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Role play

Date: 05/18/14 2:45 PM
From: glimmerk

Okay. So this is going to be like a chat forum for us to RP as either Invader Zim characters or OCs. Before you start, please say which character you're doing it as, or describe your OC. I'm going to be Dib! : ) ^_^ XD
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Date: 08/13/14 4:56 PM
From: hikabelle

Sorry I haven't said anything, I was gone because my family had vacation plans.
Jasmine: It's sad that Cora destroyed your dimension traveling device, it would have been cool to have someone travel with me.
Anku: You've always got me!
Jasmine: Don't you have a life? With a family and friends?
Anku: Yeah, but I can't leave now! We have Nova to deal with! And I recall you saying that I have to stay with you.
Jasmine:.......Shut up.
Anku: Victory for ME!!!!!!

Date: 08/02/14 1:26 PM
From: glimmerk

Ms. Bitters: SILENCE!

Dib: But Zim's an alien!

Ms. Bitters:Be quiet.


Date: 07/30/14 12:41 AM
From: invadergal

Here I will play as myself! (No I am not Irken just a human with an awesome username!)
Me:Cool myself! You can be me!
Me: Thank you myself!
Me: You're welcome myself!
Yes I am a bit crazy!

Date: 07/29/14 10:42 PM
From: invadergal

(I will use myself in Invader Zim, Kayla)
Kayla: *Walks into class* Hello everyone! I am Kayla, I am new here. *Sees Zim* Um Ms. Bitters, there is an extra terrestrial being in your classroom.

Date: 07/26/14 2:21 PM
From: Invader555

Ya know, why should I make an OC if I`m already a character from the show? Fine, I made a girl version, her name is Miz she is me in every way except she hates my guts and I hate hers



Date: 07/25/14 6:45 PM
From: invader555




Date: 07/16/14 9:29 AM
From: invadertif


Date: 06/24/14 1:57 PM
From: Senthelf

Cat: Dimension traveler...? Awesome...! Once I tried to make a machine that traveled through dimensions and even time, but Cora messed it up...*glares at Cora*
Cora: Hey, I didn't know simply kicking it would cause it to malfunction and explode.
Haven: I believe Cora told me about that happening.
Edgar: Oh, was that the time-
Edgar:... Ok.
Haven:*hides behind Cora*... She's scary...
Cat: >:-( ANYWAY, Cora, you still don't kick machinery...!
Cora:*kicking an other one of Cat's machines* Huh? You say something, sis?
"Waffle party~!"~ Me

Date: 06/22/14 2:10 PM
From: hikabelle

Jasmine: I guess it can be pretty cool-
Jasmine: *gives Anku a death glare* Your so-called amazing characters are what got us in this mess in the first place!
Anku: Well sorry for trying to write an interesting story. And HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT HE WOULD FIGURE OUT THAT I MADE HIM?!
Jasmine: You could have at least made him less dangerous.
Anku: But then it would be boooriing!
Jasmine: *sighs* Whatever.

Date: 06/21/14 4:46 PM
From: glimmerk

@hikabelle Thanks for joining! Your OCs seem really cool!

Dib: A wolf/cat/human hybrid? Neat!


Date: 06/20/14 9:09 PM
From: hikabelle

Hi! I just wanted to introduce my ocs!
Jasmine: Hello! My name is Jasmine, and I am human (kinda, at least). You see, I have wolf and cat DNA grafted into my human DNA. My ears and tail aren't visible normally, so people who don't know my secret assume I'm human! I basically am a dimension traveler and solve conflicts and stuff in those dimensions. And the other person here is my creator...
Anku: Hi! I'm Anku! The real reason we're in the IZ dimension is because we're running from Nova, the power hungry king of the planet Zkai. He found out that he is going to be defeated by Snow, his daughter that he sent to prison, and found out that I created them. So, we're basically in hiding until we can get enough force to stop him from taking over all the dimensions. So yeah.....

Those are my OCs! Hope they're ok!


