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Date: 08/25/14 8:41 PM
From: brawlfall2

1. Save The World
Timmy is frightened when Dark Laser turns the whole world into LEGO Blocks, but Poof is the only one who is still real.

2. Ultimate DC Crossover Event
Superman comes to Dimmsdale, and Timmy wishes to have his powers, but Superman becomes the new Timmy Turner!

3. Quick Silver
Timmy wishes to be super-fast to impress Trixie Tang.

4. The Unknown
Timmy goes to a town called "Starless City" and meets Danny James Rider, the sheriff.

5. Ultimate Heroes: Death of a Hero
Timmy helps Emmet from the LEGO Movie save the world.

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Date: 09/15/14 10:36 PM
From: wolfgal4

its good... but im more into the suspenseful episodes...
my idea
Sparky gets bit by voodoo's sister (from love at first bark episode) and gets into a were-sparky and bites poof, wanda and timmy and its up to cosmo to save them before they are werewolves FOR LIFE