), Timmy, Todd (from the ending of Cyber Chaser), Tina (also from the ending of Cyber Chasers), Grandpa Vlad and Grandma Vlad (from the thanksgiving episode)
7.) Yes in the episode where Timmy goes time traveling to find Crocker's past that his parents bought a lot of girly stuff and Timmy's dad said "I'd be curshed if we had a boy!" in the episode
8.) Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky, Todd, Tina, Pappy, Grandma and Grandpa Vlad, Chester, AJ, Crocker, Foop (Anti Poof), Vicky (evil babysitter), Dark Laser (FOP version of Darth Vader), Francis (Bully), Mama Cosma (hates Wanda), Jorgen, CC Cruiser, Trixie (Timmy's crush), Tootie (has a crush on Timmy herself), Doidle (Vicky's dog), Tina Tune-up, Rod, Juandesemo (Cosmo's brother), Cupid, April Fool,Crimson Chin (One of Timmy's favorite comic-book super-heros), Cleft:Boy Chin Wonder (Timmy as Crimson Chin's sidekick) Adam West otherwise known as Catman, How Did I Do?

Date: 02/03/14 2:44 PM
From: brawlfall2

3.Hungry Bears! I'm a juicy salmon. Not the face. I'm a celebrity!
4.Yes. I watched it today!
5. Jorgen Von Strangle
6. Pappy, Timmy, Todd, Tina, Grandpa Vlad, Grandma
7. Yes
8. Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky, Todd, Tina, Pappy, Grandma and Grandpa Vlad, Chester, AJ, Crocker, Foop, Vicky, Dark Laser, Francis, Mama Cosma, Dr. Snippowitz, Jorgen, CC Cruiser, Trixie, Tootie, Doidle, Tina Tune-up, Rod, Juandesemo, Rose Bush, Cupid, Baby New Year, Halloweenie Dog, Easter Bunny, April Fool, Birthday Boy, Cleft, Detour Man, Crimson Chin, Adam West aka Catman,

Date: 01/29/14 4:03 PM
From: cella568

do not worry if you get #8 wrong or if you get 1 q wrong

Date: 01/26/14 2:26 PM
From: cfrcfr

3.but it was a shiny nickel
5.jordon bon strangle turner dad turner timmy turner
7.yes that is why he got a pink hat
8.timmy,mom,dad,cosmo,cosmo mom,wanda,big daddy,aj ,chester,crocker,vicky,veronica,news man, crockers mom,dimadale mayor timmys back up freinds mark marks mom and dad p0oof foop jordan anti cosmo anti wanda anti faires timmys princable trixy sparky tootie vicky mom and dad