Date: 05/26/14 12:49 PM
From: Senthelf

Me: Cora won't stop bugging me, so I'll introduce one more OC. My OC Haven is an alien of Carro (the Carroians are a species I made up), is nerdy, and can be very awkward despite him being smart.*Haven pops up*
Cora: Haven! ^w^
Haven: H-hi, Cora...!
Cora: This is awesome! Now, I can discuss my plans for making the whole earth insane with Haven! XD
Cat:*sees Haven* ALIEN! >:-(
Haven: Ah, it's HER again...!*hides behind Cora*
Cora: Caaaat..! Stop scaring Haven...! Gosh, you're like an other Dib; annoying and crazy!
Cat:*rages* I'M NOT CRAZY...!
Edgar:*scared* Ah, Cat's in a rage mood again, I better-*gets beat up by Cat*
Cora: Haha! Somehow Edgar's always nearest to Cat whenever she rages...! XD Anyway, come on Haven! My plan is too awesome for others to hear! Oh, Alice, you can come too!*Cora, haven, and Alice leave*
Cat:*calms down*... I'm gonna go hunting for Slender Man.*leaves*
Edgar:*beat up*... Why me...?*falls down*

Date: 05/20/14 7:26 PM
From: glimmerk

@leader4 Thanks for joining he RP! By the way, I am adding my OC, Anne. Anne is mostly like a human version of GIR.

Anne: *pokes Lig* Touch.

Dib: O_o I don't even care anymore.

Me: Told ya you'd get used to it. ^_^ XD


Date: 05/20/14 5:47 PM
From: leader4

LIG: I AM LIG! AND I AM INVADING PLANET.....uh.....whatzitcalled?......... Some other planet! And I demand you to........PRAISE ME! (Sighs) I'm not very good at this, aren't I.
Me: Well, somehow LIG became an invader. I don't know how, but he did. He's was sent to earth at the first invasion, but he never came back. No one knows why though. Oh, and LIG, you aren't good at this at all.

Date: 05/19/14 11:52 AM
From: glimmerk

@Luxraylove Thanks for joing!
Dib: *to Edgar* Do I even know you?

Date: 05/19/14 9:52 AM
From: luxraylove

Zim: I AM ZIM AND I WILL RULE YOU ALL WITH AN IRON FIST! *points at Melvin* YOU! Obey the fist!!!!!

I be Zim!

And then I'll be my OC Ambassador Li, who is Irken, likes animals and is mostly bipolar!


Date: 05/19/14 9:04 AM
From: glimmerk

@Senthelf Awesome! Thanks for joining the RP!
Dib: I honestly have no idea what is going on right now...
Me: You'll get used to it. ^_^ XD

Date: 05/19/14 8:00 AM
From: Senthelf

Cat:*sees Gir* OMG, it's Gir!
Cora: My sister is a bit of a Gir fan.
Cat:*running around in circles* Gir~!
Cora:...*trips Cat* Heh...!*looks around and starts talking to shadow*
Edgar:... Why are you talk-*sees Dib* DIB! >:-( MY WORST ENEMY!*gets smacked by Cat*
Cat: Shut up, Edgar. Dib did nothing to you.
Cora: Hey... Where's Haven?
Me: I forgot to mention him yesterday.
Cora: Why!? He's the only actually living thing I can stand besides foxes and plants!
Shadwell: Cora doesn't have many friends...!
Lorelei: Neither do you. In fact, you don't even HAVE any friends.
Shadwell: Neither do you, you little smeet...!
Lorelei: HEY! Future irken soldiers don't NEED friends and I'M NOT A SMEET!*throws pig at Shadwell*
Shadwell:... You just threw your pet.
Lorelei: ACK! MR. SNUGGLES!*hugs her pet pig* He's the only thing from this earth that I can stand...!
Cora: Bye~! Adios~! Arrivederci~!*throws spiders at Dib and Gir*

Date: 05/18/14 8:59 PM
From: Senthelf

So the OCs have to be described?*sighs* My OC Cat is a genius and has a crush on Dib.*Cat glares at me* My OC Cora is Cat's twin and Cora acts insane. My OC Edgar is emo and has a crush on Cat. My OC Alice is Cora's SIR (well, more like her roommate) and acts like a human. And my OC Shadwell is vain and my OC Lorelei is serious.
Cora: Finally, you've finished with a majority of your main OCs!
Lorelei: Yes, you filthy human.
Shadwell: Why was I second to last to get described!?
Lorelei: Because you're a stupid irken!
Shadwell: You're irken too!
Lorelei: Yes, but you're a STUPID Irken! The Tallest don't look at me with disgust!*Lorelei and Shadwell start fighting*
Alice:... Go, Lorelei, go! Beat my old master up! Shadwell deserves no mercy!... *gets bored and reads book*
Edgar:*looking at Cat*
Cat:...*punches Edgar*... Hey, where's Zim? I need to punch him.
Cora: He's probably outside somewhere.*climbs up ceiling and drinks tea*

Date: 05/18/14 5:30 PM
From: glimmerk

Sweet! Okay! Now...
Dib: Um... Zim's robot has an account on this? O.o Hey... GIR, do you think you could send me pictures of Zim's base?