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Date: 07/02/14 5:29 PM
From: subhana23

Ok maybe I got carried away maybe its not a big deal. Ok but its so cool he sounds different though. You could probably watch the episode on the nick website. I don't wanna spoil a lot but let me just tell you watch the episode and the ice is cooling down between poof and ________ (message the answer)
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Date: 07/05/14 8:53 PM
From: toddrick

it is great on fairy oddparents it is great to be in club
ilike to be fan of fairy oddparents we will chat all the time
well it was funny when he talk on memorial day at 6pm
it is funny I like to be fan a lot it was great watch poof -
talk I join your club because im not fan but now im
it was nice to chat my name is jaden gonzalez im from-
united states of America well this is your new fan
give me text thanks. JADEN JOSEPH GONZALEZ

Date: 07/05/14 2:06 PM
From: TumTumTwo