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Which Shows Do You Like?

Date: 07/27/14 10:29 AM
From: chumchumxo

Which of these 11 shows do you like?

1. Jimmy Neutron; Boy Genius
2. Danny Phantom
3. The Mighty B!
4. Back at the Barnyard
5. Tak and the Power of Juju
6. Avatar; The Last Airbender
7. The Wild Thornberrys
8. Invader Zim
9. El Tigre
10. My Life As a Teenage Robot
11. All Grown Up

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Date: 10/02/14 2:54 PM
From: momsandy

ALL OF THEM except for Avatar I've never watched it because my parents say I'm too young for it but it looks good and once I'm old enough I'll watch it. My favorite show though isn't on the list it's Robot and Monster it's SO awesome!

Also I like Making Fiends and Backyardigans


Date: 09/13/14 7:52 PM
From: cookiejojo

jimmy neutron
Danny phantom
the mighty b!
back at the barnyard

I like them but I don't have the channel they are on:(


Date: 08/15/14 5:43 PM
From: zipper44

I love almost off of them but Invader Zim (never actually watched it to be honest). I wish they would bring them all back on a rerun channel because more people like the old shows like Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom which are my personal favorites.

I think on TeenNick the rerun Doug and The Rugrats every now and then though.