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I miss this!

Date: 04/17/14 3:19 PM
From: demyx

This show was great, and Nicktoons rarely plays it anymore. I remember watching this show when iwas little with my sister. We would rent the DVDs and watch all the time. It was really funny, and I love Richard Horvitz (The voice of Zim) Gir was hilariously cute, Zim was awesome, Dib was relentless, and Gaz was like my sister. I wish they could bring this back. *Gir's voice* "I love this show!"
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Date: 06/22/14 9:21 PM
From: antabos163

Im begging nick to bring this back!!!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite show

Date: 06/20/14 11:30 AM
From: knox1

Slight chance of coming back, Nick Did A Great Job!

Date: 05/30/14 11:51 PM
From: sburb413

I remember going to the first InvaderCon in Atlanta. It really shocked me how many fans were there! Nick needs to realize that there are still tons of fans out there, and this show deserves more attention than its been getting in the last couple years. I miss it!

Date: 05/15/14 1:25 PM
From: glimmerk

Nick seriously needs to bring this show back.

Date: 05/04/14 2:51 PM
From: leader4

Oh, the memories this show brings. I wish Nicktoons would at least air it. I MISS IT SO MUCH!!

Date: 05/01/14 8:46 PM
From: invaderkim

Let all hope that Nickelodeon will bring back this amazing show! I luv it!!

Date: 04/21/14 9:17 PM
From: GIRmaster

Even though I can't watch Nicktoons anymore, Invader Zim is still a great show.